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Explanation Of Article 3 Section 1 In Philippine

Declaration of Principles and State Policies ARTICLE II DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES AND STATE POLICIES (1987 Philippine Constitution) Principles Section 1. The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them. Section 2. The Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy, adopts the generally accepted principles of international law as part of the law of the land and adheres to the policy...

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3 Branches of Government in the Philippines

BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT OFFICE (Philippines) EXECUTIVE LEGISLATIVE JUDICIARY a. Composition President (1) Vice President (1) Cabinet Members Senators (24) House of Representatives (250) Partylists Supreme Court (1 Chief Justice; 14 Assoc. Justice) Inferior Court b. Qualifications President/ Vice President • Natural-born citizen • Registered voter • Able to read and write • At least 40 years old on the day of election • Resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately...

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Critics on Article 1 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution

ARTICLE I NATIONAL TERRITORY The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction, consisting of its terrestrial, fluvial and aerial domains, including its territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, the insular shelves, and other submarine areas. The waters around, between, and connecting the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their breadth and dimensions...

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The Philippine Government

The Philippine Government Structures and Powers * DIFFERENT BRANCHES OF THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT The structure of the Philippine government is divided into three branches: * the Legislative Department (Article 6); * the Executive Department (Article 7); and * The Judicial Department (Article 8). * THE PRINCIPLE OF SEPARATION OF POWERS The powers of the government, by virtue of this principle are divided into three (3) distinct classes: the legislative, the executive...

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Philippine Constitution

Provisional Government of 1986 and the Fifth Republic Corazon C. Aquino was inducted into office on February 25, 1986 as President of the Philippines, replacing Ferdinand E. Marcos. On March 25 of the same year, President Aquino issued Proclamation No. 3 ushering in a provisional government which was revolutionary in nature. Proclamation No. 3 provided for a provisional Constitution, also known as the Freedom Constitution, which was in substance the 1973 Constitution. The ratification...

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Article V Philippine Constitution

ARTICLE V INSTITUTIONS OF DEMOCRACY: 1. SUFFRAGE is the right & obligation of citizens to vote in the election of officers for public office & in the determination of questions of public policy. 2. REFERENDUM- proposed legislations are submitted to the people for their approval or rejection. 3. PLEBISCITE- certain changes or amendments are referred to the people for ratification. 4. INITIATIVE- process wherein the people directly enacts laws. 5. RECALL- Process of removing...

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The Constitution of the Philippines

Constitution of the Philippines (Filipino: Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas), Popularly known as the 1987 Constitution, is the constitution or the supreme law of the Republic of the Philippines. It was enacted in 1987, during the administration of President Corazon C. Aquino.[1] Philippine constitutional law experts recognize three other previous constitutions as having effectively governed the country — the 1935Commonwealth Constitution, the 1973 Constitution, and the 1986 Freedom Constitution.[2][3] Two further...

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Reading Guide Chapter 1 Sections 1 3

The Americans Unit 1: American Beginnings to 1783 Chapter 1: Three Worlds Meet: Beginnings to 1506 Section 1: Peopling the Americas Main Idea: In ancient times, migrating peoples settled the Americas, where their descendants developed complex societies. Why It Matters: Patterns of immigration have always shaped and continue to shape American history. Personal Connections: America has been described as a nation of immigrants. Do you know when your family migrated to the United States? Where did...

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Politics and Governance with Philippine Constitution

Politics and Governance with Philippine Constitution BSIT II. Article I - National Territory SECTION 1. The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction, consisting of its terrestrial, fluvial, and aerial domains, including its territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, the insular shelves, and the other submarine areas. The waters...

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Taxation In The Philippines

Karen Joy Madrio Juan January 24, 2015 Grade 9 – Davao Sir Daryl D. Dela Cruz Business Math: ASSIGNMENT # 1 Taxation in the Philippines Taxation It is the inherent power by which the sovereign state imposes financial burden upon persons and property as a means of raising revenues in order to defray the necessary expenses of the government It is the imposition of financial charges or other levies , upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a state such that failure to pay...

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Government and Philippine Constitution

Objectives: 1. Define a knowledgeable understanding about the Article II of the 1987 Philippine Constitution which is the Declaration of the Principles and State Policies. 2. Familiarize with the terms used in the declaration of the principles and state policies 3. Demonstrate a positive increase in attitude towards the principles and policies stated in the article II of Philippine Constitution. 4. Appreciate the importance of article II of the Philippine Constitution for...

