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External Environment Affecting Bp

Chapter 4 The External Environment The Environmental Domain Organization Environment is composed of all elements that exist outside the boundary of the organization that have the potential to affect all or part of the organization. Its domain is the chosen field of action. The environment comprises several sectors or subdivisions of the environment that contain similar elements (ie. industry, raw materials, human resources, market, technology, financial resources, economic conditions, government...

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The External Environment

The External Environment: Opportunities, Threats, Competition, and Competitor Analysis The external environment affects a firm’s strategic actions. For the example, when Philip Morris International (PMI) joint venture with Swedish Match AB, PMI distribute smokeless tobacco in multiple global market. A firm’s external environment creates the opportunities (opportunities PMI to enter the smokeless tobacco market) and threats (the regulation in its market reduces the consumption of PMI’s tobacco...

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External Environment

External Environment influence organization Introduction: Each organization has their own organization structure and strategy to help them get their organization’s goals. Therefore managers of organization should to design and choose the structure and strategy that fit for different types of organization to get the goals. However managers should according to the external environment to make decision for the organization. The external environment will influence the organization’s choose, if the...

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The External Environment

The External Environment All outside factors that may affect an organization make up the external environment. The external environment is divided into two parts: ● ● Directly interactive: This environment has an immediate and firsthand impact upon the organization. A new competitor entering the market is an example. Indirectly interactive: This environment has a secondary and more distant effect upon the organization. New legislation taking effect may have a great impact. For example, complying...

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External Environment

External environment External Factors (environment) - It is the external forces that are beyond the control of the individual business A number of external factors can affect business (STEEPLE analysis) - economy - These are factors outside the business - political/government policy that may affect its - social decisions. - External factors that - technological may present opportunities - ecological or threats to - legal a business - ethics Economy – business need to observe the economic...

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External environment

play a role, the vast majority of the highly successful business people I’ve met over the past 25 years do one thing in common – and they do it extraordinarily well. They monitor their business environment to predict future market trends. They analyse external forces, such as their competitive environment, economic conditions, technological possibilities, political and legal forces, changes in demographics, seasonal factors, as well as shifts in social behaviour”. Basically they engage their crystal...

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External Environment Appraisal

External environment appraisal • Introduction and characteristics • Environmental sectors o Market o Technological o Supplier o Economic o Regulatory o Political o Socio cultural • Environmental scanning [pic] What is environment? ← It is the surroundings, external objects, influences or circumstances under which someone or something exists ← It is the aggregate of...

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Bp Malaysia External Environment

approach (rather than mechanistic), and drawing of appropriate conclusions for your chosen organisation. Concentrate on analysis rather than description! Assignment Task: Conduct a thorough strategic analysis of your organisation’s external environment - (or one with which you are familiar) - using the models covered in the course - and critically evaluate how the identified issues might impact on your organisation’s business strategy. Strategic Management is the set of decisions and actions...

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External Environment

Company’s External Environment (External) Key economic and industry variables: Industry analysis (provide data to support): a. Industry size: b. Segmentation – geographic and product: Abercrombie and Fitch Co. started their business at West Cost of United State, because of the West Cost Mountains, camping gears and sporting goods were main products. However, under new management, A&F Co. opened a store on Beverly Hills, California. A&F Co. to aim rich, fitted, attractive, provocative...

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Toyota and External Environment

in mind, describe the key external environmental factors that have led to the product provider’s success, and identify and discuss the changes you think may affect the product in the future. CONTENTS Business organization in external environment.............................1 History of Toyota................................................................ 1 The economic environment factor............................................2 The political environment factor.......................

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external marketing environment

 WTE 365 EXTERNAL MARKETING ENVIRONMENT NAME: MUFIDA BINTI MAHDZIR CLASS: AS 117 5A NO MATRIC: 2012649196 LECTURER’S NAME: MISS IZAIDA BT. IBRAHIM CONTENTS title pages introduction 1 Social factor 2 Demographic trend 3 Economic condition 3-4 Technology changes 4 Political and legal 4 competition 5 conclusion 6 references 7 INTRODUCTION The marketing environment represents a mix between the internal and external forces which surround an organization...

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Introduction to Management - the External Environment

The External Environment The external organizational environment includes all elements existing outside the boundary of the organization that have the potential to affect the organization. This environment includes competitors, resources, technology, and economic conditions that influence the organization. The organization external environments are having 2 layers: • General environment: The outer layer that is widely dispersed and affects organization indirectly. It includes...

