"Examine The Effect Of Changes In Employee Relations Strategies Policies And Practices On Organizational Performance" Essays and Research Papers

Examine The Effect Of Changes In Employee Relations Strategies Policies And Practices On Organizational Performance

Employee Relations Issues Individual Research Project Employee Relations Issues By Oksana Kirsanova GB520: Strategic Human Resources Management Kaplan University April 25, 2011 Abstract Abstract The aim of this report was to explore the problems and trends of Employee Relations and learn how the right approach can control organizational success. If a small amount of time is spent on implementing an effective performance management system within a company then it can lead to a...

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Employee Relations

Employee Relations Dr. Harold Griffin HSA 530: Health Services Human Resource Management February 23, 2012 Introduction Employee Relations involves the body of work concerned with maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale (Hopkins & Hampton, 1995). Essentially, employee relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise out of or affect work situations. This paper will...

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Organizational Psychology

 Organizational Psychologist Arthur Cunhs PSY 830-Principles of Organizational Psychology Dr. Dave Hale September 13, 2013 Organizational Psychologist The organizational psychologist specializes in the field of psychology which he or she applies to an organization to increase job effectiveness. Further, the training of organizational psychologist consist of either a masters or a doctoral degree. The role of an organizational psychologist is to improve employee’s...

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Labor Relations Paper

Labor Relations Paper With today’s labor market the threat of union organizations are not at the top of an organization’s list of priorities. By having open and honest communication is a vital strategy for effective employee and labor relations. This paper will identify how unions and labor relations impact organizations. This paper will also examine the impact of changes in employee relations strategies, policies and practices on organizational performance. Define union and labor relations...

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The Effect of Outsourcing on Public Sector Organizations

The Effect of Outsourcing on Public Sector Organizations JOHN H HANNAH III UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX The Effect of Outsourcing on Public Sector Organizations This paper will examine the particular issues associated with the impact of outsourcing on public sector organization’s performance and employee commitment. As the move to outsourcing is part of a wider phenonom for flexibility in the organizational, structure, development and change paradigms of...

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Critically Discuss the Various Existing Models Linking Organizational/ Business Strategy with Hrm Strategy

competitive advantage. Consequently, any good business strategy must fully utilise the inimitable assets of people through their knowledge, skills and abilities. This highlights the need for strategic human resource management (SHRM). The key assumption of SHRM is that organisational performance is affected by employees through a set of human resource (HR) practices (Pan et al 2006). A review of the literature linking HR practices to business strategy shows two conflicting perspectives in SHRM. The universalistic...

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The Implications of the Reward System on the Performance in Relation to Self-Efficacy

the Performance in Relation to Self-Efficacy” Presented by: Mahmoud Hamouda Presented to: Dr. Ahmed Amin Date: Jan 14th, 2012 “The Implications of the Reward System on the Performance In Relation To Self-Efficacy” Mahmoud Hamouda Germany University in Cairo Prof. Ahmed Amin Germany University in Cairo January 2012 Introduction Reward System is an important tool used by the organization (Trevor, 2011) to increase the employee’s performance (Cummings...

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Effects of Organizational Politics


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Labor Relations Paper

Labor Relations Paper Carene Anderson Allen MGT/431 March 23, 2009 Alfred C. MacArthur Labor Relations Paper In today’s business world organizations are not as concerned with the threats of unions as in the past. Labor unions stretch deep in the American history protecting the early settlers against unfair working conditions. The work environment has changed significantly over the years; and employees’ rights are now protected by different labor laws so much that the purpose of labor unions...

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Relevance of Fit Between Hr Strategy and Business Strategy

fit between HR strategy and Business strategy. Concept of ‘fit’ in strategic HRM Nadler and Tushman (1980) defined congruence or fit as "the degree to which the needs demands, goals, objectives and/or structure of one component are consistent with the needs, demands, goals, objectives, and/or structure of another component” (as cited in Boon, 2008). Fit between HR Strategy and business strategy According to U.S. Office of Personnel Management (1999), fit between HR strategy and business...

