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Explain The Meaning Of The Term Confidentiality

how the service worker should treat service users. There are five different care values: - Promoting Anti-Discriminatory practice. -Maintaining confidentiality of information. -Respect and acknowledging individual choice, culture, Identity and beliefs. -Promoting effective communication and relationships. -Promoting empowerment. Confidentiality is ensuring service users private information is only accessible on a need to know basis and is protected from those who are not authorised to view...

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performance and ethics for nurses and midwives’ (2008) states: "You must respect people's right to confidentiality." "You must ensure people are informed about how and why information is shared by those who will be providing their care." "You must disclose information if you believe someone may be at risk of harm, in line with the law of the country in which you are practising." Confidentiality A duty of confidence arises when one person discloses information to another in circumstances where...

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Explain the meaning of law and morality

Explain the meaning of law and morality. Discuss whether the law does and should seek to uphold moral principles. (30 marks + 5 marks for AO3). Laws and morals are quite similar in some ways but they also have their differences. Law is best described as rules made by authority. John Austin defined law as a command from a sovereign power, law needs to be obeyed and is enforced through sanctions. Morality on the other hand is values and principles as opposed to rules. Phil Harris defines a society's...

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 Confidentiality in Health Care Abstract The Health Information Portability Accountability Act was enacted to prevent patient’s private health information from being disclosed without authorization. The Health Information Portability Accountability Act has different sections which define what covered entities are, and explain what minimum necessity is in relation to patient’s private health information. This paper also discusses what the penalties may be for different types of private health...

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The Ambiguity of the Term "Carry" and Its Multiple Meanings

certain words are chosen to enhance and draw the reader into the story and play on their raw emotions. Some of these words are ambiguous in nature and have an “inexplicable or inexactness in meaning, and are capable of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways” (“Ambiguous”). Multiple meanings of the word, “carry,” are used to successfully accomplish this goal throughout chapter one by the author, Tim O’Brien, in his novel, The Things They Carried. The novel revolves around the Vietnam...

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Theories of Meaning

nature of meaning has been one of the major issues in the philosophical debate. The issue was first raised in the ancient Greek world, and was subsequently tackled by numerous philosophers. In the 19th century, meaning also entered the realm of linguistics – first in the context of diachronic linguistics, later also as a synchronic study. The main concepts in the theory of meaning, apart from meaning itself, are synonymy (or sameness of meaning), significance (or possession of meaning), and analyticity...

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Explain the meaning of the term organizational culture?

culture as given by Deal and Kennedy is the way things get done around here. However this definition is too narrow and therefore there is a need for a deeper definition as follows. Organizational culture is a concept developed by researchers to explain the values, psychology, attitudes, beliefs and experiences of an organization. Generally speaking, it is viewed as the shared norms and values of individuals and groups within an organization. Through this set of mutual understandings, organizational...

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Definition and Term

definition essay, you explain the meaning of a certain term by giving a detailed description of it, and support your definition with clear examples or facts. Such explanations are needed if a term is special, abstract, disputed or does not have a common meaning. For instance, individuals can interpret the definition of the words ‘freedom’ or ‘abuse’ quite differently. ------------------------------------------------- Steps for Writing a Definition Essay 1. Choose a term that you want to define...

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Communication and Term Confidentiality

questions To share experiences 1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work Communication with others at work which could include colleagues at work and people we support, helps the development of effective relationships, builds trust between people at work, allows better way of understanding individuals’ needs, prevents misunderstandings and supports the development of own knowledge and skills. 1.3 Explain why it is important to observe an individual’s...

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Types of Meaning

Denotative Meaning: Conceptual meaning is also called logical or cognitive meaning. It is the basic propositional meaning which corresponds to the primary dictionary definition. Such a meaning is stylistically neutral and objective as opposed to other kinds of associative meanings. Conceptual Meanings are the essential or core meaning while other six types are the peripheral. It is peripheral in as sense that it is non-essential. They are stylistically marked and subjective kind of meanings. Leech...