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External environment for banking industry

Understanding the global, political, technological and socio-cultural segments of its environment is obviously critical to Stanchart's success. It has acquired companies in order to consolidate its global operations; operates in 50 countries; seeks to display environmental and social responsibility; and deals with communications technology. It strives to take advantage of opportunities in the dynamic environment, the need to deal innovatively with new acquisitions, the problem of reframing the public's...

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Impact of External Environment on Businesses

* Impact of external environment on Business* For success in the present world, one need to consider not only the internal environment of the company consisting of its resources and employees, but also needs to consider the external factors. These aspects cannot be stopped but one can adjust accordingly as per the changes in the economical, social or political pressures. These are the external factors which consist of: • Opponents or competitors • The changing economic structure • Impact of the...

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External Environment

consumers had less disposable income. This means they are less likely to purchase luxury goods. This had a direct impact on Jessops as camera sales declined Read more: http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/jessops/responding-to-changes-in-the-market-environment/economic-factors.html#ixzz2WLkFfJgI  Follow us: @Thetimes100 on Twitter | thetimes100casestudies on Facebook Examples Some environmental and ethical factors are: * Fair trade food production aims to provide fair prices and better working...

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External factors affecting Business

discipline involving vision and mission development, external assessment, internal assessment, long-term objective setting, strategy identification and selection, strategy implementation, and performance evaluation. Well-meaning strategic management practitioners consider five (5) key external forces in doing the external assessment exercise, and these are political, economic, social, technological (PEST), and competitive factors. The scope of external assessment embraces the analysis of opportunities...

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External and Internal Environments

External and Internal Environments The survival of a corporation requires two elements: the strategic management of both its external and internal environments. The absence of either environment results in limited profitability. Whether a corporation is dealing with the growing concerns of technological changes or Internet privacy, external and internal factors will have a significant impact on day-to-day operations. Savvy corporations understand that focusing on creating and implementing a...

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Analysis of the External Environment of Business

Analysis of the External Environment of Business The Technological Environment The external business environment consists of four elements, they are as follows: Political, Economic, Social and technological. It would be impossible to analyse the whole environment in one essay, I have therefore decided to focus my essay on the technological environment. I have chosen this area to focus on because as Palmer and Hartley point out, it is one area that is forcing immense change in the external business...

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Lufthansa External Environment Analysis

Whether the company would be able to sustain the growth that it has achieved in the past and manage any such Crisis in future.? GENERAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS The general environment analysis will focus on trends in the four segments of General Environment. The following table shows the changes in the general environment that are affecting airline Business on an ongoing basis. B. Industry Analysis PORTER’S FORCES Threat of new Entrants and Barriers to Entry: Following are some...

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Bhp External and Internal Environments

attempt to confront and address the varying factors which encompass both past and present business practices. The mine was an open pit gold and copper mine located in the western province of PNG the operation of which resulted in collateral damage, affecting up to 50,000 people in the nearby villages. During the 1970’s, early drilling began and was overseen by Kenneth Copper Corporation. BHP then won the lease in 1984. The initial stages of the mining saw utilisation of the cyanide extraction procedure...

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External Environment & Hr Planning

External Environment When most people think of Human Resource Planning, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the internal environment of the organization. There is, however; the external environment which is just as important. The external environment consists of governmental policies, condition of the economy, demographics, technology, international influences, competitors, and a changing labor force (Greer, Peters & Youngblood, 1998). Neglecting the external environment can have devastating...

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External Environment Analysis

Wyeth Ayerst's external environment consists of three components: its remote, industry, and operating environment. In these three environments, there is a chance that one of its external environments may change. All of these environmental sectors affect the firm's operations both on an international and domestic level, and it is very possible for changes to occur. Change is an inevitable factor in the world of business. In fact, I have predicted that there will be several changes that will impact...

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Business: External Environments

The business environment of an organization reveals much about its competitiveness and the possible influences on the success of its strategies. The focus of this paper will be an environmental scan of the internal and external environments of two real-world firms, their competitive advantages and company strategies for creating value and sustaining competitiveness, measurement guidelines for verifying strategic effectiveness and their evaluation. Internal and External Environments Environmental...

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The External Environment ( Strategic Management)

Review THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT (STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT) A host of external factors influence a firm’s choice of direction and action, ultimately its organizational structure and internal factors. These factors, which constitute the external environment, can be divided into three interrelated subcategories there are as follows: A. REMOTE ENVIROMENT The remote environment comprises factors that originate beyond and usually irrespective of any single firm’s operating situation: economic, social...