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Employee Relations Management

1. INTRODUCTION Employee Relations is a process of managing diversity, flexibility and change, which involves maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale. Employee Relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals, which arise out of or affect work situations. Employee Relations cover all areas such as employer & employee relationship, communication, employee participation and involvement...

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Hrm Positive Organizatinal Performance

Resources Management policies and practices can contribute to positive organizational performance Introduction The Human Resources of an organization consist of all people who perform its activities. For the purpose of this essay, it is important to define further what human resource management is and what it is used for and to establish how it effectively contribute to the positive performance of an organization. "Human resource management (HRM) is concerned with the personnel policies and managerial...

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Organizational Learning and Innovation Affect on Performance

Introduction Organizations are in a continuous process of searching for strategies that would provide them with a competitive advantage. Efficiency in stable environments is achieved through standardized routines, division of labor and management control (Grant, 2005). However, recent changes in the business environment have compelled firms to search for new strategies for competitive edge as the conventional strategies have become obsolete (Chirico & Salvato, 2008). Economic globalization...

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Employee Performance

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background of the Study Employee performance is a crucial backbone to business success and no business with underperforming employees will be strong enough to survive against the competition. Issues of performance and reward are central to the discipline of HRM given that they underpin the effort-reward exchange in the employment relationship. Their operation at the individual, group and organizational levels, however, renders them complex and often contradictory...

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Employee Relations

and temperaments. Effectively we all are different and this means we need to be managed differently, therefore making HRM a tough task. This essay will look at the historical background of this complex management function in Irish society. It will examine how personnel management or HRM has developed and evolved to what we now term HRM or Personnel Management. The Birth of Personnel Management/HRM 18th century Brittan saw the start of the industrial revolution, Ireland was governed by the UK...

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Employee Relations in 21st Century

INTRODUCTION Employee Relations can be explained asset of activities concerned with maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale. Essentially, Employee Relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise due to work related or non work related issues. As we look back towards the history it is obvious that various sorts of industrial related conflicts take place within or outside the...

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Employee Relations

Business Unit Number and Title | 24. Employee Relations | Start Date | 19/09/2012 | Assignment Due Date | 15/10/2012 | Assessor Name | Ms. Debapriya Sengupta Roy | Assignment No | 1. | Assignment Title | Understand the context of employee relations against a changing background | Assignment Brief | In this assignment students will distinguish between unitary and pluralistic perspectives with reference to employee relations, know the changes that have affected trade unionism in...

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Organizational Change

Organizational Change Phase III Annette Nardone HCS/587 March 18, 2013 Dr. Margaret Walker Organizational Change Phase III Organizational change encompasses many challenges to both the individual, and the organization. An organization is a living system, as Flower (2002) states “living systems cannot survive without change, challenge, variety, and surprise” (Flower, 2002, p. 16). An organization requires the ability to adapt in to survive as Darwin states in The Origin of Man, “It is not...

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Best Fit vs Best Practice

to its proponents, the ‘best practice’ school of thought is the route to organizational success. If that is the case, why is ‘best practice’ not standard HR practice within all organizations? Proper management of human resources is a critical variable affecting an organization’s growth, competitiveness, productivity, profitability, and survival. The core strength of any organization lies in its human resources because it involves all management decisions and practices that directly affect or influence...

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Organizational Change Analysis

Organizational Change Analysis In many social service agencies, change is pervasive. Elrod and Tippett statechange is a constant and common element that impacts humankind individually and organizationally, day in and day out” (p. 273). The organizations structure, administration, technology, and goals are exchanged for more effective strategies (Schmid, 2004). According to Berger, Robbins, Lewis, Mizrahi, and Fleit (2003), mergers, new product lines, and cuts in the welfare budget all contribute...

