"Explain How Florence Reflects The Ideals Of The Dominant City State And How Some Of The Geographical Economical Social And Artistic Forces Shape This Ideal" Essays and Research Papers

Explain How Florence Reflects The Ideals Of The Dominant City State And How Some Of The Geographical Economical Social And Artistic Forces Shape This Ideal

15 Tuğçe Arıkan Essay Question: Explain Plato’s ideal state by referring to the Republic, book IV and VII. To what extent do you agree with Plato’s idea that the kings should be philosophers? Why? Why not? Concept of create an ideal state really need to long effort and time. This concept and long standing debate that how should be an ideal state is explains in Plato’s Republic book IV and VII. In Republic, Plato explains the features of an ideal state and he claims that the kings should...

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Plato and Aristotle's Ideal City

Word Count: 1177 The Republic by Plato builds an ideal and complete city between Socrates, Adeimantus, and Glaucon. The ideal city distinguishes between justice and injustice by establishing four virtues which are wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice (372e). Each citizen has a specific role or art which they are required to fulfill, in order for the ideal city to function properly. However, the city is not self-sufficient because each citizen is "in need of much. (369c)" In contrast to Plato...

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Kallipolis: the City of the Ideal

of this dialogue, Socrates and his fellow conversationalists discuss a morally and socially sensitive issue: what, per se, is justice? Throughout the work, there were several definitions ranging from “the power of the strong” to “rewarding good and punishing evil.” To help bring clarity to their discussions, Socrates proposes that in order to discover justice as a concept, they must apply it holistically as opposed to an individualistic, circumstantial criteria. In order to accomplish this, the...

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Artistic Patronage and How Important Is It

What is artistic patronage and how important is the patron's input Patrons exerted a strong influence on the creation and execution of art in Italy between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries. Art served specific functions so that artists were paid to produce exactly what the patron wanted. The artist could be creative to the extent of his natural and acquired capacity but always within the conditions imposed by the patron. The system of patronage was a commercial process and artwork therefore...

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Rawls Criticism of Plato’s Ideal City

Rawls Criticism of Plato’s Ideal City Plato and Rawls both developed a framework for creating ideal and just societies. This paper will argue that Rawls would disagree with aspects of Plato’s society and Rawls’ criticism of Plato’s vision of a just society is persuasive. First, it will summarize Plato’s vision of a just society, the ideal city. Then, it will outline Rawls’ idea of a just society and show that Rawls criticizes Plato’s idea of rule by the guardians by arguing that man will always...

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How Broadcasting Institutions Reflect the Ideology of the Dominant Classes

institutions reflect the ideology of the dominant classes through the theories of Karl Marx and Antonio Gramsci.Marxist view is extremely influential in the research or theories of media. Marxist theorists see the role of the mass media as one that maintains the status quo of dominance, whereas freedom of speech is seen as the role of media by the non-Marxists. The Marxist view of media is one of class domination. Opinions and views are fought within the dominance of certain classes, and this dominance...

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My Vision of an Ideal World

would an ideal world order look like,What kind of world do I want to live in? If I had the power to create a society in my own vision, what would that look like? What kinds of activities would be at the forefront of culture? How would people treat each other? In what manner would business be conducted (if at all)? In what areas would the most energy be focused (i.e. education, health, etc.), write a list in order of importance? What kind of role models would be best for your ideal world? How does the...

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Explain how and why the North won war by 1865

Research Paper: "Explain how and why the North won war by 1865." 1 Explain how and why the North won war by 1865 By, Janice Lopez History 1302 Mr. Otter April 11, 2013 Research Paper: "Explain how and why the North won war by 1865." 2 Abstract My research topic for this essay is explain how and why the North won war by 1865. In this essay I will be explaining the various reasons as to why the South...

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Gender-role socilization. this essay is about how society and biological drives and instincts shape the gender roles.

Gender socialization is the way society shapes our sexual attitudes and behavior through various mechanisms, it defines the roles that we as males or females in society are expected to play. According to Ann Oakley, who first introduced the terms, sex refers to the biological divisions into being male or female while gender reflects the parallel and socially unequal division into being feminine or masculine (Sex, Gender and Society 1972). Sex is therefore can be seen as the biological constructed...

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American Ideals and Values

AMERICAN IDEALS AND VALUES I. Ideals: 1. Freedom: “The notion that America offers freedom for all í an ideal that unifies Americans and links present to past. Yet this ideal has not always corresponded to reality.” - Americans commonly regard their society as the freest and best in the world Proud when thinking that their country a heaven destination for those longing for freedom and opportunities. all people are equal all people are equal - Americans’ understanding of freedom is shaped...

