• Appraisal Factors Affecting Adoloscents’ Engagement to Cigarette Smoking
    APPRAISAL FACTORS AFFECTING ADOLOSCENTS’ ENGAGEMENT TO CIGARETTE SMOKING CHAPTER 1 PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Cigarette smoking during childhood and adolescence produces significant health problems among young people, including cough and phlegm production, an increase in the num
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  • Factors Affecting Employee Productivity
    Factors affecting employee productivity – Case study of private Ghanaian workers working in fast food chains 0Share [pic][pic] | [pic] [pic][pic][pic] |   1.0  Introduction
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  • Factors Affecting Income Generation in Slums
    CHAPTER THREE 3.0 RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY 3.1 Introduction This chapter discusses the study design and methodology used in collecting and analyzing data on the assessment of the factors affecting income generation in the slums by looking at the target population, sampling design and
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  • Factors Affecting Job Performance in Public Agencies
    Articles FActors AFFecting Job PerFormAnce in Public Agencies JAmes gerArd cAillier The College at Brockport, State University of New York ABSTRACT: Articles empirically examining job performance in the public sector are scant. As a result, in this article a theoretical research model is develo
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  • Factors Affecting the Loan Repayment of Rice Farmers in Ragay, Camarines Sur, 20071
    FACTORS AFFECTING THE LOAN REPAYMENT OF RICE FARMERS IN RAGAY, CAMARINES SUR, 20071 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study As being observed in the Philippine situation the common problem and also not a new issue in agriculture sector is the low productivity and low income of farmers whi
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  • Factors Affecting the Second Language Learners' Fluency.
    Factors Affecting the Second Language Learners' Fluency. Although oral proficiency is a central goal of the language teaching, too little attention has been paid to the complex of factors that underlie the fluent of speech. This problem may encounter most second language teachers and learners. I h
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  • Factors Affecting Brand Loyalty Towards Fermented Milk in Bangkok, Thailand
    FACTORS AFFECTING BRAND LOYALTY TOWARDS FERMENTED MILK IN BANGKOK, THAILAND by Ornprapa Charoenphan Graduate School of Business, Assumption University Abstract The purpose of this research is to examine the factors affecting brand loyalty towards fermented milk. This research explore
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  • Factors Affecting Academic Performance
    Factors Affecting Students Academic Performance By Pat & Tyler Thesis n Smoking, Alcohol, time spent sleeping and stress all have a great effect students’ academic performance. Our Survey n Grade & Gender? n How many hours a week do you engage in physical activity? n How many cigarettes do
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  • Factors Affecting Online Purchasing
    FACTORS AFFECTING ONLINE PURCHASING BEHAVIOR Hamisah Haji Hasan, Ph.D Communication Department, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication 43400 UPM, SERDANG. hamisah@putra.upm.edu.my 03-8946 8667 Prof. Samsudin A. Rahim, Ph.D The study examined the relationship between consumer personality
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  • Factors Affecting Academic Performance
    Review of Related Literature Theoretical Framework Conceptual Framework Scope and Limitation The study focused on the factors that affects on the Academic performance of grade 2 students. The participants of the study involved 49 grade 2 students (23 males and 26 females) from Teodora Alo
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  • The Factors Affecting Satisfaction of the Customers of Superstores in Dhaka City: a Study Based on a Field Survey Using a Structured Questionnaire
    The Factors Affecting Satisfaction of the Customers of Superstores in Dhaka City: A Study Based on a Field Survey Using a Structured Questionnaire Page- 1 The Factors Affecting Satisfaction of the Customers of Superstores in Dhaka City: A Study Based on a Field Survey Using a Structured Que
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  • Factors Affecting Prenatal Development
    Factors affecting pre-natal development a. Maternal Health Since the placenta cannot filter out extremely small disease carriers, such as viruses, children can be born with malaria, measles, chicken pox, mumps, syphilis, or other venereal diseases that have been transmitted from the mother.
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  • Study on Factors Affecting Sales on Hpcl
    A study on factors affecting “Power” and “Turbojet” sales in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited A Project report submitted to Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad in partial fulfillment Of the requirement for the award of the Degree of POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT -
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  • Factors Affecting Time Deposits in Turkey
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  • Factors Affecting Students Interest in Biology
    Science Education International Vol. 17, No. 1, March 2006, pp. 31-48 Factors Affecting Junior High School Students’ Interest in Biology1 RICARDO TRUMPER (rtrumper@research.haifa.ac.il), Faculty of Science and Science Education, Haifa University, Israel ABSTRACT Our study, conducted as part o
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  • Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction
    Factors affecting Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is the overall impression of customer about the supplier and the products and services delivered by the supplier. Following are the important factors that could affect customer satisfaction: * Departmentwise capability of the suppli
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  • Macro and Micro Factors Affecting the Steel Industry
    MACRO AND MICRO FACTORS AFFECTING THE STEEL INDUSTRY (TATA STEEL) The world GDP, as reported by International Monetary Fund, was on an upturn, growing by 5% in 2010 as compared to a negative growth of 0.5% in 2009. While the growth in the advanced economies was 3.0% in 2010,in contrast to -3.
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  • Factors Affecting Demand
    FACTORS AFFECTING DEMAND & SUPPLY OF PETRLO CARS VS OTHER FUEL CARS In India there are basically four types of fuel cars :- 1. Petrol cars 2. Diesel cars 3. LPG cars 4. CNG cars Except these Electric cars are also going to be launched in India. FACTORS AFFECTING DEMA
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  • Questionnaire Regarding Factors Affecting Student's Academic Performance
    “FACTORS AFFECTING THE GRADES OF 3RD AND 4TH YEAR BSCA STUDENTS OF JOHN B. LACSON COLLEGES FOUNDATION-BACOLOD INC.” To the Respondents, This questionnaire is an instrument we choose to utilize to determine the most contributing factor that affect the grades of 3rd year and 4th year BSCA stude
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  • Factors Affecting the Rate of Enzyme Activity Lab
    Factors Affecting the Rate of Enzyme Activity Justin Hunter G. Kim September 16, 2011 September 26, 2011 Abstract Catalase is a common enzyme found in nearly all living organisms that is frequently used by cells to rapidly catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into less reacti
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