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SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION (OSHA) PRACTICES AND OSHA PERFORMANCE IN MALAYSIAN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY GHANIM Mohmed Adeil Mohamedadil88@yahoo.com Keywords: OSHAP; OSHAPM; Safety Performances; Financial Performances; Malaysian Automotive Industry. Summary This paper review the issues of the occupational safety and health administration practices (OSHAP) and occupational safety and health administration performances (OSHAPM) that affect the practices in Malaysian Automotive Industry. In addition...

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Organizational Culture And Structure

Organizational Culture and Structure “Simply, a company’s structure and design can be viewed as its body, and its culture as its soul.”-- Naomi Cossak The Effects of Organizational Culture and Structure The behavior patterns in the organization are the elements for execution of the strategy—creating value in the market The organizational culture and structure will define the limitations and possibilities for behavior patterns Operationally, the acceptable behavior patterns are controlled through...

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Contrast the essential differences between the best-fit and the best-practices compensation model. Which do you think is more suitable for Egyptian organizations?

"best fit" and "best practice" are used in strategic human resource management and applied to the specific policy area of reward systems. Each approach attempts to explain the way that HR policies in general and reward policies in particular can lead to greater organizational effectiveness. The "best fit" perspective claims that a firm's reward system should be aligned to support the organization's business strategy in order to achieve competitive advantage. "Best practice" advocates claim that...

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Strategic Employee Relation

ask all your team members to contribute equally and achieve the target within the desired time frame. Motivate them to work in groups. This way employees have no other choice than to trust their fellow workers and take each other’s help as well. An employee must have the liberty to express his ideas and all of them should sit together to decide on something which would be beneficial to all. One should try his level best that all the employees must have their lunch together at the same time. Half an...

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Effective Communication and Employee Performance

business communication on organizational performance in organizations. In business, message is conveyed through various channels of communication, including internet, print (publication), radio, television, etc. Whether or not significant change(s) results in the performance of an organization as a result of business communication is yet to be established. This study, therefore, is carried out to investigate the relationship between business communication and organizational performance in organizations using...

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The Effects of Changes in Competition, Technology and Strategy on Organizational Performance in Small and Medium Manufacturing Companies

has widely happen to the industry and has changed the business environment of manufacturing industry with an increase in competition and advanced manufacturing technology (AMT). This research is intended to examine how the changes in technology and competition have caused the strategic change to the SMEs. As the SMEs represent the largest proportion of the manufacturing sector in Malaysia, the authors believe that the results of the study will provide useful guideline to SMEs on facing challenges...

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HRM - Best Practices and RBV

BEST PRACTICE MODELS INTRODUCTION Due to the ever increasing rivalry between organisations, managers have been forced to develop strategies to allow them to compete in the competitive business environment and to provide the organization with a sustainable competitive advantage. This is where HRM, and the topic of best practice models appear. WHAT IS BEST PRACTICE MODELS? Although, there is no real definition of best practice model, Johnson (2000) put it best when he said "Best Practice' or...

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Human Resource Management Affects Organizations Performance

how the human resource management affects organizations performance has always presented in academic world. Many scholars have done a lot of theoretical and field work, trying to prove that the contribution and impact of human resource management on organizational performance. Human resource management provides direction and enhances competitiveness in organization, and becoming a strategic partner in helping companies improves its performance (Ajit Kumar Kar, 2012). However, when it comes to particular...

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Employee Relation

Table of Contents Q.1) Use your understanding of employee relations to answer the following questions: (i) Critically examine the factors at play which determine the pay and conditions of • London underground train drivers • Top company executives • Investment Bankers Introduction "London tube drivers to strike on Boxing Day"(news.sky.com),"Rail strike cause festive chaos"(metro.co.uk) are just few of the headlines that...

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SUpporting Change

................1 An explanation of why your organisation needs to change identifying at least 6 internal and external factors that drive or influence the change.............................................................................................1 Explain how change can impact an organisation’s business..................................................................2 Explain the main factors involved in the change process...............................................................

