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Ethics Game Dilemmas Eth 316

After completing the ethics games and answering the questions regarding two different dilemma faced by the company G-BioSports, I have compiled this report to present the issues that were brought up in both scenarios. The situations were taken from the point of view of the Associate Director of Operations if the company and the goal was to enforce the company policies, keep the company safe from any lawsuits, act fairly, and come up with the best solution for all parties involved. It is well known...

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Game of Ethics Eth/316

The Ethics Game Dilemma Ethics 316 September 30, 2012 The Ethics Game Dilemma The Ethics Game Simulation is a tool created to teach how the decision-making process affects various stakeholders, and the ethical value of the decision determinations. Business organizations have encountered new challenges of ethical awareness with the increased globalization of industries and markets. People of many cultures, social statuses, and religions are joined in various business opportunities and projects...

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Eth 316 Week Five the Ethics Game

Eth 316 Week Five the Ethics Game Many situations arise in the workplace that require employees (managers and subordinates) to sit down and think about the best solution. Sometimes solutions are unclear and what seems to be the most obvious answer, is not always the best choice. The Ethics Game simulation presented two different cases: the case of the mysterious rose and the case of the cold feet. Both cases bring the “manager” through different thought processes to make them understand the importance...

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Ethics Game Dilemma

Ethics Game Dilemma ETH/316 Ryan Busch 04/16/2013 The Ethics Game simulations of The Mysterious Rose and The Cold Feet Dilemmas address the following ethical issues: The first ethical concern is regarding a company employee by the name of Gayle Dornier. Gayle has received unwanted flowers from an unknown person, multiple times per week, and to this day Gayle has no idea who is sender of the flowers. Receiving a large quantity of flowers has begun...

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Ethics Dilemma

Ethics Game Dilemmas Tricia Harris University of Phoenix Eth/316 Ethics and Social Responsibility Rebecca DeVoss May 27, 2013 Sexual harassment and falsifying data are an unethical practice that happens in many organizations, even today. Leaders must take action. In the case of the Mysterious Roses and the case of the Cold Feet G BioSport find themselves resolving serious dilemmas. This discussion will address decision-making steps, ethical lenses used to make decisions, and ethical...

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Eth/316 Corporate Globalization and Ethical Dilemmas

Corporate Globalization and Ethical Dilemmas ETH/316 6/24/13 Corporate Globalization and Ethical Dilemmas As companies expand into new markets and globalization becomes more and more a part of world economics, cultural dilemmas are sure to surface. Different cultures have developed different sets of values, laws, regulations, attitudes, and ethics. Communication styles, ways of conducting business, and etiquette can vary drastically from culture to culture. Something as simple as a common...

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ETH 316 Complete Course Ethics Social Responsibility Week 1 5

 ETH 316 (Ethics & Social Responsibility) Complete Course Week 1-5 Click HERE Download Or Copy & Paste Below Link in Your Brower http://www.justassignment.com/ETH-316-Ethics-and-Social-Responsibility-Complete-Course-10.htm Or Visit : www.JustAssignment.com E-Mail us at Justassignment@gmail.com) ETH 316 (Ethics and Social Responsibility) Week 1 Week 1 Discussion Question: 1 One of your friends uses the terms ethics and morality interchangeably. You do not think this is correct. How would you...

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Week 1 Ethics Essay ETH 316

 Ethics Essay ETH\316 April 6, 2015 Linda Emmele Ethics Essay Ethics is a study that deals with whether behavior is morally right or wrong in human life. Ethics further relates to human obligations in society, measurements of fairness and individual virtues. Ethical development is an important societal tool that is based on the basis of understanding and defining cultural morality. There is more than one type of ethics. In this paper, I will briefly describe the differences between three types...

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Eth 316 Week 1

Week 1 Individual Assignment Kevin Sprenger ETH/316 May 13, 2013 Tammy Matthews Introduction Utilitarianism, deontological, and virtue theory ethics are three normative approaches to ethics. This paper will go over the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological principles. It will include information of the variations in how each concept details ethics, morality, and it will also discuss a personal experience to describe the correlation between...

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Eth 316 Company Code of Ethics

Company Code of Ethics Company Code of Ethics Wal-Mart was started over fifty years ago in Arkansas and within those fifty years has emerged into the largest retailer in the world. Wal-Mart operates in many countries with thousands of stores and millions of employees. One reason for Wal-Mart’s is the value and hard work they put into upholding their code of ethics. Wal-Mart has three basic beliefs – respect for the individual, service to their customers, and striving for excellence. Of the...

