"Explain How The Healthy People 2020 Relates To The Individual Family And Community And All Age Groups Throughout The Lifespan Make A Power Point Demo" Essays and Research Papers

Explain How The Healthy People 2020 Relates To The Individual Family And Community And All Age Groups Throughout The Lifespan Make A Power Point Demo

Family Nursing Diagnoses According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA), the use of nursing diagnoses is to assists the nurse in assessments and treatments of nursing problems. It provides an outline for the nursing model, and gives nurses a reference. The nursing diagnosis provides a clear focus for the development of health goals and nursing interventions. Nursing diagnoses and interventions focuses on individual patient crises,...

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Community Teaching Work Plan (Nursing)

Running head: COMMUNITY TEACHING WORK PLA Community Teaching Work Plan Cristeta Flynn, Lynette Ortiz, Virginia Wilson, James LaRue Grand Canyon University Community Teaching Work Plan This is a Community Teaching Plan Work Proposal group project for the city of San Diego, and our target community is children in elementary school. We have chosen primary health promotion/prevention and will address Childhood Obesity, which falls under the category of Nutrition and...

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Community Health Teaching

Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Presented by Arokia Jesuraj, Daisy joseph, Jamie Rusek, & mercy Thomas. Secondary prevention/screening for a vulnerable population of Arab Americans in Sterling height, Michigan Planning Before Teaching: Name and Credentials of Teacher: Arokia Jesuraj, Daisy joseph, Jamie Rusek, & mercy Thomas. | Estimated Time Teaching Will Last:Two hours | Location of Teaching:ACCESS Community Health -CenterMacomb4301 E. Fourteen Mile Rd. Sterling Heights, MI 48310Phone...

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Obama: Individual in the Community(Dreams of My Father)

There are many barriers one must overcome, and to accomplish this, one must find their distinctiveness and take a key role in the community. Throughout the novel, Dreams from my Father by our current president Barrack Obama, Barrack demonstrates the true meaning of being an individual. He is highly active in his community, despite the fact that he is part of the black community. The economic, social, and historical developments are links that allow one to form and sustain their identity. These factors...

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 Define the following: Ecosystems perspective: Ecosystem perspective it is significant means of conceptualizing and understanding human behavior. Serves as an "organizing framework" to help social workers comprehend people interactions with various systems in the macro social environment. Major concepts in the ecological perspective are: the social environment, energy, input, output, interface, adoption, "person-in-environment fit" (Gitterman and Germain 2008), stressor, stress, cooping...

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Individuals and Groups

Individuals and Groups 8.2 The individual: Factors that contribute to an individual’s development: Self-esteem: How an individual feels about themselves in terms of worth or value. Self-esteem is often referred to as being ‘high’ or ‘low’. Self-confidence: How likely we are to feel ready to take on challenges. Self-actualisation: takes many years for an adult to achieve, it is satisfying all need to a certain level. Peers: individuals of similar age. Being accepted by peers satisfies a human...

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Community Health Nursing

NURSING NCM 101 COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING Health Promotion and Public Health Health • A State of complete physical, mental and social well- being, not merely an absence of disease or infirmity (WHO, 1948). • A State of being well and using every power the individual possesses to the fullest extent (Nightingale, 1969). • Optimum Level of Functioning (OLOF) Determinants of Health (World Health Organization) • The health of individuals and communities are, to a large extent...

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Community Teaching Essay

The first step to a healthy community is by health promotions. In the world now, people are more concerned about their health compared to the past and most of them are motivated to take care of themselves. The idea of teaching the community is to prevent certain health problems and the effects if they are not taken seriously. I believe the nurse and other health care professionals has an important role in conducting the community health programs. This community programs will persuade the public...

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Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Directions: Develop an educational series proposal for your community using one of the following four topics: 1) Bioterrorism/Disaster 2) Environmental Issues 3) Primary Prevention/Health Promotion 4) Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population Planning Before Teaching: Name and Credentials of Teacher: Tamarra Matos Estimated Time Teaching Will Last: 10 minutes of speech, 15 minutes of activity and 10 minutes of discussion Location of Teaching:...

