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Face Is The Index Of Mind

person finish what he is saying before you explain your point of view or ask questions. 8. Don’t prejudge a person’s message by the way he looks. You can learn something from almost anyone. 9. Stay focused on the subject. It’s easy to let your mind wander, especially if the subject isn’t important to you. Train yourself to concentrate. 10. Remain clearheaded, even if the topic is emotional. Perhaps someone is discussing the victories of the recent election, and you were passionate about a...

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Face Is the Index of the Mind

Have you ever notice when you are happy and satisfy everyone can get it only by looking at your face similarly if you are angry, sad, scar it can be readily observed by anyone. its just a basic observation and general view. And just indicate that face is index of expressions but not the index of mind in writing and reading there is a minor difference but for understanding there is hell of difference. If a person recognize that you are happy, excited, sad or angry its just matter of your expressions...

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position is justified for the reason stated earlier. The adjustment for beta is: Since w* is negative, the result is a positive position in stocks with positive alphas and a negative position in stocks with negative alphas. The position in the index portfolio is: 1 – (–0.0486) = 1.0486 c. To calculate Sharpe’s measure for the optimal risky portfolio, we compute the information ratio for the active portfolio and Sharpe’s measure for the market portfolio. The information ratio for the active...

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Index Numbers

Importance of Index Number in Business Introduction: An index number is a statistical device for comparing the general level of magnitude of a group of related variables in two or more situation. If we want to compare the price level of 2000 with what it was in 1990, we shall have to consider a group of variables such as price of wheat, rice, vegetables, cloth, house rent etc., if the changes are in the same ratio and the same direction; we face no difficulty to find out the general price level...

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face to face communication

Nothing can replace the value of face-to-face communication. However in a growing business, traveling to meet with customers and team members is not always feasible or economical. We communicate over email and phone, but even then, messages get misinterpreted and a sense of personal connection is never truly established or maintained. In fact, it’s said that over 90% of how we communicate is through nonverbal cues like gestures and facial expressions. With that said, one cannot underestimate the...

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Hamlet: Face to Face with Death

first scene that it is Hamlet's father’s death that triggers Hamlet’s interest in the afterlife. Having someone so important leave his life brings out Hamlet’s inner curious and depressed nature. In Act I, scene 2, he expresses his troubled state of mind: “O that this too too sullied flesh would melt,/ Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew/ Or that the Everlasting had not fixed/ His canon ‘gainst self-slaughter.” ...

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Face to Face vs. Ibterace

the many) are taking the internet by storm. From this, the question rises as to whether or not this instant access is beneficial to the social good of teens and adults everywhere, or does it hinder the actual ability to connect on a level that's face-to-face, versus interface. Regardless to internet being a very beneficial place for some things such as getting fast news updates and staying in touch with family and friends, it can also be seen as a distraction from real-world, real-life things. Some...

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Face Recognition

Joyce Brown Face Recognition The purpose of this paper is to explain the processes associated with face recognition, identification and classification, the role of encoding and retrieval processes involved with long-term memory and how it affects face recognition, and identify two possible errors that can occur with face recognition. Face perception is multifaceted, individuals are capable of gathering a continuous stream of social information, ranging from verbal and nonverbal communication...

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Index Number

INDEX NUMBER Introduction Sebuah index menunjukkan perubahan relatif yang terjadi pada sebuah nilai dari satu periode ke periode yang lain. Kegunaan index, misalnya pada Consumer Price Index, adalah mengukur perubahan harga pada suatu kelompok besar dari barang-barang yang dibeli konsumen. Simple Index Numbers Angka index adalah suatu angka yang menunjukkan perubahan relatif pada harga, jumlah, atau nilai dibandingkan dengan suatu base period. Jika angka index yang digunakan untuk mengukur...

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Inflation and Index Number

INTRODUCTION An index number is a statistical measure which is designed to express changes in a variable or a group of related variables under two different situations. They are usually expressed in percentage form. The comparisons may be between the periods of time, between places or other characteristics. We can also say that an index number is a number which indicates the level. of a certain phenomenon at any given time in comparison with the level of the same phenomenon at some standard time...

