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Example Of Mc Text

Mengumumkan ketibaan yang berbahagia, Prof. Soveyor Insenior Dr. Hj. Suhaimi Abdul Talib, Penolong Naib Canselor UiTM, Kampus Puncak Alam dan Puncak Perdana, Encik Adnan Omar, Timbalan Pengarah Kampus Puncak Alam dan Puncak Perdana, Encik Erman Mahram, Timbalan Dekan Hal Ehwal Pelajar Fakulti Teknologi Kreatif dan Artistik, Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Muhamad Rahimi Osman, Pengarah Pusat Pemikiran dan Pemahaman Islam UiTM, Tuan haji Bahman Jamaluddin, Pengetua Kolej Jasmine, Encik Azmi Katimin, Pengerusi...

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e portfolio example text 1

Your e-Portfolio – examples My E-Portfolio Homepage The following e-portfolio records the progress of me, Jane Jones, since starting my HND Year 1 Business and Management Programme at the University of South Wales (USW). After completing my BTEC National and Welsh Baccalaureate in Abber College in 2012 I applied for and was accepted on my current University programme. I aim to complete my HND in June of this year and top up to a full BA (Hons) the year after that. Since starting my programme...

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000 that get injured yearly? There are many ways to prevent these accidents. The first is to just simply not do it! According to a Nationwide Insurance study in 2008, 66% of drivers between the age of 18 and 24 send or receive text messages while behind the wheel. Text messaging while driving leads the list as the biggest distraction while driving. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that distracted drivers account for almost 80% of all crashes and 65% of near-crashes in the...

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Mc Text

DELEGATION FROM PRINCE OF SONGKHLA UNIVERSITY TENTATIVE PROGRAM 9.00 AM The arrival of PSU student from Bukit Kayu Hitam 10.00 AM Campus Tour 11.30 AM Ice breaking with UUM Representative Session Malaysia National Anthem Biru Warna Corporate Video Screenings A welcoming speech __________________________________________ UUM Representative. A short speech by the representative of Prince of Songkhla University. Ice Breaking UUM & PSU 12.30 AM Lunch / Dismiss Announcement...

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Mc Escher

himself. After failing high school, his parents sent him to the School for Architecture and Decorative Arts in Haarlem, Norway. After only one week attending this school, he expressed his desire to study graphic art instead of architecture to his father. (MC Escher Foundation) His father was supportive, being happy that M.C. was interested in something, and was encouraged when M.C.’s teacher, Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita expressed many reassurances that M.C. was very talented and suited for this field of...

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Strategies MCS

12. Strategies & MCS Impact of different strategies on design MCS , Role of MCS in identifying relevant and potential strategies & strategic uncertain. 1. Impact of different strategies on design MCS: Strategic missions and competitive strategies are important to MCS designers because they define to everyone in the organization what is critical to success. A business’s critical success factors should, in turn, be directly related to the results measures included in a result measures included in...

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Microeconomics and the Laws of Supply and Demand ECO/365 October 3, 2014 Microeconomics and the Laws of Supply and Demand The simulation in the text is about a small city by the name of Atlantis. Atlantis is a well-maintained city with many positive aspects for the community. All of the aspects make it a pleasant living environment. For example, the city has maintained streets, maintained sidewalks, large parks and jogging paths. To rent an apartment in the community of Atlantis an individual...

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innovation of Tag Heuer was adapted by the world’s leading makers of luxury sports watches. The convention of award winning innovation continues with the 2010 Tag Heuer Pendulum. Tag Heuer have a long relationship with motorsports is legendary for example in 1970 they are working with the Ferrari and from the last 25 years they are working with the team of McLaren F1. They are also made a watch for aquatic world, includes ocean racing, scuba diving. Tag Heuer continuously improve their work with the...

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Translation of Poetic Texts on the Example of John Donne's Poems

One of the main problems associated with the reproduction of poetry by means of the other language, is the question of its translability and un translability. For example, Wilhelm von Humboldt believed that it is impossible to transmit images, metaphors, comparisons and phonetic tones of one language to the other because of the difference in the expressive means of that languages. Many poets and translators in the area of ​​Eastern Europe, primarily in Ukraine and Russia, followed a different view...

