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Ethical Use And Protection Of Sensitive Data

am going to explain data protection, talk about the data protection acts, rights and principles. I’m going to talk about a data controller and a data processor and what their responsibilities are. What personal and sensitive data are. What a data receiver is and what his rights are, what is involved in direct marketing and I will mention an example of abuse or corruption that occurred in Ireland. Data protection acts Data protection is legal control over and access to use of data stored in computers...

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data protection

The data protection principles There are eight data protection principles that are central to the Act. The Company and all its employees must comply with these principles at all times in its information-handling practices. In brief, the principles say that personal data must be: 1. Processed fairly and lawfully and must not be processed unless certain conditions are met in relation to personal data and additional conditions are met in relation to sensitive personal data. The conditions are...

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Data Protection

personal data can be an overwhelming task. As many of us are busy, are we able to protect our data? If we are not able to protect our data, and data protection is left to the market, will data protection be possible only for the rich? Personal data protection is not impossible. However, it can be a very overwhelming task. A variety of tools and protocols implemented both online and offline can offer valuable methods of data protection at different levels. Shielding your personal data has the capacity...

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Data Protection Act (Malta)

The Data Protection Act (UK – 1998, Malta – 2001): The DPA concerns the “collection, recording, organization, storage, adaptation, alteration, retrieval, gathering, use, disclosure, blocking, erasure or destruction of personal data”. The purpose of the Data Protection Act: a. The purpose of the DPA is to protect living individuals against the misuse of their personal data. Examples of such misuse could include exposing of personal data without obtaining prior permission from the data subject...

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Data Protection Act 1998

Reasons why organisations need to collect data All organisation no matter how big or small need to keep certain records for different reasons. The main reasons are to satisfy legal requirements, to provide relevant information in decision making and for consultation requirement, to provide documentation if there is a claim against the organisation and for internal purposes of each organisation. Personal records are necessary for the formulation and implementation of employment policies and procedures...

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Social Work and Data Protection

Explain child protection within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people Child protection is much more than safeguarding or protecting children from direct abuse. The ‘Safe action plan’ is a piece of legislation that is very similar to the outcome of the 10 year strategies which we have here in Northern Ireland. It shows an understanding that children need protected in a wider view of safeguarding and has recognised a number of aspects in areas of protection . Keeping children...

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8 Principals of Data Protection

The 8 Principals of Data Protection The Act regulates the use of “personal data”. To understand what this means we need first to look at how the Act works or defines the word “dataData means; information which- a) is being processed by operating automatically in response to instructions given for that purpose. b) Is recorded with the intention that it should be processed. c) Is recorded as part of a relevant filing system with the intention that it should form part of relevant...

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Data protection and security

Data protection & security What is Data Protection and Security ? This is the protection of data such as database from accidental, unauthorised or malicious access Data Protection Act Data protection Act controls and monitors the way personal and customer information is been used by organisations. The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 1998) is an Act of the UK parliament that defines the ways in which peoples information is been handed. 8 Data Protection Act Principles • Data must be Processed...

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Confidentiality and Data Protection Act

parents and children, and when dealing with sensitive issues. Confidentiality means not sharing information that is given to you without consent. Confidentiality is important because parents need to be able to trust us as practitioners to keep their information private. Confidentiality of any individuals who deal with the nursery is to be respected at all times, however if a child is believed to be at risk or has been harmed in any way then child protection procedures take precedence and confidentiality...

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Ethical Codes

Ethical Codes The increasing dependences on computers for critical infrastructure essentials for the functioning of a society and its economy has given rise to host of ethical, social, and legal issues. As software engineers, it is a bounden duty to design and build software intended for use by a set of individuals for a specified set of purpose, which initiate many issues about consumer’s privacy. Following is the exploration from three constituents. First, websites collect consumer’s private...

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Continuous Data Protection

| |The IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) family of offerings offers a wide range of features supporting centralized, automated data | |protection that can help reduce the risks associated with data loss while helping to manage costs, reduce complexity and address compliance| |with regulatory data retention requirements. | |Detailed information about these features...