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Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind: Learning framework for the 21st century 2010 8/31/2010 Table of Contents: 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Literature review 4 3.0 Method 6 4.0 Analysis and discussion 9 5.0 Conclusion 10 6.0 Recommendations 11 7.0 Appendix 12 1.0 Introduction Whilst learning your brain absorbs information like a big pink sponge; It is said that if you are in the right frame of mind, learning becomes simple...

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The Refractive Index

The refractive index Aim: The aim of this experiment is to find the refractive index of a glass prism. In this experiment, the independent variable is the angle of incidence, and the dependent variable is the angle of refraction. Theory: Snell’s law relates the angle of incidence and refraction to the ratio of the velocity of the wave in the different media. The formula for Snell’s law is the following: Sin isinr = v1v2 = n Where i is the angle of incidence, r is the angle of refraction...

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Scottsdale Community College Mind-Sets The mind-set of teachers, students, and leaders has a great effect on education, leadership, and the development of the brain. During my research I have read a number of great articles but I’d like to keep my focus on how mind-set can affect our education and leadership system. The mind-sets of teachers, leaders, and students is important to creating a better future. The difference between a fixed mind-set and a growth mind-set can mean the difference between...

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Faces in the Face of Death

PSYC 100 6380 Introduction to Psychology (2145) Class Project 06/20/2014 Faces in the Face of Death Soldiers in war zones often experience life-threatening events that put their lives at stake. The present study examined how these exposures shape soldiers’ social behavior, manifested by recognition of facial expressions. In addition, we investigated how explicit awareness of one’s eventual death affects sensitivity to facial expressions. Veterans of elite military combat units were exposed...

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Naked Face

Is some one really able to read your mind by the look on your face? In this essay, the Naked Face, Malcom Gladwell explains how some individuals are born with this gift and some are able to learn it. We center our story on howyou can read someone’s true emotions just by the looks on their faces. Malcom Gladwell uses personal experiences as well as facts to prove that these are not just lucky guesses, but long intricate thought processes. The Naked Face was published for The New Yorker in August...

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Bakery: Face-to-face Communication

understandable by its intended recipient. Otherwise the communication is wasted and a business could suffer. The best channels than can be used to have an efficient and effective business in this case are face-to-face communication, teleconferencing and written communication. Firstly, face-to-face communication can enhance effectiveness of meetings. When there’s an issue that requires a decision, you’re able to reach a consensus more quickly. Also, when there are many people in a meeting, there’s...

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Teenager's lack on face-to-face communication

 Yes, I do think that teenagers lacking the ability to socialize face-to-face is a problem. Just the fact that experts, people who have intense experience through practice and education in this particular field, claim that because of our reliance on technology we have built problems with our face-to-face social skills is an indication that this is indeed a problem. From my individual point of view, meeting people in person should be preferable to everyone, so we can prevent our generation from continuing...

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Face to Face Communications

method of face-to-face meetings, with the new wave of technology based meetings. Laying the framework for potential deals on the international stage still requires face-to-face meetings and a thorough understanding of not only the people involved but an understanding of the culture is necessary for success. The idea that modern information and communication technology reduces the need for foreign business travel is a misleading claim. The underlying idea in the “It’s All About Face-to-Face” case...

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Aa Face to Face Communication

where as organization communication is formal communication that takes place with in a workplace for the purpose of informing ,enquiring or motivating . We are making this project on AA insurance which is nz basesd company as they are using face to face communication in their organisation . Before moving further here’s a little background on AA Insurance. 1994 AA Insurance was set up as a joint venture between GIO Australia and the New Zealand Automobile Association. AA insurance is committed...

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Naked Face

Essay 1 In his article “The Naked Face”, Malcolm Gladwell explains the relationships between our facial expressions and our ability to communicate and how it plays a part in how we interact with one another. Facial expressions are as important as verbal expressions, through them mothers would know if something is wrong with their babies, a universal language that we all share and understand, no matter if expresses happiness, sadness, or fear. As humans we all are linked to this massive network...