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Tarasoff Confidentiality and Informed Consent

 Tarasoff; Confidentiality and Informed Consent PSY/305 Abstract This paper describes the events that took place concerning Prosenjit Poddar and Tatiana Tarasoff, as well as the ruling in the case of Tarasoff v. Board of Regents of the University of California. The ruling was not a favorable one at first, leaving psychologists feeling this would breach their patients trust. Confidentiality is crucial in a therapist-client relationship. “Legislators reacted to therapists’...

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Confidentiality of Health

Confidentiality of Health Information final Exam 40902600 Part A Essay 1 Taking a child to the hospital in a nerve- wracking experience for any parent no matter how minor the operation. When the operation to be performed is a life threatening or lifesaving operation, there is an added sense of fear within a parent and an added sense of responsibility on the doctor’s shoulders. This responsibility first and foremost is to save the life of the patient, but the doctor must also be aware, especially...

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The Importance of Confidentiality and Data Protection

information may of been picked up from the children themselves, or told directly to the childminder from the parents, or other professionals such as teachers, providing the parents have given them consent to do so. The upmost crucial characteristic of confidentiality is not passing on or sharing information about either the child or their families with other people. All information that you may have on a child must be treated as confidential and it must only be shared between yourself, the child and...

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Ethics and Confidentiality

Ethics and Confidentiality in Criminal Justice Two of the most important terms in the criminal justice system which not only protect the rights of the accused, but also of the system which is judging them, are the terms ethics and confidentiality. Ethics is the study of morality and what constitutes good behaviour. Confidentiality is the insurance that certain sensitive information is only shared with those individuals who have the authority to access it. The use of both of these terms not only...

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Cultural Meaning

CULTURAL MEANING The meaning humans give to actions, concepts and behaviours is dependent on the cultural milieu and is conditioned to a great extent by the underlying meaning systems, values and frames of meaning he/she inherites from the society in general. Socialization plays a direct role in that process. Education, effects of peers and the intellectual atmosphere all contribute to what is called cultural meaning or systems of meaning. Cultural meaning conditions our perception and determines...

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Confidentiality Notes

Ethical theories and principles that are related to confidentiality are- confidentiality is one of the most basic principles in health care practice and it is the most long-standing ethical dictum in health care codes of ethics. It is the practice of keeping harmful, shameful, or embarrassing patient information within proper bounds. The right to privacy gives legal standing to this ethical principle.). a reliable test for who among team members should be given certain types of information is need...

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Doctrine of Confidentiality

What is the nature and extent of the employee’s duty of confidentiality? Introduction In every business enterprise, there is certain information that employer’s wish to remain confidential. This is particular vital in the global era where there is lower job security, higher job mobility and situations where employees work multiple jobs. Employees are bound by the duty of confidentiality, where they are forbidden to disclose certain information obtained during the course of employment. The...

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Essay Instruction Terms

Essay Instruction Terms 1. Instruction terms are words commonly used in essay questions. They instruct or direct you in the approach you should take towards the proposition of the question. 2. The exact meaning of these terms will vary depending upon the subject being studied. The following give some idea of what they normally mean for essays and examination questions. 3. Think carefully about the meaning of these terms in relation to the remainder of the question. Even though you might feel confident...

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find out the relationship between the proximity of the residence and tardiness of the third year pilot students of the Rizal High School. It specifically answers the following questions: 1 What is the profile of the students in terms Of 1.1 Address 1.2 Gender 1.3 Age 2 How far is your school from your house? 3 How often do you get tardy in school? Hypotheses There is no relationship on the proximity...

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meaning and causes of inflation

CHAPTER 2 MEANING AND CAUSES OF INFLATION Inflation is considered a global phenomenon. It takes place because of rapidly rising prices of goods and services, resulting in the decline of the value of money. Definitions of Inflation: According to Prof. Crowther, Inflation is a state in which the value of money is falling and prices are rising. According to Prof. Kemmerer, Inflation means too much currency in comparison to the physical volume of business done. Keynes stated that the rise...

