• Using Nlp in Elt
    Using NLP in ELT In a recent article I mentioned how noting students’ eye movements can help the teacher understand when they are ready to start a task. This is an insight that comes from NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming). I am not an expert on NLP, but over the last ten years or so have found v
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  • Mba Outline
    London School of Commerce LSC Course Outline MBA Semester 1 October 2010 20th December 2010 MBA Course Leader: Dr. Rajendra Kumar: rajendra.kumar@lsclondon.co.uk Course Administrators: Assignment Deadline 1 Contents Christina Giovi: christina.giovi@lsclondon.co.uk Grace Freeman: gr
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  • Outline of Legal Environment of Business Law Ch1-5
    Outline CH1 I. Defining the Law, Morality, and Ethics (1-1) A. The Law and Morality (法律与道德) 1. Law consists of rules of conduct established by the government of a society to maintain harmony, stability, and justice. 2. Morals are values that govern a society’s attitude towa
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  • As Exams Example
    Sample Assessment Materials September 2007 GCE Government and Politics Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Government and Politics (8GP01) First examination 2009 Edexcel Advanced GCE in Government and Politics (9GP01) First examination 2010 Contents A B Introduction .................
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  • Outline
    1 Creating an Outline An outline helps you arrange the order of ideas in a paper. Many students eliminate outlining in the writing process as an unnecessary step. However, writing an essay without an outline can create disjointed results. An outline provides a roadmap so that the essay can move smoo
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  • Speech
    Erika Miller CST 110 Speech 1 Outline Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to donate their dollar to the Coulee Region Humane Society by using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and Pathos in order to capture the audience’s emotion. Title 1. Raise your hand if you are here at LaCro
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  • Speech
    During the past six weeks I have developed a better sense of confidence when it comes to speaking in public. This is something that I have worked on when preparing for different kinds of speeches over the past six weeks. I felt that being afraid of speaking in public was not normal, but many people
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  • Informative Speech on Smoking
    Persuasive Speech Outline General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to stop anybody they know from smoking to prevent damage to their health. Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. I. Attention step: You may wonder what our future generation may lo
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  • The Benefits of Using Hands-on Activities When Teaching Language Arts to First Through Fifth Grade Students
    ii SIGNATURE PAGE This research paper was prepared by ______________ under the direction of Dr. ____________, OTED 636, Problems in Occupational and Technical Studies. It was submitted to the Graduate Program Director as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master Science in
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  • Legal Outline - Constitutional Law
    Constitutional Law Outline – Abrams – Fall 2004 I. History and Text – The Power of Judicial Review A. Constitution – is a general charter and a limitation on Federal Power, 13-15th are limits on state power as well. B. 3 Parts to this Course: Judicial Review, Indivi
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  • Guide for Persuative Speech
    TYPICAL SAMPLE PERSUASIVE SPEECH TOPICS 1. abortion 21. drunk driving 2. adoption of children 22. hunger in America 3. cruelty to animals 23. inflation 4. air pollution 24. invasion of privacy 5. air safety 25. juvenile felonies 6. death penalty 26. legalization of
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  • Persuasive
    Persuasive Outline & Persuasive Speech Objective: You are to write and present a persuasive argument on a topic you choose (must be preapproved by the instructor). Directions: Turn in an outline and make a presentation that persuades the audience towards your perspective. Written Argument The outlin
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  • International Law Outline
    INTERNATIONAL LAW OUTLINE I. THE TYPES AND SOURCES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW Statute of the International Court of Justice: (Article 38) The Court, whose function is to decide in accordance with international law such disputes as are submitted to it, shall apply: (a) international conventions, whethe
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  • An Analysis of English-Chinese Subtitle Translating Strategies: Taking Gossip Girl as an Example
    An Analysis of English-Chinese Subtitle Translating Strategies: Taking Gossip Girl as an Example Ⅰ. Introduction A. An overview of the study Subtitle translation studies began with the development of film industry, high technology and globalization. From a tentative start involving somewha
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  • The Monroe Doctrine... a Positive
    The U.S benefitted Latin America through the implementation of the Monroe Doctrine, which helped prevented further European colonization. Independence and sovereignty were in the U.S’s intentions for involvement in Latin America, while many European governments saw benefits in overturning independ
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  • Business Plan Example
    Recycle Or Die! A Detailed Business Plan © Waste Reduction Schem USE 201/301 – MIH Group 3 – Business Plan Enterprise Name Owner Address Recycle or Die! President of the society. University Of Sheffield To provide channels of communication between the University of Sheffield, s
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  • Speech (Com103)
    COM103 Study Guide Ch. 1 Parts of Communication Process Situation- time and place in which speech comm. occurs Speaker- person who is presenting an oral message to listener Listener- person who receives the speaker’s message Frame of reference- sum of person’s knowledge, experien
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  • Outline Spank
    OUTLINE FOR PERSUASIVE ESSAY Strategy for Presenting Content: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Listener Needs: Safety, Social, Self-esteem, Self-actualization Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that non-physical forms of discipline are more ethical and effective. Thesis Statement: Use
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  • Ap World History Textbook Outline 2000 Bce-1750
    TEXTBOOK OUTLINE Parts I and II- Chapters 1-5 I. Chapter 1- 2.5 Million- 1000 BCE A. Early human civilizations B. Triggers for change - Adaptation for environment - Looking for adequate human supplies - Started with hunting and gathering- it became less productive- ice age brought climate c
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  • Civil Procedure Outline
    What is Civil Procedure? Standardized method of litigation Procedural law sets out the rules for enforcing substantive rights in the courts Provides guidelines for What information is received by the decision maker How the information is to be presented What standards of pro
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