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Examples Of Reflective Accounts Hnc Social Care Promoting Choice

Reflective account 6 Description Throughout this reflective account i will refer to the individual I was working with as Gloria. I have not used her real name throughout this piece to protect her identity and to ensure that I am maintaining confidentiality. “You must respect people’s rights to confidentiality” (NMC 2013) Gloria is a 74 year old lady who lives at the residential care home at which I am currently on placement Gloria is under the Adults with Incapacity Scotland Act 2000 due to a diagnosis...

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Reflective Account Values

The first part of this Reflective Account describes what influences and events in my life have helped to develop my Personal Values. My grandparents taught me most of my basic ‘Personal Values’. I learned from an early age how to be polite, have good manners and respect my elders as failure to do so would result in getting sent to bed early. In those days I did not have a television in my room so in my eyes this was the ultimate punishment! They were not deeply religious people; my grandmother...

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Discrimination and Social Care

Health and Social Care Assignment UNIT 3 - PRINCIPLES OF DIVERSITY, EQUALITY AND INCLUSION IN ADULT SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW In this assignment you will consider best practice in promoting diversity, equality and inclusion which does not discriminate against others. You will look at relevant legislation, codes of practice and regulations governing adult social care and consider the consequences for a variety of people if these are not followed. You are asked to consider your own...

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Social Care Theory for Practice

SOCIAL CARE THEORY FOR PRACTICE (OUTCOME 1) ASSESSMENT 1 (1500 words approx.) (12th October 2012) Coco J Hendry Page 1 Introduction Page 2 – 5 Assessment Page 6 Conclusion Page 7 Reference/Bibliography 1 The following essay will demonstrate my understanding of the importance and relevance of values to social care by explaining how social care values and principles influence practice. I will then explain what relationship my value base has with social care values...

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Reflective Account Hnc Healthcare

Reflective Account 4 Description I am currently on placement within an acute setting of a general hospital. The ward in which I am a student is a haematology ward which is defined as 'the branch of medicine that deals with diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs'.(World net web, 2013) Within the ward patients can receive a wide range of treatments such as chemotherapy, bone marrows, platelets and all blood related disorder medicine. Throughout my time in the ward I have been exposed...

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Values Essay Hnc Social Care

Values In this assignment I will be discussing how my own personal value base impacts on Social Care Values and goals of my agency. I will also discuss how I have looked at anti-discriminatory practice, what values are involved and how I promote this in my own workplace. I will be identifying legislation and how this influences my practice as a worker. I believe that a value is something that is important to an individual and the values that I believe in play a very important role in my life...

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HNC Social Care Psychology

drug use, depression and anxiety; particularly social anxiety with members of the opposite sex. To begin understanding the development and needs of John I will explore the generally accepted lifespan through which each individual progress. This is an ongoing process from birth until death and consists of five stages according to age: infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and older adulthood. At each stage five strands of development occur: social, physical, emotional, cognitive and cultural...

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HNC Social Care Values and Principles

HNC SOCIAL CARE VALUES ESSAY This essay will examine how social care values and principles influence practice. My own value base was influenced by my parents and extended family initially. As I was growing up teachers and peers also influenced my values. Amongst some of the values I live my life by are having self-respect and being respectful of others; being trustworthy, honest and truthful; being non-judgemental. I was always encouraged to work hard and do well at school which would help me...

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Social Care Essay

I am presenting this essay as an insight to how values and principles influence practice in a Social Care setting. The source of each individuals values stem from primary socialisation. I, myself have been influenced by my parents values and their endeavour to make choices for me and my siblings within a family setting. Those particular values I practiced and developed into my adult life leading to fundamental approaches which I have carried through, with some adaptations along the way influenced...

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Individual and Social Care Assignment

Health and Social Care Assignment UNIT 5 - UNDERSTAND PERSON-CENTRED APPROACHES IN ADULT SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW In this assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge of person-centred care and consider how to put this into practice in complex and sensitive situations. You will explore what is meant by the term ‘consent’, define person-centred values, and consider how active participation can be used to best effect. You will consider how risk assessments can support informed...