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Confidentiality Rights

 CONFIDENTIALITY RIGHTS Jennifer Sherwood Kaplan University CM107 December 16, 2013 Confidentiality Rules Upon arriving at a new physician’s office a patient is given a clipboard with several papers on it, and is told to fill it out and return to receptionist when finished. What are all these papers, and why do they need to be filled out? These are actually very important to the care that the patient will receive. Every time a patient is seen by health...

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Qcf Lvl 2 Confidentiality

Activity 10. Part A. Explain the term Confidentility: Confidentiality is a right a person has in which to keep information about themselves private without anyone else being able to access it unless given permission or consent by an authorised person. A person's information should only be disclosed on a need to know basis i.e official bodies or next of kin unless specified otherwise. Information may also be disclosed if the information that is being held outweighs the risk to the person's health...

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Explain legal and ethical tensions between maintaining confidentiality and sharing information

1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within your own job role. Communication is constantly happening within the day care centre and in my job role I have a responsibility to communicate with staff, service users and other professionals. I use various forms of communication but I also seek to make sure that it is understood. Communication has got to be understood before it can be effective and so I try to ensure comprehension when I am verbally speaking by getting staff to repeat...

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Confidentiality and Information

Confidentiality 1) Confidentiality means that whatever information you hold on someone must not be shared with others. Information must be kept safe and private. You can only pass on information about someone if they have given their consent. 2) The Data Protection Act 1998 & 2003 is mandatory and has eight principles. These principles dictate how information is to be handled. Information should only be used for the use it was intended, it must not be given to anyone else without...

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Literary Terms

10th Grade Literary Terms to Know CA 9/10 Content Standards: Reading/Literary Response and Analysis 3.3 – students apply their understanding of content-area terminology during narrative analyses of grade-level literary texts ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This sheet includes the most common literary terms used to support the discussion of literature at the sophomore level. These terms appear in writing prompts...

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Patient Confidentiality

Patient Confidentiality 1 Article background: “Some 13 per cent of US medical schools have reported that their students have leaked confidential information about patients via blogs or social networking websites. The students didn't name names, but did provide enough personal information, such as the medical condition involved and hospital, for patients or their families to recognize who is being described…The information was provided by medical school administrators as part...

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Philosophy Meaning

PHILOSOPHY greek meaning “love of wisdom”, encompassed the love of all wisdom, but only in recent centuries came to refer to a special branch of enquiry, separate from other sciences, such as “natural philosophy”. * is universally defined as “the study of the wisdom or knowledge about the general problems, facts, and situations connected with human existence, values, reasons, and general reality.”  It seeks reasons, answers, and general explanations to life and its factors.  Thus, if we talk...

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Privacy and Confidentiality

 Privacy and Confidentiality As nurses we are required to adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth by the College of Nurses of Ontario. These practices and standards have been implemented in order to support the nurses in providing safe and ethical care to the public. In the assigned case study, Irene is a nurse facing privacy and confidentiality issues. Irene is working in a facility environment where her integrity and professionalism is being constantly challenged. It is...

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On the Meaning of Life - John Cottingham

Coexisting with the ‘Ultimate Question’ What is our relationship with the universe – who are we and how did we come to be seems to be the ultimate question of the meaning of life. This question has always sparked powerful debates between the views of the religious and modern science. Many believe this topic is a one-sided issue where these views cannot co-exist with one another, either one’s a theist, believing in God as the soul creator and ruler of the universe or an atheist, disbelieving of...

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The Meaning of Life

January 19, 2005 The Meaning of life What is the meaning of life. The meaning of our lives, the purpose, and the dreams both dashed and realized, and the expectations forced upon us by others. In other words how do you "translate" what life is? "Translation" means to explain in simple terms. What is it supposed to be about? There are different answers for different people at different times in their lives. A person's lifetime is filled with self-examination. Why am I here? What am...

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Resident Rights in Long Term Care Facilities

Resident Rights in Long Term Care Facilities GEN/200 August 22nd, 2011 Resident Rights in Long Term Care Facilities A number of people in society feel that as people begin to age that they need to be placed into a long term care facility. While some caregivers believe that residents should have limited rights, resident rights are a necessity in a long term care setting and incorporate values and ethics. Resident rights provide privacy and confidentiality for the resident they promote...

