• Outcome Based Education
    OOUTCOMES-BASED EDUCATION: PRINCIPLES AND POSSIBILITIES Dr Roy Killen Faculty of Education, University of Newcastle, Australia This paper explores some of the basic principles of outcomes-based education and relates them to the Australian school and vocational education context. It is intend
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    An Appraisal of a Piece of Research-based Evidence Relevant to Healthcare Practice. Since the 1970’s the term evidence-based health care has progressively been used more, the expansion of evidence-based health care has risen with the development of being able to access a range of information. O
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  • Market Based Management
    INTRODUCTION TO MARKET-BASED MANAGEMENT With a Forward by Charles G. Koch, Chairman and CEO, Koch Industries ABOUT CHARLES G. KOCH Charles G. Koch has served since 1967 as chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, Inc., a $20 billion petroleum, chemical, agricultural, and financial services c
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  • Evidence Based Management
    Academy of Management Review 2006, Vol. 31, No. 2, 256–269. 2005 Presidential Address IS THERE SUCH A THING AS “EVIDENCEBASED MANAGEMENT”? DENISE M. ROUSSEAU Carnegie Mellon University I explore the promise organization research offers for improved management practice and how, at prese
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  • Community Based Rehabilitation
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  • Eva Based Management
    WP/05/36 Regional Trade Arrangements in Africa: Past Performance and the Way Forward Yongzheng Yang and Sanjeev Gupta © 2005 International Monetary Fund WP/05/36 IMF Working Paper African Department Regional Trade Arrangements in Africa: Past Performance and the Way Forward1 Prepared
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  • How Failing Schools Can Benefit from Brain Based Learning
    How Failing Schools can Benefit from Brain based learning LeAnne Davenport PSY370 Andrea Felch February 14, 2011 There is such an importance with brain based learning and failing schools would benefit by adding it into their curriculum. Brain-based learning theory is guided by the assumption
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  • Research Issues in Empirical Inquiry on Absenteeism (Based on Compiled Literature)
    RESEARCH ISSUES IN EMPIRICAL INQUIRY ON ABSENTEEISM (Based on Compiled Literatures) By Jyoti Satpathy INTRODUCTION Absenteeism is a classical topic in the proposition agenda of Indian Organisation (Organisation, hereafter for this proposal) linkages. Since early years of organisation proble
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  • Social Change Is the Outcome of Intellectual Development
    Social Change is the outcome of Intellectual Development Introduction Social change is the alteration of mechanisms within the social structure, characterized by changes in cultural symbols, rules of behaviour, social organizations, or value systems. Social change refers to an alterat
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  • Channel Conflict When Adding Internet Channel on Existing Store Based Retailer
    Channel conflict when adding the Internet as a complementary marketing channel to an existing marketing channel system. A case study of a Greek mobile telecom retailer. by GEORGIA EFROSSINIDOU carried out in conjunction with WIND Hellas Telecommunications, Leicester October 2009 Project
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  • Explain, with Examples, How the Process of Natural Selection and Sexual Selection Are Thought to Have Contributed to Modern-Day Human Behaviour.
    Part I Explain, with examples, how the process of natural selection and sexual selection are thought to have contributed to modern-day human behaviour. Lifestyle and behaviours of early humans would have been considerably different to that of modern day humans; however this is not an aspect th
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  • The Advantages of Brain Based Learning
    The Advantages 1 The Advantages of a Brain Based Learning Environment Kristen Smyrnios PSY370 Learning and the Brain Instructor: Rochelle Kilmer March 3, 2011 The Advantages 2 Abstract Brain –based learning is a comprehensive new approach to teaching by using research that has
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  • Strategy Based Instruction
    University of Minnesota CARLA Working Paper Series A rewritten version of Paper #7 May 2005 Styles and Strategies-Based Instruction: A Teachers’ Guide Andrew D. Cohen & Susan J. Weaver Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition Working Paper Series  • Styles and Strategies
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  • Leadership Practise
    Leadership Practice The balance between leadership and management is long debated amongst the private and civil sector and is a crucial aspect of professional success. Employers frequently ask the question, what is an effective manager, when what they may actually seek, is an effective leader.
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  • Child Development Unit 22 Outcome 1 and 2
    Unit 22. Outcome 1: Understand child and young person development. Birth – 1 Month • Sleeps 20 hours a day • Crying – main form of communication (fosters early interaction) • Begins to have distinct facial expressions • Moves around more • Focuses both eyes together • Can
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  • Economic Outcome
    TYPES OF ECONOMIC AND HUMANISTIC OUTCOMES ASSESSMENTS Kathleen M. Bungay, Pharm.D.; and Lisa A. Sanchez, Pharm.D. Outline Frequent misuse and misunderstandings exist regarding what pharmacoeconomics is and what it encompasses. This chapter will assist readers in clarifying their understanding of p
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  • How Would a Social Constructionist Explain the Current Stress Epidemic?
    How would a social constructionist explain the current stress epidemic? Discuss with reference to relevant critical literature. A social constructionist is interested in how phenomena which in this case is the stress epidemic by looking at how it is created, institutionalized, known, and made int
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  • Growyh of Firm in Theory and in Practise
    filename = growth THE GROWTH OF FIRMS IN THEORY AND IN PRACTICE P.A. Geroski London Business School 14 April, 1998 PRELIMINARY DRAFT: This paper has
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  • Factors Associated with Honour Based Violence in Khyberpukhtoonkhwa Pakistan: a Qualitative Study
    Factors associated with honour based violence in Khyberpukhtoonkhwa Pakistan: A qualitative study Sher Afgan. B.pharm, Pharm.D A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the Requirements of the University of Wolverhampton For the degree of Master of Publi
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  • Development of Concentration Based Game Design for Research Environments
    i Brain Computer Interface Gaming: Development of Concentration Based Game Design for Research Environments A Thesis Proposal Submitted to the Faculty Of Drexel University By Kenneth V. Oum in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Digital Media December 20
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