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Hnc Social Care Values Essay

and respecting the fact that others may desire privacy, to be safe and also allowing others the same, having self respect, being trustworthy, being non judgmental, being anti discriminatory, respect life and faith, value freedom and equality, value choice and others points of view. I have learned to live my life this way from my parents and their families. The schools and church where I was taught , espoused the values of   human dignity, solidarity for the common good , charity , and the family, ...

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Health and Social Care

learning outcomes (LO1s, LO2s & LO3s) with a reflective account embedded in the context of work. Your submission of not more than 3000 words should include: Outcomes and assessment requirements Outcomes Assessment requirements On successful completion of this unit a learner will: To achieve each outcome a learner must demonstrate the ability to: LO1. Understand how health and safety legislation is implemented in the health and social care workplace 1.1 Review systems, policies and...

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health and social care level 3

Code of Practice b) The possible consequences for the individual in health and social care workers and others if the legislations and codes of practice are not followed are prosecution, being fined, the organisation you work for into disrepute, being held accountable for your actions and losing your job. c) A description of how inclusive practice can promote equality and support diversity ways of promoting equality and diversity is by awareness of own practice, organisational practice and...

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Discrimination and Social Care

Vocational ContextTask 1 (P1,P2,P3,M1) A local hospital has sent out a poster to local schools and colleges giving details of a competition to produce a presentation/leaflet on The concepts, description and effects of discrimination within health and social care The poster is to publicise an NHS project to help breakdown discrimination within the health service, and the winning presentation will be used in their staff training. You need to make your presentation interesting, readable and good to look at...

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Reflective Account

 Therapeutic relationships Understanding Behaviour Assessment LO1 HNC CAP Word count 1360 This is assessment is a reflective account using Gibb’s (1998) reflective cycle. It provides me with the structure to follow when reflecting (Brooker, 2013). The cycle has 6 steps which include; Description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. In order to comply with the NMC Code of Confidentiality (NMC, 2013) and Data Protection Act 1998, I will call the service user...

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Know How Anti Discriminatory Practice Is Promoted in Health and Social Care Settings

discriminatory practice is promoted in health and social care settings The active promotion of anti-discriminatory practice Ethical principles There are four main ethical ideas that should be taken into account in the health and social care sector. They are: * Justice - People must be treated fairly and equally regardless of their background. * Autonomy - A person’s choice must be respected. * Beneficence - This involves risks and costs; the health care professional should act in a way that...

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Hnc Social Care

swiftly denied it and left the soon after. Marys never heard from her father again after he left. Mary has been attending the day centre since she left school when she was 18, she has made significant progress throughout according to her key worker and care plan. I cared for Mary in a previous work placement. When I first started caring for Mary she was very disengaged, she also seemed very distant towards me. I found it very difficult to communicate with Mary, when I spoke or tried to interact with...

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Hnc health and social care

believed that the attitudes such as trust, initiative, intimacy and the like that had developed in a certain stage would have an effect in the future. For example, he asserted that if an individual has a positive outlook in life and maintains hope though facing unexpected events in life, that individual when he/she was an infant might had been taken good care of and had developed trust with the maternal person. Furthermore, many educators and parents base their strategies with Piaget’s perspective...

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Reflective Account Unit 505

*- Reflective Account Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care Candidate Name: Unit Title: 505 Working in partnership in health and social care or children and young people’s settings Reflective Account Assessor Use Only- Assessment Criteria Met Candidate to provide narrative under each statement of how they meet the criteria and list the number of the piece(s) of evidence supplied to demonstrate this. (See also possible examples of evidence sheet). You must...