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Theoretical Traditions and Community Development

theory and discuss how they relate to the practice of community development. Social theory seeks to explain change in society, how it develops, what factors facilitate and inhibit it and what results from it. Social theory can be viewed as a set of tools which are used in constructing our own explanations of what is happening in the society around us (owlnet.rice.edu, 2010). Community development draws upon social theories to better understand the society around us. Community development is a...

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A Family Centered Preschool

Family Centered Preschool ECE 313 Carman Moon Professor Karree Fah December 19, 2010 Abstract Several people may ask the question, “What makes the difference in a family centered preschool?” This paper will help outline the importance of a family centered program versus a preschool that focuses only on the child. The learning of the children in family centered preschools are enhanced due to the focus points not only being on the child, but the family too. Educators can best help children...

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The Elderly Community Project Powerpoint

Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Directions: Develop an educational series proposal for your community using one of the following four topics which was chosen within your CLC group: 1) Bioterrorism/Disaster 2) Environmental Issues 3) Primary Prevention/Health Promotion 4) Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population Planning Before Teaching: Name and Credentials of Teacher: Andrea Herr, R.N., D.H.Ph. Estimated Time Teaching Will Last: 20-30 minutes Location of...

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Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Directions: Develop an educational series proposal for your community using one of the following four topics: 1) Bioterrorism/Disaster 2) Environmental Issues 3) Primary Prevention/Health Promotion 4) Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population Planning Before Teaching: Name and Credentials of Teacher: Estimated Time Teaching Will Last: Time Allotted: 30 minutes Location of Teaching: St. George’s Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed:...

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Healthy People

Healthy People 2020 Assignment 1. Access the Healthy People 2020 website by Google search or at: www.healthypeople2020.gov 2. From the home page: click on ‘2020 Topics & Objectives’. a. From this page you can peruse the list of 2020 topics. b. Clicking on a topic will take you to that topic. 3. ASSIGNMENT a. Choose 5 topics. b. For each topic write: i. Name of the TOPIC ii. GOAL iii. OVERVIEW (brief, may truncate...

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Book Paper: I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

 Book Paper: I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced Introduction “I want a divorce,” is a quote from the book I Am Nujood, aged 10 and Divorced written by Nujood Ali and Delphine Minoui. This book is about a young girl who was forced into marriage, abused, and fought for her rights in Yemen when she was only 10 years of age. I chose this book because it was recommended to me by a friend who read it for an assignment she did for a global geography course. She said that it was very interesting...

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Lifespan Perspective Paper

Lifespan Perspective Paper Introduction This paper will discuss lifespan development and the theories associated with the study. Humans develop according to phases throughout their lives and this paper will address these phases and what to expect and when. People learn from mistakes made in the past and apply these lessons in order to improve their quality of life. The psychodynamic and evolutionary theories will be examined in detail. Also, the significant role of nature and nurture will be...

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collabarative learning community

other health care professionals and consumer groups in the community in redesigning health care can help meet the goals for Healthy People 2020. Refer to http://www.healthypeople.gov/ to open the Healthy People home page. Select the "2020 Topics & Objectives" tab. Select one of the 42 "Healthy People" topic areas for improving health. Submit the proposed area to the instructor for approval. No group may work on the same focus area as another group. Develop a PowerPoint presentation (15-20...

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Mainpoints on a Little Commonwealth by John Demos

Demos’ view of Puritan Life through A Little Commonwealth A Little Commonwealth by John Demos, can be best described as an essay turned novel, which explains domestic puritan life. Demos’ original workings were drawn up as a graduate seminar paper in 1963. His idea was to display the demography of Plymouth families. In the book, he decided to split up each category into chapters. First, he would define the physical setting involving housing, furnishings, and clothing. Part two described the structure...

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power and difference paper

Power is many things. It is the ability to control people in their sayings and/or actions. It is the ability to get whatever you want. Power is a necessary component in any society, otherwise all pandemonium would break loose; leaders must be established. But, when taken to an extreme, power is not good, and pandemonium will break loose. Difference, is define as a point or way in which people or things are not the same. Difference leads us to discrimination. Discrimination means specific groups are...