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ICT Data Protection Computer Misuse A

The Data Protection Act The Data Protection Act (DPA) is a law designed to protect personal data stored on computers or in an organised paper filing system. *For the exam, know about the 1998 Act.* The need for the Data Protection Act During the second half of the 20th century, businesses, organisations and the government began using computers to store information about their customers, clients and staff in databases. For example: (names, addresses, contact information, employment history, medical...

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Confidentialy and Data Protection

Task 3 links to learning outcome 1, assessment criteria 1.3. • Confidentiality and data protection are vital when running a home based childcare service. Write an explanation of the importance of both. Confidentiality The definition of ‘confidential’ is; 1. Done or communicated in confidence; secret. 2. Entrusted with the confidence of another: a confidential secretary. 3. Denoting confidence or intimacy: a confidential tone of voice. 4. Containing information, the unauthorised...

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Data Protection Act 1998

L&D data | HR data can be store by any professional IT software packages available in the market or can be design by own software engineers. Organization needs to collect data for various reasons: 1. Data storage to comply with legislation requirements. Data collection of employees benefits HR department to comply with legal requirements. For example visas, legal employee contracts and Insurances. 2. Reminders and Alerts. In Software package reminder and alerts can be use for various...

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Ethical Use of Tecnology in a Mordern Society

ASSIGNMENT 5 NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY Dr. JENN. SCOTT DATE: 08-26-2012 ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION SOCIETAL ETHICAL CHANGES ETHICAL USAGE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY THE DEVELOPMENT OF ETHICAL CODE OF ETHICS DISCUSSION CONCLUSION ABSTRACT The problem to be investigated is the ethical use of information technology in a modern society. Historically information technology had limited applications and impacts on society in general...

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The Importance of Confidentiality and Data Protection

child. Children and their families have a legal right to privacy. The Data Protection Act (1998) is designed to prevent confidential and personal information being passed on, or shared to other individuals without a person’s consent. This includes photographs, written paperwork and any information that may be stored on a computer. There are 8 principles of the Data Protection Act (1998) and they specify that ALL personal data must be: * Processed fairly and lawfully * Obtained for specified...

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The Importance of Confidentiality and Data Protection for Home Based Childcare 

The importance of Confidentiality and Data Protection for home based childcare  Childminder must handle all information that she has on the child as confidential and should be shared only with the child’s parents and the child. It is essential to handle data about children and families in a confidential way, due to that they have a legal right to privacy. It is equally important that information should not be passed on without written approval of the parents or carer, because they have the...

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Data Protection Act 1998

Data protection act 1998: The data protection Act 1998 came into force in 2000 and aims to protect an individual’s right to privacy in relation to their personal data. This includes things like the person’s medical information, information about their current employees, their address, pay, bank detail etc. Santander has to make sure the information of their employees is kept secret and no one can access it. Businesses like Santander need information about people to increase the chances of people...

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European Data Protection Directive

Running head: European Data Protection Directive European Data Protection Directive Piera Hosinski SECURE MANAGEMENT ( MGT 580 Winter 2012) Instructor: Christopher Sobota Abstract “The Data Protection Directive (officially Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data) is a European Union directive which regulates the processing of personal data within the European Union. It is an important component...

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How Upholding Ethical Values Helps an Organisation That Uses Information Systems

HOW UPHOLDING ETHICAL VALUES HELPS AN ORGANIZATION THAT USES INFORMATION SYSTEMS? INTRODUCTION In order to understand the role of ethical values and the related ethical codes of conduct with regard to information systems in organization performance, there is need to put the, whole affair in a broad context as to the rise of ethical issues and dilemmas in the management of systems for organizational performance and development. Information systems has been defined as “a set of interrelated components...

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Explain The Legal And Ethical Issues In Relation To The Use Of Business Information

And Ethical Issues In Relation To The Use Of Business Information Unit 4 p2 12 b 1 Introduction There are many issues which relate to the use of information which affect an organisation, there are three main headings which are legal issues, ethical issues  These main headings cover all the key information and how it may affect an organisation which may be crucial to the way they deal with information and how it may need to adjust its way of operating for  legal issues, ethical issues and operational...

