• The Green Berets and Casualties of War
    The Green Berets and Casualties of War The films I chose to do my comparative paper on are The Green Berets and Casualties of War. Both of these films deal with issues concerning the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was viewed as unpopular and pointless by society; The Green Berets objective was to
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  • The Atomic Bomb in World War Ii
    The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki marked the end to the world's largest armed conflict. Many debates have surfaced over the ethics of such an attack. The bomb itself caused massive amounts of casualties while the unknown effects of radiation caused many more deaths amongst the survivors
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  • The Causes of the Civil War
    "The tragic ‘fireball in the night' imagined by Jefferson had finally rung. The Missouri Compromise had failed. Proslavery and antislavery civilians clashed in the streets and took up arms. Thousands of Northerners were willing to die for their beliefs. The Civil War had begun. The states were
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  • Early Cold War
    Major Sources of Discord between the Bolsheviks and European States: 1917 to 1921 There were several major sources that created discord between the Bolsheviks and western states in Europe from 1917 to 1921. Conflicting ideologies that each attacked the very fabric of the other's respective socie
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  • The Lesser of Two Evils:
    The Lesser Of Two Evils: Why the Atomic Bomb Was Justified As history has progressed, Man has always looked back and debated why certain actions occurred and whether or not such measures should have been taken. Though numerous such arguments take place, one of the most debated issues is that of t
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  • The Civil War Which Lasted from 1861 to 1877 Was Mainly Caused by the
    The Civil War which lasted from 1861 to 1877 was mainly caused by the diverging society between the North and the South. The North and the South had different goals. There were many factors that led to the war and the chief ones were political and economic differences between the North and the South
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  • World War 1
    Chapter 1: The Right to Make War Since 1795, when Immanuel Kant published in his old age his treatise on "Perpetual Peace," many have considered it an established fact that war is the destruction of all good and the origin of all evil. In spite of all that history teaches, no conviction is felt tha
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  • The Coal War, by Upton Sinclair
    THE COAL WAR Book 1, The Social Chasm By: Upton Sinclair Upton Sinclair wrote The Coal War in 1976 being published by Colorado Associated University Press. Book One; "The Social Chasm," contained 69 pages while the entirety of The Coal War had 399 pages with two other Books. "The Social Chasm
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  • Civil War
    The statement "had the leaders of this country controlled the extremists on both sides the war could have been avoided" is totally false. The Civil War was definitely unavoidable. Because of regional and political disputes the country would have continued to boil even if the extremists on both sides
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  • Insanity of War in Slaughterhouse Five
    Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., is the tale of a gawky World War II veteran/soldier, Billy Pilgrim. His wartime experiences and their effects lead him to the ultimate conclusion that war is unexplainable. To portray this effectively, Vonnegut presents the story in two dimensions: historic
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  • The Purpose of War
    The Purpose of war Every war brings with it disagreement. With every related event come mixed opinions and emotions. Controversy is a natural part of war. As such it shows its ugly face in the light of our country's most recent war with Iraq. More so than some wars in that we are fighting a i
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  • Pro War in Iraq
    Pro War in Iraq I do not subscribe to the fashionable notion of moral equivalence between all deeply-held beliefs. I believe in the rights of the individual over the collective. I believe democracy is better than dictatorship, both morally and practically. Not necessarily democracy as we or the Ame
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  • Budgetary Politics and the War on Drugs
    Budgetary Politics and the War on Drugs The United States of America has long grappled with the problem of drugs and has from time to time initiated measures to combat the usage and trafficking of drugs. It is common knowledge that the various wars that have been part of the combat program of sev
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  • Metaphors That Justify War
    Metaphors that Justify War Kevin Steiner Truth Uncloaked Do you think we had all the information that was at the President's disposal when he made the decision to deploy our troops in the Gulf? Do you think having that information might have made you feel more comfortable about our involveme
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  • War on Poverty: Project South
    War On Poverty: Project South Another project that is trying to make lead way in the poverty war. Is the Project South(PS) is a program that is felt strongly felt though out the South East United States. Project South(PS) is a community-based, membership institute that develops popular politic
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  • The Evils of Hunting
    The Evils of Hunting Hunting is an unnecessary activity in the modern world. Slob hunting is the way many so-called sportsmen hunt these days. The phrase slob hunting refers to indiscriminate assault on animals, whatever their type. This type of recreation is harmful and undesirable the United St
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  • War of the Worlds
    War of the Worlds A: Summary of This story is about two Indian twins who live by their mother, because their father died. The twins and the mother are starting to have some problems, because the mother has the opinion that the twins no longer have respect for other people. As a results of this bi
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  • Can the United States Justify the Civil War
    Can the United States Justify the Civil War The definition of Manifest Destiny reads as: "The belief in the 1840's in the inevitable territorial expansion of the United States, especially as advocated by southern slaveholders who wished to extend slavery into new territories." This explanation
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  • African-American Troops in the Civil War: the 54th Massachusetts
    African-American Troops in the Civil War: The 54th Massachusetts The Fifty-fourth Massachusetts was organized in early 1863 by Robert Gould Shaw, twenty-six year old member of a prominent Boston abolitionist family. Shaw had earlier served in the Seventh New York National Guard and the Second Ma
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  • Causes of Civil War
    Causes Of Civil War As members of the Futurist of America Association, we have been assigned to look specifically at the cause of the American Civil #War. There are five aspects that could of led to the Civil War and they are Westward Movement, Social Change, Froeign Policy Development, Go
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