"Explain The Purposes Of Learning Development And Support Services" Essays and Research Papers

Explain The Purposes Of Learning Development And Support Services

assessment 1.1Explain the function of assessment in learning and development Assessment is carried out to ensure that learning has taken place. It measures the learner’s knowledge and skills in their learning area. Assessment encourages learners to ask questions on anything they have not fully understood, as learners know that they will have to prove their knowledge and understanding to the standards of the awarding body. Learning and development are both connected. The learner needs guidance...

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Explain the Function of Assessemnt and Learning and Development

1.1 Explain the function of assessment in learning and development. Assessment is a way of finding out what learning has taken place. It enables the assessor to check what level of knowledge, skills and competency the candidate has throughout the qualification or programme. It starts with the assessor sitting down with the candidate at the beginning and creating an assessment plan for each stage of the candidate’s chosen course. 1.2 Define the key concepts and principles of assessment...

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Understand the purpose and context of learning and development.

Understand the purpose and context of learning and development 1.1 There are many reason why people want to learn and develop themselves, to gain more knowledge, experience new things, gain extra qualifications and to promote and project themselves forward for advancement. Myself, I like to gain as much knowledge and understanding of how things work and how to do a job the best that I can as well as gaining as many qualifications as I can also. So with that in mind, I have found that pushing...

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Learning and Development

Strategic activities in organization or at work places are approaches to human resource management that provide a framework to support long term business goals and outcomes, these approaches vary in relation to the business activities itself. Schwab (1980) noted that the growing body of strategic research can be seen in two interrelated ways which are the substantive and measurement streams. The substantive stream refers to studies which emphasizes on the physiology or character of a theoretical...

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Unit: Learning and Professional Development

Unit 2 Merila 1.1 explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice Reflective practice is inoperative in order to ensure that high standards are kept continuously as circumstances children and environments change In order to reflect one must continuously be aware of approaches used and how they can be changed or developed to improve Continually improving and adapting approaches benefits both children and practitioners ensuring that each individual child needs are...

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Explain Each Of The Areas Of Learning A

1.1 Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent There are seven areas of learning and development set out by the EYFS, each are important and interconnects there are three prime and four specific areas. The prime are the main area of development from birth to 2 years and important for firing children’s curiosity and enthusiasm and helping them to form relationships. The prime areas are: ...

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EYMP2 Promote learning and development

Understand the purpose and requirements of the areas of learning and development in the relevant early years framework 1.1. Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent. Personal, social and Emotional Development Children must be provided with experiences and support which will help them to develop a positive sense of themselves and of others; respect for others; social skills; and a positive disposition to learn. Providers must ensure support for children’s...

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Service Learning

1. Introduction By definition Service Learning Program is "a method under which students or participants learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that is conducted in and meets the needs of a community. It helps foster civic responsibility.” Service learning is a form of experiential learning that links classroom learning with community experiences and critical, reflective practices. Through service learning programs we get to engage in projects...

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Sch 31-3.5 Explain How to Access Extra Support or Services to Enable Individuals to Communicate Effectively.

SCH 31-3.5 explain how to access extra support or services to enable individuals to communicate effectively. There will be times when extra support is needed to have meaningful communication with a child or and adult to meet their needs of affective communication. In Hounslow we have great support services to support children and adults with communication problems. Children centres in Hounslow support families and can direct families to other agency's In my area of Feltham we have Alf...

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Support Assessment For Learning

 Victoria Claire Beaney 126667 TDA 3.7 Support Assessment For Learning Unit Ref: A/601/4072 1. Understand the purpose and characteristics of assessment for learning. 1.1. Compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in the assessment of learners’ achievements. The Teachers Role: Planning On-going assessment Effective marking and feedback Assessment as an end of Key Stage process Record and evidence ...

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Service Learning

For my psychology paper I chose to do Service Learning. I volunteered 20 hours at the Benton County Women's Shelter. I enjoyed the time that I served there. They really made me feel needed and welcome. I decided, however, that I would not be capable of a career in this field. Just in the small amount of time that I volunteered there my heart wrenched for the girls there. I felt helpless to do more for them. And yes, I even felt sorry for them. That is not to say that I am not going to continuing...

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1.1 Explain the Functions of Assessment in Learning and Development

1.1 explain the functions of assessment in learning and development During the initial assessment, the assessor must introduce themselves to the learner and ensure that they understand what the course is. The assessor must explain all the units to the learner ad support them in choosing the most suitable units. The assessor and the candidate must then decide on an assessment plan. This will include setting dates and times to meet with the learner, as well as agreeing on the best assessment methods...