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The Legal and Ethical Issues in Relation to Use of Business

Business ethics (corporate ethics) – This is the concept of moral or ethical problem that take place in businesses that whether it is adequate or not adequate with the business environment. Data protection Act 1998- this is an Act that protect personal data from being misused. The business should store the information on their databases. Tesco Compare is part of Tesco group; they are responsible for protecting personal information from customers. This information gathered from their customers;...

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 ETHICAL CODE OF DATA COLLECTION MKT 611 Business Research Analysis October 5, 2014 A REPORT ON ETHICAL CODE OF DATA COLLECTION Ethical code is vital to any survey. Researchers today are obliged to follow the different ethical codes designed and guided by different institutions like government agencies, research agencies and marketing associations pertinent to the different countries, societies and communities. This is the first thing researchers should take into consideration...

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Handling Security And Ethical Issues IT

Handling Security and Ethical Issues Handling Security and Ethical Issues at TBWI Course: IT560-01 Handling Security and Ethical Issues at TBWI A growing concern, especially with the recent information leak at Target, is the issue of security. Outlined are security concerns for TBWI and how best to handle them. In addition to handling security issues, there may be complicated ethical issues that may occur. To best handle these situations, those ethical issues are addressed, with recommendations...

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Legal Ethical and Regulatory Issues

Legal, Ethical & Regulatory Issues The online banking industry is a growing and a continually evolving business. This paper will identify and describes the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that impact online banking the Websites. Business ethics examines ethical rules and principles within a commercial context involved in e-commerce are faced with the same if not more legal issues as any other business; these issues include, but are not limited to jurisdiction, contract, and legitimacy...

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Data on Sale

|Case Study: Data for Sale | |Management Information System | | | | ...

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Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Ethical Issues in Healthcare Healthcare ethics involves making well researched and considerate decisions about medical treatments, while taking into consideration a patient's beliefs and wishes regarding all aspects of their health. The healthcare industry, above any other, has a high regard for the issues surrounding the welfare of their clientele: their patients. This paper will focus on HIPPA, confidentiality, the efficiency and cost of information systems and doctor-patient relationship. The...

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Legal And Ethical Issues Relating To Bu

 Legal and Ethical Issues Relating to Business Information Learning Objectives: I will be able to explain the legal and ethical issues relating to the use of business information (Pass) Legal Issues These are various items of legislation (law) to protect the use of business information. Data Protection Act 1998 Many businesses store and use information about people. The Data Protection Act protects information held about people from being misused. The information stored by businesses on databases...

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Common: Nonverbal Communication and Data Protection Act

effective communication * Background and culture * Sensory impairment * Dialect * Use of jargon * Language not appropriate * Noise and poor lighting * Attitudes * Effects of alcohol/drugs * Aggression * Mental health problems * Health conditions * Lack of confidence * Breakdown in relationships U7 1.3 Why you should observe someone’s reactions / how people use and interpret communication methods. * Verbal communication, pitch, tone and silence ...

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data protection

ict policy Data Protection ICT/DPP/2010/10/01   1. Policy Statement 1.1. Epping Forest District Council is fully committed to compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 which came into force on the 1st March 2000. 1.2. The council will therefore follow procedures that aim to ensure that all employees, elected members, contractors, agents, consultants, partners or other servants of the council who have access to any personal data held by or on behalf of the...

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Data Protection Act 1998 and Broad Based Hr

talent and abilities of staff are recognised and developed to their full potential Ensure that the individual and collective skills and abilities of staff support the on-going delivery of Company objectives Develop understanding of the Company and use the insights to tailor strategy and solutions to meet organisational needs now and in the future Helping employees understand their role in change, the reason for it and the results that are expected   In the design of the annual HR plans all members...