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Reflective Account for Nvq3 Health and Social Care

1B 1.A 4A 1.B/2 1 5A 7 6 4.A/B/C 1 10 6/4/3 6 6 I was asked by the care manager to explain to Mr D, the changes in the way his benefits would be paid to him when the government changed from benefit books to Post Office accounts. Mr D has poor vocal skills and at times it can be difficult for staff to understand what he saying. I knew from experience and by reading Mr D’s care plans that it was very important to be patient with Mr D and to continually reassure him as he...

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HNC social care values essay

may value security more than independence as a part of becoming a mature adult. My personal values are mostly family-orientated as my family are my support-network and I rely on them for knowledge and advice. I am part of a very close family whom care for one another immensely. This coincides with my value of being a kind, caring and considerate person, I have been raised with the attitude – do unto others as you would have them do to you. To be unkind or inconsiderate would mean developing low...

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Communication and Social Care

communication used in care settings and the factors that support and inhibit communication, giving examples. Success Criteria for AO1 (Top Mark Band) “Candidates show an in-depth understanding of the different types of communication used in care settings and the factors that support and inhibit communication, giving examples”. [15 marks] Break down of marks (Top Mark Band) A. 5 marks - you will give an in-depth account of the different types of communication used in care settings – this will...

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Work: Goal and Social Care

Unit 6: Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social CareUnit 44: Vocational Experience for Health and Social CareBTEC NATIONAL HEALTH AND SOCIAL CAREExtended Diploma Student Name: Abigail bowes Group: BStudent Number: 20138903 | Unit 6 (P2, P5) half 1. Provide an up-to-date CV at the start of the course. 2. Provide an updated CV at the end of the first year. You will required to completed the following * Completed Units * Work Experience * New Skills and Qualifications...

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Reflective Account Equality Ect

EVIDENCE GATHERING FORM EVIDENCE NO: DATE: IDENTIFY EVIDENCE TYPE DIRECT OBSERVATION □ REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT □ QUESTIONS □ EXPERT WITNESS □ PRODUCT □ WITNESS TESTIMONY □ CANDIDATE NAME: Suzanne Gibson EVIDENCE : Unit, PCs Knowledge Equality is ensuring individuals or groups of individuals are treated equally and fairly and less favourable, specific to their needs including areas of race, gender, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation and age. This means in my work place whilst...

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Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings

consequences if legislation and codes are not followed for: An individual, social care worker and others Making an individual upset, affecting an individual’s self-esteem , causing stress ,individuals feeling isolated , affecting individuals’ hopes and expectations ,creating tensions , leading to stereotyping , leading to labelling, producing prejudices. An individual has the risk of being abused or neglected. Social care workers run the risk of being sued, and this has financial implications. Money...

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hnc social care graded unit planning stage

 HNC Social Care Graded Unit PLAN By I am currently working for inc corp as a Supported Living Assistant providing support to a young gentleman with both physical and developmental disabilities in his own home. For the purpose of this report and in line with inc confidentiality procedures and the Data Protection Act 1998, I have changed names in order to protect the individual and maintain confidentiality. I currently work with a young man called David who is 21 years old and lives in...

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Reflective Account Unit 523

 Reflective Account Level 5 Diploma Health and Social Care Candidate Name: Unit Title: 523 Manage induction processes for health and social care or children and young people’s settings Reflective Account Assessor Use Only- Assessment Criteria Met Candidate to provide narrative under each statement of how they meet the criteria and list the number of the piece(s) of evidence supplied to demonstrate this. (See also possible examples of evidence sheet). You must provide answers to each question...

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Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care Assignment UNIT 4 - PRINCIPLES OF SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of safeguarding adults. You will describe different types of abuse, the signs and symptoms associated with them and what to do if you are aware of or suspect an individual has been abused or you note unsafe practice. You will research failings in care services and explore how best practice can help to keep...

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Social care values and principles

Social care values and principles and their influence in practice INTRODUCTION In this essay I will explain the importance and relevance of values to social care, while describing how they impact on care practice. I will also offer my interpretations of ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Individual Worth’, considering the influence of psychology and sociology on these social care values. IMPORTANCE AND RELEVANCE OF VALUES In social care, ‘values’ can be regarded as particular types of beliefs that people...