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Challenges Face by Malaysian Companies Investing in China

Challenges Face by Malaysian Companies Investing In China INTRODUCTION I. Attention Grabber Most of us will think that China is an ideal place to expand business due to its fast growing economy and a big potential market. Do you know that investing in China also meaning you have to deal with some tough problems? II. Reveal Topic Today, I would like to talk about the challenges face by Malaysian companies investing in China. III. Relevance Statement Some of the Malaysia companies investing...

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Hofstede’s Masculinity Index

dimensions that can be used to assess each countries culture; power distance, uncertainty avoidance, long-term orientation, individualism, and masculinity index. In our presentation, we chose a topic about the masculinity index. Therefore, an in depth analysis for this dimension will follow in the next part. IV. Masculinity Index: "Masculinity index refers to the distribution of roles between the genders in a society” (Geert Hofstede, 2009) During the study, Hofstede noticed that women’s values...

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"Faces of the Enemy"

"Faces of the Enemy" follows a psychologist Sam Keen as he unmasks how individuals and nations dehumanize their enemies to justify the inhumanity of war. In Sam Keen's documentary "Faces of the Enemy" he comes up with documentation that goes in the mind of the enemy and finds out why we have enemies, and why we dehumanize these enemies. The film discussed the sociological, psychological and political aspects of war as well as the strategies we use to dehumanize the enemy. The film also includes examples...

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Face to Face Communication

and more...have taken the place of good old fashioned, face-to-face communication leading to many interpersonal difficulties and miscommunications in today's workplace. You may be thinking...Why improve my interpersonal skills when most businesses do 99% of communication by telephone, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, e-mail, and on rare occasions, snail mail. A popular way of thinking today...but, is it really the correct way? "Face-to-face communication remains the most powerful human interaction...

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Face to Face Interactions

Face To Face Interactions With Teens Parents should encourage more face to face interaction in their teen’s lives, because for one it help build their self-esteem, and two it helps build strong relationships, and it helps teens get further in life, and it helps teens communication skills rise and last it helps them build more self- confidence in their education themselves. Many teens and young adults are drawn to the different social networking sites such as; Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Oovoo...

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Model Index

MODEL INDEX-TUNGGAL (THE SINGLE-INDEX MODEL) Markowitz model dan single-index model keduanya adalah model portofolio untuk meminimumkan varian. Perbedaan kedua model pada rumus yang digunakan untuk menentukan varian portofolio. Markowitz model rumusnya diasumsikan untuk kondisi sangat sempurna, sedangkan single-index model diasumsikan terdapat sisa saham yang tidak berkorelasi sempurna. Diskripsi dan Estimasi Single-Index Model Single-index model sering disebut sebagai...

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Feelings in Mind

Feelings in Mind Along with the development of technology, there are great changes in people’s daily lives. On the one hand, the use of technology in various territories brings people great convenience. On the other hand, these advanced techniques may cause some problems in social and personal aspects. In the essay “Alone Together”, the author, Sherry Turkle, illustrates that the technology not only does offer convenience to people, but also leads people to have...

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A Beautiful Mind

How has the feature film you have studied captured and sustained the viewers interest? Yes exactly and today in my seminar I will identify these key words to analyze and answer this question. In the film 'A Beautiful Mind', the director Ron Howard, along with writers, producers etc have used many techniques in order to capture the viewers interest and sustain it through out the film. I have identified the most important techniques used as: -how the actors are presented through characterization...

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Debut Albums and Face

run?” asked the woman. “Yes’m,” said the boy. “Then I won’t turn you loose,” said the woman. She did not release him. “I’m very sorry, lady, I’m sorry,” whispered the boy. “Um-hum! And your face is dirty. I got a great mind to wash your face for you. Ain’t you got nobody home to tell you to wash your face?” “No’m,” said the boy. “Then it will get washed this evening,” said the large woman starting up the street, dragging the frightened boy behind her. He looked as if he were fourteen or fifteen...

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The Absorbent Mind

The Absorbent Mind Introduction ‘….the child goes through a transformation. Impressions do not merely enter his mind; they form it. They incarnate themselves in him. The child creates his own ‘mental muscles’, using for this what he finds in the world about him. We have named this type of mentality, The Absorbent Mind’. (Montessori, Absorbent mind pg.24) According to Montessori’s research, birth to 6 years is the most important stage of a human being. She calls this period of life ‘The absorbent...