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Ethics 316 Week 3 Essay

Week 3 Individual Essay ETH 316 April 14, 2014 The Responsibility Project: Ethics Game Dilemmas Ethics are principles, which outline moral values and rules regardless if it is in a working environment or not. Each employee has a personal responsibility to uphold the rules and regulations set forth by the company. Within this essay will be discussed the Mysterious blogger and the Veiled ID and the ethical situation surrounding this scenario. Furthermore...

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Ethics Game

Ethics Game Dilemma Chad Zingarelli University of Phoenix Joseph Becker October 11, 2012 Ethics Game Dilemma After completing the Ethics game II case, it has been determined that there are two ethical issues presented for management to review, and make the most ethical decision that will not harm the company. The first dilemma deals with the possibility of harassment in the office. There is a chance that an employee named Bill is harassing an employee named Gayle in the office. Gayle...

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Ethics Game

Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal Nannette Johnstone HCS 478 February 7, 2012 Barbara Scheibe, RNC, MSN Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal This journal contains my reflections of the Ethics Game simulation assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to help me understand how to make ethical decisions using a decision model. Ethical Issue #1-Presented during my shift We have a 16 year old pregnant patient (RB), in her tenth hour of labor. Her parents are present and have...

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ETH 316 Blood Money

 Blood Money Scenario Billy Brass ETH/316 March 29, 2012 Christopher Whetstine Blood Money Scenario Moral responsibility of all participants When it comes to human organs and individuals buying them from prisoners that have been executed to survive, one will have to ask themselves if they are making an ethical decision. Buying and selling human organs is illegal in the United States yet it is happening right now as we enter into the year 2015, where a lot of critical thinking has gone...

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Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

Resolving Ethical Dilemmas Calvin L Harris Jr. ETH 316 15 November 2012 Marlon Spencer Resolving Ethical Dilemmas Ethical issues are inevitable because we live in a world of diversity. Diversity brings many beliefs, attitudes and personalities. As a result, ethical issues are common. They come in many shapes, sizes, and favors. Even though ethical issues cannot be prevented, ethical issues can be resolved because sound decisions can by considering ethical lenses to address and...

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Ethics-Game Dilemmas

 Ethics-Game Dilemmas Ethics and Social Responsibility- ETH/316 November 19, 2012 Mary Carter Individual Organizational Issues – Simulation Reflective Summary The ethical issues that were presented in the Week Three Ethics Game Simulations were from The Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled ID. The ethical issues on “The Mysterious Blogger” were whether the information obtained by Jamal Moore, the IT Tech was enough to discipline Aaron Webb, the blogging employee...

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ETH/316 Final Exam

ETH/316 Final Examination Reference: Matching Key Terms a) Implicit Contract b) Veil of Ignorance c) Virtue Ethics d) Utilitarianism e) Deontology f) Hedonism 1. “There is no I in Team.” One for all and all for one best describes _utilitarianism_______________. 2. “There is no I in team, but there is an M and a E (me).” To seek the greatest amount of pleasure for self and the majority of the group best describes _____Hedonism________. 3. “I will do my best to do my duty…” To strive...

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Eth 316 Simulation Week 3

Ethics Simulation ECO/316 Ethical dilemmas are a constant in the business world. In order for an individual to be adaptive to the ever changing rolls of their jobs it is in their best interest to research their company’s standard operating procedures as well as being informed on new company policies that are being implemented. In doing this research however, the individual will notice that specific problems are not always documented or covered in these manuals. In the...

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Ethics Dilemma

Ethical Dilemmas Debra Lohmeyer HCS/478 February 11, 2013 Barbara Scheibe Ethical Dilemmas The Allen family presented in the simulation has several health issues they deal with individually that contribute to the family unit. Clifford struggles with depression that he does not want to have documented or take medications for out of fear. Pam is the glue of the family; she keeps the home functioning and has not worked outside the family because their son was born with Down’s syndrome. Her...

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Johan Gonzalez ETH 316 Wk 3 Organizational Ethics paper

Organizational Ethics Johan Gonzalez ETH/316 06/10/15 Charles Parker Organizational Ethics Each and every organization that exist have or should have a code of ethics in which they follow. The ethics of an organization governs how they will reply to both an internal and external stimulus. Walmart is one of the largest organizations in the world, that’s why it was chosen for this essay. Furthermore, they deal with lots of external social pressures that influence their ethics. They have had more...