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Philippine Politics


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1. Question : Liberalism rests in a conception of equality whereby the government Student Answer: CORRECT must not choose one person’s good over another. must ensure that we all have the same possessions. must provide everybody with healthcare. must redistribute wealth in order to achieve fairness. Instructor Explanation: The answer can be found in the section “What Does Liberalism Mean in Practice?” Points Received: 1 of 1 Comments: Question 2. Question :...

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Philippine Government

:March 20, 2013 Subject: Philippine Government and Constitution Introduction: * Background of Citizenship= Citizenship is one of the article of the Philippine Constitution or the Fourth (4) Article. It says here that the citizenship can be loss, re-acquire, or naturalized depend on the decision of a citizen. The citizenship is a law that shows, it should be followed legally. * Background of Suffrage= Suffrage means the right to vote. Article Six (6) of the Philippine Constitution is a law...

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ISA Example section 1 answers

from U - A*. • You only need to complete one ISA but there are three available. • Each ISA is made up of 4 parts – – – – Research Section 1 exam Practical Section 2 exam • ISA’s are done in lesson time and take approximately 6 lessons. • Your best ISA grade will be the mark sent to the exam board. Controlled Assessment Unit - CAU Investigative Skills Assessment - ISA 1 • Introduce the context of the investigation Context: • Your teacher will describe the context in which the investigation is set...

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Articles of Incorporation Outline

Sample Articles of Incorporation ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF ___________________________________________________ NAME OF ORGANIZATION The undersigned incorporator(s), a natural person 18 years of age or older, in order to form a corporate entity under Republic of the Philippines Statutes, adopts the following articles of incorporation. ARTICLE I NAME/REGISTERED OFFICE The name of this corporation shall be ____________________________________, located at __________ (street address,...

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BACKGROUND Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of the Philippines, contributing 5.9% to the Philippine GDP in 2011. The country's rich biodiversity is the main tourist attraction of the Philippines. Its beaches, mountains, rainforests, islands and diving spots are among the country's most popular tourist destinations. The country's rich historical and cultural heritage is also one of the attractions of the Philippines. The Philippine tourism industry flourished in the 1970s and early 1980s but...

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Philippine Constitution

THE 1987 PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION General Considerations Scope of the Study Organization and operations of the governmental organs of the State and the relation of the State with the inhabitants of its territory. Necessity of Study Every citizen, regardless of calling, should understand the mechanics and motivations of his government. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them. All educational institutions shall include the study of the Constitution as part...

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PHILIPPINE CODE OF ETHICS FOR RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGISTS Article I: RELATION WITH THE STATE AND SOCIETY Section 1. Radiologic technologists and X-ray technologists should be aware of the supreme authority of the state and should adhere tothe Constitution, R.A. No. 7431 and other laws, the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to such laws. Section 2. They should, above all, consider the welfare and well-being of the public and the interest of the state. Section 3. They are encouraged...

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Perspectives in the Implementation of the Enhanced K-12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines

Program in the Philippines | Issue: K-12 Basic Education Program | | PAOLO BAKAMO | | The K to 12 Program covers kindergarten and 12 years of basic education (six years of primary education, four years of junior high school, and two years of senior high school [SHS]) to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship.[1] | PAOLO...

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Article 3

ARTICLE CRITIQUE BIOL 1322 The newspaper/magazine article I am critiquing comes from: Science Daily: Animal study shows why long-time consumption of soyfoods reduces breast cancer recurrence, April 19, 2015 NOTE: You are only required to submit a copy of the article if requested to do so by your professor. Answer the following questions: 1. What sort of language does the writer use? Do the words imply sensationalism or conclusive findings? Phrases such as “startling revelation” or “now...

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Education in the Philippines

Education in the Philippines During the period of colonization by the United States, Education in the Philippines changed radically, modeled on the system of Education in the United States of the time. After theSecond World War, changes in the US system were no longer automatically reflected in the Philippines, which has since moved in various directions of its own. Filipino children may enter public school at about age four, starting from Nursery up to Kindergarten. At about seven years of age...

