• Evidence Based Practice
    Nursing is probably the most holistic health-related profession. It warrants the nurse to approach one’s practice in a manner that not only focuses on the health issues of the patient but rather encompassing the whole well being of the person. Which includes the physical and physiological, mental,
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    Abstract The subject of evidence-based practice is discussed in this paper beginning with a definition of the term taken from our text by Blais and Hayes (2011). I discuss the way in which we care for intravenous lines as an example of a procedure done at our hospital that uses evidence-based g
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  • Write a Report on the Use of Evidence Based Nursing Within Long Term Conditions (Ltc), Including Personal Reflection on How You Have Recently Used Evidence Based Practice in the Care of a Person with a Long Term Condition.
    Write a report on the use of evidence based nursing within long term conditions (LTC), including personal reflection on how you have recently used evidence based practice in the care of a person with a long term condition. 1. Introduction. 2.1. This report discusses the significance of
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    Evidence Based Nursing Practice in Nursing • "Doing the right things right" (Craig & Smyth, 2002, p.4) • Used to improve the experiences associated with health care and illness • Early examples o Infection control (aseptic technique) o DVT (deep vein thrombosis) prevention Development o
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  • Similarities and Differences Betweeen Evidence Based Practice and Reflective Practice
    Within the field of education there is a range of methods and practices which have been implemented by professionals, in order to improve the provision for learners. Some of the methods adopted may be due to government legislation. An example of this is the National Curriculum. It was introduced to
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  • What Is Evidence Based Practice
    What is meant by the phrase ‘Evidence Based Practice’? Evidence-based practice can be described as “a framework of decisions that are made from previous knowledge that are derived from previous research” (University of Westminster, 2008). Evidence-based practice allows the practitioner t
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  • Introduction to Research and Evidence Based Practice
    Coventry University Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Mental Health Nursing Diploma September 2009 Cohort Describe the key issues surrounding reliability, validity and trustworthiness as applied to Evidence Based Practice The findings from good, current, reliable, valid or trustworthy res
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a crucial component in the process of providing ethical and high quality therapy services. This holds true for professionals who are providing speech and language intervention to individual’s with communication disorders. According to the American Speech Language a
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    Social Service Organizations in the Era of Evidence-Based Practice Evidence –based practice has been gaining acceptance and momentum in the social services professions. As evidence related to specific programs and inventions mount, social service practitioners and organizations around t
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  • Using Knowledge and Evidence Based Practice
    “Hydrocephalus” and the use of shunt for treatment is the focus of case study given. Infection control when placing a foreign body in a patient in surgical procedures is the focus of this essay. There a lot of challenges unique to every area when controlling infection. Areas like the patientsâ
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    Introduction This purpose of this paper is to critically appraise a research article titled ‘ Aggressive behavior on acute psychiatric wards: prevalence, severity and management ’ by Choloe Foster, Len Bowers & Nijman (2007). This article was published in the Journal of advanced Nursing 58
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    A CRITICALLY REFLECTIVE APPROACH TO EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE A Sample of School Social Workers Michelle Bates Definitions of EBP The first type of definition implies that practitioners are recipients of existing research knowledge. These definitions of evidence-based practice represent a determ
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    Change Management Contents Introduction…………………………………………………………….3 Evidence Based Practice……………………………………………….4 Clinical Governance…………………………………………………...5-6 Findings from the l
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    In this essay, I am going to consider how evidence-based practice can be used to support, justify, legitimate and/or improve clinical practice. I am also going to explore and discuss primary and secondary research evidences about how nursing interventions can potentially improve the quality of life
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    Introduction Children can be traumatized when having to undergo a painful procedure. Whether it is insertion of an intravenous cannula or a routine intramuscular injection for immunization, for many children, exposure to these painful procedures can lead to major issues on subsequent exposures (W
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  • Proposal for Evidence Based Practice Paper for Anorexia Nervosa in Teenagers
    Proposal for Evidence Based Practice Paper Michelle A. Steen University of North Carolina at Pembroke Abstract This paper explores the proposed use of Dialectic Therapy (DBT) on adolescents between the ages of twelve and eighteen who are diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa (AN). It will a
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  • Evidence Based Pracitce in Nursing
    EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE This essay will discuss the concept of evidence based practice, why it is needed and its impact on patient care. The term “Evidence Based Practice” was first used by Archie Cochrane, a doctor and epidemiologist back in 1972. Cochrane was concerned that many healthca
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    The focus of this assignment is to look at Evidence Based Practice (EBP), why it is important for nursing to be evidence based and the barriers to implementation of EBP. EBP is a medical philosophy invented by Archie Cochrane a British epidemiologist, Cochrane believed that disease prevention and
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  • Evidence Based Practice
    Introduction In this essay I would like to discuss about the importance of the evidence based practice (EBP) that potentially might be useful to be utilised it into my clinical practice. I would also be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the EBP. The vast portion of my essay will be focu
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  • Evidence Based Practice in Management of Cancer Pain
    Evidence Based –Health Care and Social Care 2 Critical appraisal of Outcome Measure (BPI) for Cancer related pain and the use of this outcome measure (BPI) in the effective management of Cancer Pain 12-05-2008 Contents
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