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Compare and Contrast Literary Text and Non-Literary Text

Non-literary text forms an independent part of a publication .Non-literary texts are informational writing: factual material, informational explanations, newspaper articles, textbooks, journal and diary entries, and so forth that are published in newspapers, Informative magazines current affairs news and educative articles. Non-literary composition uses facts and figures to proof a point. Examples of non-literary texts are personal diaries, current affairs news, journals, text books and articles...

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social sciences and humanities. Many ethnomusicological works are created not necessarily by 'ethnomusicologists' proper, but instead by anthropologists examining music as an aspect of a culture. A well-known example of such work is Colin Turnbull's study of the Mbuti pygmies. Another example is Jaime de Angulo, a linguist who ended up learning much about the music of the Indians of Northern California [2]. Yet another is Anthony Seeger, professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who...

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To Text or Not to Text?

me four times longer to hit the brake [while being distracted and driving]” (1). Therefore, LeBeau’s results matched up with the final results for Car and Driver Magazine; it took an unimpaired driver .54 seconds to break, yet for a person sending a text while driving, it took 70 more feet to break. Furthering Car and Driver Magazine’s study, it shows that it only took a legally drunk person four more feet to stop (LeBeau 1). With this said, a person could be at legal limit of .08, yet still be safer...

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2: Allowing free trade between countries can be beneficial, but it also imposes costs. Use the ITT Tech Virtual Library to research the costs and benefits of allowing free trade. Discuss aspects of free trade that some may consider unfair. For example: a. Distribution of costs and benefits of free trade. In other words, does everyone share in the gains and the costs equally? b. Competing with different labor restrictions (or lack thereof), such as slave or child labor. c. Differences in environmental...

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Mc Donald Operation Management

outsourced or "third party" logistics services to Mc Donald’s FRANCE. It specializes in basic logistics mission such as integrated warehousing and transportation services customized to Mc Donald’s needs. LR services basic logistics missions are to insure the transport of the products from suppliers’ factories to LR’s platforms, to make the storage and the preparation of the commands within the platform and to realize the delivery to the restaurants. For example LR services has a distribution planning of...

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Mc Donalds Service Management

Mc Donald’s Service Management Executive Summary Successful fast food industries like Mc Donald’s have set a benchmark for service management; this fast food chain is a market leader and a well-known brand name worldwide. Operating since the 1940’s, this company has acquired brand recognition. Mc Donald’s has a strong niche market around the world, there has been an increase in interest when it comes to consuming fast food; consumers prefer not to cook as it requires a lot of time and effort...

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Media Text

MEDIA CULTURAL AND SOCIETY: MEDIA TEXT: In media studies, the word ‘text’ is used to describe any media product such as TV programmes, photographs, films , either on video or in the cinema , newspaper articles , radio programmes , advertisements, video games or web pages. ‘Text’ are therefore the main point of our study in understanding how media languages create meaning. * One of the keys to understanding the meanings in the texts in the use of codes. CODES: * Rules or conventions by...

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Text Linguistics

TEXT LINGUISTICS Structure As a science of text, text linguistics describes or explains among different types of text the: * Shared features * Distinct features Text linguistics is the study of how texts function in human interaction. Beaugrande and Dressler define a text as a “communicative occurrence which meets seven standards of textuality” – Cohesion, Coherence, Intentionality, Acceptability, Informativity, Situationality and Intertextuality, without any of which the text will not be communicative...

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Text and Discourse

Text and Discourse The nature of text When we think of a text, we typically think of a stretch of language complete in itself and of some considerable extent. However, there appears to be a problem when we have to define units of language which consist of a single sentence, but that fulfill the basic requirement of forming a meaningful whole in their own right. For example: “keep off the grass”. This text is complete in terms of communicative meaning. So, if the meaningful of the texts does not...

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Connected Text

English—connected texts study Due date: Week 2 Term 4 |From the Curriculum Statement: | |‘In the connected texts study each student will consider texts in relation to each other, to the context in which they are | |generated, and to the context in which they are read or viewed. This will give students the opportunity to consider themselves| |in relation to the texts from points of view...

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Text Talk

particular, it has drastically altered our speech and idiolect. For example within the texting community a vast amount of acronyms, abbreviations, and alphabetisms have prevailed; such as Bruv, famalam, YGM, YOlO. This is all evidence for the way technology has drastically simplified our speech and idiolect and arguably our intelligence. In addition the meanings of words in society have also changed as time has progressed. For example, “Gay” in modern day society defines as Bad or stupid or unwanted...