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The Effect of Conflict Towards Performance

INTRODUCTION Businesses nowadays are operating in a turbulent environment where organisations are searching for measures that will allow them to improve their performance and competitiveness (Dodd, 2003). Conflict is generally regarded as disagreement regarding interests or ideas (Esquivel and Kleiner, 1997). In addition organisational conflict is regarded as the discord that occurs when the goals, interests or values of different individuals or groups are incompatible with those of individuals...

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Employee Relations

Assignment 4: Employee Relations Ketina Thomas Dr. Harold Griffin HAS 530, Health Services Human Resource Management Strayer University March 10, 2013 Training interventions are best when moved closer to the job in order to achieve real-time learning, the linkage between training and job performance is vital. (Flynn, Mathis, & Jackson, pg. 159) For example, integration of job performance and training should begin at the start of employment. The primary reason organizations...

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Organizational Change

The two companies that have undergone similar, and fairly substantial, changes in recent years are Wal-Mart and General Motors (GM). Both are established publicly traded companies that are typically considered blue chip stocks. However, both have made the major decision in recent years to undergo corporate restructuring. In 2009, an organizational change was announced by Wal-Mart. It was the restructuring of Wal-Mart’s global sourcing team to leverage the scale of its global merchandising operations...

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technological innovation and management method changes. Not surprisingly, the role of HRM is also changing, to fit into the change of structure and culture over the last decade. The pass ten years saw the various stages of HRM has changed, which will be described in the first part in the following content. In contrast to the HRM, stage ten years ago on the planetary scale, SHRM relates the strategic goals and objectives of HRM to achieve higher level performance and investigate futher and deeply to the...

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Enterprise Industrial Relations

questions whether the changes to the industrial relations system that employer associations advocate would enhance productivity. With regard to issues such as penalty rates and job security, there is evidence that these relate to cost cutting and enhanced managerial prerogative rather than productivity. Discuss Introduction During 2011 employer associations in Australia conducted an active lobbying campaign to introduce legislative changes with respect to industrial relations. Predominantly they...

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Critically Discuss How Human Resource Management Can Contribute to Improved Organisational Performance. to What Extent Has a Link Has Been Established Between Human Resource Management and Improved Organisational Performance?

for improving organisational performance. Human resource management is clearly an integral part of any business and without it a business may not achieve a greater level of success as it would have by employing a successful human resource management operation. By employing staff to conduct human resource activities within the business it then allows the other areas of the business to focus on their individual job roles Before looking at how HRM affects performance it’s important to note what organisational...

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Human Resources - Labor Relations

Labor Relations University of Phoenix Human Resources Management MGT 431 October 26, 2009 Labor Relations In any working environment, employees on all levels want to be treated in fair and equitable regards. This sentiment is not the newest and hottest trend in this country. From the late 1700s, until now, labor unions were formed to ensure no mistreatment, over-working, under-payment or inequality of treatment was given to employees. This purpose of this essay is to discuss...

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Leadership Strategies for Implementing Change

In order for new organizational strategies to be implemented successfully, effective leadership is required to rejuvenate the organization and assist employees with adapting to a changing environment. Successful implementation of the organization’s new vision requires management to provide a “big picture” to their employees, “as well as all of the sequential steps that lead to it” (Wharton Executive Education, (2010). Implementing Strategy: Leading Effective Execution). By GeneOne modifying leadership...

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: the basic functions of Human Resource Management: planning and forecasting human resource requirements, recruitment and selection, appraisal, evaluation and employee motivation. UOP: MGT 431

human resource requirements, recruitment and selection, appraisal, evaluation and employee motivation. Additionally, this paper addresses employee quality of life and productivity programs and improving the physical work environment. The relationships between successful business and Human Resource Management are examined as well as how Human Resource Management strategies can be incorporated into business strategies to improve profit. The history of the development of human resource management can...