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Research Real Estate Data Set

scholarly articles relating to our study. Furthermore, the team also analyzed additional data sets to include more variables like bedrooms and bathrooms in our investigation to test our hypothesis which shows that the results are consistent with the hypothesis. The population size, primary and secondary data, using unbiased information and applying ethics are also discussed in detail. Real Estate Data Set II As we begin the final stages of our project it is important to understand...

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Information System - Social And Ethical Issues

Social and Ethical Issues The social and ethical issues of an information system are dependent on a number or things including the specific information system described and each of the elements that are needed to make it all work. Recently the social and ethical issues of the Ameritech Cable Services were challenged as they experienced a flaw in their online billing system called ¡¥E-Bill¡¦. The Participants within the Information System The participants within the information system which carry...

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Data Protetion Act

effect of the Data Protection Act on e-marketing This guide is based on UK law. It was last updated in March 2008. Topics • Advertising and marketing • Commercial The law relating to data protection is designed to regulate organisations known as data controllers who collect and process information relating to living and identifiable individuals and to provide those individuals with rights in relation to such data. In the UK the position is currently governed by the Data Protection Act 1998...

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Ethical issues and the use of Personally Identifiable Information in computer systems, applications, and the internet

 Ethical issues and the use of Personally Identifiable Information in computer systems, applications, and the internet. Professor Strayer University - CIS 324 This paper will look at the ethical issues and use of Personally Identifiable Information, commonly known as PII, in computer systems, applications, and the internet. We will discuss what PII is and how it is used. There will be information on why Personally Identifiable Information is used and what can happen...

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Data protection

Data protection and security a summary for schools Recent legislation on data protection and freedom of information has given greater rights to the individual and alongside them, greater responsibilities on those who hold personal data, whether on paper or electronically. This document provides a brief overview of the implications these changes involve for schools. Data Protection Schools hold information on pupils and in doing so, must follow the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection...

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Ethical aspects of Social Media Marketing

This essay will focus on the topic ‘Critically evaluating the ethical aspects of social media marketing in the United States’ and the principal question assessed throughout this writing will be ‘Have social media marketing acted ethical or not?’ According to Nielson Report (2013, p.3), ‘Social media marketing typically refers to two practices involving social media- the use free tools and paid media’. According to Gaski (1999 cited Smith 2000, p8), marketing ethics is defined as “standards of conduct...

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Understand Legislation, Policies and Procedures for Confidentiality and Sharing Information Including Data Protection

policies and procedures for confidentiality and sharing information including data protection.  Why it is important to reassure children, young people and adults about confidentiality and why it may need to be breached. For the home country England there are many policies and procedures within the legislation that relate to safeguarding human rights, data protection and confidentiality. These have been refined into every school policy and...

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Ethical Hacking

computer based system. With the increasingly use of computer and explosive growth of the Internet has brought many good things: electronic commerce, online banking, e-mail, video conferencing etc. The improvement of systems security to prevent criminal hacker has become an important concern to society. There are many ways to protect those information systems; it seems that the Ethical Hacking is a better way. Therefore, whether to teach or not teach the "Ethical Hacking" as a course in Tertiary education...

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Data security and leakage prevention systems

 Data Security and Leakage Preventive Solutions Darshana Esajenith Samaranayake Student ID: 110390 Wilmington University Abstract Many companies keep sensitive personal information about customers or employees in their files or on their network. Those information move fast through the systems and make easier for organizations to provide efficient and effect full service to the customers. Security of the information is one of the most concern aspects in information systems as...

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Ethical Issues in Information Systems

and processing data and delivering information, knowledge, and digital products. There are many different types of uses of information systems. Employers might use information systems to keep information on employees, doctors manage patient records, marketers track products or client trends, even the information stored on social networks is a form of information systems. The massive amount of personal and public information kept in various IS can pose some ethical issues. ETHICAL ISSUSES • What...