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P1 explain key influences on personal learning processes on individuals.

P1 explain key influences on personal learning processes on individuals. The Kolbs experimental learning cycle helps us to understand how adults learn. Cognitive abilities are how people learn. Kolbs identified two pairs of opposite factors, when these are combined together they show a learning cycle with four different stages of learning, each staged has to be followed in the correct sequence. The four stages are: Concrete experience – the doing stage where you...

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Service Learning

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. It’s coordinated with an elementary school, secondary school, institution of higher education, or community service programs, and with the community. Service Learning is integrated into and enhances the academic curriculum of the students or the educational components of the community...

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Engage in Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings.

Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. 1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role. Healthcare Assistants play a vital role in the care of patients. Working under the direction of more senior healthcare professionals, they take care of the day-to-day needs of patients by providing help with personal care, meals and mobility. A Healthcare Assistant in Schonfeld Square performs many of the following tasks...

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Explain the Strategic Purpose of School Governors, Senior Management Team, Other Statutory Roles, Teachers and Support Staff Roles

2.1 Explain the Strategic Purpose of School Governors, Senior Management Team, Other Statutory Roles, Teachers and Support Staff Roles School Governors – School Governors give direction and focus by performing a vital and strategic role. Their main role is to help raise standards of achievement. Governors: • Are accountable for the performance of the school • Help shape the school’s future direction • Monitor and review the performance of the school • Make decisions about the school’s budget...

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4dep: Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resource and Development Practitioner

[pic] [pic] Unit 4DEP Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning and Development Practitioner Distribution Date Week 4: 25 September 2012 Submission Date Week 8: 6 November 2012 |Unit title |Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning and Development Practitioner | |Level |4[1] ...

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Theories on Language Learning and Development

http://www.teflcertificatecourses.com/tefl-articles/tefl-methodology.php Nativist Language Development Language development, according to the nativist theory, is driven by an innate learning device. The development in language is a rapid learning process that begins at birth. Children learn quickly how to communicate their wants and needs first through cries and coos, then to more complex sounds. By age 5, a child's vocabulary has increased tremendously and communication is performed with ease...

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service learning

on the services provided by Bakers IDI and describes the importance of service learning to the Nursing students. It also explains the aims and benefits of service learning to nursing students. Bakers IDI is one of the leading Diabetes and Heart institute of Australia which has the mission of reducing disability from cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and other related disorder. In order to maintain diabetes and heart conditions the services like: weight Assessment and management service, Preventive...

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What Are the Main Purposes of Each of the Services Chosen

What are the main purposes of each of the services chosen? There are five main purposes to Early Years Education. These are to protect and safeguard, to educate, to identify and address needs, to encourage development and to raise awareness. In the service I have researched they will fulfil these five purposes in different ways. To protect and safeguard All people involved in both education and care have a duty to protect a child’s safety they have a legal duty to report any safe guarding issues...

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Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development

By carrying this out the assessor and the learner will be able to understand the learning that needs to take place and together plan the tasks the will demonstrate that the competency has been met. Without the initial assessment will be difficult for both the assessor and the learner to judge what learning has taken place and then make any necessary adjustments to either complete the competency or develop the learning from where it was met Students come to the classroom with a broad range of pre-existing...

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Children and Young People Workforce Development Level 3

|1 | | | | |Learning outcomes |Assessment criteria | | | ...

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Service Learning

Service learning is a course that benefits ones skills. It improves the skills immensely and or helps form more. However, it doesn't just benefit the skills but benefits the person as well. It helps give the student an opportunity to find his or herself throughout the service-learning projects. Although, everyone doesn't use service learning, it aids those who do. A student should be involved with service learning because he or she can acquire both mental and social skills that develop or increase...

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Unit 307, Outcome 1: Support Assessment for Learning

Support assessment for learning Compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessment of learners achievements In order to assess pupil’s achievements the teacher will take the main lead in doing so and the learning support practitioner will take guidance from the teacher’s assessments in order to support the pupil’s progress. In order to have a clear vision of the students ability and how they are progressing, the class teacher will monitor and...

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202 Principles of personal development

202 Principles of personal development Assignment composition Assignment overview In this assignment, you will investigate standards that influence adult social care practice. You will look at examples of these standards and how they affect the role of social care workers. Personal development and reflective practice are important for social care workers, and you will be completing tasks that cover these concepts. You will look at the different ways that this is done, how you can benefit from it...

