• Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder
    Abstract The relationship between obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) has not yet been fully clarified. The aim of the present study was to analyze DSM-IV OCPD prevalence rates in OCD and panic disorder (PD) patients to test for the specificity o
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  • Ceo Personality, Strategic Flexibility, and Firm Performance: the Case of the Indian Business Process Outsourcing Industry
    Academy of Management Journal 2010, Vol. 53, No. 5, 1050–1073. CEO PERSONALITY, STRATEGIC FLEXIBILITY, AND FIRM PERFORMANCE: THE CASE OF THE INDIAN BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING INDUSTRY SUCHETA NADKARNI Drexel University POL HERRMANN Iowa State University We examine the relationships between
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  • Personality Analysis
    Personality Analysis Jason Chapman PSY 405 Professor Wakley May 6, 2013 Introduction In this paper I will discuss the dispositional and learning theoretical approaches to personality. I will define each approach to personality, and I will define each theory that is a part of these approache
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  • Impact of Socio-Economic and Cultural Changes on the Personality Development of Adolescents
    IMPACT OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL CHANGES ON THE PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT OF ADOLESCENTS INTRODUCTION 1. The enormous socio-economic and cultural changes coupled with technological revolution have unfolded an urgency to address issues pertaining to grooming up of young personalities beyond
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  • Theories of Personality
    Psychology Theories of Personality 7th Edition Feist−Feist =>? McGraw-Hill McGraw−Hill Primis ISBN−10: 0−39−043533−3 ISBN−13: 978−0−39−043533−0 Text: Theories of Personality, Seventh Edition Feist−Feist This book was printed on recycled paper. Psychology...
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  • The Five Factor Model of Personality
    The Five Factor Model of Personality The precise definition of personality has been a point of discussion amongst many different theorists within many different disciplines since the beginning of civilisation. Personality can be defined as "the distinctive and characteristic patterns of thought,
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  • Psychoanalytic Approaches to P
    Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality The area of psychology with perhaps the most controversial history, due to it's complete lacking of empirical evidence, psychoanalysis, has it's origins in the teachings of Sigmund Freud. Psychoanalysis is a form of therapy developed by Freud in
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  • Understanding Personality in Relation to Counseling
    Running head: UNDERSTANDING PERSONALITY Understanding Personality Lorelei University of Phoenix CNSL 506/ Personality Theories and Counseling Models October 18, 2006 Understanding Personality in Relation to Counseling The dictionary defines personality as, "The totality of somebody
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  • Personality Paper
    Personality Paper Jo Hanousek University of Phoenix Karen Wilson Personality Paper Just as no two people are alike, no two personalities are alike. Each person’s personality is unique to the individual to whom it belongs. A person may share the same traits as others, such as family members
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  • From Hysteric Personality to Histrionic Personality Disorder
    From Hysterical Personality to Histrionic Personality Disorder Snezana Kordovan Andrews University “In a classroom, party, or at some other gathering, there is frequently one person who is seeming to bask in the glow of celebrity. Often this person is physically attractive, flirtatious, an
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  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    Narcissistic personality disorder Last reviewed: November 14, 2010. Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people have an inflated sense of self-importance and an extreme preoccupation with themselves. Causes, incidence, and risk factors The causes of this disorder are unknown
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  • Introduction to Personality
    Running head: Introduction to Personality Anne Solomon Theories of Personality/PSY405 January 24, 2011 Professor Les Binnix Introduction to Personality The etymology of the word “personality” points to the Latin persona, which denotes the mask that an actor wears during theatrical
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  • Cognitive Appraisal and/or Personality Traits
    Suggested APA style reference: Li, M. (2009, March). Cognitive appraisal and/or personality traits: Enhancing active coping in two types of stressful situations. Paper based on a program presented at the American Counseling Association Annual Conference and Exposition, Charlotte, NC. Cognitive A
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  • Introduction to Personality
    Introduction to Personality Dawn Lanaux Psychology/ 405 September 24, 2011 Christine Rose Introduction to Personality The meaning of the word personality has traceable roots to Latin culture. With a similar Latin word persona in the psychology of C. G. Jung the mask or façade accessible
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  • Introduction to Personality
    Introduction to Personality Student PSY 405 Date Professor Introduction to Personality Personality Defined Personality is difficult to describe, but nearly impossible to define in a universally acceptable way. Throughout history many definitions of personality have been proposed but none un
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  • Studying Gender Effect on Entrepreneurial Intentions Among Business Graduates
    Studying Gender Effect on Entrepreneurial Intentions among Business Graduates Abstract: In this study we use the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) to detect gender effects in the variables that shape entrepreneurial intentions among business graduates. We conclude that the gender effect on intent
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  • Biological and Humanistic Appraoch of Personality
    Biological and Humanistic Approaches to Personality People often wonder what they are made of and why they do the things they do. Are people born to do and act a certain way, or do they have a choice to act in a certain way? Psychology is based on theories, which are developed from observatio
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  • Critically Evaluate the Classical and Human Relations Approaches of Management Theory
    Critically evaluate the classical and human relations approaches of management theory. Your essay must clearly define the term “management theory” and include industry examples to illustrate your answers. In order to define the term management theory and to critically evaluate classical and
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  • Pyschoanalytic Approach to Personality
    Week 1 assignment Troy Berke PSY/250 March 2, 2012 Dr. Todd Berntson Within this reflective paper I will address several questions on personality. Over the years psychologists have developed many theories on personalities. These theories differ in assumption and the aspect in which they measu
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