• Social Awkwardness and Inappropriate Self Disclosure Within Ones Family
    For many Americans, getting together with your family at Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to catch up with relatives you may not see often and relax. However, if you've ever wanted to run away from the Thanksgiving dinner table while covering your ears and screaming, you're familiar with how soc
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  • Self Disclosure
    SELF - DISCLOSURE Self disclosure basically means or refers to a form of communication whereby one communicates the hidden self to other people or to another person. According to Matthew McKay, Ph.D., Martha Davis, Ph.D., and Patrick Fanning, Self-disclosure is composed of four elements: Open Self
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  • Effects of Communication Type and Gender on Self Disclosure
    Over the past decade, the Internet has become an astonishing phenomenon within itself. Cheng (2006) indicated this widely-used resource boasts over 800 million accessible users throughout the world today. Why the unprecedented recent growth of the World Wide Web? Many users initially began getting o
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  • Identify the Strategic Direction of an Organisation You Are Familiar with and Critically Evaluate Its Training and Development Policy's Appropriateness to the Strategic Direction You Have Identified. Recommend Improvements/Changes as Appropriate.
    INTRODUCTION The Carphone Warehouse is the largest independent retailer of mobile communications in Europe. Its’ business can be divided into three operational areas and the strategy across its three core divisions are as follows: • Distribution - to grow through increased sales and through
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  • Self Esteem and Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships
    Self-esteem is a widely studied construct in psychology. It has even gained popularity over time, and spilled into the mainstream media. While it is a widely known concept, it has come to encompass an array of attitudes, not all of which are accurate (Crocker & Park, 2004). However, before
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  • Ethical Dilemma of Hiv Disclosure in Intimate Relationships
    HIV Prevention with Positives in Thailand: Ethical Dilemma of HIV Status Disclosure in intimate relationship. Abstract Every year, there are about ten thousand new HIV infection cases in Thailand. The majority of new HIV transmissions in Thailand have changed from commercial sex to intimate rel
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  • Jim Dexter Makes Proposals That He Feels Will Lead to Novastella’s Mexican Employee Being “Satisfied, Committed and Motived.” with Reference to Appropriate Research and Literature, Evaluate Jim’s Proposal and, as
    Jim Dexter makes proposals that he feels will lead to Novastella’s Mexican employee being “satisfied, committed and motived.” With reference to appropriate research and literature, evaluate Jim’s proposal and, as appropriate, present your alternative proposals. As a CEO, Jim needs an inno
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  • Describe and Evaluate Two or More Theories of the Formation of Romantic Relationships
    Describe and evaluate two or more theories of the formation of romantic relationships (8+16) One theory put forward for the formation of romantic relationships was by Murstein – called the Matching Hypothesis. Murstein argued that we all desire the best looking person; however we accept that th
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  • Compare and Contrast the Contributions Made by Any Two Perspectives to Our Understanding of the Self.
    INTRODUCTION The social constructionist perspective holds the view that the self is continuing "shaped and reshaped through interactions with others and involvement in social and cultural activities" (Wetherell & Maybin, 1996, p 220). Social constructionist is concerned with explicating the proc
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  • Self Awareness in Primates: Fact or Fiction
    Abstract The author focuses on determining whether primates are capable of self-awareness. An article is reviewed and evaluated encompassing different points of view and theories. Learned recognition and self-awareness is compared and discussed. Self-awareness in Primates: Fact or Fiction
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  • Managing Interpersonal Relationships
    Scenario: Tim and Bob are architectures working for Glaxo Company. Sven is their manager. Glaxo Company is involved in the design of new office buildings. Tim and Bob are currently working on the design of a new building; the duration of the project is six months. Despite the amount of time tha
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  • Borrower Lender Relationships in High Technology Ventures
    Information asymmetry is present when one party to a transaction has more or better information than the other party. The other party knows something about the properties of the transaction that the other does not know, and that is not directly observable. Knowledge specificity creates a divisio
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  • Self Esteem
    A woman’s self esteem A Women's Self-Esteem gives an inside view to helping women improve their self-esteem and begin to live a healthier, happier life. Self-esteem is the ability to experience ourselves as being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and to be capable of see
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  • Family Structure and Warmth Growing Up Relates to Personal Adult Relationships
    Family Structure 1 Running head: FAMILY STRUCTURE AND WARMTH Family Structure and Warmth Growing Up Relates To Personal Adult Relationships Northern Arizona University Family Structure 2 Abstract The relationship between family environment at a
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  • Rethinking Human Development in Africa: Between Technology Transfer and Appropriate Technology
    RETHINKING HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA: BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY By Alloy, S. Ihuah PhD Department of Religion and Philosophy, Benue State University, Makurdi. Abstract In the excitement over the unfolding of his scientific and technical power
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  • Motivation and Job Satisfaction Levels of Sports Managers
    Introduction The core function of managers in any organisation is to ensure that organisational goals are met through the effective utilisation of the organisations resources, the most important of these resources being the people within the organisation. As each individual is unique, it would be
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  • Relationship Between Self Esteem and Achievement
    ABSTRACT The present study explored the relationship between individual self esteem and achievement. The sample of the study consisted of 85 respondents working in the private sector of Pakistan. A total of 21 companies were visited for this purpose. It was hypothesized that individuals having self
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  • Self Management & Service Organizations
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT         We would like to acknowledge the Sterling Institute of Management Studies for giving me this opportunity to carry out this report work as a part of our academics.        Our sincere thanks to the Director Mr.Anjan Maithi who provided us with such a wonderf
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  • Identify and Evaluate How a Knowledge of Human Resource Management Can Improve a Manager's Efficiency and Effectiveness in Managing Cultural Change
    5/5/2010 | Plymouth MBA | a case study on JOHN LEWIS | Identify and evaluate how a knowledge of human resource management can improve a manager’s efficiency and effectiveness in managing cultural change Contributors: Ayisat abiola Akande Chris Harper Justina Brown-Biney Phuti
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  • Brand Relationships and Switching
    RESEARCH includes research articles that focus on the analysis and resolution of managerial and academic issues based on analytical and empirical or case research Brand Relationships and Switching Behaviour for Highly Used Products in Young Consumers Arvind Sahay and Nivedita Sharma Executiv
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