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The Ideal Society

New jersey city university | Ideal Society | Philosophy | | Parshv Shah | 4/21/2013 | This paper contains a personal opinion and rough creation of an ideal society. The society created is based on the personal values, present society issues and ideas from the reading and teachings of the great philosophers who have tried to build their utopias in the past. | The perfect society does not exist. If it did however, it would probably sound much like the vacation brochures you can read...

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Living Up to the American Ideals

among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” This is how, in 1776, Thomas Jefferson began writing one of the most important documents in the History of the United States. This document is the Declaration of Independence. In these two sentences, Thomas Jefferson introduced a new outlook on the nation based on ideals. Since then, America as a nation has been trying to live up to the 5 American ideals; democracy, liberty, opportunity, rights and equality. People today strive...

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An Ideal society

2015 An Ideal Society We all strive to be perfect people and to live in a perfect world. However realistically no matter how hard we try to be perfect or make things around us perfect it is simply impossible to create a real Utopian lifestyle. Most of us have some type of vision on how we believe the world should be ran and the things we can do to have what some may call the ideal society. For centuries many countries, colonies and tribes have strived to make this possible but for some reason have...

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Pop Cultural Music in Sierra Leone, is Creating Social Change and a New Political Identity for Its Youth

Pop cultural music in Sierra Leone, is creating social change and a new political identity for its youth From the over capacitated concert halls in the energetic urban centers of Sierra Leone to the front lawns of its parliament buildings in Freetown, forward looking Sierra Leonean youth are making use of their newly founded freedoms of expression, which came to being in the aftermath of the nation’s brutal civil war to create social change. In these vibrant communities you can hear musicians...

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Education and Social Change

Education and Social Change Education in Technical Sense. Is the process by which society; through schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions, deliberately transmits its cultural heritage – its accumulated knowledge, values, and skills – from one generation to another. Social Change * a response to many type of change that take place on the social and non-social environment * Generally affected by the agents of socialization John Dewey * A prominent American philosopher...

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Aristolte Plato Social Contract

Sonksen 1 Connor Sonksen Connorsonksen1@gmail.com Topic #2 Dr. Graff HON171 11/02/2012 Social Contracts and Responsibility The best and brightest of history’s philosophers have dedicated great amounts of time to describing the best forms of social and political organization with the hope of discovering the best way of life for humanity. Aristotle and Plato are certainly no exception. The teacher and the student, defined by each other’s works, have taken historical and groundbreaking positions...

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Masculinity and How It Oppresses Gender

Masculinity: How it oppresses gender. When we look at our peers we can tell their sex immediately, this can also be said about their gender, we can see whether a person is heterosexual or homosexual in the ways they walk, talk, dress and by the people they associate with, most importantly we can tell their gender from the way they use their body. These displays of one’s gender can oppress almost every facet of the human race, as masculinity and femininity either heterosexual or homosexual each...

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Ideal Victim

For the purpose of this essay I will be considering Nils Christie’s (1986) concept of the ‘ideal victim’. In considering this concept, I will discuss what is meant by an ‘ideal victim’ and will also be focusing on the high profile Australian criminal case of Anita Cobby in Blacktown on 2nd of February 1986. Anita Cobby was only 26 years old when she was abducted, brutally raped and murdered by four ‘ideal offenders’. This essay will also consider, the ways in which the media and criminal justice...

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City Marketing in Europe

Essay: City Marketing In Europe During the course of the minor, the terms “dilemmas and paradoxes” have been strongly linked to City Marketing. Typically, when defining city marketing it is directly related to appeasing the wants and needs of all stakeholders who are in close nit to the city. A stakeholder is anyone who has any interest in the city such as; government, inhabitants, workers, tourists, social groups. Every stakeholder must be looked at when trying to promote a city, but by doing...

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Body ideal

body shape or figure is the cumulative product of a woman's skeletal structure and the quantity and distribution of muscle and fat on the body. As with most physical traits, there is a wide range of normality of female body shapes. Human beings and cultures have perennially focused attention on the female body as a source of aesthetic pleasure, sexual attraction, fertility, and reproduction. There are, and have been, wide differences on what should be considered an ideal or preferred body shape, both...