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Classic Texts

A classic text does more then tell an interesting story. It has many features such as that it gives us insight into specific historical events, highlights issues or concerns that are still around today, they can also last the test of time by still being relevant in the modern world and finally classic texts can serve to warn us of repeating the same mistakes made in the past. Any text that has these characteristics can be classified as a classic text. The novel 'Animal Farm', the extract from 'Pride...

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Mc Donalds

[pic] MY Own business that I will talk about is MC Donald’s. MC Donald’s Company have more than 33,500 local restaurant serving 68 million people all over the world. MC Donald’s has started in Egypt since 1994 and it’s owned by Manfoods company which Mr. Yassein Mansour is the president and managing director. When MC Donald’s have started in Egypt , they began with two restaurants only min Cario districts of Helipolis and Mohndseen. Now they have more than 59 branches , and...

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text 6

Text 6: Glory Glory Be to Chocolate- Naught But Nic Contextual detail: Taken from the authors book “From the Devils Pulpit” the text was publish in 1997 and was written by the author John Agard. John Agard is a man who was born in Guyana. This is significant because Guyana is located on the Caribbean Coast of South America, a country where simple foods are seen as luxurious as they have one of the poorest economies of South America. Text 6 Genre Poem taken from a section of the book “From the Devil’s...

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Mc Donalds

dependent divisions such that subsidiary or division becomes an independent company. The parent company may or may not maintain a portion of ownership in the newly spun-off company. A company may conduct a spin-off for any number of reasons. For example, it may wish to divest itself of one industry so it can expand into another. It may also simply wish to profit from the sale of the subsidiary. A spin off should not be confused with a split off. | With implementing spin off, Wendy would be able...

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Text linguistics

Mukachevo State University Report Text linguistics Prepared by Kamenkova Nastia 2014 Text Linguistics A text is an extended structure of syntactic units i.e. text as super-sentence such as words, groups, and clauses and textual units that is marked by both coherence among the elements and completion .A non-text consists of random sequences of linguistic units such as sentences, paragraphs, or sections in any temporal and/or spatial extension. A naturally...

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employee's employment via ongoing training and promotion opportunities. Suppliers Suppliers provide businesses with the materials they need to carry out their business activities. A supplier's behavior will directly impact the business it supplies. For example if a supplier provides a poor service this could increase timescales or product quality. Shareholders As organizations require investment to grow, they may decide to raise money by floating on THE STOCK MARKET Media Positive media attention can...

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English Text

point out how the texts differ in terms of purpose, genre and target audience. Using examples from the three texts, show how these differences are reflected in the language used. The terms of purpose in these texts aren’t very different at all. As we can see, all of the texts are about the same subject, the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The difference in the texts are the way they’re telling the story, they’re all using their own way to reach the reader. The main purpose of the text are equal in all...

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Mc Donalds Strategy

Mc Donald’s Strategy Strategy is a plan of action that channels an organisations resources so that it can effectively differentiate itself from competitors and accomplish unique and viable goals. (cavusgil, knight,, 2008) McDonald's brand mission is to be customers' favorite place and way to eat and drink. In order to achieve this, its global operations are aligned to work for a “Plan to Win” strategy which entails the 4 Ps – People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion. http://www.aboutmcdonalds...

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MC Escher

MC Escher  Maurits Cornelis Escher, usually referred to as M. C. Escher, was a Dutch graphic artist. He is known for his often mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints. These feature impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture, and tessellations. Early life Maurits Cornelis was born in Leeuwarden, Friesland, in a house that forms part of the Princessehof Ceramics Museum today. He was the youngest son of civil engineer George Arnold Escher and his second...

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Charting Claims Across Multiple Texts

Multiple Texts Text Information What is the text’s big issue? What claim does the text make? What are the text’s examples/ quotes? What do you think about the text’s claim? What are your examples? How does this text connect to other texts? Title: Author: Genre: Title: Author: Genre: Title: Author: Genre: Title: Author: Genre: Charting Claims Across Multiple Texts Text Information What is the text’s big issue? What claim does the text make?...