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Dynamic External Environments

discussing uncertain and dynamic external environments and if they require more effective application of analytical tools and framework and to what extent they do. The external environment refers to the range of factors that influence the operation and performance of an organisation that happens out-with the organisation which they have limited control over and by applying analytical tools and framework they try to prepare themselves best for what may come. As the environment is constantly uncertain and...

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Analysis of the External Environment of Business 1

Analysis of the External Environment of Business In today's highly competitive market, businesses must be aware of the environment in which they operate and the external factors that influence them. These factors can affect the main internal factors of the business and its objectives or marketing strategies. The external environment is rarely stable and many of the external forces can change quickly and dramatically and are usually beyond a firm's control. Although some external factors can...

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External Environment of Unique Group of Companies

Assignment On: External Environment of Unique Group Prepared by: Faisal Mahmud Nirob About Unique Group: They said 21st century will be the years that all countries in this global will be boundless. We will be able to sit at home and work directly with the project in the USA or UK or Africa or Australia or anywhere in the world through landlines media and satellite information networks. We can communicate in real time to all zones in this world. We do business with e-commerce. We will...

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External Environment Analysis

CHAPTER TWO EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS At the end of this chapter, the student should be able to: 1. Understand the processes for an environmentally conscious organization. 2. Know the importance of SWOT analysis in analyzing both external and internal environment. 3. Understand the different segments of the external environment known as the general environment. 4. To find out how the strength of the company’s competitive forces are congruent with the industry’s through the five-forces...

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Communication in Business in Changing External Environments

characteristics of changing external environments • Environmental change is the rate at which a company’s general and specific environments change. If the environment is stable, this means that the rate of change is slow; if the environment is dynamic, this means that the rate of change is fast. • Environmental complexity is the number of external factors in the environment that affect organizations. Complex environments have many environmental factors; simple environments have few. • Resource Scarcity...

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External Macro Environment

Introduction 3 2. External macro-environment 3 2.1 Social and cultural forces 3 2.1.1 Changing gender roles 3 2.1.2 Attitude towards health, nutrition and well-being 3 2.1.3 Cultural beliefs in a country 4 2.2 Technology 4 2.2.1 Advantages of technology 4 2.2.2 Disadvantages of technology 5 2.3 Demography 5 3. Conclusion 6 4. References Lists 7 1. Introduction This report is discussing about how three major forces of macro environment affecting an organisation’s...

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Sprint and External Environment

critical for organization to understand the importance of external environment, which includes remote, operating and industrial environments before developing its future objective. Each environment bases on different factors, therefore the analysis of external environment will help the company seeks for new opportunity in many areas as well as discovering challenges that might have direct impact to the organization in the future. The remote environment consists of the study of the economic trend such as...

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The External Environment and Organizational Culture

The External Environment and Organizational Culture Chapter 2 I. Systems Theory of the Organization a. Figure b. Open systems – organizations that are affected by and that affect their environment c. Inputs – goods and services organizations take in and use to create products or services i. Raw materials, services, equipment, capital, information d. Outputs – products and services organizations create ii. Products, services e. External...

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External and Internal Environments Business

 External and Internal Environments By Sarah Bruce Professor Ira Poladeen Business Capstone April 28, 2015 An organization’s environment includes factors that it can easily change as well as factors that it cannot easily change. The factors that it cannot easily change are said to be the general environment (Faye, T. 2011). It is this environment that I will discuss as it relates to a struggling, once thriving industry: office-supply...

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The Internal and External Environment of Business

between internal and external environment of business and in each case explain five components of the environment. The term business, in economic sense means human activities which are performed with the objectives of earning profits. Human activity for earning profit may be in the form of production, extraction or purchase of goods for sale. It is expected of business to provide goods and services to the society in an effective manner. Thus, in today’s competitive environment, survival of business...

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External and Internal Environment Analysis

External and Internal Environmental Analysis This environmental analysis will provide a complete external environmental scan designed to provide RoyalBlu Invites with the tools needed to identify the organizations strength and weaknesses. Furthermore, including an assessment of the company resources. This analysis will assess the organization competitive position and possibilities of growth. An explanation of how the external environment affects RoyalBlu Invites structure and organizational performance...

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Factors Affecting Marketing Environment

The market environment is a marketing term and refers to all of the forces outside of marketing that affect marketing management’s ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers. The market environment consists of both the macroenvironment and the microenvironment. Microenvironment refers to the forces that are close to the company and affect its ability to serve its customers. It includes the company itself, its suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets...