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Family Nursing Plan of Care

Family Nursing Plan of Care NUR/405 September 6, 2010 Sybil Beth Meadows, RN, MSN, NCSN CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY: I certify that the attached paper is my original work and has not previously been submitted by me or anyone else for any class. I further declare I have cited all sources from which I used language, ideas, and information, whether quoted verbatim or paraphrased, and that any assistance of any kind, which I received while producing this paper, has been acknowledged...

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1. Explain the arguments in favour of lowering the voting age.

Kirk Savva-Briggs Politics essay – Ms. Moss. 1. Explain the arguments in favor of lowering the voting age. With more and more of the younger generation getting involved in current political affairs and issues, the UK government is under increasing pressure to lower the current voting age from 18 years to 16. These are some of the following arguments that are in favor of lowering the voting age. Increased turnout. The UK is currently facing a declining participation from the general public in...

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Introduction to Community Health Nursin

 Introduction to Community Health Nursing NURS 4540 Instructor Iva Hall Olivera Sagarese 10/24/2014 Introduction to Community Health Nursing Name three historical nursing leaders and explain how their contributions impacted community/public health nursing. I. One of the most famous nurses would have to be Florence Nightingale. She was known for her determination to reform the British Military health system. She developed the “polar-area diagram” to show the needless deaths...

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what does health mean to individuals?

Pdhpe – study notes. 1. What does health mean to individuals? Meanings of health: the world health organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Further good health is a resource for life, not the object of living. Health also has different meanings according to the concepts and measures used by different professionals groups working in the health field. Dimensions of health: 1. Physical health:...

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Community Service

Community Service Thaakat in Urdu means the quality or state of being strong, someone or something that gives strength, a source of moral and mental power or encouragement. Strength, courage, and validity are all synonyms of Thaakat. Thaakat Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire and promote charitable giving. Volunteer work opportunities are offered among students and young professionals while striving for curiosity and care of global society. One of Thaakat Foundations...

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How to support people with learning disabilites

L3 - Optional unit worksheet Unit LD 201 – Understand the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities The numbers after each question relate to the assessment criteria in the standards Learner Name: Brigitta Dolgos Workplace: JRH Support 1 Identify legislation and policies that are designed to promote the human rights, inclusion, equal life chances and citizenship of individuals with learning disabilities (1.1.1) Care standards Act 200 Disability...

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american family

 Marriages & Families 1. There are three common characteristics that would impact types of marriages that have on family definitions. Monogamous, polygamous, and arranged marriages. Monogamous is where the family stays out of the decision. Polygamous is where they have multiple options, which is illegal in the US. This type of marriage finds it ok to have multiple families. Arranged marriages are where the family of the bride and groom negotiate an arrangement before the two parties enter...

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Family Consumer Science

Statement of Understanding of Family and Consumer Sciences Overall Knowledge and Beliefs of Family and Consumer Sciences Focusing on the idea of integrating an approach to reciprocal relationship among individuals, families and communities; this is the Discipline of the profession of Family and Consumer Science. Throughout the history of this subject there have been major accomplishments for not only one type of people, but all people. Ellen Swallow Richards was the founder of the discipline...

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Power and Dominace

approaches. It will also cover my reflection on the article ‘To Address Privilege and Dominance’ and how it influences my social work practice and a reflection on challenges that might arise in my practice. Bailey (1998:109) defines privilege as ‘systematically conferred advantages individuals enjoys by virtue of their membership in dominant groups with access to resources and institutional power that are beyond the common advantages of marginalised citizens’. Tillner (1997:2) defines dominance...

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Lifespan Perspectives Paper

changing and developing. Most of the changes that individuals go through are common biological and psychological changes. One of the obvious elements of change is when a development is being defined (Smith, 2009). This is when the development involves the advancement from one life stage to another. Human development takes place in a process of certain stages in which helps us understand human development. However there are many concerns related to lifespan development. Two examples are nature versus nurture...