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Chapter 3 Sections 1-4: Study Guide

Chapter 3- Sections 1-4 I. The Indo – Europeans A. Indo-Europeans Migrate 1. The Indo-Europeans were a group of nomadic people who came from the steppes – dry grasslands that stretched north of the Caucasus 2. They herded sheep, cattle and goats and tamed horses 3. The modern languages of Europe, Southwest Asia, South Asia; English Spanish, Persian and Hindi all trace their origins back to different forms of the original Indo-European language 4. The Indo-Europeans began to migrate outward...

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Lin Article Critique: Part 1

Lin Article Critique: Part 1 Title and Introduction Liberty University Lin Article Critique: Part 1 Title & Introduction In the article Effects of forgiveness therapy on anger, mood, and vulnerability to substance use among inpatient substance-dependent clients (Lin, Mack, Enright, Krahn, & Basking, 2004), anger is the greatest deterrent for relapse in individuals who are trying to overcome substance-abuse addictions. A new approach to anger, forgiveness therapy...

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Philippine Customs Service

History Historical records show that the Philippine Customs Service started many centuries back long before the Philippines was discovered by the eastern and western expeditionaries. The Philippines had already a flourishing trade with countries of Southeast Asia, but since money at that time was not yet the medium of exchange, people then resorted to the barter system of commodities. The rulers of the barangays were known as the “datus” or “rajahs” collected tributes from the people before they...

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Historical Perspective: Philippines Educational System

Philippine Educational System: Historical Perspective | | The present educational system of the Philippines is the result of a long process of educational evolution.  A.     Pre-Spanish Period During the pre-Spanish period, education was informal. It means that there was no overruling agency that governs the educational system.         The child is taught at home by the parents or by some tribal tutor.        The practice of  apprenticeship, whereby a person usually learns some occupational...

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Article 15

Republic of the Philippines Tarlac State University Academic Year 2012-2013 Self Introduction Module Approach (SIMA) 1987 Philippine Constitution: Article IX THE FAMILY Prepared by: Arnold C. Pulido Jr. BSEd 1D-1 Prepared for: Submitted to: Jose Angel D Zaballa (Instructor) I. Objective 1. To know the importance of family. 2. To know the importance of Marriage. 3. To know the rights of the children. 4. To know the duties and responsibilities of the family...

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 PROFILE OF PHILIPPINE TARIFF SYSTEM Tariff Originated from Old Spanish coast town of Tarifa, 21 miles from Gibraltar, which received its name in the Arab who are said to named it after “Tariff Iban Malik”. Like Gibraltar, Tarifa is a high promontory and is connected to the coast only by a narrow cause way, easily defended. When the moors, many centuries ago, founded the town of Tarifa, they prepared the way for a system that is probably the most important factor in the international trade. As...

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Article 2 of the Philippine Constitution

ARTICLE II DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES AND STATE POLICIES PRINCIPLES STATE POLICIES Section 7. The State shall pursue an independent foreign policy. In its relations with other states, the paramount consideration shall be national sovereignty, territorial integrity, national interest, and the right to self-determination. Section 8. The Philippines, consistent with the national interest, adopts and pursues a policy of freedom from nuclear weapons in its territory. Section 9. The State...

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Article 1

all hoping for someday when just a simple genetic analysis could tell an individual their best diet possible to live a long life.             One of the possibilities of achieving nutrigenetics is at the gene that sits at the one end of the chromosome 1. An enzyme called MTHFR (Methylene Hydrofolate Reductase) is responsible of breaking down homocysteine. Homocysteine is an amino acid that increases the risk of heart attacks when the level is elevated. And by finding the activity level of MTHFR, you...

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Significance of the Constitution as to the Political Awareness of Freshmen College Students of Feu Fern Diliman - Chapter 1

Statement of the Problem. What is the significance of the Constitution as to the political awareness of the freshmen college students of FEU Fern Diliman? Sub – problems 1. What political issues greatly interest the freshmen college students? 2. What is the political culture of the freshmen college students? 3. How knowledgeable freshmen college students are of the Constitution 4. What role does the Constitution plays in molding the political and social character of the freshmen college...

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Government Problems in the Philippines

commission on elections Section 1 1. There shall be a commission on elections composed of a chairman and six commissioners who shall be natural – born citizens of the Philippines and, at the time of their appointment, at least thirty- five years of age, holders of a college degree, and must not have been candidates for any elective position in the immediately preceding elections. However, a majority thereof, including the chairman, shall be member of the Philippine bar who have been engaged...

