• Ethics and Accountability in the Philippine Public Service: Role of Citizens, Public Officials, Private Sector and Civil Society
    “Ethics and Accountability in the Philippine Public Service: Role of Citizens, Public Officials, Private Sector and Civil Society In my previous paper, I mentioned that values are as important in our government system as the other functions and political processes are. Unit VI discussed h
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  • Privatizing Philippine Public Service Delivery:
    PRIVATIZING PHILIPPINE PUBLIC SERVICE DELIVERY: Opportunities and Risks Privatization may seem like a perfect solution for deficit-plagued governments, but the morning after can bring some unpleasant surprises. As a city or country drowned in deficits and faced multiple lawsuits, city leaders saw
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  • Ethics and Accountability in Public Service
    Ethics, Integrity and Accountability in Public Sector: Practice and Lessons Learned in Latvia Aleksejs Loskutovs, Director Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau Latvia 28 September 2006 (10 min.) The public sector in Latvia has undergone many important changes over the past decade. In mid 1990s
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  • A Practical Basis for Public Service Ethics
    1 A Practical Basis for Public Service Ethics J.I.Gow Université de Montréal Paper prepared for the annual conference of the Canadian Political Science Association Western University, London Ontario June 2005 A Practical Basis for Public Service Ethics 1 The study of public service eth
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  • Is There a Philippine Public Administration
    1 IS THERE A PHILIPPINE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION? OR BETTER STILL, FOR WHOM IS PHILIPPINE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION?1 Alex Brillantes, Jr. and Maricel Fernandez2 I Yes, there is a Philippine Public Administration Is there a Philippine public administration? A number of our colleagues asked us why we
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  • From Stakeholder Management to Stakeholder Accountability: Applying Habermasian Discourse Ethics to Accountability Research
    From Stakeholder Management to Stakeholder Accountability: Applying Habermasian Discourse Ethics to Accountability Research Andreas Rasche University of the Armed Forces, Hamburg Daniel E. Esser London School of Economics and Political Science Published in: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 65,
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  • Public Sector Ethics Concerns the Moral Requirements of Public Servants in the Services That They Are Paid for and Expected to Offer the People. It Concerns the Personal Morality of Officials and Adhering to Codes of
    INTRODUCTION Government and society cannot promote and enforce ethical behavior solely throughthe utilization of ethical codes of conduct or through the enforcement oflegislation. Communities tend to equate moral values and moral norms with values andnorms, which apply only to personal dealings. Pu
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  • Performance Contract in Kenya as a Strategy for Improvement in Public Service Delivery.
    PERFORMANCE CONTRACT IN KENYA AS A STRATEGY FOR IMPROVEMENT IN PUBLIC SERVICE DELIVERY. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Performance contract is an agreement between a manager and an employee about the employee’s responsibilities and behaviors during a review perio
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  • Fraud Prevention and Control in Nigerian Public Service
    FRAUD PREVENTION AND CONTROL IN NIGERIAN PUBLIC SERVICE: THE NEED FOR A DIMENSIONAL APPROACH  BY BELLO SABO Department of Business Administration, A.B.U. Zaria   ABSTRACT   This article addresses some fundamental issues on fraud prevention and control and their implications on socio-econo
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  • Supervisory Function of Public Service Commission in Promotion of Public Servants in Tanzania
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  • ‘a Critical Analysis of Multilateral Requirements and Expectations Regarding the Conduct of the Interpreter in a Public Service Setting; Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Considerations’
    ‘A critical analysis of multilateral requirements and expectations regarding the conduct of the interpreter in a public service setting; theoretical perspectives and practical considerations’ “A public service is something such as health care, transport, or the removal of waste which is orga
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  • Bangladesh Public Service Commission
    Introduction In Bangladesh, the entire framework for personnel management is a unified process. For a country to develop and keep up with the times, it is necessary that it creates a working infrastructure. It is the country's public services sector that is concerned with this. Public services in B
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  • Ethics and Accountability
    Hilario M. Olivo Jr. Ethics and accountability 1. Explain the difference between ethics and morality. On the basis of etymology, there is no difference between ethics and morality. On one hand, ethics comes from the Greek word ethos meaning “custom”. For the purpose of knowing, we can def
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  • Major Concerns in Philippine Public Administration
    MAJOR CONCERNS IN PHILIPPINE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PRAXIS: REORGANIZATION DECENTRALIZATION AND CORRUPTION. Presentor: Alkhaizer H. Ibrahim Discussant: Roddalyn Lee Reorganizing the Bureaucracy Reorganization of the Philippine Public Administration had been sighted as the central to...
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  • Public Accountability and Ethics
    ACCOUNTABILITY & ETHICS  Accountability - Is a formal relationship governed by a process. As a relationship, it involves a person or body in a position of authority assigning or negotiating with others the performance of certain responsibilities, ideally based on agreed-upon expectations and sta
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  • New Public Management and the Queensland Police Service
    "The changes brought about by the adoption of New Public Management principles in policing related organisations have resulted in little improvement in the areas of performance and accountability." New Public Management and the Queensland Police Service Introduction The early 1990s saw a change i
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  • Public and Private Ethics
    ------------------------------------------------- PUBLIC ETHICS 1. Contribute to society and human well-being. This principle concerning the quality of life of all people affirms an obligation to protect fundamental human rights and to respect the diversity of all cultures. An essential aim of co
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  • The Impact of Ethics Reform on Public Management
    Running Head: IMPACT OF ETHICS REFORM THE IMPACT OF ETHICS REFORM ON PUBLIC MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNMENT WORKERS A MASTER’S CAPSTONE RESEARCH PAPER Division of Public Administration In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Public Administration College of
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  • Public Accountability
    Public Accountability: The Philippine Experience Introduction Under a democracy such as in the Philippines, the people’s fundamental faith in the integrity of political institutions is what holds the system together even under the most difficult times. The present situation in the Philipp
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  • Ethics in Public Relations
    1 Introduction Like every discipline also public relations have own code of ethics. Such a kind of code we need to prevent unethical actions. In some cases the code gets violated. In the following essay I will explain what code of ethics is and why do we need it. Main points of my essay will
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