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Concepts, Terms, Language, and Definition for Philosophy 101

Question 1. What are the different kinds of concepts or terms? Categorize these concepts/terms according to their classification. Provide an example. CONCEPTS OF THE FIRST AND SECOND INTENTION Intention refers to the act of the mind as representing reality. 1. FIRST INTENTION. A concept presenting the nature or quality of a thing in itself. Example: Man is a corporeal substance. 2. SECOND INTENTION. A concept which presents the mode of manner how the mind understands such nature...

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Adolescent confidentiality in healthcare

and need confidentiality with medicinal caregivers and health care needs. Dailard, Cynthia. “New Medical Records Privacy Rule: The Interface with Teen Access to Confidential Care.” The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy. 6.1 (2003) 1-2. Guttmacher Institute. Web. 03 November 2013. In her article; “New Medical Records Privacy Rule: The Interface with Teen Access to Confidential Care”, author Cynthia Dailard states that “the notion that confidentiality is key to...

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Teaching English, Explain.

Engage(Activate(Study. - Discovery activities to stimulate cognitive effort. Explaining meaning To explain meaning a teacher can use the following tools: - point out an object - Miming - Facial expressions - Use of pictures - Gestures - Time lines - Describing - Listing Use check questions to verify the students understood correctly. Explaining language construction - To explain language construction the teacher can use gestures to demonstrate sentence stress and intonation...

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am aware on the issue today especially about the pdaf scam. The corruption here is getting worst. The word corrupt when used as an adjective literally means "utterly broken". The word was first used by Aristoteles and later by Cicero who added the terms bribe and abandonment of good habits. According to Morris, corruption is described as the illegitimate use of public power to benefit a private interest. Senior, however, defines corruption as an action to (a) secretly provide (b) a good or a service...

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nvq 2 diploma confidentiality

destruction or damage to personal data, legal requirements for the storage of electronic and manual data and access to secure information; issues relating to the legal requirements for sharing information eg freedom of information, principles of confidentiality, agreed ways of inter-agency and multi-agency/integrated working. 2 Be able to implement good practice in handling information Good practice in handling information: understanding the features of both manual and electronic information storage...

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Meaning of Gay

Meanings of Gay Gay, a word with multiple meanings: A person who is merry and happy, a person who is a homosexual, something that is lame or stupid, and a word that can be used for degrading. Over time this word has been molded and shaped into different meanings in all sorts of directions. The different meanings honestly have no similarities to each other, which makes it strange to see such a word as happy go to meaning a homosexual. It is strange to see such a word go from meaning happy to a word...

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Life Meaning

By asking this question we faced is as if we ourselves, as research is about something I've always lived, after much thought and analysis that is life, in my point of view I think is that although many try to define life as commonly defined other terms, in my position, life is not a thing, but rather as a process. To truly know that life is all we can do is live and this is the only way and how life is lived? Maybe it's the question we should ask ourselves, what can say to that is this: being alive...

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THE STUDY OF MEANING 1. The knowledge of systematic study of meaning is…. a. Phonology b. Grammar c. Syntax d. Semantics 2. There are ten aspects of any speaker’s semantic knowledge, except… a. Speakers generally agree when two words have essentially the same meaning – in a given context b. Some sentences have one meaning c. Speakers know whether something is or is not meaningful in their language d. Speakers know how language is used when people interact 3. The one of disciplines with the systematic...

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The Ultimate Meaning of Freedom

“The Ultimate Meaning of Freedom” "Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible." – Viktor Frankl In this quote, Frankl explains that the answer to man’s search for meaning cannot be found in others, but he must find it himself without asking anyone for the...

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Rivera 2 damaged the hurricane had caused. The media only focuses on the bad and never the good. To explain further Zeitoun by Dave Eggars, Zeitoun had decided to stay to protect his home as he says “a home is worth protecting” (page 57), he believed that he could help all his neighbors and feed the animals. In my eyes I see Zeitoun as a hero, knowing...