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Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care Assignment UNIT 2 - PRINCIPLES OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW In this assignment, you will investigate standards that influence adult social care practice. You will look at examples of these standards and how they affect the role of social care workers. Personal development and reflective practice are important for social care workers, and you will be completing tasks that cover these concepts. You will look at the different ways that this is done, how you...

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Hnc Social Care Loss & Grief

attachment is strong then we will feel stronger emotions. The complexity of our attachment will also dictate how we move through our grief. Grief has several components: physical, behavioural, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Looking at an anticipated death for example when someone is terminally ill planning can be made well in advance of the loss happening. We may then experience anticipatory grief. This type of grief gives the bereaved an opportunity to gain closure. The bereaved...

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L3 Health and Social

Health and Social Care Assignment UNIT 5 - UNDERSTAND PERSON-CENTRED APPROACHES IN ADULT SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW In this assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge of person-centred care and consider how to put this into practice in complex and sensitive situations. You will explore what is meant by the term ‘consent’, define person-centred values, and consider how active participation can be used to best effect. You will consider how risk assessments can support informed...

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Prinicples of health and social care

individuals are cared in health care settings The principle of support is beneficial in health care settings as it makes sure that the individuals are cared for properly and in a professional way. ‘Principle’ can be defined as a rule or belief governing one’s personal behaviour. In this case, principle of support is applied by supporting a client in a manner in which the client is able to guide themselves with assistance from care workers. It is important, as a care worker, to respect a client’s...

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Health: Learning and Social Care

UNIVERSITY OF KENT Module Specification Continuing Development A (KI317) Level C (FHEQ Level: 4) Description This aims to encourage you to develop as a reflective practitioner. You will be expected to complete a minimum of 200 hours of work experience in order to achieve this module, which may be completed either on an unpaid basis or as an employee. Evidence for assessment of the module will originate from your own practice, observations and learning in the practice setting(s) supplemented...

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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care 1.1 Define the following types of abuse: Physical abuse Physical abuse is any non accidental act of violence or rough treatment that causes physical injury, pain or discomfort. Examples of physical abuse include: Beating - e.g. Punching, pinching, shoving, striking with hand or other instrument Burning and scalding Rough handling or physical coercion Stabbing Tripping Spitting Restraining to furniture The misuse of physical...

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Discrimination and Social Care Workers

Assignment 303 Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Task A Short answer questions Ai Explain in your own words what each term means. Give one example from care practice to illustrate your explanations. Diversity- Diversity refers to something that is diverse, means that has different kinds or types. Example different languages, culture, religion, colour and background come together in a group is a diverse group. Equality- Treating everyone same with...

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Lifestyle in health and social care

Is it acceptable to try to persuade individuals to change their lifestyles in order to improve their health? Public health is the science of preventing disease and promoting good health to communities and individuals. Its role is to empower individuals and encourage community participation through health promotion programs and initiatives. Public health can mean different things to a range of different people, namely providing public resources for the good of all, it ensures that deprived people...

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Reflective Account Proforma

Reflective account Subject title TDA 3.4 LO 5 AC 5.1 5.2 Reflective account support children with behavioural needs Complete a reflective account showing your own practice where you have done the following Demonstrate ways of supporting children and young people to review their behaviour and the impact of this on others, themselves and their environment. Include evidence of your actual practice using the past tense | When children fall out and say mean things to each other...

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Hnc Social Care Sociology Poverty and Ineqaulity

HNC Social Care | Poverty and Inequality Assessment 3 | | | | | In this essay we are going to look at the causes of poverty and inequality in the UK and the effect that it has on society. We will also be looking at sociological theories and how they can relate to poverty. “Poverty in the UK is classed as being relative to the standards of living in a society at a specific time.” (Scottish poverty information unit) “A person is considered poor if his or her income level falls below...