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Text Analysis: The English

THE ENGLISH Text Analysis In process of analyzing the text ‘The English’ I found that there are six paragraphs and in each paragraph there are approximately four sentences. Vocabulary of this text is simple without difficult words like scientific terminology etc., in addition it is also descriptive, so author describes how immigrants from overseas have settled in different parts of England and had formed their communities. Simple and descriptive vocabulary makes text more understandable to people...

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Talk N Text Promo

for 1 day! Text KATOK10 to 3533 Text KATOK15 to 3533 Tipid-Sulit Talk UNLITALK P100 = Buong Araw na tawagan for 5 Days (for Smart Calls and talk 'n text subscribers) Register Text 100 to 4548 Talk20 3 local calls sa Talk 'N Text / Smart for 3 minutes each. How to Register: Text TALK20 to 258 SMS Text Promos: TXT10 100 texts to Talk 'N Text/Smart +5 text to All Networks Valid for 1 day Avail at Smart load Retailes Txt20 100 text to ALL Networks ...

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English Language: Categorising Texts

has certain characteristics and style that is unique to each individual writer. This of course differs according to the texts function, and its method of imparting information. For example the style a newspaper is written in will differ greatly to that of an advert, because of the different objectives both aspire to attain. These various objectives affect everything about that text- from its lexis to the way it is communicated. It is for this reason that you would be unlikely to find an instruction...

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Conflict in Texts

that the consequences of conflict are exceedingly varied. The audio, visual and language techniques used by the composers throughout these texts allow an in depth exploration of the consequences of conflict. The texts show that conflict can result in a positive outcome, enabling growth and allowing an individual or society to move on. Alternatively, these texts are able to display the devastating outcomes of conflict, exploring many negative consequences, especially death. The film, Unfinished Sky...

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Importance of distinctive qualities of texts

Texts are written in a way for it to appeal to the responders. The Author uses many different techniques, themes and chooses a writing style so that it can appeal to the audience. This is evident in the novel ‘We All Fall Down’ in which the author, Robert Cormier, tries to appeal to the audience. This can be achieved also by making the text relatable for responders and certain concepts within the book. Cormier’s use of themes in the book is one of the things which appeals to readers. He focuses...

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Example of Proverb

nice to have a clear idea of our terms. Giving examples is great, but having a good definition to offer as well is even better. This will lead off your paper, setting topic. Have a short introduction after your definitions that discuss your experiences, thoughts, interests, reflections, observations, and/or concerns about this topic. Part 2: The Pariography Collect the Proverbs of Things Fall Apart (6 from throughout the text) Reproduce the proverb in an appropriate quotation...

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text classification using AI

Text Classification using Artificial Intelligence S. M. Kamruzzaman Department of Information and Communication Engineering University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205, Bangladesh E-mail: smzaman@gmail.com ABSTRACT Text classification is the process of classifying documents into predefined categories based on their content. It is the automated assignment of natural language texts to predefined categories. Text classification is the primary requirement of text retrieval systems, which retrieve texts...

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Text Mining

music where DJ’s take the vocal track from one song and combine it with the instrumental track of another song resulting in an entirely new composition. In the lingo, Web mashing results in a Web mash or mashup. See the Wikipedia article for examples and further information. Programmable Web (http://www.programmableweb. com/) is a Web site devoted to Web mashing. 1 3 What is an information mash? The original (or at least an early) reference appeared in a blog by Ellen Miller of the Sunlight...

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RESEARCH OF THE PECULIARITIES OF TEXT CATEGORIES REALIZATION IN THE CONTEXT OF «SISTER CARRIE», A NOVEL BY THEODORE DREISER 1. The peculiarities of Continuum Continuum – is a text category that represents time and place connection. Time and place are first of all philosophic categories, so Continuum is a philosophic text category. Every text category has deictic means. Deictic means of Continuum are interrogative pronouns ´where?´ and ´when? ´ [2]. Continuum of place and time is realized explicitly...

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Mc Donald Case Analysis

shows increase in purchasing power of the individual. Socio-cultural: Acceptance of western culture: There was a significant change in the thinking of people towards western companies and western culture .The increase in use of internet is an example of this. Eat-out tradition began to grow very fast with increase in working parent families. McDonald’s internal analysis can be braked-down into strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. (b) MICRO ANALYSIS: Opportunities: Increase in urban...