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The Kallipolis: Justice and Ideals

To this day, students and scholars alike grapple with the challenging philosophical issues presented therein. The thematic crux of the work lies in the nature of justice. In defining this slippery concept, Socrates details the structure and workings of what he considers a truly just city, the kallipolis. There are those who would say that this kallipolis may be equated to a utopia, an ideal society; however, I intend to illustrate a much divergent point of view. The justice of this city, made...

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Ideal Leader Paper

 Ideal Leader Mason ______ _______ University Author Note Mason ________, Department of ________, __________ University Correspondence considering this paper should be addressed to ___________, Departement of ________, _________ Univesity, (area, areacode) Email: (Write your email id) Abstract This paper provides insights on student’s ideal leader and the qualities of the selected ideal leader of the student. I have tried to explain this via my own choice of ideal leader “George...

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Media and Beauty Ideals

was flipping through my October issue of Cosmo, passing by 80% of the advertisements without a second glance, I stopped myself at a Nivea lotion ad. In the past, I would have over look this page, not noticing anything distinguishing it from any of the outrageous number of advertisements. However, something about this ad irritated me. (I blame it on my Women’s Studies class and my Theorizing Communications class.) It pictured a man holding a woman in his arms with the slogan, “Give him skin he’ll love...

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Why should the capitalist state give way to communist society, according to Marx?

Why should the capitalist state give way to communist society, according to Marx? The main challenge of this essay consists in identifying the reasons according to which Karl Marx considered that the capitalist state should give way to communist society. The base text for answering this question will be Marx’s own work titled “The Communist Manifesto”, however this essay will rely on other works of Marx such as “The German Ideology” or “Preface to a critique on political economy” as well as...

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How Social Psychology Has Helped Us to Develop a Better Understanding of the Interaction Between Women’s Body Image and Media Beauty-Ideals

How Social Psychology has helped us to develop a better understanding of the interaction between women’s Body Image and Media Beauty-Ideals Much of the reports reviewed agree that there is a link between body image dissatisfaction and the influence of the media’s portrayal of beauty ideals (Engeln-Maddox, 2005) (Groesz, Levine & Murnen, 2002) (Tiggemann, 2003). The extent and direction of this link is unclear as much of the research provides conflicting results. Is simple exposure enough...

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Broader Forces That Shape Urban Life

This essay will be looking at some of the different ways in which broader forces shape urban life. For the purpose of this paper references will be drawn from different authors including Wirth( 1938), Jacobs(1961), Wilson (1996), Harvey, Foucault and cooper. This essay will also look at some definitions of what urban life is and the characteristics of it. For Wirth (1938), Urbanism is a way of life, and although in the city, urbanism looks beyond the physical structures of the city, it looks at...

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Curriculum Frameworks. How can the development of education in the United Kingdom be seen from a number of competing influences?

How can the development of education in the United Kingdom be seen from a number of competing influences? Some academics suggested that there are numerous competing influences in the development of the curriculum, these influences are often referred to as the stakeholders who as stakeholders, are presumed to have the right to influence the school curriculum and the development of it. There are numerous stakeholders concerned in education who claim to have the right to contribute to the development...

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Black People and American Dominant Culture

are not popular, the common man. 3. Zinn discussed the language used in the Declaration of Independence, and that used in the United States Constitution to describe the rights to which everyone is entitled. How do they differ and what greater conflict does this discrepancy represent? * ‘Our people are basically decent and caring, and our highest ideals are expressed in the Declaration of Independence, which says all of us have an equal right to “life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...

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How reform movements in the 1800s sought to expand democratic ideals (AP US History DBQ)

socially. Many movements occurred during this time, particularly from 1825 to 1850, aimed to better laws, institutions, and society and to spread democracy overall. Although the religious, penal, education, and feminist reform movements in the United States sought to expand democratic ideals, the temperance and abolitionist reform movements ended up limiting democracy. The religious, penal, education, and feminist reform movements sought to expand democratic ideals, and that is exactly what they did....

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Examine and Assess How Political Order Is Made and Repaired

Examine and assess how political order is made and repaired. In this TMA I will examine and assess how political order is made mainly through the state. In order to create, maintain and repair political order, the state needs authority from its citizens to do so and this authority needs to be legitimate. ‘Legitimacy refers to a belief in the states rightness, its right to rule or the idea that its authority is proper.’ I will then explain how today, legitimacy is closely linked to democracy...