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Ethical Dimensions of Meaningful Use Requirements for Electronic Health Records 1

Ethical Dimensions of Meaningful Use Requirements for Electronic Health Records Health care tools has changed to organize better care for patients. Doctor’s use computer’s or laptop in the office and exam rooms to enter electronic health records (EHR). The EHR makes it easier for the patients to receive better organized care along with better organized health statistics. The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) administers the HIPPA Privacy and Security Rules for individual’s...

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Ethical Dilemmas

Ethic 232 February 27, 2013 Ethical Dilemmas in the Protect of Medical Privacy This ethical dilemma paper I wanting to discuss the issue that I have seen in my current profession as a Nurse’s Aide. In my profession I have come across patients that have the active HIV/AIDS virus and have not told their partners, husband, or wife that they have this sexual incurable disease. Yet, because of laws that I am to abide by such as HIPAA I cannot release that information to their significant other...

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Ethical Form

Ethics Approval Form - Students This form should be completed by the student and passed to the supervisor prior to a review of the possible ethical implications of the proposed dissertation or project. No primary data collection can be undertaken before the supervisor has approved the plan. If, following review of this form, amendments to the proposals are agreed to be necessary, the student should provide the supervisor with an amended version for endorsement. [pic] 1. What are the...

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Use of Observation in Data Collection

1)4. Why Use Observation to Collect Data? Observation methods are useful to researchers in a variety of ways. They provide researchers with ways to check for nonverbal expression of feelings, determine who interacts with whom, grasp how participants communicate with each other, and check for how much time is spent on various activities (SCHMUCK, 1997). Participant observation allows researchers to check definitions of terms that participants use in interviews, observe events that informants...

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Ethical Hacking

Overview Due to the advance technology of the Internet, the government, private industry and the everyday computer user have fears of their data or private information being comprised by a criminal hacker. C.C. Palmer, who manages the Network Security and Cryptography department at the IBM. Thomas J. Watson Research Center writes, “They are afraid that some hacker will break into their Web server and replace their logo with pornography, read their e-mail, steal their credit card number from an...

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Applying Ethical Frameworks In Practice

 Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice Nursing has a well-known history of concern and interest for the welfare of the sick, injured and vulnerable for social justice. Nursing incorporates prevention of illness, reducing suffering, and the protection, promotion, and renovation of health. Ethics is been an essential part of the basis of nursing and it is self-reflective, enduring and distinctive. In the professional course, a nurse encounters with different...

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Biometrics Ethical and Privacy Issues

Biometrics Ethical and Privacy Issues 9/9/12 Abstract Biometrics technology aims at utilizing major and distinctive characteristics such as behavioral or biological, for the sake of positively indentifying people. With the help of a combination of hardware and specific identifying sets of rules, a basic human attribute, automated biometric recognition mimics to distinguish and categorize other people as individual and unique. But the challenges surrounding biometrics are great as well...

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Safe, Legal, and Ethical Use of Digital Information and Technology

SAFE, LEGAL, AND EITHICAL USE OF DIGITAL INFORMATION AND TECH Safe, Legal, and Ethical Use of Digital Information and Technology: Appropriate Use Essay Micah M. Wells 4 April 2014 FHSU: TECS 290 Safe, Legal, and Ethical Use of Digital Information and Technology: Appropriate Use Essay There are many issues that lie beneath the use of digital info and technology. Writing a paper for a college class is always hard, some never know what to write, which websites to use, what information to write...

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Describe and Discuss Ethical Frameworks Within Which Counselling and Therapeutic Practitioners Work. Include Justification for Observing Codes of Conduct and How Professionalism Is Maintained.

Assessment 6 1. Describe and discuss ethical frameworks within which counselling and therapeutic practitioners work. Include justification for observing codes of conduct and how professionalism is maintained. 2. Outline a range of therapeutic strategies which ensure safe practice for both practitioner and client. This will include safety, record keeping, confidentiality and issues such as bias, prejudice and transference. To have good ethical practice within counselling it is important...