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Factors affecting Marketing Environment

0Lecture 3: Marketing Environment Scanning of the Marketing Environment – Opportunities or threats? Environmental Forces—Firms must monitor six major forces in the broad environment: Demographic Political-Legal Economic Technological Socio-Cultural Natural 1. Demographic Environment The main demographic force that marketers monitor is population because people make up markets. Marketers are keenly interested in the: Size and growth rate of populations in cities, regions, and nations. Age...

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LP 1 The External Environment

 Complete an analysis of the traditional department store industry and of Macy’s as of 2005. Which factors in the external environment could (positively or negatively) affect the success of Macy’s new strategy? I think the following external environment factors could affect the success of Macy’s new strategy. The general economic environment as the country was entering a significant recession affected the company negatively. Another negative effect is the industry life cycle model in which...

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External marketing environment factors

Marketing assignment on: External marketing environment factors Q1. Identify & Discuss which external marketing environment factors more impact on Ford. Ans1. Ford Motor Company refers to an American multinational enterprise which deals in the manufacturing of the automobiles. Ford has been known for manufacturing cars on a large scale. Ford refers to the second largest manufacturer in case of the automobile sector. Based upon the annual sales figure, Ford has been termed at the fifth largest amongst...

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Internal & External Environments

Both internal and external environments should be designed to fit like pieces of a puzzle to successfully make up an organization’s system integrity. Falling short in one area can cause a domino effect and cause the organization to crash or fall apart. The four external environments are: economic factors, sociological factors, technological factors, and political/professional factors. The six internal environments are: organizational purpose mission and philosophy, organizational planning, organizational...

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External Marketing Environment

Introduction A business does not function in a vacuum. It has to act and react to what happens outside the factory and office walls. These factors that happen outside the business are known as external factors or influences. These will affect the main internal functions of the business and possibly the objectives of the business and its strategies. Main Factors The main factor that affects most business is the degree of competition – how fiercely other businesses compete with the products that...

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External and Internal Environments

Assignment 2: External and Internal Environments April 28th, 2013 The forces within the general environment, including politico legal, economic, technological, socio cultural and international forces, have a broad general impact on the organization. Although these forces do not always have a direct influence on the organization's daily activities, they are important. Today eBay users can bid anything from office equipment’s to real estate to cars. It is surprisingly true but perplexing that...

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Analysis of the External Environment

Organisations and Environment Analysis of the External Environment The dimension of the external environment which interests me the most is the economic dimension. Economics can be described as the social science that deals with the production, allocation and distribution of scare resources in order to please the unlimited wants and needs that individuals boast. Economics is also research into aspects such as interest rates, inflation, gross national product and unemployment in order to...

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External and Internal Environments

Assignment 2: External and Internal Environments Monique Allen Brodnax BUS 499 Business Administration Capstone Dr. Lucinda Blue Strayer University July 28, 2012 Segments of the General Environment Introduction This research paper will describe Capital One’s general environment, technology and political and legal segments, forces of competition, Predicting and addressing...

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Analyzing the External Environment

External Analysis and the Wine Industry* Analyzing the External environment is important in the strategic decision making for the organization in that these factors will affect the company’s choice of direction and its internal processes. There are two specific categories of the external environment factors that will be discussed, the remote environment and the industry environment. The remote environmental factors important to the success of the organization are the economic, political, technological...

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The leadership and environment impact of BP international

The purpose of this paper is to study the ethical leadership of a leader within a fortune 500 company. The paper will discuss the history and current information of British Petroleum (BP). It will describe their mission, vision, and value statements. It will provide detailed information on Tony Hayward and his leadership style. It will discuss the company’s culture of command and control, cost cutting, and lack of accountability. It will review their stance on ethics and corporate social responsibility...

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Vodafone External Environment

SOO CHUNG KIAN EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: Industry Environment by using Porter’s Five Forces Figure 1: Porter’s five forces model Porter’s five forces analysis is a framework that is used for the industry analysis and business strategy development. This analysis determines the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of a market. A change in any of the forces normally requires a company to re‐assess the marketplace. Rivalry The competition between operators and the rivalry are...

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External Environment Analysis

External Environment Analysis MGT/488 October 21, 2010 Patti Berlin External Environment Analysis Sam Walton began Wal-Mart in 1962 and opened the first store in Rogers, Arkansas (History, 2010, p. 1). Walton was not new to the retail industry and had traveled the United States to learn as much as possible about the industry. Walton knew that customer needs were important to success and he wanted to know as much as possible about the industry to meet those demands. Sam Walton experienced strong...