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Unconscious Mind

Unconscious Mind The Unconscious Mind, Attitudes, Prejudice, and Groupthink 2012 Christine Vest Psychology 110 10/21/2012 An In Depth Look into the 10/21/2012 Do you believe that people have an unconscious mind? If so, how does it affect thoughts, feelings, and behavior? The whole idea of the unconscious is far deeper than our human minds can comprehend...

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Beautiful Mind

Film Analysis: A Beautiful Mind I. Introduction For this assignment, I choose to view A Beautiful Mind, which is a biography based on the true life story of a math prodigy, John Forbes Nash Jr. The movie is a brilliant and touching portrayal of the destruction of the mind by schizophrenia, paranoia, and the effect of ostracism. These psychological concepts and conditions are clearly shown by the main character, played by Russell Crowe. Two of the concepts extensively described in this paper...

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refractive index

 Objective The objective of this experiment is to understand reflection and refraction and how they vary with different matters. At the end of this experiment, you will be able to: Determine index of refraction of various solutions Recognize the passage of refracted beams though different medium Understand the concept of Snell’s Law Understand how the speed of electromagnetic waves in different matters are related Determine the critical angle for total internal reflection Materials ...

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Stock Index

Introduction: Stock index is very much important leading indicator which can be used for several purposes. It can be used as a benchmark to judge the performance of professional money managers. It can be used to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of several types of index fund and exchange traded fund (ETF). Securities analysts, portfolio managers, and academicians doing research use stock market indexes to examine the factors that influence aggregate security price movements and to...

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Secrets of the Mind

Rufus Bryant National American University Composition I-WI12-EN1150 Final Draft Secrets of the Mind This summary is based on a video series, found on YouTube, depicting the findings of neurologist, Dr. V.S. Ramachandran. Ramachandran is noted for his use of experimental methods that rely relatively little on complex technologies such as neuroimaging. According to Ramachandran, "too much of the Victorian sense of adventure [in science] has been lost." In the case of Derek Steen, who is suffering...

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Mind and Body

 Epistemologically, idealism manifests as a skepticism about the possibility of knowing any mind-independent thing. In a sociological sense, idealism emphasizes how human ideas—especially beliefs and values—shape society. As an ontological doctrine, idealism goes further, asserting that all entities are composed of mind or spirit. Idealism thus rejects physicalist and dualist theories that fail to ascribe priority to the mind. The earliest extant arguments that the world of experience is grounded in the mental...

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face the light


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Matters of The Mind

Catherine Wright 12-12-14 English 1010 Prof. Dickinson Final Paper Matters of the Mind There are four students in front of you. The first student, Jessica, is bright eyed and ready to learn. She has her pencils lined up on the desk and her notebooks are stacked neatly. It looks like she got up early to do her hair and makeup perfectly. The second student, Tyler, looks like he didn’t get much sleep last night and is having trouble focusing. Wearing what appears to be yesterday’s dirty clothes...

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Different Methods of Calculating Cost of Living Index

What methods of Index Number calculation is used to calculate Cost of Living Index (CLI). An index number measures the relative change in the price, quantity, value or some other item of interest from one time period to another. It is found by calculating the ratio of the current value to the value at another time point or at a different geographical location. The different types of simple index that are used are - Price Relative, Quantity Relative, Value Relative. A price index is a weighted...

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Absorbent Mind

approximately of six years and has its own special characteristics as follows: Infancy This stage starts from birth and last till six years. This is the period of transformation and the characteristic of this period is known as the “Absorbent Mind” in which the child’s mind is like a sponge, absorbing all that is in the environment. The first plane of development is further divided into sub-phases: first sub-plane is from birth to three years and the second sub-plane is from three to six years. Characteristics:...

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A Face For All Women

A Face For All Women Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is perhaps the most questioned painting in history. The question of who she is is at the peak of the debates. Some believe she is merely a portrait of Da Vinci himself. However there is so much more to the painting than just Da Vinci painting himself as a woman. In Da Vinci’s time, women were viewed as a man’s slave. A woman would always be under her husband and listen to what he had to say without inputting her own thoughts. The Mona Lisa’s...