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Is Marketing Ethical

Is marketing ethical or not? Ethics may have many definitions, as it may differ from each one’s own perspective. But, generally speaking, ethics can be defined as the standards that separate the right from the wrong. Ethical marketing does not go far from this definition. It is mainly about what makes marketing morally right. More customers now focus more on organizations that highly focus on marketing ethics. It is clear that ethical marketing is one of the most important aspects that any...

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The Ethical use of cell phones

THE ETHICAL USES OF CELL PHONES IN THE NURSING HOMES BY THE STAFF Abstract The morals and values combine to form ethics, technology and the changes it brings in today’s society, the effect of cell phones, the different use of the cell phone, and who can use their cell phones in the nursing homes. Ethics describes a system of morals that are studied, recommended, and accepted by society. These unwritten rules, made up of morals and...

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Explain the Legal, Ethical and Operational Issues in Relation to the Use of Information.

ACTS AND POLICIES In this assignment I will explain the legal, ethical and operational issues in relation to the use of information. Legal issues Legal issues are various items of legislation (law) to protect the use of business information. Data protection act 1998 Many business store information about people, whether it’s for potential customers or previous clients. The data protection act protects the information held about people from being misused. The information businesses store...

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Google Ethical Issues

Google, like any other successful companies, deals with ethical issues on a day-to-day basis. Google’s corporate mantra simply put - “Don’t be evil” (Google), is what drives their corporate ethics in doing business. Being the data juggernaut that they are, questionable business ethics arise often in relation to privacy. In 2007, Google’s controversy regarding Street View raised privacy and security concerns. Street View allows for high-resolution photos enabling you to explore 360-degree panoramic...

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Motor Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures cars and also other vehicles like trucks and busses. It has c Definition of CSR CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is a self-regulated set of activities which are guided by some ethical and legal principles. Under CSR, companies can decide to take up some initiatives that will help them in complying with the legal standards as well as in making a positive contribution to the society. d Driving forces of CSR The driving forces...

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Ethical Use of Sex in Advertising

The Ethical Issues of Using Sex in Advertising           Today we live in a world where sex sells.  Sex is used to sell everything.  Advertisers use sex or sexual innuendoes in their ads to make a memorable impression on consumers.  Unfortunately, many of those impressions are made on America’s children.  Advertisers and marketers do not just create ads to promote their products; they also set a standard of what is attractive to the society.  The public perceives sexuality as attractive and gives...

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Big Data

Big Data, Data Mining and Business Intelligence Techniques 2 What is Data? • Data is information in a form suitable for use with a computer. • There are two types of data ▫ Structured ▫ Unstructured • The total volume of data is growing 59% every year. • The number of files grow at 88% every year. 3 What is Big Data? Exa Analytics on Big Data at Rest Up to 10,000 Times larger Peta Data Scale Giga Data at Rest Tera Data Scale Mega Traditional Data Warehouse...

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Data Protection Act 1998 and Children

behaviour, good work and display children’s work to make sure the environment is engaging and stimulating and communicates a clear message about the purpose of the setting. 4- I will be a positive role model for them at all times. 5- I will never use any form of physical punishment. 6- I will not be hurtful, offensive. The boundaries are: To care for each other Not doing anything that might hurt another person, or is dangerous or offensive. I will record all the incidences of unwanted behaviour...

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The radiographer's role in child protection: Comparison of radiographers perceptions by use of focus groups

Research Methods Critique "The radiographer's role in child protection: Comparison of radiographers perceptions by use of focus groups" This critique will be constructed using the CASP (2013) guidelines. An article by Davis and Reeves (2005) performed research investigating the perceptions of radiographers concerning their role in child protection; republished May 2006. The research has a relevant and valid purpose considering that child abuse cases are increasing (NSPCC 2013). It also highlights...

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Review the Laws Related to Security and Privacy of Data

| | Review the laws related to security and privacy of data In this document I will be discussing the laws that are related to security and privacy of datas, I will explain how they relate to the security and privacy of data. Computer Misuse Act 1990 This act was introduced to prevent users hacking. This also stops them entering a computer, programs or files without authorisation, this act is in place to prevent users to use the internet without permission to cause an act of crime and also...

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