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How tv show relates to family

SWITCHED AT BIRTH I watched all episodes of season one Switched at Birth. The show is a one hour drama on ABC. It tells the lives of two teenage girls who discover they were accidentally switched as newborns in the hospital. They find out through a high school experiment that they are not the biological children of the parents they grew up with. Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother, while Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing at an early age due to a case of meningitis...

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Healthy People College Analysis

College Source of Ongoing Care The following is a synopsis of information provided on www.healthypeople.gov. Healthy People 2020 envisions a society in which all people live long, healthy lives. The mission of the 2020 initiative is to continue a plan of national objectives to encourage collaborations across communities, empower individuals toward making informed health decisions, and to measure the impact of prevention activities. We shall examine AHS-5.1, which seeks to...

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a healthy community

Throughout this class, I have learned some really great information about the physical and mental health of a community, and ways to better them. With the knowledge I have obtained, I will now design a community that I feel is healthy, and describe what it would look like. For starters, there are some factors that I have learned that make a healthy community. These are the physical factors: geography, environment, community size, and industrial development. The social and cultural factors are:...

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Community Assessment Reflection

Community Assessment Reflection Cynthia Caston NUR/405 March 31, 2013 Willadene Walker-Schmucker Community Assessment Reflection Community Health Partnerships It is so important for different agencies in the community to partner with each other, this helps ensure that people get directed toward the community resource they are in need of. In my families community The Clay County Health Department does eligibility assessments and referrals for social services in addition to all the services...

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The Tipping Point

The Tipping point: how little things can make a big difference by Malcom Gladwell is a novel that reveals how ideas, messages, products, and behaviors spread, which is explained through three rules heavily influence the Tipping Point and are required for one to consider a scenario as the Tipping Point. The Tipping Point is described as the moment of critical mass, the threshold or boiling point that results in change (Gladwell, 2000, p.12). To explain the Tipping Point Gladwell informs the reader...

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Diabetic Teaching Summary of Power Point

Diabetes Education Community Teaching Due: April 13, 2014 Diabetes Power Point at QCP This diabetes power point was presented at an adult community center in Queens, New York called QCP. This power point highlights the importance of educating yourself on disease and more specifically diabetes. Unlike other diseases that can be managed using only medication, diabetes requires day to day knowledge of the disease including nutrition, exercise and different levels of medication. Type II diabetes...

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Power of the Individual Die Welle Pleasantville

between individuality and community has been on going, and perpetually changing for as long as humans have had able-minds to process thoughts, personal desires, and beliefs. These two terms are social constructs that categorize people and how they interact with one another -- more importantly how they, themselves, ideologically view the world. According to Webster's Dictionary the definition of An individual is a single human considered apart from a society or community and community is a social, religious...

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Week 4 discussion Community Health Nursing

McEwen, M. (2015). Community/Public health nursing: Promoting the health of populations (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier. Chapter 29: School Health  Also choose one of following. Chapter 30: Occupational Health Chapter 31: Forensic and Correctional Nursing Chapter 32: Faith Community Health Chapter 33: Home Health and Hospice Optional: Lambert, V., & Keogh, D. (2014). Health literacy and its importance for effective communication. Part 2. Nursing Children & Young People, 26(4), 32-36. doi:10...

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family guy

Family Guy “It seems today that all we see is violence in movies and sex on TV, but where are those good old fashion values, on which we used to rely (Family Guy)?” This phrase is heard often by individuals who choose to watch one of the most famous animated sitcoms in the past decade, Family Guy. The first sentence happens to be the key slogan in the series theme song. Seth MacFarlane used this saying when the show was brought back to the air in 2005. This was around the time that I had originally...

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Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important in Developing Positive Relationships

Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults. It’s widely recognised that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the better the pupil performs at school. Whether, it’s just being aware of their progress and understanding their achievements or parents taking a more active role and becoming involved with the school itself. In order to establish and maintain interest there needs to be regular and reliable...

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Community Teaching Plan

Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Directions: Develop an educational series proposal for your community using one of the following four topics which will be chosen within your CLC group: 1) Bioterrorism/Disaster 2) Environmental Issues 3) Primary Prevention/Health Promotion 4) Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population Planning Before Teaching: Name and Credentials of Teacher: White Team RN to BSN students Estimated Time Teaching Will Last: 1 hour Location of...