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Eymp 2 Promote Learning and Development in the Early Years

Promote Learning and Development in the Early Years 1.1 Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent. The EYFS sets out seven areas of learning and development, all of which are important and interconnected. There are three prime areas which are important for firing children’s curiosity and enthusiasm, as well as helping them form relationships. The prime areas are: Communication and Language Physical Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development ...

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Adult Learning

Adult learning is a complex subject that in recent years has become more of a necessity than a personal pursuit. There are three factors present in the American society today that necessitate the need for adult learning. These factors are: Dramatic changes in demographics, the global economy, and technology. (5) Demographics are concerned with growth and development of adult learners and emerging groups of learners with special needs. There are more adults in our society than ever before and the...

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theories of development

CU2945 Understand the purpose of professional supervision in health and social care or children and young people’s work setting 1.1 Analyse the principles, scope and purpose of professional supervision. Supervision is a process in which a worker is given responsibility to work with another to meet organisation, professional activities. The objectives are competent, accountable performance, continuing professional development and personal support. The purpose of professional supervision gives the...

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Department of Care and Professional Studies Edexcel Level 3 for Children and Young People’s Workforce Unit 13 Promoting Children’s Learning and Development in the Early Years Assignment Task 1 Direct Observation

Promoting Children’s Learning and Development in the Early Years Assignment Task 1 Direct Observation and Professional discussion Assessment Criteria (Unit 13) 1.3 explain how the documented outcomes are assessed and recorded 2.2 engage effectively with children to encourage the child’s participation and involvement in planning their own learning and development activities. 3.2 prepare, set out and support activities and experiences that encourages learning and development in each area of...

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Unit 302 Personal Development Plan

Unit 302 Principles of personal development in adult social care settings You are going to be a mentor for a new social care worker as part of their induction process. Part of your role is to help them prepare for the review after their probation period. A1. Create a guide for the new social care worker about how to reflect on their practice. The guide must include the headings listed with an explanation of each What is reflective practice? Reflective practice would help to insure that an individual...

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How to support people with learning disabilites

Optional unit worksheet Unit LD 201 – Understand the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities The numbers after each question relate to the assessment criteria in the standards Learner Name: Brigitta Dolgos Workplace: JRH Support 1 Identify legislation and policies that are designed to promote the human rights, inclusion, equal life chances and citizenship of individuals with learning disabilities (1.1.1) Care standards Act 200 Disability Discrimination...

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Support Individuals

HSC 3022 Support individuals to live at home |Title |HSC 3022 Support individuals to live at home | |Level |3 | |Credit value |4 | |Learning outcomes ...

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TDA 3.12 Support Numeracy Development

everyday lives. The numeracy curriculum aims to give pupils a solid grounding in all aspects of numeracy. An important key aspect of mathematics is that children are able to understand it purpose and apply to real life situations. In early years numeracy skills are developed through practical activities learning about shape, pattern, counting, sorting and measuring. As skills develop they are then able to progress further and understand more complex operations. 1.2 Teachers in reception classes...

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Customer Service

evidence for Mandatory unit 838 – Demonstrate understanding of customer service for Diploma in Customer Service Level 3. Learning Outcome 1: Be able to follow their organisation’s accepted customer service language Assessment Criteria: 1.1 Communicate to customers their organisation’s service offer, how it balances organisational and customer needs and how it meets customer expectations 1.2 Compare the service offers of commercial, public sector and third sector organisations and how...

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Programs to Support Children’s Development

 Programs to Support Children’s Development Kenneth James ECE 313 Lisset Pickens January 10, 2014 Programs to Support Children’s Educational Development The quality of education in our children’s future has changed over the last few decades, and is simultaneously reflecting different outcomes; educational approaches to-date. More so than ever community services and programs have sprouted up throughout our communities; as well as on a national table. Quality care is...

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Support Children to Achieve Their Learning Potential

UNIT 27 (CYPOP13) Support children and young people to achieve their learning potential [pic][pic] Name………………………………………………. Date…………………………… Tutor / Assessor signature and date Activity 1 (1.1, 1.2) a) Look up the legislation that affects children or young people’s access to education and learning opportunities. Explain the main points in your own words. Children’s act 2004 - Every Child Matters – Children, as well as being kept safe from harm should...

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Learning Support

Introduction This assignment is intended to provide evidence of a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years. By completing all tasks within the assignment, the candidate will provide evidence that meets the Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria of Level 2 Unit 201, Child and young person development. Tasks There are three tasks to this assignment. A Complete table B Complete table C Complete table This is a summary...