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text types matrix

Text Type Context Purpose Audience Relationship Experts to learners Give out detailed information about a particular topic Interested people Information Non-narrative text type designed to document, organize and store factual information. Knowledgeable people to people with no or little information about a topic learners Examples Encyclopedia Dictionary References Leaflets/Brochures Those wishing to be informed Explanation Instruction Exposition ...

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Structure of text response

 Structure of Text Response Part 2 (The Sandwich plan) 1. To construct a clear and logical argument 2. To show that you know and understand the text. Introduction (about 6 sentences) (i) Start: The title of the text (must be underlined) + the author/director no more than 2 sentences outlining the basic story. (ii) Define the key words of the topic (the topic means the essay question) (iii) State the contention (the main argument) (iv) Introduce the main points you will make in...

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A Guide for Text Complexity

A Guide for Text Complexity Analysis 1. Fill in the title and author information in the upper left side of the placemat. 2. Complete the Text Description. (Green Box) 3. Identify the Quantitative Measure. (Red Box) Use Lexile.com (or the quantitative measure your district uses) to find the quantitative measure of the text. Use the chart below to determine the grade band alignment for the quantitative measure of the text. Enter the Lexile Measure and Complexity Band Level on the placemat...

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Presentation on Recount Text

Recount Text Aviani Anwar Mega Bella Pertiwi What is Recount Text? Recount text is a text that telling the reader about past story, action or activity. Its also used to describe about someone autobiography. The goal is to entertaining or informing the reader. Kind of recount • Personal recount retelling an activity that the writer has been personally involved in and may be used to build the relationship between the writer and the reader e.g. anecdote, diary journal, personal letter. • Factual...

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Euthanasia: Argumentative essay, example text from "Of Mice and Men"

say that dying by euthanasia is to die with dignity, instead of living an artificial life on respirators and other life support machines. If a person is terminally ill, and there is nothing anyone can do for them, why should they have to suffer?The text I am focussing on is a very famous book called of mice and men. This book is about a time in the great depression where two friends are struggling to find jobs. The character Lennie, who has a learning disability, is always getting into trouble for...

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Cipd Mc

improve their performance and refresh their skills and knowledge. Which ONE of the following is an example of a means to achieve this? | Right | By keeping an up to date CPD log to provide an understanding of your current skill set as a HR professional, as well as providing a reflective space with which to examine future opportunities for improvement | Question 34 | Which of the following is an example of a preference for an ACTIVIST learning style? | Right | Activists prefer short ‘here and now’...

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General-to-Specfic Text Presentation

My name is N. and my partner’s name is Z. We are going to present you information on the General-Specific type of texts. Our presentation will take about 3-4 minutes. At first, we will pay attention to the structure of this type of texts, then speak about definitions and generalizations as a means of staring a text, then analyze the text we’ve chosen, and finally make a conclusion. Students face a variety of writing tasks in their course work. Although these tasks vary from course to course and...

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Dwellings Mc

sheet and the actual text. Happy analyzing! Free-Response 1. Hogan’s essay is not structured as a story or an argued thesis, yet the descriptions do add up to a conclusion. What is the conclusion and how is it reached? 2. List the different kinds of “dwellings” described by Hogan. What are the connotations of the word “dwellings”? 3. How would you describe the tone and mode of discourse of the opening paragraph? 4. What do you feel is Hogan’s attitude toward nature? Use the text to support yourself...

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Spoken Language and Text

English may not have been the language that has been developing, paralinguistic features such as body language and facial expressions have been developed, therefore these are creative adjustments that change the outcome of a spoken sentence. For example Spoken language has become so powerful that a spoken statement could mean something totally than what was linguistically said. This would be sarcasm and sarcasm is an aspect of language that has many variables, these could be facial expressions, tones...

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Text and Drive

Alieth Guerrero English 1301 Professor Kessler 07 May, 2013 Text and Drive I believe the person can wait till they arrive home so they can answer any calls or text Messages. The person who is driving is responsible of their own actions , and that’s the reason why they should think about it first not to their life on risk and others. If the person text and drive, you’re 23 times more likely to have a car crash. Texting while driving has become the number...