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Media Ethics, the Unattainable Ideal

Case 29 “everyone knows her: “ the unattainable ideal” “Situation” Society is increasingly being affected by the fashion and advertising industries promoting images of beauty ideals unattainable for most women. Images of wafer-thin models are contributing to distorted body images, low self-esteem and eating disorders amongst young women. The advertising agencies are packing their ads with emaciated, vacant imagery, so ubiquitous that it takes on a semblance of normalcy. Suggestions of unattainable...

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An ideal Husband

An Ideal Husband (outline) Thesis statement: Human defines the ideal husband as the one that is kind, the one that care, and the one that has as only devotion the success and happiness of his family. In the book "An Ideal Husband,” Oscar Wilde, the author, presents Robert and Goring as two men who were ready to do everything it takes to save their love and satisfy the demand of their lover. Although their stories are coming together in some points, Chiltern and Goring have their...

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How Changes of the Socio-Cultural Environment Gave Rise to Different Artistic Interpretations

How changes of the Socio-Cultural Environment Gave Rise to Different Artistic Interpretations by Géczi Kristóf HOW Changes of the Socio-Cultural Environment Gave Rise to Different Artistic Interpretations 1 Outline 3 Introduction 4 Chapter one: Social Cultural Environments in Art through Periods 5 Chapter two: Pietro Lorenzetti versus Carlo Maria Mariani 6 Conclusion 9 References 10 Outline Art is supposed to be a form of communication in different...

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The Ideal Prince

a guide for what characteristics the ideal ruler of a country would hold, he also hoped that the letter would bring him back in favor of the Medici's who had previous exiled him. Machiavelli never dictates what or who the ideal prince is, but he continually offers examples and advice, which is often immoral and unethical, on how someone would become the ideal prince. Machiavelli was naturally pessimistic about the human race, and that heavily influenced this work, with negative connotations flowing...

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How Do Reason and Imagination Shape Poetry?

“Here, the lofty and highly much praised artistic achievement of Attic tragedy and the dramatic dithyramb presents itself before our eyes, as the common goal of both artistic drives, whose secret marriage partnership, after a long antecedent struggle, celebrated itself with such a child, simultaneously Antigone and Cassandra.” (Friedrich Nietzsche on the relationship between the Apollnian and Dionysian) How do both reason and imagination shape poetry? Reason and Imagination are two concepts...

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Renaissance Ideals of Humanism Are Expressed in the Italian Art of the Period

Discuss how Renaissance ideals of humanism are expressed in the Italian art of the period, referring to specific works and artists. During the fourteenth century Italy witnessed notable changes, which throughout the next couple of centuries extended towards northern Europe. This was later described as the "Renaissance", "the cultural achievements through sixteenth centuries; those achievements rest on the economic and political developments of earlier centuries". (Western Society, 413) This was an...

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The Ideal Puritan Society

John Swift The Ideal Puritan Society Puritans thought of themselves as members of the Church of England. Disgusted with the tainted modern religious practices, puritans tried to change that institution. They soon became frustrated with the lack of successful reform as English kings James I and Charles I persecuted them. The Puritans migrated to the New World to create a nation according to their own beliefs. The Puritan Society was a very restrictive and socially constrictive one. Massachusetts...

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Relationship between Pygmalian and its appropriation SHes all that and their respective context and how it provides insight into how values have been maintained and changed

Texts reflect the context of the time in which they are composed as well as the culture their respective society possess. This is evident in Pygmalion, a play by George Bernard Shaw and its appropriation She's All that, a film directed by Robert Iscove. In these two texts, the same Pygmalion myth is approached from two different viewpoints to reflect distinctly the context of the time in which each was written. Shaw, through the use of a wide range of dramatic techniques such as language, form, and...

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An Ideal Teacher (essay)

Golovatenko, gr.503 An Ideal Teacher “I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn” Albert Einstein “Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers” Josef Albers Plan: To make an introduction (state the problem): What makes an ideal teacher as a teacher`s diploma is not a guarantee of it? Features which create an ideal image: The ideal teacher must be competent in his subject and also be “keen on it” The ideal teacher must be...

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How Does `Lifestyle’ Branding and Marketing Add Value to Products and Services from the Perspective of Consumers?

Essay Marketing: How does `lifestyle’ branding and marketing add value to products and services from the perspective of consumers? In order to see how lifestyle branding and marketing adds value to products and services from the consumers perspective we need to start by explaining that the core of the consumer society is not the product or service offered but the consumer itself. Holbrook & Hirshman 1982 “characterize consumption as a flow of fantasies, feelings & fun, and focuses upon...