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The Effect of the Information Age on Family Values

Information Age on Family Values By Dennis M. Parker The Effect of the Information Age on Family Values The world might be increasingly reliant on high-tech gadgets and new-media information sources, but, contrary to popular belief, that has only seemed to strengthened traditional family values. What we need to realize is that “traditional family values” is a very hard thing to define, because it means different things depending on different families’ traditions. “The Family” idealized by...

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Practice Hsc Questions - Community and Family Studies

influences affect the way people carry out their parenting and caring tasks, thus determining the quality of the relationship. Parents and carers with higher incomes may be more indulgent with toys, gifts and holidays, which can create a close relationship with their dependent as they feel valued and appreciated. On the other hand, this could also indicate that they may not necessarily have a close bond, as their high income could require them to spend a lot of time away from their family and at work. Alternatively...

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Community Garden

Community Garden Heather Seaton Kaplan University Community Garden There are legions of problems in the American culture that stem from dietary choices. Many people in Kansas City struggle with obesity and the numerous health issues that come with it, from diabetes, heart complications, and sleep apnea, to sore backs and knees. The childhood obesity rate keeps climbing. The varying factors that lead to the high obesity rate in this community include unhealthy...

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community teaching

Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Directions: Develop an educational series proposal for your community using one of the following four topics which was chosen within your CLC group: 1) Bioterrorism/Disaster 2) Environmental Issues 3) Primary Prevention/Health Promotion 4) Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population Planning Before Teaching: Name and Credentials of Teacher:NNEKA EZIKE Estimated Time Teaching Will Last:30 MINUTES Location of Teaching:WORLD ANOINTING...

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keeping young people healthy

Keeping Young People Healthy Christine Quinn Grand Canyon UniversityFamily centered Health PromotionNRS-429VKimberly HareOctober 26, 2014 Tile of paper goes here Health promotion and disease prevention are on the forefront of today’s healthcare agenda. With ever increasing number, chronic illnesses are diagnosed in younger patients. Educating people and helping them make positive life changes can be challenging when they are so set in their ways. (Edelman, Kudzma, & Mandle, 2013)...

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Family Power Debate

FAMILY POWERBASE IS DETERMINED BY THE FAMILY STRUCTURE MODERATOR (Nancy):  I am Nancy, moderator for Team C debate.   Family structure is different in every family. The family has consensus over who has the ultimate say on the day to day decisions. Present day family has very complex type of structure which affects the powerbase determination. A family consisting of a mother (female), father (male), and a child or two will have a very different power base than a family consisting of two...

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A Healthy Community

A healthy community is a place where people can prosper both physically and socially, reaching their full potential.  In these communities health promotion is adopted, and every member works at maintaining a healthy lifestyle free from injury, illness, and disease. These communities improve the quality of life of their inhabitants by providing its members with healthy, available, accessible, and affordable options. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). These communities invest “in...

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Family Health risk assessment

HEALTH PROMOTION IN THE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES AND EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR FAMILY HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT Overall Objective: Using a nursing conceptual model as a framework, the student will complete a detailed health risk assessment of a well family. Specific Objectives: The student will: Describe the nursing conceptual model that will be used to guide the family health risk assessment. Use the guidelines below to complete a health risk assessment of a well family. Analyze data using...

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Socioeconomically Disadvantaged People

Socioeconomically Disadvantaged people 1. Argue the case for this group receiving priority status in funding for health promotion by A. Comparing the health status of this group with the health status of the Australian population, concentrating on major trends. Definitions of people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged (SES) are those who are on low incomes who struggle to supply themselves and their family with food, clothing and shelter. Although the overall level of health and wellbeing...

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M2 -Explain the Roles and Responsibilities of Any Two Members of the Children’s Workforce in Relation to Looked After Children and Young People in Your Area.