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Implementing the Duty of Care in Health and Social Care

of Care in Health and Social Care in Children and Young People Settings Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice 1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role Duty of care is defined simply as a legal obligation to : Always act in the best interest of individuals in care and others Not act or fail to act in a way that results in harm Act within own competence and not take on anything not believe we can safely do As a care worker, we owe a duty of care to the...

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Reflective Account 4

F0KA 34 Health Care: Practice Experience Reflective account 4 Candidate Name: Word count- 801 Related learning Outcome: Learning Outcome 1, Knowledge and Skills – 1.b recognising and acknowledge limitations of own abilities 2.a committing to the principle that the primary purpose of the professional health care practitioner is to protect and serve society 2.b accepting responsibility for one’s own actions 3.a demonstrating respect for patient/client confidentiality 4.b demonstrating...

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Task B Reflective Account

Assignment 304 Principles for implementing duty of care in health , social care or children's and young people's settings Task B Reflective Account BI – Describe two situations which demonstrate a conflict or dilemma between exercising a duty of care and the rights of an individual Conflict and dilemmas may arise between the duty of care and individuals rights could be staff having a difference of opinion over an service user for example a staff member believing that they have seen signs of...

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Promoting a Healthy Environment for Children: Assignment

Practice Evidence Record Diary CACHE Level 3 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma in Child Care And Education Unit 6: Promoting a healthy environment for children PERs evidence numbers: Task 1: Write a reflective account of TWO (2) activities or experiences you helped to provide in your setting to promote the personal health of a child or children. Include in your account: • what was considered when providing the activities or experiences • explain how the activities or experiences linked to the...

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Hnc Social Care

HNC Social Care Booklet of Assessments This document contains all the assessment information you will need for the HNC Social Care. They are collated in chronological order with the lecturer responsible (where this is known) identified on the assessment. It is up to the learner to ensure that the assessment is handed in by the deadline. The assessment schedule will be posted on the moodle site. All work should be word processed and include appropriate references both in main...

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Health & Social Care Level 3 Unit 303

Unit Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Ci) Write a reflective account describing: * How your personal preferences, attitudes, heritage and beliefs might impact on working practice. * How to ensure that your own practice is inclusive and respects the beliefs, culture, values and preferences of individuals. I work in a residential home for Dementia for the elderly, some of the clients Dementia range from mild to severe. The clients are raised...

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THE ROLE OF PUBLIC HEALTH IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Task 1 (LO 1): Essay 800 words Write an essay on the importance of partnership working in the efficient delivery of public health services. You must include the following into your discussion to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of multi-agency collaboration. • Roles of various local, national, international, and voluntary organisations • Epidemiological considerations such as geographical...

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HNC Social Policy

 Social Policy and its application to Social Service Provision HNC Social Care Learning Outcome 1 Submission Date /2015 Sarah Monteith BC0094270 Word count 1,667 SCENARIO ONE Miss Ruth Smith is a young mother in her mid-twenties who is unmarried and has two young children, one who is disabled. Miss Smith has an inherited condition which has resulted in small stature and curvature to the bones of her spine and legs. She has limited strength although mobile and able to drive. Ruth is currently...

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Principles Of Safeguarding And Protection In Health And Social Care

Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care Know how to recognise signs of abuse Physical abuse - This is use of physical force that can result in injury. This could be due to being slapped, punched, kicked, scratched, biting, and strangling. Sexual abuse – This is unwanted sexual activity that is forced upon a person without their consent, this includes rape, making them watch pornography, pestering them by making sexual suggestions or comments, or they were pressured...

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Better and Social Care Worker

Principles of personal development in adult social care setting Task A A reflective practice, a guide for the social care worker What is reflective practice? This involves thinking about your own practices, ideas and actions within your workplace. You are then able to evaluate their effectiveness in order to make improvements and changes. Why is reflective practice important? By analysing your own actions it enables the Social Care worker to improve on their approaches and...