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Philippines Claim in Spartlys

. Area of Present Philippine Claims The Philippines began to lay its claim over the Spratly Islands in 1970s. The Philippines claims the western section of the Spratlys, or the "Kalayaan Isaland Group" as called by the Philippines. That encompasses 53 islands, reefs, shoals cays, rocks and atolls with an area of 64,976 square miles. It is about 450 nautical miles from Manila and 230 nautical miles from Palawan. The Thitu Island (renamed as Pag-asa/Pagasa by the Philippines) is the biggest island...

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Article 26, Section III

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26, Section III “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children” To choose the kind of education parents want for their children has been violated the human right itself. Education has been regarded in all societies and throughout human history both as an end in itself and as a means for the individual and society to grow.  Its recognition as a human right is derived from the indispensability...

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Philippine Education

Education in the Philippines The system of education in the Philippines was patterned both from the educational systems of Spain and the United States. However, after the liberation of the Philippines in 1946, the systems have changed radically. The Department of Education (or DepEd) administers the whole educational system, which also includes the allocation of funds utilized for school services and equipment (such as books, school chairs, etc.), recruitment of teachers for all public schools...

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Philippine Local Government Taxation

Philippine Local Government Taxation Local government units, by virtue of the 1987 Constitution and the Local Government Code of 1991, otherwise known as Republic Act 7160 have been given the power to raise certain taxes. Power to Create Sources of Revenue (Sec. 129) • Each local government unit (LGU) has thepower to create its own sources of revenue and to levy taxes, fees, and charges • The grant of power to create sources of revenue is consistent with the basic policy of local autonomy ...

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President of the Philippines and Philippine Constitution

1. Constitution of the Philippines(1973) 2. 1973 Constitution of the Philippines The Constitution of the Philippines ( Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas in Filipino) is the supreme law of the Philippines. The 1973 Constitution , composed of a preamble and 17 articles, provides for the shift from presidential to parliamentary system of government. The Constitution vests the legislative power in the National Assembly. A Prime Minister is elected from among the members of the National Assembly and serves...

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Philippine Tax System Assessment

“TAX SYSTEM OF THE PHILIPPINES: ITS ASSESSMENT” I. INTRODUCTION Taxation: Defined As defined by Cooley, taxation is the process or means by which the sovereign, through its law-making body, raises income to defray the necessary expenses of government. It is expressed in another way as a method of apportioning the cost of government among those who in some measure are privileged to enjoy its benefits and must, therefore, bear its burdens. In order to finance the necessary expenses of the government...

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Article 2. Section 7-28

B.A Political Science – 1 PolSci 1 POLICY TOPIC CONTENT EXAMPLE(ISSUES) • Section 7 (Foreign Policy of the Philippines The State shall pursue an independent foreign policy .In its relations with other states the paramount consideration shall be national sovereignty, territorial integrity, national interest, and the right to self- discrimination. Visiting Forces Agreement • Section 8 ( Freedom from nuclear weapons policy) The Philippines, consistent with the national...

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week 3

 Category Points Description Section 1 A Simple Network Using RIP Protocol: 20 Points Task 2: Step 3 Related Explanation or Response Task 2: Step 4 Related Explanation or Response Task 4: Step 1 Related Explanation or Response Task 5: Step 1 Related Explanation or Response Summary Paragraph 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 8 Paste the requested screenshot. Provide the requested answer. Paste the requested screenshot. Provide the requested answer. Paste the requested...

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Philosophical Movement that Shaped Philippine Education

Pre-colonial period  During the pre-colonial period, education was still decentralized. Children were provided with more vocational training but fewer academics. Philippine schools were headed by parents or by their tribal tutors. They employed a unique writing system known as baybayin. Spanish Period  When the Spanish first arrived in Manila, they were surprised to find a population with a literacy rate higher than that of Madrid.  During the early Spanish period, most education was conducted...

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Political Governance of Philippines constitution (Article 1,2,and 3)

the distribution of powers of the branches of the government; and the basic rights of the citizens of the state. The Philippine Constitution has been rewritten seven times starting from the Biak-na-Bato Constitution to the 1987 Constitution. The political evolution and every significant event in the Philippine history resulted a change in the constitution. The first Philippine constitution is the Biyak-na-Bato Constitution that was enacted in 1897. It outlined the revolutionary objectives of independence...