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Ethics Game Reflective Journal

Ethics Game Reflective Journal HCS/478 Health Law and Ethics April 16, 2012 Judy Ceppaglia Ethics Game Reflective Journal Ethical dilemmas surface daily in professional nursing practice. Whether you work in acute care, long-term care, hospice care, ambulatory care, managed care, or public health care chances are you will be responsible for making decisions in a situation of ethical concern. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the ethical issues presented in the Ethics Game simulation...

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Ethics Game Simulation

Ethics Game Simulation Margot Rivera HCS 478 Health Law and Ethics December 3, 2012 Barbara Scheibe Ethics Game Simulation The ethics game simulation involved two case scenarios. The first case dealt with a conflict of core ethics in how to care properly for a teenage pregnant female whose parents desire to limit medical interventions for a prolonged labor. The young patient is a teenager whose labor is progressing slowly and her parents have stated they want no assistance done for her. This...

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Week 3 Eth 316- Franklin Bbq

Organizational Issues Eth 316 Dec 10, 2012 Organizational Issues Organizations provide services to a community sometimes greater than what the individual can contribute. A community’s character is often judged based upon the business and non-profits in the area. The town of Austin, TX is thought of as a progressive, forward thinking city. Aaron Franklin spent years perfecting the art of great barbeque being the child of restaurateur parents. Along with his wife Stacy, they both...

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ETH 316 Final Exam

1. Which of the following describes the BEST perspective from which to view organizational ethics? a. From the point of view of individual managers. b. From the point of view of corporations. c. From the point of view of industry-wide ethical concerns. d. Organizational ethics should be viewed from all of the above perspectives. 2. Which of the following is a factor that might explain...

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Ethics Essay Eth/316

Ethics Essay ETH/316 February 25, 2013 Ethics Essay The theories of virtue, utilitarianism, and deontology are similar in some aspects but for the most part are very different. Each of the theories will be explained to show their differences and the type of person that would gravitate towards that theory. Through the explanations one would also be able to consider where there morals or ethics may lie but can also see themselves in each theory. The Virtue Theory, also know as Virtue Ethics...

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Eth 316 Responsibility Sample

Changing Ethical Perspectives-McDonald’s ETH 316 November 05, 2012 Changing Ethical Perspectives-McDonald’s When Dick and Mac McDonald opened their first barbecue restaurant in 1940, it is doubtful they realized the impact their company name would have upon the world of business and food service. A few years after they opened their restaurant, they closed to renovate, rethink their business strategy, and presented a simple drive-in restaurant with a small menu to allow the brothers to...

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ethics dilemma

Ethics Case A man was near death from a rare blood disease. There was one experimental drug that the doctors thought might save him, but the man was not admitted into the free experimental trial. The drug had recently been developed by a start-up pharmaceutical company. The drug was expensive to make, but the company was charging twenty times what it cost to make and develop. The sick man’s wife went to everyone she knew to borrow the money to pay for the drug, but she could only get together...

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ETH 316 Final Exam Answers

ETH 316 Final Exam Answers http://www.homework-bank.com/downloads/eth-316-final-exam-answers/ For Any Information or Any Class Which you did not find on Our Website, Just Hit US Email On below address Email Address: hworkbank@gmail.com Visit Our Website: http://www.homework-bank.com/ ETH 316 Final Exam Answers   Question 1 Which option am I selecting? 1. Answer A 2. Answer B __________________________________________________________________ ____ Question 1 (worth 1.5 points) Which theory was not discussed...

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Eth 316 wk 5 paper

 Ethical Perspectives Joseph Weah ETH/316 June 4, 14 Ms. Ashanti South In this paper the writer will discuss cross-cultural perspectives and how this affects a global organization. The chosen global organization will be Nike Inc. Nike is a global retailer of clothing, footwear, sportswear and accessories. The company was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964 and has a current stock price of $76.18 as of June 4, 2014. Nike’s headquarters is located in Beaverton, OR but manufacturing...

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ETH/316 week 3 Team

How Ethical Principles Can Address Organizational Issues: An Examination of U.S. Government Acquisitions ETH 316 October 15, 2014 In discussing the relationship between ethical principles and organizations, we will first examine the influence the external environment can have on organizational ethics. The relevance of these social pressures and the issues they can cause will also be explored. This will be followed by an analysis of the relationship between ethical issues and legal standards...