The Children's Workforce is made up of many different people from different sectors who have different roles, despite these variations all are working to deliver the 5 Every Child Matters Outcomes for children and young people. If you work directly with babies, children, young people or their families frequently or for just some of the time, whether through paid employment or voluntary work, you are a member of the children and young people’s CORE children’s workforce. Alternatively if as part...

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What Does Health Mean to Individuals?

Focus Question 1 What does health mean to individuals? * Meanings of health * Each individual will have a different meaning for health. - Definitions of health * (WHO) ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social Well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ * To reach a state of complete physical, mention and social wellbeing an individual or group must be able to identity and realise aspirations, to satisfy needs, and to change or cope...

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Community vs. Individualism

Community vs. Individualism Individual and community are two words whose meanings contrast each other. An individual is one who is self-sufficient and not reliant on outside forces to get whatever task complete. A community however, is a group of individuals whose sufficiency is intertwined with one another, and therefore can rely on each other. In her narrative essay, “Community and Diversity”, Rebekah Nathan unveils the individualistic society that was her college experience. She describes...

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Proposal for Family Life Education

YUSH: Youth Understanding Sexual Health A Proposal for a Family Life Education Program Studies show that the national average for an adolescent’s first sexual intercourse encounter is seventeen years old. Despite this number being very close to the average age in other industrialized countries, the United States holds a higher percentage of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (STD) contraction than those countries (Harper et al, 2010, p. 125). It’s becoming evident that while...

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Eth-125 Week #9 Final Project: Race and Your Community

ETH-125 Week #9 Final Project: Race and Your Community • Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper analyzing the influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how human interactions in your community have been racialized. For the community, you may consider relations within your neighborhood, local government, service groups, clubs, schools, workplace, or any environment of which you are a part. • Answer the following...

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Public Health and Healthy Communities

improving the overall health of communities through various interventions, focusing on prevention rather than treatment. These preventative measures include but are not limited to sanitizing drinking water, implementing immunizations to eradicate infectious diseases, and creating many programs that promote behaviors beneficial for a healthy community. What is a healthy community? According to the publication Healthy People in Healthy Communities, a healthy community is “one that embraces the belief...

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Families Are Not Dangerous

Name Instructor’s name Class February 25th, 2013 Families Are Not Dangerous Barbara Ehrenreich in her article titled Are Families Dangerous?, tries to argue that the family institution is the root cause of much violence in the world. Ehrenreich brings up many infamous cases of murder and violence, ones that the general public knows about due to the seemingly endless media coverage covering these violent acts, in essence glorifying the individuals charged and accused of their heinous crimes. The...

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Older Age Bullying

schools Stephanie Neill We have all been a victim of bullying at some point in our lives. In almost all cases that I have heard of bullying it has been in a school setting. In today's world, bullying is nothing out of the ordinary. Every day we hear about bullying, whether it is in the news, at school, or from our friends. What has developed as a common thing amongst people of all ages has had serious effects and caused tragedy for many people. Students go to school and sometimes don't...

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Southern's Middle Ages

Middle Ages In the novel, “The Making of the Middle Ages,” author, R.W. Southern, calls attention to the events during the years of 972 and 1204, and how they influenced the intellectual, religious and cultural traditions of our modern era. This period, lasting well over 200 years, is usually associated with waring knights and starving peasants rather than highly developed intellect and great innovation. However, Southern explains that...

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Community Health Nursing Reflection

Community Health Nursing Reflection Maria Jelyn Engelhardt-Parales NUR/405 August 27, 2012 Amy Weaver Community Health Nursing Reflection Community health nursing practice aims to improve community health by promoting a healthier group of people, individuals, families, and residents within the community. The goal is to maintain, preserve, and promote health by providing information, education, teachings, and health care services to the population. The focus is on the collective good of...

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Choice Theories and How They Relate to Crime

theories also know and rational choice theories was developed by Dr William Glasser in 1995. This theory explains human desire to satisfy their genetic needs for survival, connecting, belonging, power, freedom, and fun (Allwords.com, 2011). These human desires require humans to make conscious choices and act upon those choices in any way they see fit to ensure the desires are satisfied. This relates to criminal activity because criminals may feel that crime is their only means of satisfying these needs...

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