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Text Mining

Automatic Detection of Social Tag Spams Using a Text Mining Approach Hsin-Chang Yang Department of Information Management National University of Kaohsiung Kaohsiung, 811 Taiwan Email: yanghc@nuk.edu.tw Chung-Hong Lee Department of Electrical Engineering National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences Kaohsiung, Taiwan Email: leechung@mail.ee.kuas.edu.tw Abstract—Social tags are annotations for Web pages collaboratively added by users. It will be much easier to understand the meaning...

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The Text Analysis

The text under analysis is an extract from Snow by Ann Beattie, an American short story writer and novelist, whose work has been compared to Alice Adams, J.D. Salinger, John Cheever, and John Updike. It is a piece of very intimate narration and may be considered even as the inner monologue of the author resembling a momentary picture of her precious memories. They are presented through a number of bright images with prevailing accent on snow, which determined the title of the story as well. Following...

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MC Speech

Wilfrid: Yeah same here, Im Wilfrid , It is a great pleasure for us to be here today. Wai Mun: And im Wai Mun, we are the Year 1 Sem 1 student of Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relations in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), and will be your MCs for this ceremony. The ceremony will be starting shortly. We would appreciate it if you can kindly switch your mobile phones to silent mode. Thank you for your cooperation. Wilfrid: And now, let rise up and put our hands together to welcome the arriving...

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Can a Text Ever Be Neutral?

Every text, written or visual, exists within a system of values which ‘underpins’ it. These values create a viewpoint, which is presented through the use of numerous techniques. Biographies use convention such as narrative and point of view, as well as language and selection of detail. Documentaries also use language and selection of details and conventions such as interviews, juxtapostion, camerawork and dramatic music. Since we all have different values, all texts will have a different viewpoint...

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Mc Donald's Case Study

includes hamburger, French fries, drink and toys. Burger King has introduced half a dozen new successful products to its menus and they had better food preparation process. In 1997, Burger King designed better pricing strategy (Whopper for 99 cents) than Mc Donald’s. The parents were making purchasing decision most likely based on price. Social and Cultural: o Busy families dine-out more frequently and parents will often purchase meals for their children without buying meals for themselves o Busy families...

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Reading Text

Reading: Read the following text, and write a brief heading for each paragraph. Products and Brands 1………………………………………………………………… Marketing theorists tend to give the word product a very broad meaning, using it to refer to anything capable of satisfying a need or want. Thus services, activities, people (politicians, athletes, film stars), places (holiday resorts), organizations (hospitals, colleges, political parties), and ideas, as well as physical objects offered for sale by retailers...

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Useful Phrases For Analysing Texts

analysing texts In general: “bedient sich adäquater Mittel der LESERLEITUNG” = Vor-, Quer- und Rückverweise, e.g.: In the following, I’m going to … [= tell your readers what you are about to do] As I said before / in the beginning … (etc.) I will enlarge upon this later / in the next paragraph … (etc.) Concluding one can say / In brief / To put it in a nutshell / From all this follows that … (etc.) Make it easy for readers of your text to follow your argumentation! Task 1: The text at hand /...

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TEXT LINGUISTICS IS THE STUDY OF TEXT AS A PRODUCT OR AS A PROCESS Text-as-a-product      Text-as-a-process Cohesion Coherence  Topical organization Illocutionary structure Communicative functions   Text production Text reception Text interpretation TEXT AS A COMMUNICATIVE OCCURRENCE MEETS: 7 constructive principles of communication     Cohesion Coherence  Intentionality  Acceptability  Informativity  3 regulative principles of communication Situationality...

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college students and text messaging

communication, especially for college students. They tend to not have the time to have conversations with others on the phone because of all the studying and work they may be doing, so they will send a quick text to keep in contact with friends, family, or fellow classmates. The way the words are sent in these text messages are usually abbreviated to quicken the process of texting or spell check tends to fix every word for the texters, the person(s) that is texting, to correct the words for you, thus, this may...

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text speak blog post

one tiny key stroke. He feels that text speak is pointless and doesn’t save time as ‘the recipient of the message has to spend ten minutes trying to translate it’. He thinks that the text speak of the new generation is ruining the English language and taking over and eventually people won’t know how to speak the English language properly without ‘grotesque abbreviations’. In summary he is saying that text speak, abbreviations and the lack of punctuation in text messages is destroying the language...

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