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Ishmael Section 1

Week:2 Ishmael Section 1 (pgs. 1-63 assignment questions) 1.) After reading the ad for the teacher seeking a student, we get some insight about why the narrator had his reasons for saving the world. He explains that during the 60s and 70s an era known as a time of "peace and love" he "expected to see that the new era had begun, that the sky was a brighter blue and the grass a brighter green. I expected to heat laughter in the air and to see people dancing in the streets, and not just kids-everyone...

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Article 3(1) of the Industrial Relations Ordinance, 2002 Violates the International Labor Standards or Not?

Article 3(1) of the Industrial Relations Ordinance, 2002 violates the International Labor Standards or not? Introduction: Section 1, sub-section 4 provides that the rights and privileges under the Industrial Relations Ordinance of Pakistan, 2002, (from hereon to be referred as IRO) to all the persons employed in any establishment or a group of establishments or industry. However, it expressly takes away these rights from people belonging to certain professions. These include those working: ...

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chapter 3 1

Score: 139.70 1. out of 140 points (99.79%) award: 10 out of 10.00 points Exercise 3-1 Classifying adjusting entries LO C3 In the blank space beside each adjusting entry, enter the letter of the explanation A through F that most closely describes the entry. A. B. C. D. E. F. To record this period’s depreciation expense. To record accrued salaries expense. To record this period’s use of a prepaid expense. To record accrued interest revenue. To record accrued interest expense. To record the earning...

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Divorce Bill in the Philippines

the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Quezon CityELEVENTH CONGRESSFirst Regular Session HOUSE BILL NO. 6993By Representative Manuel C. Ortega AN ACT LEGALIZING DIVORCE, AMENDING FOR THE PURPOSE TITLE II AND ARTICLES 55 TO 67 THEREUNDER OF EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 209, AS AMENDED BY EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 227, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE FAMILY CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES               Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:            SECTION. 1. Title...

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Summary of the Article Iii of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines Bill of Rights

Summary of the Article III of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines Bill of Rights Article III enumerates the fundamental rights of the Filipino people. The Bill of Rights sets the limits to the government's power which proves to be not absolute. Among the rights of the people are freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, and the press. An important feature here is the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus which have three available grounds such as invasion...

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week 3 quiz

1. Question : The part of the body where emotions are primarily expressed is a person’s _____________, although other nonverbal channels such as vocal sounds, posture, and hand gestures can contribute infor­mation about the intensity of the emotion. Student Answer: Heart Clothes CORRECT Face Height Instructor Explanation: The answer can be found in Section 5.3 of Making Connections. Points Received: 1 of 1 Comments: Question 2. Question : ________________...

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articles of partnership

ARTICLES OF PARTNERSHIP Of CINNAVONE LAUNDRY SHOP KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS That we, Shannon Grace J. Aliggayu, Single, and Regina Millicent P. Cruz, Single, and Hannaleen R. Natividad, Single, and Maria Jessica P. Larida, Single, and Jonalyn Vicente, Single and Trisha Mae E. Villanueva, all Filipinos, of legal ages and residents of the Republic of the Philippines have agreed to amend a general partnership under the terms and conditions herein after set forth and subject to provisions...

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Chapters 1- 3 Questions and Solutions

Chapter 1 End of Chapter Questions True/False 1. True 2. True 3. False 4. False 5. False 6. False 7. True 8. True 9. True 10. False Multiple Choice 1. C. qbw 2. B. Chart of Accounts 3. A. Are keyboard command shortcuts 4. A. Give commands to QuickBooks 5. B. An adding machine tape 6. A. Allows you to give commands to QuickBooks according to the type of transaction being entered 7. B. A picture 8. B. Help 9. D. A backup file 10. The title bar Fill-In 1. Whether you...

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Adoption in the Philippines

ADOPTION IN THE PHILIPPINES OVERVIEW An interesting program that is stable and a very good option for those who are patient and/or open to older or special needs children. Most of the children speak English and are in good care facilities. Although few agencies place children from the Philippines, those that do generally have very established programs. Please see our Find an Agency section to locate an agency working in this country.  Children Available: Boys and girls, 3 - 5 years old at placement...