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A beautiful mind

thinking, emotions, behavior, and perception (Cicarelli, p. 557). SYMPTOMS Schizophrenia includes several symptoms. One common symptom is delusions, which are false beliefs that the person holds and that tend to remain fixed and unshakable even in the face of evidence that disproves the delusions (Cicarelli, p. 557). Other common symptoms include speech disturbances, in which people with schizophrenia make up words, repeat words or sentences persistently, string words together on the basis of sounds...

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A Face For All Women

A Face For All Women Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is perhaps the most questioned painting in history. The question of who she is is at the peak of the debates. Some believe she is merely a portrait of Da Vinci himself. However there is so much more to the painting than just Da Vinci painting himself as a woman. In Da Vinci’s time, women were viewed as a man’s slave. A woman would always be under her husband and listen to what he had to say without inputting her own thoughts. The Mona Lisa’s...

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Animal Mind

The Complexity of the Animal Mind Do animals think? This question has been debated for centuries and no clear answer has yet to be decided. By looking at television, comic books, and children’s literature it would seem that animals do think and act intelligently. The fictional characters are given human movements, behavior, and language. In contrast, science, philosophy, and many other academic fields do not believe animals to think, feel, or behave intelligently. Animals are merely machines...

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No Face, No Gain: Freudian Analysis of "No Face" by Junot Diaz

No Face, No Gain In his short story “No Face”, Diaz explores how a man’s mental growth is stunted by his community’s perpetual scrutiny of him for reasons beyond his control. One’s superego represents societal ideals as seen by an individual and while No Face aspires to one day achieves his, he has been told since infantry that he will not before his face is restored. This story’s theme is that without the opportunity to satisfy the superego through societal fulfillment; a person may become supremely...

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KOF Index

of low production costs. Big Mac Index: The BIG MAC index is based on the theory of Purchasing Power Parity of a given currency. In other words, it is the value that a currency possess to purchase the same product but in different economies. In the BMI, the Big Mac burger of McDonalds has been taken as a common product and the average price of the burger is compared across various economies in terms of its value in USD. Wikipedia Defination : The Big Mac Index is published by The Economist as an...

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happiness index

called as vitality or energy. When people are thriving in their work, they feel alive and their work gives them energy. (Spreitzer, 2010) STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This research entitled, “Promoting Filipino Hospitality: Assessing the Happiness Index of Selected Faculty Members of College of Communication in PUP”. Specifically, it sought answers to the following questions: 1. What is the happiness rate of faculty members in their college? 2. Can student affect the happiness of faculty members...

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Mind of a Killer

PSYC1000-001 October 1, 2012 Mind of a Killer What urges a seemingly normal individual to neglect the fundamental morals of a society and commit a series of murders? In the film The Mind of a Killer: Case Study of a Murderer several scientific studies are presented on the behavior of the serial killer Joel Rifkin, who was sentenced to more than 200 years in prison for strangling 17 women. The program covers an exclusive interview with the serial killer, information derived from animal experiments...

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On Face Work

“On Face Work” The article “ On Face-Work,” by Erving Goffman, focused on meanings of face, the image of self that individual presents, in a world of social encounters. Once an individual give out his positive self-image to others, should or should not present that oneself-image depend on how he feel about the encounter between him and other participants. When someone is inconsistent with how he projects himself in the society, he may be feel embarrassment or discredited; therefore, the individual...

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Secrets of the Mind

at least normal people don't." It's funny because neither did I: that was before I went off to college. I love the word normal because it puts everything you've ever learned on the line and tests it to your new experiences; let's face it people normal is all in your mind. It was a dreary fall day, the leaves on the ground were soaking into the mildew-covered streets and the must in the air was a sure sign that winter was going to be warm. It had been like that all week, when boredom sinks in...

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Funny Face Movie Review

from the very childhood. Those are masterpieces of the last century which have been still living nowadays. One of such chefs-d'oeuvre is the musical Funny Face. The play Funny Attractive Face had been already staged in 1927 on Broadway. The title, the main song and four items of the program were taken from that play for movie known as Funny Face nowadays. The plot of the musical was mostly changed to Wedding Day (1951). Wedding Day was the Broadway musical play by Leonard Gershe, loosely based...