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Theories of Development and How the Frameworks to Support Development Can Influence Practice

2.3 Some of the theories of development and how the frameworks to support development can influence practice: Jean Piaget (1896-1980) Jean Piaget believed that intelligence is a process that helps an organism adapt to its environment. His “Cognitive-Developmental Theory” suggested four major periods of cognitive development. Piaget’s influence created a revolution in human development theory. He proposed the existence of four major stages, or “periods,” during which children and adolescents...

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Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development That Would Normally Be Expected in Children and Young People from Birth to 19 Years Old?

children and |understanding of how children and young people develop between the ages of birth to 19 years. Within this | |young person’s development|unit you will also be looking the actions you should take if there are differences, and also what the | | |potential effects of transitions could be on children’s development. | | |This is a knowledge based unit and therefore I suggest that you use...

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Learning Organisation & Its Core Tenets

Introduction This essay intends to understand the attributes of the learning organisation and its core tenets .For this purpose the case example of Tesco is used. The advantages and disadvantages of applying these practices of Tesco in other established organsiation have been critically analyzed with the help of specific examples. What is a learning organisation? According to Peter Sange, the pioneer of the fifth discipline, learning organizations are organisation in which people continually expand...

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A Holistic Approach to Adult Learning

Approach to Adult Learning University of Phoenix Certification Workshop July 7, 2003 The University of Phoenix: A holistic approach to adult learning. The University of Phoenix offers professional students in training an opportunity to further their education at an accredited institution, facilitated by working professionals who together develop reciprocal relationships. The purpose of this paper is to define the University of Phoenix Philosophy and purpose of learning teams. This paper...

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explain how the principle of support are applied to ensure that service users are care for in this care home

Home is situated in London and caters to care needs of vulnerable people. The service users come from diverse ethnic and religious background and have varied physical and medical needs. (You may choose the category of service users you work with). Assuming you are a care worker working in this Care Home providing care services to the service users: 1.1 Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that service users are cared for in this Care Home. 1.2 Outlines the procedures that are...

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Academic Service Learning: Introducing Pre-Service Teachers in Activities

Teacher educators regularly struggle with complex and gradually intricate matters surrounding, arranging mainstream (Caucasian) teachers to work successfully with minority (Non-Caucasian) scholars, children, and various populations. Pre service teachers arriving into the workforce need to be socially and ethnically approachable. “Teachers have a tendency to teach students who resemble them” (Weinstein, Tomlinson-Clark, & Curran, 2004, p. 28). Conversely, when children come from an upbringing evidently...

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How Does It Support Children's Learning and Development

How does ICT Support Children’s Learning & Development T he technical advances of the last thirty years and the introduction of the internet, globalisation has made the world a smaller place and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become increasingly important part of everyday life. Today, it is reported that over eighty percent of households have a personal computer (PC), with sixty eight percent Internet enabled. (Marketresearch.com, 17/05/09) Subsequently, government has...

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Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other lifelong learning professional roles.

Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other lifelong learning professional roles. Summarise your own responsibilities in relation to other lifelong learning professionals Within the 2003 workload agreement (Woodward and Peart, 2013) its explains the levels of work a teacher could reasonably expect but also defines the roles which would provide a framework of support to the teachers role. Though this applies to secondary education the principles can inform teacher roles in the lifelong...

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Service Learning Project

 Service learning project Insert name: Institution affiliation: Due date: Organizational structure According to Mel (2011), the Salvation Army is an international movement society, which is an evangelical entity of the universal Christian church. The Salvation Army is located in Gainesville, Florida. Its message is founded on the wisdom of the Holy Bible. Its ministry is focused on the need to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching and providing for human needs...

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QCF CYPOP 7 Promote creativity and learning in young children 2

creative learning in young children Title Promote creativity and creative learning in young children Level 4 Credit value 5 Learning outcomes Assessment criteria The learner will: The learner can: 1. Understand the concepts of creativity and creative learning and how these affect all aspects of young children’s learning and development 1.1. Analyse the differences between creative learning and creativity 1.2. Explain current theoretical approaches to creativity and creative learning in early...

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Explain how the range of early year’s settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector

Settings Explain how the range of early year’s settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector There are many different services and settings for children and their families in United Kingdom and these can be divided and are such as : Sure start- is a government programme and was launched in the late 1990’s. It is for families who have children from birth to 4 years so that can start to learn from before they start nursery .It helps promotes the physical, intellectual and social development of babies...

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Iep Development

IEP development The Individualized Education Program (IEP), as mandated by the IDEA, is a plan to help students with disabilities achieve educational goals and ultimately, to graduate high school. The Institute addresses various aspects of IEP development and implementation. See also Transition planning. The following Institute projects and/or staff address this topic (products will soon be listed, as well): * Projects * Staff Browse by ::  * ICI Center   * All * Accommodations...