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How Does Marxism Explain the Role of Education in Society?

How does Marxism explain the role of education in society? The sociology of education is the study of how public institutions and individual experiences affect education and its outcomes. It is most concerned with the public schooling systems of modern industrial societies, including the expansion of higher, further, adult, and continuing education. Education has always been seen as a fundamentally optimistic human endeavour characterised by aspirations for progress and betterment. It is understood...

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The Suburban Ideal and Suburban Dependence on the Urban

urbanization has brought upon the rise of big cities as the epicenters of human culture, economy and society. While cities have thrived and become great wealth centers, eventually dissatisfaction with the urban was bound to happen. Dissatisfaction with the urban was due to a large variety of reasons, but itself it was the primary cause of creation of the suburban ideal. The progression of the dissatisfaction with the urban into the suburban ideal and of the suburban ideal into a tangible thing is quite logical...

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Mexican Religion Shapes Culture

Mexican Religion Shapes Culture Throughout the world, the expansion of religion has significantly influenced the development of humanity in many different ways. Religion is an organized collection of belief and cultural systems with world views that relate humanity to spirituality and moral values (dictionary.com). Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to explain the origin of the Universe and give a convincing meaning to life. It...

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Ideal victim

To What Extent Victims Of ISIS Can Be Characterized As Ideal / Attractive Victims According To Nils Christie’s Theory Of The Ideal Victim? Aneta Spasova SilyavskaGroup II International Crimes – Assignment IV Nils Christie’s theory of the ideal victim Nils Christie introduces the idea of an ideal victim, that person in one whom, “when hit by crime – most readily are given the complete and legitimate status of being a victim” 1. He continues that person or group is not necessarily most “in...

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What Do You Think Is the Most Powerful Objection to the Ideal Observer Theory? How Might Firth or Some Other Defender of the Ideal Observer Theory Reply to This Objection?

Firth’s Ideal Observer Theory suggests that an ethical statement like “x is right” means, “any Ideal observer would react to x” (Firth, P. 209) by producing an alpha reaction. The following are the characteristics of an Ideal Observer: Omniscient with respect to the non-moral facts, omnipercipient, disinterested, dispassionate, consistent and “normal”. In this essay, I will attempt to explain and justify why opposition to the “omniscience” characteristic is the most powerful objection to the Ideal Observer...

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rhetorical analysis carl becker ideal democracy

Grady Hollowell Professor Rita Kumar Intermediate Composition 19 September 2014 Rhetorical Analysis: Carl Becker Ideal Democracy Millions of people were dying and millions more were about to die. Ideal Democracy was a speech written and spoke by Carl Becker at the University of Virginia in 1941. At the time the United States had just joined into War World II. Many people had little faith in the war and thought we were just throwing away lives. Becker was invited to the University of Virginia...

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Forces Between Nationalism and Sectionalism in the 19th Century

What events or trends contributed to the relationship between the forces of Nationalism and Sectionalism? During the course of American History, and especially after the War for Independence, Nationalism and Sectionalism contributed and interacted with each other to shape the development of the United States of America. These two ideologies are the inverse of one another. When sectionalism is strong, nationalism is weak. When Nationalism is strong, sectionalism is weak. While sectionalism and nationalism...

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How Consumption Reflects and Shapes Our Lifestyle and Identity

the claim that consumption reflects and shapes our lifestyle and identity Essay Plan Main body and key points (950 words approx) TMA02 – Produce an essay plan and then write an essay that addresses the following: Outline the claim that consumption reflects and shapes our lifestyle and identity. Introduction “Shopping is part of what social scientists call consumption and many social scientists suggest we now...

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Ideal Democracy

Running Head: IDEAL DEMOCRACY The Ideal Democracy Victoria Jones Political Science 101 Professor O’Meara March 11, 2012 Outline A.) Introduction – Democracy Definition by Latin roots and suffixes a. Background- Articles about the common topic of Democracy and its different definitions. I. Dahl- Dahl’s view in political system. b. Thesis – Through observation from Dahl’s point of view, I will explain the meaning of the ideal democracy while considering how it began...

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Liberalism and Social Contract

Liberalism and Social Contract Charles Larmore speaks of moral complexity as it exists in a pluralistic sense. The idea of pluralism says that each and every person has their own separate conception of the good as it appears to them. It is I virtually impossible to have to separate entities come up with the same exact concept of the "Good Life" and what it holds for them. As there are these conflicts ideals that exist in each of us it is possible for our conception of the good to come under...