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SOC 312 Week 3 Quiz

In this paperwork of SOC 312 Week 3 Quiz you will find the answers on the next questions: 1. Cooperative learning can be used to 2. How an individual perceives things is affected by 3. Children who are socialized to be open, warm, committed to mutual dependence, cooperative, sensitive to the feelings of others, and respectful of adults and social convention are more likely to be 4. All of the following are macrosystem factors which affect schools except 5. Teacher...

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Article Critique

Part 1. Identify the Articles From David Goutor, ‘Drawing Different Lines of Color: The Main Stream English Labour Movement’s Approach to Blacks and the Chinese, 1880-1914’, Labor: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas 2(1), pp. 55-76. 2005, Duke University Press. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of the publisher From Catherine Carstairs, ‘Deporting Ah Sin to Save the White Race: Moral Panic, Racialization, and the Extension of Canadian Drug Laws in the 1920s’, Canadian...

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Population Growth in the Philippines

Introduction This research paper, Philippine Environment: Trends and Issues, aims to deliver summarized though informative information about our nation’s environment. It aims to inform decision making, research, and discussion on environmental conditions in Philippines, environmental issues of current and ongoing concern, environmental pressures of interest, and changes by drawing together up-to-date environmental data and analysis from both official and trustworthy sources. It also aims to support...

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PHILIPPINE HISTORY Campaign for Reforms to the failure of the Propaganda Movement THE CAMPAIGN FOR REFORMS The role of the Middle Class The Middle Class began to take shape when Chinese and Spanish mestizos sought racial equality with the and Peninsulares. While the Insulares who were called Filipinos looked down on the natives as Indios. The mestizos and Filipinos gained prominence during the Dela Torre Administration. On July 12, 1869, Dela Torre gave a toast to freedom attended by prominent...

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Articles of Cooperation

ARTICLES OF COOPERATION OF Business Management Multi-purpose Cooperative _________________________________________________________________ KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: We, the undersigned Filipino citizens, all of legal age and residents of the Philippines, have on this day voluntarily agreed to form a primary multi-purpose Cooperative, under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. AND WE HEREBY CERTIFY: ARTICLE I: Name of the Cooperative That the name of this Cooperative shall be...

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History of the Spanish Language in the Philippines

the Philippines in 1565, there are no written records of the islands that make up the modern day Philippines."3 In the year 1565, Miguel López de Legazpi, the Conquistador travelled from Spain and founded the first Spanish settlement in the country, firstly on the island of Cebú. They occupied the kingdoms of Tondo and Manila, establishing it as the capital of the Spanish East Indies. "The Philippines were originally named after King Philip II of Spain- Las Islas Felipinas".4The Philippines were...

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A Critique: Genesis 1-11

A Critique The article I have chosen for this critique assignment is “Genesis 1-11” written by J. Rogerson. He made it known clearly to his readers at the beginning of his article that the article aims to deal with separate questions: (a) How did the presumed Israelite readers of Genesis chapters 1-11 understand these passages? (b) What do we mean when we classify Genesis 1-11 or parts thereof as myths or mythical? These are the two goals the article aims to achieve. In order to do this, the...

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articles of partnership

ARTICLES OF PARTNERSHIP OF KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESEN TS: These Articles of Partnership, made and executed by and among: Ivone May R. Ybanez, Filipino, residing at 2532 San Vicente Village, Panabo City Joseph G. Castro, Filipino, residing at 2508 P-3 Western San Vicente, Panabo City Lynelle H. Bernabe, Filipino, residing at DAPCO Farm 2, Panabo City; all of legal age witnessed: 1. That they have formed a partnership among themselves under the name and style of 2. That the purpose...

Cities of the Philippines, Davao City, Davao del Norte 533  Words | 4  Pages

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Is There a Pa in the Philippines

Mambuay-Campong August 3, 2013 Assignment No. 2 Is there a Philippine Public Administration: A Critique This paper is a critique to the articles of Raul P. de Guzman and Onofre D. Corpus which were both published in 1986, at the height of the People Power and at the time when there was still no concrete system of public administration to talk about. The two authors wrote about the same thing but presented different and independent justification whether or not there is a Philippine public administration...

Constitution of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino, Federal government of the United States 866  Words | 3  Pages

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