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Confidentiality in an Early Years Setting

4.1 Explain the meaning of the termconfidentialityConfidentiality as defined by Tassoni et al (2010) “is about respecting other people’s rights to privacy and keeping safe the information that they have provided” Confidentiality is very important in any organisation since it is the basis of trust between a number of parties. Respecting this trust is vital and information must be handled, exchanged and stored (including both print and electronic information) in an appropriate way so that...

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Calculation of Beta 16) Equity Portfolio Management 17) Debt Portfolio Management 18) Asset Allocation and Asset Mix. 19) Portfolio Revision 20) Portfolio Evaluation Evaluation Surprise Test 20%, Project/Assignment 10%, Viva-Voce 10%, End term exam 60%. Text book 1) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management - Jordan & Fisher, 6th Edition, 2009, PHI Publication Reference book: 1) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management- Sudhindra Bhat, Excel Books,2008 2) Investments...

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The meaning of life

The meaning of life is simple all you need to know that to get far in life you need to get good GCSE’s and A levels if you so choose so as well as getting lots of revision in on your week. A timetable may be wise to those who study. A taxi driver once had that Bertrand Russell in the back of his cab. Since Russell was the most famous philosopher of his day, the cabby asked him "What's it all about?" Russell, however, could not answer. No surprise there, you might think. For isn't the meaning of life...

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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life “The Meaning of Life” is an excerpt from Richard Taylor’s book Good and Evil: A New Direction, with this book Mr. Taylor was thought to have adopted a radical subjectivist view of ethics. In this excerpt he explains why existence and life is meaningless and he sheds light into the meaning of life. Throughout his explanations Richard uses an example from an ancient Greek myth. The myth is about Sisyphus a Greek man who offended the gods and was sentenced to roll a large stone...

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English Glossary of Terms

English Glossary of Terms Alliteration: The occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. Example: Carrie's cat clawed her couch, creating chaos. Assonance: In poetry, the repetition of the sound of a vowel or diphthong in non rhyming stressed syllables. Example: I must confess that in my quest I felt depressed and restless. Anecdote: An account regarded as unreliable or hearsay. Example: High school students go around the classroom telling...

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Meaning of Life

Eyes are bigger than your stomach Meaning: When a person wants more than is good for them. Origin: A person seeing a table piled high with sumptuous food has a tendency to get too many and/or too large a portion. Since the problem is brought on by the eyes and a lack of reason, the person is portrayed a one whose eyes are bigger than their stomach. Elephant in the room Meaning: An important and obvious topic, which everyone present is aware of, but which isn't discussed, as such...

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Psychology and Key Terms

basic perspectives that comprise psychological theory are Answer: Neuroscience, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive, and Humanistic Key Terms: Psychological theory components | Topic: Question: The translation of a hypothesis into specific, testable procedures that can be measured and observed is called Answer: an operational definition Key Terms: Operational definition | Topic: Question: An informed consent can be eliminated in an experiment when: Answer: The risks are minimal...

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1.3 Explain the Responsibilities of the Assessor

1.3 Explain the responsibilities of the assessor * Carrying out assessments in accordance with EAL assessment specifications and assessment documentation * Ensuring evidence provided by learners is sufficient to meet EAL requirements * Providing feedback to the learner about performance and achievement * Devising and agreeing an assessment action plan with the learner as appropriate * Completing all relevant assessment forms and returning them to the internal quality assurer/Centre...

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The meaning of kinship terms

The Meaning of Kinship Terms’ ANTHONY I . C. WALLACE ANI) JOHN A T K I N S ; Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute and University of Pennsylvania INTRODUCTION H E meaning of kinship terms in foreign languages (or in English, for that matter) has traditionally been rendered by English-speaking ethnologists by a simple and direct procedure: each term is matched with a primitive English term (e.g., “mother”), with a relative product of two or more primitive English terms (e.g., “mother’s...