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Eth/316 the Responsibility Project

The Responsibility Project Iris C. ETH/316 July 30, 2012 Penny E. Hylton, PhD, MBA The Responsibility Project The lack of responsibility in collegiate athletics has become a common practice and very little is being done about it. As the sport continues to grow there is a need to remain concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility in sports. With the rising interest in collegiate athletics, there is a need to further investigate the constructs of social responsibility and social accountability...

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Ethics Essay

Ethics Essay Laura Hale-Steingrebe ETH/316 September 22, 2014 Cherie Barnes Ethics essay In today’s society, ethical development is an important tool we all need. We will discuss the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics. Through research of these similarities and differences one can begin to understand the importance social responsibility and ethics plays in personal and business success. Understanding the similarities and differences...

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Ethics Game

EthicsGame Dilemmas University of Phoenix: ETH/316 October 22, 2012 Ryan Busch EthicsGame Dilemmas The EthicsGame is a simulation program used by students of different colleges and universities to learn how to make ethical decisions using real-world scenarios. This simulation will review two ethical dilemmas, "The Mysterious Blogger" and "The Veiled ID" which are discussed in relation to the four ethical lenses and the Baird decision making process. This essay will further explain the simulation...

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Birds Babershop Eth 316

| Birds Barbershop | Your Name | ETH/316The DateProfessor’s Name | | Birds Barbershop Birds Barbershop started as an adventure between two friends, Jayson Rapaport and Michael Portman. They were working in larger companies and they decided that they had no desire to move up any further on the corporate ladder. They didn’t like where they were so they decided to change it. Rapaport and Portman went back to Texas and decided to open a barbershop. They wanted to get back to basics and...

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Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal

Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal Ethics is defined as “the branch of philosophy concerned with evaluating human action… meaning character, customs, or habitual uses, ethics encompasses a process of determining right conduct from wrong.” (Guido, 2010, p. 3). Nurses are confronted with numerous ethical dilemmas that are intertwined with legal issues. Concepts of ethical and legal concepts are frequently interplayed and decisions...

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Uop Ethics/316 Week 5 Cross Cultural Perspectives

Cross Cultural Perspectives Brian K ETH/316 December 21, 2012 Cross Cultural Perspectives Ethics are the product of a society’s culture so it is natural there will be different responses to similar ethical scenarios. Beekum, Stedam, and Yamamura (2003) suggest these differing conclusions will lead to conflict where one side perceives the outcome is ethical whereas the other does not. Another possible outcome is that one side may not even see a decision even being morally significant...

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final eth 316

A. a) B. b) C. c) D. d) 13. Providing a personal reference on corporate letterhead. A. a) B. b) C. c) D. d) 14. Managers at the top levels of an organization report feeling the most pressured to compromise their ethics. a. True b. False 15. Which of the following is true? a) Discrimination is an intentional bias that affects behavior. b) Discrimination occurs whenever something other than qualifications affects how an employee is treated. c)...

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ETH 316 WEEK 5 Revised

Cross-Cultural Perspectives Amy Chaney ETH/316 October 21, 2014 Scott Myers Cross-Cultural Perspectives Even though large corporations are keeping their cost down and reaping the benefits in the manufacturing of women’s clothing in what’s called “Sweatshops” there has been some whistle blowing on the large corporations like Gap, Wal-Mart and H&M who want to make a fast profit at the safety and welfare of children. There is a clear-cut line of cross-cultural and ethics perspectives to be examined in this...

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Business Ethics Dilemma

Business Ethics Dilemma Paper PHL/323 – ETHICS IN MANAGEMENT February 7th, 2011 Instructor: Chuck Thompson BUSINESS ETHICS DILEMMA Business Dilemma The Internet today is a major resource and tool for many people. Computers have been around since the 1950s’. However, the popularity of computers didn’t take off until the 1990s’. Many businesses today market, promote, and have their own website. This is important as it serves as avenue of business to promote their products, sell...

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Ethics Dilemma Paper

1 2 ETHICS DILEMMA PAPER CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR CJS/211 10/6/2014 Melissa Andrewjeski ETHICS DILEMMA PAPER One of the most difficult things in the criminal justice field is related to ethics in the criminal justice profession. Whether it being a corrections officer, police officer, or a judge. The main goal is to ensure you as a professional are making the right decision for the greater good and that it falls within the guidelines that are set before you in the laws that have been written. In...