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1984 - In the face of pain there are no heroes

 “In the face of pain there are no heroes” George Orwell’s 1984 is a brilliant commentary on the dangers of totalitarianism, mind control, technology and both physical and psychological manipulation. The novel’s protagonist, Winston Smith, is a very pensive and curious man. He is desperate to uncover the roots behind the twisted caste system that has been set in place by an organization called the Party. The Party demonstrates absolute control over every aspect of life in Oceania (formerly London)...

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Mind and Citadel

similar to anyone of the “men” at the Citadel. Even with this, the Citadel is still against the idea. “The psychologist Walter Mischel argues that the human mind has a kind of “reducing valve” that “creates and maintains the perception of continuity even in the face of perpetual observed changes in actual behavior” (Gladwell 162). The way our mind works, it is hard for people to have multiple views on something. In the case of the Citadel, society perceived the school as a strict all boy school that...

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Mind Games

because in the late 1990s, the market seemed to print money—at least for anyone who understood the momentum game of stocks and because the day-to-day work actually felt to him a lot like chess, something he had excelled at • 3 • 4 • Market Mind Games even as a kid. For a few years, it was great. He could wear jeans, the firm bought lunch, and he was only supposed to trade from 8:30 to 11 and 1:30 to 3. The firm provided what were then cutting-edge analytics on the relative strength of...

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Index Number for calculation of Cost of Living Index

What methods of Index Number calculation is used to calculate Cost of Living Index (CLI). Cost of Living Index is a type of index study which is used to examine expenses that people incur to maintain a regular life standard including food, clothing, housing and social activities. The Cost of Living Index is, with the help of two different price data sets, a comparison of the necessary minimum expenses that are needed in order to maintain the same financial status and life standard level. Methods...

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"Face-to-Face Versus Online Education"

Jeffrey McGurren Com. 103 March 4, 2004 Research Paper 1 "Face-to-Face Versus Online Education" Education is essential to the future of our society. Many adults, including scholars and teachers, are constantly searching for the best way to educate students today. Face-to-face education, being the genuine form, seems to be the first choice of many students. However, online education is becoming more popular and is being used more often at universities. Online courses are convenient for some who...

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Mind and Stout

behind, become someone or something else, on general things at once.  Reality is even more plastic in childhood.  Pretend games are real and wonderful and consuming”. But stout does not speak plainly on imagination alone; she also discusses thoroughly, mind states created by ones imagination. Stout provides examples form several of her patients who use their imagination in order to escape past traumatic events. One patient of Stouts, a man named Seth says of his escape method that, “The abyss part,...

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Face Recognition Paper

Recognizing Faces Donna Bryant April 22, 2013 PSYCH/560 Brian Uldall, Ph.D. Recognizing Faces As people age, they want to remember things from his or her past. The mind ages as the body does. As one grows older, the physical and mental changes start to appear. This paper will evaluate face recognition, identification, and classification on it. The second part will explain the role of concepts and categories in face recognition. The paper will evaluate the role of encoding and retrieval...

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The Mind Is the Best Medicine

The Mind Is The Best Medicine The mind is the most powerful tool a man can use. The body is nothing without the mind. It gives us power to have a wild imagination and have infinite ideas. If the mind has delightful ideas, your body will survive and prosper. If the mind has immoral ideas, your body will stress and decay over time. Although the mind is very powerful, it is up to the person to control it. In As A Man Thinketh, James Allen elaborates on how the body is the servant to the mind. He...

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A Beautiful Mind

and Treatment In the movie A Beautiful Mind, Russell Crowe plays as John Nash; an incredibly intelligent man with an abnormal personality and opposition for people. The movie starts with Nash attending Princeton college in 1945 where he later attempts to make a very large breakthrough in mathematics. He appears to be highly stressed and tends to stray away from others. John's expressions are at times inappropriate and quite frank, he says what comes to mind no matter how it may come across or be...

Brain, Frontal lobe, Hallucination 1834  Words | 6  Pages

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