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Employee Industrial Relations and Strategic Hrm

Employee industrial relations & strategic HRM Employee industrial relations and strategic HRM plays an important role in how the organization manages its resources. There are many aspects of industrial relations and strategic HRM that impact employees. Following are few major ones. Engaging employees: Employee engagement is very important aspect of Industrial relations and strategic HRM. Employee engagement means putting employees first. As mentioned in an interview with Gary Burkett (managing...

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How Are Training and Development Effective to Organizational Performance”

How are training and development effective to Organizational performance” Abstract: The purpose of the research is to find out how training and development effect organizational performance and to find out what is the impact of training and development in organization. Data is collected from the 100 members of different organizations. And the previous researches carried out on training and development. Training and development is important for the employees in organization, it helps the employees...

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Organizational Change

Organizational Diagnosis 2 Organizational change, in theory should be fairly straightforward – upper management mandates a change, and lower management and their staff agrees to implement the change, no questions asked. However, any organization that has attempted to go through any kind of change understands it’s not that simple. The most effective change implementation starts with a diagnosis that is shared by many employees at multiple organizational levels (Spector, 2010). Diagnosis...

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Consistency and Inconsistency in Employee Relations

central to the good judgment of HR experts when developing the frameworks within the HR discipline. The purpose of this essay is to detail how emotional intelligence influences HR strategies, organizational design, and, avoiding prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination in the federal government HR. Industrial/Organizational (I/O) practitioners define Emotional Intelligence differently. The more narrow definition is the ability to regulate emotions while interacting with others, it develops over time...

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Creating “World-Class” Organizations Through Effecting Employee Relations in the Workplace.

Creating “world-class” organizations through effecting Employee Relations in the workplace. Introduction Globalisation has become an increasingly important factor in today’s business model. Organisational survival and longevity are now closely linked to a strategy of seeking to be considered "world class". But why is this so important and what does globalisation mean. As described by wikipedia "Globalisation is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views...

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Effects of Hr Practices on Organizational Performance

Effects of Human Resource Management Practices on Organizational Performance – An Empirical Study of Oil and Gas Industry in Pakistan Muhammad Asif Khan Assistant Professor, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) Islamabad, Pakistan E-mail: dr.asif@szabist-isb.edu.pk Tel: 92-51-4863363 / 209 Abstract The study evaluates the effects of human resource management practices on organizational performance in Oil and Gas Industry in Pakistan. A total of 150 managers...

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Organizational Change

 Ethics in Organizational Change University of Phoenix MGT/246 August 12, 2013 Ethics in Organizational Change According to Dictionary.com, ethics is defined as the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc or usually ethics is used with a singular verb that describes the branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the...

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Ways Strategic Human Resource Management (Shrm) Could Contribute to Organizational Performance

Discuss the ways strategic human resource management (SHRM) could contribute to organizational performance in the next five years. Strategic human resource management contributes to organizational performance. Resource Management is “the process of ensuring that resources are sufficient and efficient for a task. Resources may include anything a business or organization possesses that is used in the process of creating or maintaining business operations. Strategic Human Resource Management also...

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Hrm Practice

Pfeffer (1998) defined best practice theory is on the basis of an assumption that a high performance enterprise’s successful human resource practices also can be the example used in other enterprises and get the same results. As a result of the different understanding of people, there is also having other definitions. For example, Johnson (2000) also giving an definition that best practice is considered as a type of human resource method or system which have some qualities like additive additively...

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Human Resource Practices at Google Inc and Absa

resources management (HRM) has been linked to the heart of business success and high performance of organizations (Haslinda, 2007). High demand for innovation, customer satisfaction and increased sales volume in the search and internet industry and finance industry has forced organizations such as Google Inc and Absa to incorporate human resources practices in their business strategy. Various human resources practices has been adopted at Google Inc Company and ABSA Group Limited, which include recruitment...