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The Ethics of Video Games

The Ethics of Video Games Miguel Sicart’s articles “Ethics: A Virtue Ethics Approach to Computer Games” and “The Ethics of Computer Game Design” are based off his book “The Ethics of Computer Games,” in which he states that the playing and designing of computer games can be ethical and moral decisions. He declares that video games are ethical “objects” and that the players are ethical “agents.” Sicart also argues that video game designers have a responsibility for how ethically wrong or right...

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Eth/316 Community Profile Comparison

Community Profile Comparison ETH/316 October 10, 2012 Community Profile Comparison ( Demographic Comparison Table (Camden, NJ/Princeton, NJ) Population | | Camden, NJ | Princeton, NJ | Total Population CaucasianAfrican AmericanAsianOther | 78,79017%52%3%28% | 13,38180%6%7%7% | Median Age | 28.5 | 37 | Household Demographics | | Camden, NJ | Princeton, NJ | Median Home Price | $81,600 | $677,400 | Median Household Income | $29,042 | $83,509 | Percentage of Married Population...

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Eth 316 Week 3

Individual Organizational Issues ETH/316 University of Phoenix Individual Organizational Issues The ethical issues presented in the Week Three Ethics Game Simulations were from the Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled Id, the ethical issues address in game simulation of "The Mysterious Blogger" was whether or not the information obtained by IT Tech, Jamal Moore was enough to discipline blogging employee Aaron Webb for violating the NDA policy. The ethical issues for the game simulations for "The Veiled...

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Virtue Ethics

Ethics Essay Rhonda Mayer ETH 316 December 2, 2012 Renae Szad The main goal of any ethical theory is to do what's right and good. All theories involve following moral rules or acting in accordance with chosen ethical values. Sometimes what is right and good, the rules, or the values are common to different theories. There is overlap in the theories that result in the same conduct in a moral situation although for different reasons under the different applicable theories...

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Eth 316 Essay Week 1

Ethics ETH316 Aug 1, 2012 Charles Parker Ethics Ethical development is an important tool needed in today’s society. The following will discuss the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics. Through further insight of these similarities and differences one can begin to comprehend the importance ethics and social responsibility plays in personal and business success. The analysis below describes the differences in how each theory addresses ethics...

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Eth 316 Ethics and Social Responsibility

Community Profile: Miami, Florida ETH 316 Ethics and Social Responsibility Community Profile: Miami, Florida The social responsibility of members in a community is subject to the beliefs and moral values of the individual. As children, we grow up and learn the ways of our family and close friends. These life lessons ingrain patterns of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in our lives. If a community was small, we would see threads of consistency in beliefs and moral values spread throughout...

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Ethics Game Simulation

 Ethics Game Simulation HCS 478 Ethics Game Simulation In simulation game, two dilemmas were presented. The first case is happened to a 16-year-old mother, RB. She is in her tenth hour of labor. Her parents are at bedside with her. Because of religious belief, they have chosen to limit the amount of medication and other medical assistance. Due to the length of her labor, her unborn child’s situation is getting worse. RB has not received any medication so far. Because of her fear and distress...

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Applying Ethics in an Ethical Dilemma

Applying Ethics in an Ethical Dilemma Sean Harrell Walden University Abstract I would never have thought that the hardest part of this assignment was to find a good example of a business organization behaving ethically in an ethical dilemma. There are numerous cases of businesses behaving unethically. The list of businesses behaving illegally is similar to a who’s who of top companies. However, I did find one company that appears to have based their business on ethics. The 3M Corporation...

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Eth 316 Week 1 All Dqs

ETH 316 Week 1 all DQs Week 1 DQ1 ------------------------------------------------- One of your friends uses the terms ethics and morality interchangeably. You do not think this is correct. How would you explain the difference between ethics and morality? Provide an example of morality and one of ethics in your explanation. Ethics is a system of moral principles: the ethics of a culture. The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group...

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Ethics and Common Ethical Dilemmas

collaborate with other brands and retailers to effect lasting improvements for workers. - Showing that Wal-Mart care about ethics by treating employees fairly. - Needs to be socially responsible: - Avoid economic harm - Maintain the legitimacy granted by the government Dilemmas that require an ethical explanation are quite common at work. Both employers and employees have to face dilemmas in an organization. Conflicts are bound to arise when an organization has people who are diverse in nationality,...

