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Essay On Visit To Historical Place In India

Historical Places in India India is a land with a rich and varied history. Many different rulers, dynasties, and empires have fought over and controlled different parts of the Indian subcontinent during its eventful history. The various rulers and dynasties left behind their legacy in the form of grand monuments and buildings, in different historical places in India. Most of India's cities have a history worth exploring, for the tales of the past are truly fascinating. The various monuments including...

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Historical Places in India

to visit temples and other historical places in India. Since web, is the universal media to which people around the globe either visit to gather knowledge or to keep in touch with their close friends and relatives, I would like to avail the power of web, by putting the photos of temples and other historical places of India. Since web allows people to publish ideas and other useful information, I decided to flaunt my ability of photography by displaying photos of temples and other historical places...

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A Visit to a Historical Place

A Visit to a Historical Place It is a fascinating adventure. I had one such experience during the . last winter, when I happened to visit Delhi. My uncle lives in Delhi. It is about six hundred kilometers away from Kanpur. We reached Delhi by train. First, we went to our uncle’s home. After some rest, we undertook a visit to Delhi. Delhi is a historical city. It is the silent witness to the rise and fall of the empires. It has been called by different names in different periods of time. It was...

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Visit to the Historical Place

VISIT TO HISTORICAL PLACE The word “visit” has of meanings. The first thought that fun sometimes, this reminds us some pleasant moments of glories poet. I also have some precious memories of my visit to the historical city “Lahore”. As Lahore is the second biggest and old city of Pakistan. Therefore it has a great old civilization so, it is natural that we have a desire to see such a beautiful and remarkable memories of our great rules, once I went to Lahore and stayed at my uncle’s house. My...

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151 Words Short Essay On The City I Live In

Disclaimer Copyright Recent Articles PRESERVE YOUR ARTICLE CONTENT QUALITY GUIDELINES DISCLAIMER TOS CONTACT US 151 Words short Essay on the City I Live In RAGHUDEV υह˚दы समाचार समाचार ले ख Google υहं दы वे ब अभी Preserve  Articles  is  home  of  thousands  of  articles published and preserved by users like you. Here you can publish  your  research  papers,  essays,  letters,  stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge...

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Historical Tourism

INTRODUCTION TO HISTORICAL TOURISM HISTORICAL TOURISM CONCEPT AND MEANING: Historical tourism refers to a kind of tourism, where the tour or tour group focuses on the history; history of some place, people, thing, or events.[1] They go, see, study, discuss and experience places where historical things occurred. The places will be a portrayal of history of that country or the region and tells about the past happenings. Tourists usually visit those places of historical importance to know...

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Historical Sites to Visit in Philippines

hold and release a baby turtle into the sea. BULACAN BARASOAIN CHURCH This church is considered one of the leading historical spots in the Philippines. It was the seat of the short-lived Philippine Republic and the site of the Malolos Congress in 1898. BIAK NA BATO This huge split boulder was the mountain hideout if the revolutionary forces during the Spanish period and the place where Malolos Constitution was signed. CASA REAL This building was a printing press during the Malolos Republic...

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Short Essay on History of India

SHORT ESSAY ON HISTORY OF INDIA India has frequently been subjected to horrors of famine. From 1858 to the end of the 19th century, more than twenty famines occurred in India. A major characteristic of British rule in India, and the net result of British economic policies, was the prevalence of extreme poverty among its people. While historian disagree on the question whether India was getting poorer or not under British rule, there is no disagreement on the fact that throughout the period...

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historical essay

liturgy performed five times a day (preferably in a mosque) and oriented toward Mecca. It can be said to be a rite, common in most Africans and Arabians countries. In summary, it is an Islamic obligatory prayer. Taking a closer look at this memorable historical event, the history, method and benefits of Salah are interesting topics that can help give us a better analysis. In regards to the history of Salah, as said earlier, Salah began with Prophet Muhammad; he was in the upper part of...

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Essay on Visit to a Hospital

of Sindh but also the neighboring province of Balochistan as well. ------------------------------------------------- Historical Background The Civil Hospital Karachi was founded in 1898 in the wake of a third pandemic of Bubonic Plague on the one hand, and the platinum jubilee of Queen Victoria on the other. The pandemic would kill at least an estimated 10 million people in India alone over a period of 20 years. It is important to mention the status of Karachi at that time. Being the port city,...

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A Passage to India: an Examination of the Work in a Historical Context

A Passage to India by Edward Morgan Forster is truly one of the great books of it's time. Written in an era when the world was more romantic, yet substantially less civil to the unwestern world than it is today; E. M. Forster opened the eyes of his fellow countrymen and the world by showing them the truth about British Colonialism. The novel aids greatly in the ability to interpret events of the time as well as understand the differences between the social discourse of then and now. To fully...

