• Feminist Research
     well as ethnography.  This paper focuses on the essential qualities of a feminist research and shows how  feminism can be incorporated into ethnography. There has been a critical analysis of a  feminist ethnographic research on the motorcycle owners of Harley Davidson to  demonstrate the key...
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  • White Paper
    Understanding customer need during new product development The application of ethnography WHITE PAPER Understanding customer need during new product development The application of ethnography Introduction Statistics on the success rates of new products show that for every four new...
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  • The Role of Ethnographic Techniques in Tourism Planning
    , Journal of Travel Research, 37(1), 3-11. THE ROLE OF ETHNOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES IN TOURISM PLANNING ABSTRACT This paper discusses ethnography and its application as a tool for tourism planning. It is suggested that different methodologies can complement each other in complex planning...
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  • What that's isn't mine
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  • Integrated Marketing Communication
    , USA Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the ways in which anthropological research, specifically ethnography, can be useful in an integrated marketing communication (IMC) approach. Design/methodology/approach – Starting from a brief description of the different ways in...
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  • Ethnographic Study: Field Research in a Workplace Setting
    An ethnography, also referred to as field research, is a qualitative research method in which the researcher can directly observe what goes on at the research site as well as participate, including asking questions. It is a useful method for studying small groups, such as work groups, in their...
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  • Social Anthropology Essay
    . As an example, an ethnography published before Darwin, might had been taking into account Lamarck`s theory. On the other side, a study done after Darwin, would consider Darwin`s theory. To sum up,...
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  • Qualitative Research
    graduated to the third school her “heightened confidence and greater experience’ (Russell, 2005:188) made it easier for her to relate to and interact with the teachers. This paper also brings into account the “being there” quality. “Good ethnography is about communicating the impression of having...
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  • Ethnography
    that what one observes is visually compelling, real and meaningful without being staged. 6 7 Ethnography allows us to... 8 9 Discover meaning People have a need for meaning in their lives. Ethnography provides rich insights into how people make sense of their world. For example...
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  • Is Ethnography a Suitable Meth
    paper in The Qualitative Report, stating that ethnography can be distinguished as: “...the attempt to obtain an in-depth understanding of the meanings and ‘definitions of the situation’ presented by informants, rather than the quantitative ‘measurement’ of their...
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  • Ethnography
    Kevin Glazer Anthro-3 Chino Ethnography and Culture The article begins by giving an example of how most Americans approach the study of science. The quote states…“ most Americans observe whatever we wish to understand, introduce our own classification of what is going on, and explain what we...
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  • Byond
    NPD. One recent paper did explain some key aspects of observation (Euchner and Henderson 2011) but, overall, there appears to be a lack of understanding of the tools and techniques gathered under the umbrella of ethnographic market research. Two of the most important methods from ethnography are...
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  • Ethnographic Essay
    Ethnography Reaction Paper The ethnography I chose to do my reaction paper was called ‘Anxious Pleasures: The Sexual Lives of an Amazonian People’ written by Thomas Gregor. This ethnography is about Thomas Gregor and his wife’s visit to the Mehinaku Village in 1967. Gregor was a graduate...
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  • Ethnographic Reseacrh
    , contextual interviews, and analysis of artifacts such as for example devices, tools or paper forms that might be used as part of a person’s job. Observations can be made at home, at work, or in leisure environments. People can be studied with their family, on their own, with work colleagues, or...
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  • Dgsdfgh
    ) --Renfrew, Colin, and Paul Bahn. 2004. Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice, 4th ed., chapter 5, 12 and 14. London: Thames and Hudson. Paper Topic: Why is archaeology a discipline of anthropology? Discuss with examples. Mar. 28: Ethnography (Gordon Mathews) --Bourgois, Philippe. 2003 In...
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  • Look at It
    (3) Research Paper: (25%) You will be asked to write a 6 page research paper on any topic within the realm of Sociology. Five sources, not including class resources, will be required for this paper. A rubric for this will be provided in week Four of this semester (4) Exams: (45- 15% Each) These...
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  • Anthropology Syllabus
    is anthropology or anthropological knowledge? What is ethnography or field research? The class will begin with those basic questions and end with a view on the future shape of our cultural knowledge for a fast changing world. No prerequisite is needed. Students must attend three hours per week...
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  • Aposematic coloration
    & Rhetoric II class announced the ethnography research paper that we are going to work on in this semester, I tried boxing for the first time in my life with the accompaniment of Garrett. Although it was not easy for me to give out decent punches in the beginning, I definitely enjoyed it because it...
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  • Autoetnography: a Journey of Seld Indulgence
    degree of self disclosure I encountered in the writings. I rejected auto/ethnography as self indulgent and un-academic, yet as I wrote, I could not stem the flow of revelations about the centrality of my values and beliefs in this research project. This paper offers some thoughts on my research journey...
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  • Critical Evaluation of Articles by Russel (2005) and Brown Et Al. (2005)] Critical Evaluation of Articles by Russel (2005) and Brown Et Al. (2005)]
    for the research, because this method is meant to let researcher obtain more deep information from the researched and achieve “thick description” (Geertz, 1973; Cassel and Symon, 2004). However, this fact was doubted in the paper of Bate (1997), where he described modern ethnography methodology as...
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