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Ethics Game Reflective Journal

Ethics Game & Reflective Journal This journal contains the reflection of the Ethics Game simulation assignment. The purpose of this paper is to describe the steps and process that I used to answer the ethical questions involved in two simulation games: The case of the troubled Teen and Policies and Politics. In addition I will also discuss how these concepts relate to my workplace. The case of the Troubled Teen: This case describes the case of an unmarried, 16 year old pregnant patient (RB) admitted...

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Organizational Ethics

 Organizational Ethics ETH/316 Organizational Ethics The purpose of this paper is to discuss the finding from the online research conducted on the company Atlanta Hobby. It will further discuss how ethical principles can address organizational issues as well as the roles that external social pressure have in influencing organizational ethics, how these issues might be relevant to organizational and personal decisions, and finally it will conclude with what the relationship is between legal...

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Ethic Simulation

 The Ethic Simulation Game ETH/316Ethics and Social Responsibility Mary Sortino Monday, January 27, 2014 The Ethic Simulation Game This week I participated in two Ethic Game Simulations; The Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled ID. The Mysterious Blogger was about the leaking of confidential information by an employee and the actions of a second employee. The Veiled ID presented an issue that arises as the company tried to implement more strict...

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Samantha St.Upery Ethics Essay ETH/316 August 7, 2014 Mrs. Mona Ristovv Ethics Essay Utilitarianism ethics accentuates that the activity that should be ethically beneficial to the group. In further terms, the outcome of any moral activity ought to be valuable for all by mass offer. This is a universal fundamental theme for ethics in industrialist economies and business as well as in all governments. Virtue Theory is also known as virtue ethics focal point on the person’s character...

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Ethics in the Video Game Industry

Ethical Debates in Video Game Design Like any industry, the video game industry certainly has its fair share of ongoing ethical debates regarding the sort of content that designers should be allowed to place in their games. The issues themselves are indeed ethically questionable issues, with potentially consequential results. I have chosen four that highlight the importance and nature of some of these debates. One of these debates is about excessive violence in video games, and whether it's ethical...

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Similarities and Differences in Virtue Theory, Utilitarianism, and Deontological Ethics Eth/316

in Virtue Theory, Utilitarianism, and Deontological Ethics When talking about ethics it is hard to distinguish between ethics and morality. It is also hard to distinguish exactly what realm of ethics contributes to my everyday decisions. Ethics can be defined as “well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues [and] ethics refers to the study and development of one's ethical...

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ETH 316 Week 1-5 ALL Study Guides

ETH 316 Week 1-5 ALL Study Guides www.paperscholar.com DIRECT LINK TO THIS STUDY GUIDE: http://www.paperscholar.com/eth316-week-1-5-all-assignments-100-correct-a/ Instantly Download! Get Better Grades in Less Time! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee DESCRIPTION FOR THIS STUDY GUIDE: THIS COMPREHENSIVE TUTORIAL INCLUDES:   WEEK 1: Write a 350- to 700-word essay comparing the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics. Include the following...

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Ethics game dilemmas

In general we follow a five-step decision model to arrive to conclusions while balancing it all out through the eyes of different lenses. This is called the Baird method of ethical decision. Dr. Catharyn A. Baird developed it. In the current game of dilemmas we are accessing two cases. the case of mysterious roses and the cold feet. In the case of mysterious roses am depicted as director of sales. Who is possibly handling a situation revolving around possible harassment. Gayle Dornier had been...

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Ethics Case Dilemma

ETHICS CASE Dilemma of an Accountant In 1976 Senator Lee Metcalf (D-Mont.) released a report on the public accounting industry which rocked the profession. Despite a decade of revisions in rules and regulations (variously established by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Accounting Principles Board, and Financial Accounting Standards Board), public accounting firms were still perceived by many on Capitol Hill as biased in favor of their clients, incapable of or unwilling to police...

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ETH Week 1 Ethic Essay

Ethics Essay Virtue, utilitarianism, and deontology theories address ethics and morality. These theories contain similarities and differences. Furthermore, many people can relate personal experiences to each of these three theories. Virtue ethics is based on a person’s character and is called agent-based (Boylan, 2009). This type of ethics pushes a person to do what she or he can for greatness. Ahearn (2004), “You can be all you can be, someone was paid a handsome fee to write that slogan...

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