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The External Environment of Business

The external Environment of business refers to the external forces which consist of legal-political, economic and culture, that play a part in influencing the direction that the firms take. The legal element of the environment is the framework of rules laid down by the government which business must operate. The labor laws protect the rights of the NBA players by providing for contracts of employment , compulsory insurance , recognition of National Basketball Association and industrial...

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External and Internal Environment

also have three Pharmacy Care Call Centers one in Alabama, Florida, and in Tuscan. Choose the two (2) segments of the general environment that would rank highest in their influence on the corporation you chose. Assess how these segments affect the corporation you chose and the industry in which it operates. I believe that the two segments of the general environment that would rank highest in influence for Walgreens are the two segments, demographic and technological. If I were to be honest, I...

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External Environment Factor

EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS There are 7 external environmental factors. They are political, economic, sociocultural, technology, customers, competitors and suppliers. Each of these factors have a great impact to an organization. They offer both opportunities and treats to organization. POLITICAL factors refer to the relationship between a business and a government. Every organization must spend a great time and money to meet with governmental regulation. ECONOMIC factors refer to the conditions...

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External Environment for Jetblue

External Environment: Opportunities and Threats for JetBlue Airway Societal environment After September 2001, air travel decreased sharply and major airline companies had lost the money. This makes those airline companies to increase the debt by tapping their credit lines and/or issuing bonds. These actions were vital to help the carriers survive the dramatic decline in passenger levels and fares, and the sharp increase in losses, but left most of the major airlines burdened with huge debt...

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General External Environment Analysis

THE GENERAL EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT - Laka Muralidharan General external environment is composed of dimensions in the broader society that influence an industry and the firms within it. These dimensions can be can be grouped into the following six environmental segments: demographic, economic, political/legal, sociocultural, technological and global segments. 1) Demographic segment China and India account for 1/3rd of the population and experts believe that they will remain the top two populous...

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Internal And External Environment Of Mc

2. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS 2.1 Analysis of McDonald’s macro-environment Political factors The international operations of McDonald’s are extreme under influence of a policy of the separate state put into practice by each government. For example, there are certain groups in Europe and the United States which demand the acts of governmental power concerning medical values of meal of fast food. They have specified that harmful elements as cholesterol and negative influences as fatness are...

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Fedex External Environment

FedEx External Environment Audit 1. How is the industry structured? The industry is defined by NAICS as the logistics, transportation, and related business services. This is a very broad definition because it doesn’t define the main function of the business, which is express delivery and shipping that includes a wide range of services for both businesses and consumers. FedEx offers express delivery, ground, and freight shipping, in domestic and international markets. The most important...

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Ge External Environment

The External Environment Remote Environment ƒÜ Economic: Today¡¦s mutually dependent global economy is creating new opportunities for growth¡Xand the corresponding challenges of managing that growth responsibly. In both instances, GE¡¦s size is an advantage. GE is solving big needs for countries that need the broad range of infrastructure, financing and healthcare that economic growth demands. GE is also solving big needs on behalf of the challenges that face all of us¡Xincluding...

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Fiat External Environment

than a decade. This wasn't the last attempt FIAT made to venture into the American. Fiat's Environment General Environment FIAT competes in over 80 countries and has distinguished itself as a automotive company capable of innovation. Though FIAT has created trucks and larger cars, the company has distinguished itself as a manufacturer of small customizable vehicles. Originally FIAT's general environment was Italy's demographics, economical, political/legal, social and culture, but that was over...

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Describe and Analyse the External Environment of Business.

The external environment is the "external context within which an organisation exists and operates."1 One of the ways in which the external environment can be analysed is by assessing the impact of politics, the economy, social factors and technological factors (P.E.S.T. analysis). The organisations are affected either generally or immediately by the external environment. The immediate factors, also referred to as the operational environment, include aspects such as suppliers, financial institutions...

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BP Business Environment

advantages and disadvantages of business environment in UK, then these factors will be analyzed to point influences to BP in UK and lastly giving evaluation and solution for BP to solve these problems. To complete the purposes, this assignment includes six parts. The first part is to identify the purpose of different types of organization. This will indentify the vision, mission, goals, and values of BP in the world. Then explaining them and analyzing their influences to BP in UK. The second part is to describe...

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BP, COOPERATE REPUTATION AND BUSINESS ETHICS Introduction In today’s oil and gas hypercompetitive business environment, social and ethical issues stem from the perception of stakeholders. This is seen in BP’s chain of crisis event. In addition, America’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln illustrated the stakeholder’s perception idea himself in his statement ‘Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail: without it nothing can succeed.’ On April 22, 2010, Green peace claimed...

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