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Explain the significance of child-directed speech and the language development theories it supports and refutes

Explain the significance of child-directed speech and the language development theories it supports and refutes Child-directed speech aims to attract and hold the baby’s attention, help the process of breaking down language into understandable chunks and make the conversation more predictable by keeping the conversation in the here and now and referring to things that the baby can see. Child-directed speech has a variety of features examples of these features are: higher pitch, repeated sentence...

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Service Learning Programme

Ethical Issues in Service Learning: The Experience and the Experiment Introduction Service Learning has emerged as an important pedagogical technique in higher educational institutions worldwide and naturally has given rise to certain critical questions regarding its practice. The American College in the past four years has successfully implemented Service Learning Program (hereafter SLP) and institutionalized it. The accumulated experience has brought certain ethical issues to the...

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Purpose and Goals of Supervision for Counselors

 Purpose and Goals of Supervision for Counselors Brad Thayer COUN5004 – Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors 07/26/2015 Dr. Barbara Cooper Purpose and Goals of Clinical Supervision for Counselors Supervision can be a very foreign process to a mental health counselor when first starting their professional journey. In other professions supervision can mean addressing performance, administrative compliance and personnel concerns. In the field of mental health...

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Unit 2 - Principles of Personal Development

PRINCIPLES OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW In this assignment, you will investigate standards that influence adult social care practice. You will look at examples of these standards and how they affect the role of social care workers. Personal development and reflective practice are important for social care workers, and you will be completing tasks that cover these concepts. You will look at the different ways that this is done, how you can benefit from it and who will support you. TASKS There...

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Evaluating Learning & Development Activities

Evaluating Learning & Development Activities Welcome, L&D team, to today’s Lunch & Learn. I hope you’ve enjoyed your lunch, now for the learning. We’ll be discussing the benefits of evaluating L&D activities and this handout covers 5 points: 1. Glossary of terms 2. Defining the purpose of evaluation (stakeholders’ perspective) 3. Return on Investment and how it can be measured (example included) 4. Approaches to evaluation 5. Evaluation tools 1. Glossary ...

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Explain How Own Practice Can Affect the Development of Children:

Explain how own practice can affect the development of children: My role as a nursery teacher at Zeeba Daycare can have a very big impact on the development of children in my classroom. It is well known that children often observe what others do and many times will imitate actions they have observed, so it is very important that I set a good example and be a good role model as I could set a good foundation for the development of a child’s behaviour and morals. It is important to teach children...

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Tda 3.7 Support Assessment for Learning

TDA 3.7 SUPPORT ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING 1.1 Compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessment of learners’ achievements. The class teachers’ main role is to monitor and assess pupils’ achievement. They need to be aware of the progression made by all the children in their class and be able to report back to both the parents and other staff. As a Teaching assistant my main role is to support the class teacher whilst this ongoing assessment...

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Promote Professional Development

 Yvonne Hemmings Leadership and Management Level 5 Assessment Task: Promote Professional development As a manager in your setting you know that the ability to reflect on your own practice is an essential skill. You have decided to prepare a set of guidance notes on the principles of professional development for your staff team which; 1 – Understand principles of professional development 1.1 Explains the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice. In my opinion I believe it is important...

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Explain the responsibilities of the Assessor

 3. Explain the responsibilities of the assessor. An assessor has many responsibilities not only towards the learner. An assessors’ first and foremost responsibility is to build a solid foundation for a good working relationship with the learner and make them feel comfortable. The role of the assessor is to assess the learner’s knowledge and performance in a range of tasks.  This includes ensuring the learner has demonstrated competence and knowledge in the assessment to the standard of criteria...

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Parenting: Skills and Support Services

wellbeing. Parents try to give children a good start into life and they need to fulfil their parenting role with competence which is assumed to come naturally with parenthood. Parenting skills are often associated with parental competence. Education and support in parenting can increase parents’ knowledge, skill and self confidence. Today there are a variety of adults which are not the biological parents involved in parenting. Society is changing and changes in family roles often means that there are more...

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Significance of Service Learning in a Student's Life

the chapter, explain in your own words what “service-learning” is, and how you expect it to be different from your other classes. (Be sure to explain both the service side and learning side to service-learning.) Service learning can be referred to as the act of students leaving their classrooms and exploring their community In order to make learning come alive and to experience live connection between their education and day to day activities in their communities. Service learning differs from...

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