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Rights and Choices in dementia care

Rights and Choices in dementia care Explain the impact of key legislation that relates to fulfilment of rights and choices and the minimising of risk of harm for an INDIVIDUAL with dementia Key Legislations was brought in to protect the rights and choices of residents with or without dementia, while ensuring the risk of harm is minimised these legislations are: Human Rights act 1998 Mental capacity act 2005- Adults with incapacity act 2000 and 2007 Mental health act 2007 Disability discrimination...

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Reflective Account


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Reflective Account

interviewer had to be able to recall it, use it, relate it to the key skill areas and check it for inconsistencies. Reflective questions were used to pick up on a point the candidate had made and enable me to probe further and find out how much the candidate knew on the key skills that we were looking for. I made it a point to probe further when candidates mentioned about key words like choice, dignity and person centred planning. I maintained eye contact and made sure I concentrated on what the candidate...

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Social Policy for the Hnc in Social Care

Social Policy To gain a better understanding of Social Policy we need to look at its definition: Social Policy is the study of social services and the welfare state. In general terms, it looks at the idea of social welfare, and its relationship to politics and society. The principal areas relate to Policy and administrative practice in social services, including health administration, social security, education, employment services, community care and housing management; Social...

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Social Care

UNIT 10: Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social care or Children’s and Young Peoples settings 1. Understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality 1.1. Explanation of diversity, equality and inclusion a) Diversity refers to the fact that we are all different. All the people are unique in their own way. Some of people are male or female, some are tall, some short, some people have dark skin, some light. People differences also could consist of their reading level, athletic...

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Risk and Social Care

must influence all aspects of health and social care work. Answer Person-centred care values must influence all aspects of health and social care work. Health and social care should be based on person-centred values, and should be individualised as this is a law requirement (Human Rights Act 1998, Health and Social care Act 2012, Codes of practice for Social Care Workers, etc.). If person-centre values that underpin all work in the health and social care sector are followed as they should be then...

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Nvq Level 3 Health & Social Care

Level 3 PROMOTE EQUALITY AND INCLUSION IN HEALTH SOCIAL CARE OR CHILDREN’S AND YOUNG PEOPLES SETTINGS OUTCOME 1 UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF DIVERSITY, EQUALITY AND INCLUSION 1.1 Explain what is meant by: DIVERSITY Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and understanding our individual differences. These differences can be due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities...

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Therapeutic Reflective Account

Understanding Therapeutic Relationships Reflective Account Word Count- 1636 Reflection within healthcare is used as a learning tool and way of developing practice. This is done by analysing and examining ones actions, feelings and responses to identify when effective practice takes place and what can be changed if it hasn’t (Atkins & Murphy 1994). Schon (1991) developed a model of reflection which I will use during this reflective account. Schon describes two types of reflection;...

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REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT. “Reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and so inform learning about practice” (Reid, 1993 p.305). I am going to reflect on an activity during my placement at a childminder’s setting. While writing about this, the model of reflection `I will use is the most commonly used model by Gibbs (1988), which is the model I will look at here. There are six stages in Gibbs’ model, namely:- (1) Description (2)...

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Working in partnership in health and social care

Assignment Submission Document – Please attach to work submitted Qualification Unit number and title Edexcel BTEC Level 4 HNC Diploma in Health and Social Care Unit 5: Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care Learner Name Assessor Name Euthan Newman Assignment issue date First submission date Final submission date 16.09.2013 06.01.2014 13.01.2014 Criterion PASS Initials Criterion MERIT Initials Criterion DISTINCTION Initials AC1.1 M1 D1 AC1.2 M2 ...

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C¬Oncepts of Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care.

Health and Social Care. Within this assignment, I have been addressed as a manager of a residential care home and I have the responsibility to provide a set of materials (leaflets, booklets, PowerPoint slides, posters) that can be used for information and training purposes) for my training staff. I have chosen to do this by writing a detailed leaflet in the style of an assignment so information can be thorough and clear. Rights – Within the category of health and social care, the rights...

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