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Conscientization: Meaning and Process

The English term "conscientization" is a translation of the Portuguese term conscientização, which is also translated as "consciousness raising" and "critical consciousness". The term was popularized by Brazilian educator, activist, and theorist Paulo Freire in his 1970 work Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Freire was teaching the poor and illiterate members of Brazilian society to read at a time when literacy was a requirement for suffrage and dictators ruled many South American countries. Critical consciousness...

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Obtuse Meaning in the Godfather

Notes on the performances of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in the Godfather in the light of Roland Barthes ‘The Third Meaning’. In Roland Barthes’ essay, “The Third Meaning,” he posits two levels of meaning in a film or photographic image: the first is the simple or informational level which simply tells you everything you can learn from the setting, the costumes, the characters, their relations and so forth; and the second is the symbolic level, which shows you the connotations inside an image...

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The Meaning of Culture

Culture is a term which is brandished with little regard to its actual meaning, likely due to the fact that there are hundreds of definitions trying to capture the essence of culture. One such definition, provided in a social psychology textbook, states that culture is ‘the enduring behaviours, ideas, attitudes, and traditions shared by a large group of people and transmitted from one generation to the next' (Myers & Spencer, 12). While this is a workable explanation of culture, in that it captures...

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Security Privacy Confidentiality of Health Information in the Philippines

SECURITY, PRIVACY, AND CONFIDENTIALITY (SPC) OF HEALTH INFORMATION IN THE PHILIPPINES DEFINITION OF TERMS Due to the special nature of health information, the legal and technical aspects of the concepts of security, privacy, and confidentiality (SPC) have a particular meaning in the context of healthcare. Privacy is the right of an individual to limit access to others to some aspect of their person. A more specific type of privacy is informational privacy (which is the notion of privacy we are...

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Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life The meaning of life, defined by Victor E. Frankl, is the will to find your meaning in life. It is not the meaning of life in general, but rather the specific meaning of a person's life at a given moment. He believes that if you are approached with the question of "what is the meaning of my life" or in this case, "life is meaningless," then you should reverse the question to that person asking the question. For example: What are you bringing to me? What are you as an individual...

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Confidentiality - Nursing Law

NU4028 ETHICS CONFIDENTIALITY (Dooley & McCarthy=DM 2012) I answered following layout from revision sheet A)Explain principle of confidentiality (you must also apply to case in exam question) Confidentiality places an obligation on nurses. Nurses must respect confidences that patients share Nurses must keep confident any information about patient from other parties(Mills 2002) Confidential information is defined as any private information understood not to be shared with a 3rd party(DM...

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The Use of Cars Causes Market Failure. to Achieve an Efficient Use of Resources It Would Be Better If Governments Intervened to Affect Both the Production and the Use of Cars. Explain the Meaning of the Terms ‘Market

The use of cars causes market failure. To achieve an efficient use of resources it would be better if governments intervened to affect both the production and the use of cars. Explain the meaning of the terms ‘market failure’ and ‘the efficient use of resources’ and analyse whether economic theory can be used to support this argument. [25] Market failure exists when the operation of a market does not lead to economic efficiency. It is a situation where a free market does not produce the best...

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Patient Confidentiality

Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient confidentiality is a fundamental practice in healthcare and it is integral part of healthcare ethical standards (Purtilo & Dougherty, 2010). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics “the nurse has a duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information” (Nursing world, p.6). Also, when a patient confidentiality...

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Ethics and Confidentiality

In the nursing profession, keeping patient confidentiality is of the upmost concern. It is an important feature of the nurse -patient relationship and must be maintain as basis of providing care. Confidentiality is described as respecting other people’s secret and keeping security information gathered from individuals in the privileged circumstances of a professional relationship. (Lee and Godbold , 2012). The privacy act offer nurses some flexibility in using professional opinion regarding disclosure...

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Discuss the Nurses Duty of Confidentiality

This essay will discuss the need for confidentiality and the nurse’s duty to keep information he/she is privy to, confidential. Brown et al (1992) suggest that a duty of confidentiality can be described as information that is disclosed which ought not to be disclosed further except within the relevant limits. Confidentiality is generally defined as the process of the protection of personal information, and is regarded as an integral part of a nurse’s role. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)...

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