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Organizational Change Plan

Organizational Change Plan Shalawn Smith HCS/587 June 10, 2012 Janet Treadwell Organizational Change Plan Successful change within a healthcare organization requires an appropriate timeline for analyzing the current health services, setting specific goals, and weeding out barriers that may have a negative effect on the organizational change. According to Nadina, “The release of the process of organizational change occurs when managers or owners of an organization identify the existence of...

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performance apprisal research paper

Abstract Today performance appraisal has increasingly become part of a more strategic approach to integrating human resource activities and business policies and may now be seen as a generic term convincing a Varity of activities through which organization seek to assess employees and develop their competence, enhance performance and distribute rewards. In this paper that has been investigated effect of performance appraisal practice on employee satisfaction. The objective of this study is to...

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Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is widely conducted in organizations as they concerned about employees’ performance. (DeNisi,2000) defines performance appraisal as “the system whereby an organization assigns some “score” to indicate the level of performance of a target person or group”. It is the process of evaluating the overall employee efficiency and the development in performance. Performance appraisal assesses the actual level of worker performance as well as understands the employee’s...

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Improving Organizational Performance” Simulation Summary

Improving Organizational Performance” Simulation Summary Improving Organizational Performance The world of business has seen many examples of successful and unsuccessful companies approach their business activities in a different way and modeled different parts of the organizational structure. However, the most important element of any company, not depending on its size, profile of activity or type, is its labor force – the number of employees constitutes the driving element of any company...

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Policy Change

FINAL PAPER ON POLICY CHANGE The problem of nepotism makes its’ way into an organization when upper management begin favoring family members or friends, disregarding whether or not they are qualified or suited for a job. Its’ impact goes far beyond what many may realize, affecting virtually every area within an organization. The impact is felt through the hiring practices, performance evaluations, promotions, assignments given, employee appraisals, and compensation. Nepotism has become...

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New Employee Training Programs

submitted or for the entire course, and may result in academic dismissal. HRM5000-8 Dr. Roger Holt New Employee Training Programs Activity 3 Faculty Use Only The Human Resource Function The growth and success of an organization requires various human resource functions. Many human resource functions examine areas, which include strategic planning and promoting a good environmental structure to how an organization is ran...

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Organizational Change Models and Strategies

Organizational Change Models and Change Strategies Martin H. Pham Amberton University To remain competitive in today’s economy companies must be ready to manage organizational change effectively and efficiently. With the pace of change continually increasing, everyone is affected by change. Organizational change models are used to assist in reorganizing and/or restricting a company. There are many change models that exist...

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Hrm- Best Fit and Best Practice

modern business world, new practices and aproaches are being introduced. When talking about new concepts the most important concepts being used nowdays in Human resource management are“Best Practice“ and “Best Fit“. There is a big increase on the debate between Best practice and Best fit, as to whether they general concept of Best practice is benificial to every organization and similarly the same for the concept of Best fit. Best practice suggests certain types of practices are universally successfull...

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The Effects of Training and Developing the Workforce on the Organization Performance

changing, and the rate of change is increasing. Almost most organizations are now involving in tremendous increase in international business and foreign assignments. Training and developing the workforce offer an interesting case of change for any organization in light of uncertain and rapidly changing environment. Many researches argue that training and development programs increase the organizations' performance and effectiveness. Toward a better understanding of the effects of training and development...

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Organizational Culture and Leadership

Leaders of large, global organizations today need to create and sustain strong organizational cultures if their organizations are going to compete and survive in the 21st century. Organizational ‘culture’ and ‘leadership’ are the two interrelated terms without which an organization cannot sustain for a long term. Although these two terms are very different from each other in their definition or meaning yet they are very much interconnected. An organization without a leader is just like a ship...

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Organizational Change Proposal

Organizational Change Proposal Science Applications International Corporation Self-Development Process at SAIC Introduction Science Applications International Corporation has long enjoyed a very focused and substantive self-development program. However, the self-development program for individual employees is guided by management determination of where the employee best fits into the organization. This suggests a mid-level, management centric approach to employee self-development...

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