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Ideal Type Bureacracy

twentieth century. The Weberian ideal type bureaucracy continues to be the dominant paradigm in the public administration.Many social and political scientists have explained the concept of Bureaucracy. Max Weber’s idea of state was that ‘a state is a compulsory association which successfully claims a monopoly of legitimate use of force within a given territory.’ State alone possesses power, authority & legitimacy. Weber concluded that it is the legitimate authority of state to exercise power over its...

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How Far Is Urbanisation a Way of Life?

Cities: Explorations in Urban Geography How far is Urbanisation a way of life? The notion of a rural-urban dichotomy and a distinctive disparity between the utopian perception of ‘rural’ and the ‘anomie’ (Phillips and LeGates, 1981) of the city are ubiquitous themes throughout the urban sociological school of thought. Conflicting views between scholars concerning the reality of life in the city in addition to the correlation between ecological aspects of the city and sociological behaviour...

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Ideal Teacher

The Ideal Teacher: The qualities that build a student to succeed. Learning simply cannot occur in a class if a student is not focused and attentive. Capturing the attention of a classroom can be a difficult challenge. From their past years and experiences, teachers develop and adopt their own techniques to get students to focus on any lesson, discussion, or activity. What are some characteristics considered ideal for a teacher to have in order to help a student succeed and excel in life? ...

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Those with Power Shape Reality

power. From governments, to police force and even including fiction writers and the media, they have the ability to influence the reality experienced by different people in society. This power manipulation extends to those with different ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic status, and religion. Chloe Hooper, in writing, The Tall Man, had the power over the reader by selecting what to include in her story. In the book Chloe also shows the power that the police force and the justice in the role of shaping...

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Ideal Victim

An ‘ideal victim’ is someone who has played no part in their victimisation by an offender who was wholly responsible for the incident. The public can relate to the ‘ideal victims’ ordeal and although they have been through an awful sometimes incomprehensible experience society views the ‘ideal victim’ “as pure, blameless (hence passive) people against whom an evil act was omitted by a depraved individual” (Spalek, B. 2006 p25). Although most people can relate to an ‘ideal victim’ there is a ‘positivist...

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How Realistic Is the Realist Tradition?

How realistic is the realist tradition? By Dan Andrei Dumitru Realism as a tradition of thought in political theory has been a perennial approach and it can be traced back for more than two millennia. However, as Donnelly (2000, p1) remarks, “the link between realism and international theory is especially strong in the twentieth century”, being a dominant theory before and after the second World War and then declining after the end of the Cold War. Furthermore, as he points out, realism...

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The Ideal Woman

The Ideal Woman’s Body The 21st century’s North American society is dominated by the obsessive desire of women to look like society’s, media-influenced, portrayal of the “ideal body.” This is a result of the way society has objectified women as just “sexual bodies;” largely for the gratification and enjoyment of men. Not only is the media creating these ideal bodies for women to look up to and idolize, but, they are also providing ways in which to obtain these bodies such as weight-loss programs...

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Explain the Key Features of Two Therapeutic Models (Cbt and Ta)

Explain the key features of two therapeutic models (CBT AND TA) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (also known by its abbreviation CBT) was primarily developed through an integration of behavior therapy (first popularized by Edward Thorndike) with cognitive therapy (developed by Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis). The first discrete, intentionally therapeutic approach to CBT to be developed was Rational Emotive Therapy (RET), which was originated by Albert Ellis, Ph.D. in the mid-1950's. Ellis developed...

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an ideal husband Themes

An Ideal Husband Themes by Oscar Wilde Major Themes Political Corruption Political corruption dominates the plot in An Ideal Husband. Sir Robert's flawless career is threatened by the corruption of his youth. One of the play's ironies is that the happy ending relies on Sir Robert's corruption remaining hidden from public view. The offer of a cabinet seat would never stand if the public had knowledge of his past. Yet, because he successfully hides this past, he feels absolved of his crime. Even...

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Explain How Animals in Art Can Reflect Cultural Values

Explain how animals in art can reflect cultural values. Throughout the centuries, animals have appeared in works of art. The animals are often linked to cultural values. Cultural values are what is accepted or believed to be right in a culture. Cultural values differ between places and times, for example the Old Stone Age cave paintings at Lascaux in France(15 000-10 000 BC), give us an insight into the importance of the animals to the existence of the people at that time. While in Surprise, painted...

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