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Visit to Muktijuddha Jadughar

Visit To Muktijuddha Jadughar Brief essay on liberation War of Bangladesh: In August 1947, the Partition of British India gave birth to two new states; a secular state named India and an Islamic state named Pakistan. But Pakistan comprised two geographically and culturally separate areas to the east and the west of India. The western zone was popularly termed West Pakistan and the eastern zone was initially termed East Bengal and later, East Pakistan. Although the population of the two zones...

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Description Place Essay

Tyler Wilson Professor Kabaji Freshman Composition Description of A Place 27 June 2015 Essay Preliminary Work Please answer the following questions before typing your essay: 1. What topic did you choose from the homework section? A supermarket/local park/barber/salon 2. What is the thesis statement of this essay? With every visit, I am guaranteed to find kids enjoying the well-built outdoor play area, families feeding the ducks and geese, retired men relaxing in the shade with their fishing rods...

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Historical Essay

relationship with her. She writes how at fifteen years old, her master tried to rape her and whisper foul words in her ear. She endured seven long years of mistreatment, until she was finally able to escape. Even then, she lived in extremely small hiding places, was separated from her daughter, and continued the struggle to be free. William Wells Brown experienced physical violence and abuse from his master. He was the son of a black, slave woman named Elizabeth and a white planter who is the cousin of his...

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Interesting Tourism Places in India

Short Essay on important tourism places of India There are many historical buildings in India. Most of these buildings were built by Shah Jahan. The Taj Mahal is an important historical place. It was built by Shah Jahan, who was a Mughal emperor. He built this beautiful piece of art in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. It represents the love of Shah Jahan for his beloved queen. It is a poem in marble. At the entrance there is a big real sand stone gate. There is a pathway that leads...

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Essay 1

301 – Essay #1 09 June 2015 Journey in search of happiness I had never been to any place because I am afraid to leave my home town. But always I had a wish to visit places when people around me are talking about the beauty of nature. When I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree I took a chance in the final semester of my course and went on with my friends to north India. We decided to go to north India to enjoy the cool weather. We made a ten days program to visit all places in north India. Our journey...

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Criminal Court Visit Essay

Criminal Court Visit Essay Abstract The purpose of this paper is to highlight the different aspect of the Criminal Justice after visiting the criminal justice office(s). The visit is done during the last week of September 2010 and the visiting point was the United States District First Court of Appeal, the court located at 301 S. ML King Blvd. Tallahassee, Florida. In this paper the findings will be discussed that what factors (selected) are involved that affect the process of administration...

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India, “The land of Lords” is the world’s ancient civilization. India is also the land of various cultural diversities, where you will find a beautiful contrast of customary and contemporary ingredients. It is a place where you experience spirituality and solitude together. India is a land with legendary sagas, rich rituals, distinct cultures, various festivals and ceremonies. Also a land of historical monuments, architectural miracles and rich historical past. Let us know more about India 5,000...

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Slogans On India Of My Dreams Essays

Bottom of Form Slogans on India Of My Dreams Essays and Term Papers Top of Form Bottom of Form Top of Form Bottom of Form My India My Dream the dream of every citizen of a country, to see that the country develops with no negative systems or ideas or beliefs. It is my dream and my vision that India would be the most powerful and developed nation in the world in near future. India will be a golden bird of the coming years. In my dreams more... Vision of My Dream India International Day against...

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India Essay

India In a country with 1.18 billion people and counting it is hard to keep track of all the small things going on without a strong and organized government. Throughout India you can see various issues that may be keeping it from becoming an MDC. Major problems such as language differences, extreme poverty, health problems, migration issues; can all lead to one conclusion; Corruption. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s not easy to define corruption. But in...

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Travel to India Essay

Wahab has remained the same since it was first built. | __ | | iii) | Masjid Jamek Haji Wahab has not changed since it was first built. | __ | c) | i) | There will not be a place for people to pray in the proposed seven-storey Islamic building. | __ | | ii) | The proposed seven-storey Islamic building includes a place for Muslims to pray in. | √ | | iii) | The proposed seven-storey Islamic building will only be used for praying. | __ | Question 3 (a) First worshipped in Masjid Jamek Haji...

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extraordinary wealth of cultural and historical splendour on offer in each of the three cities. Jaipur, capital of the largely desert state of Rajasthan, is home to some of Asia's best bazaars. You could spend weeks in Delhi, the sprawling, fascinating Indian capital, and not see it all, while Agra, once the heart of the Moghul empire, boasts the unparalleled beauty of the Taj Mahal, which adorns the banks of the Yamuna river. The Golden Triangle is a classic introduction to India: if you've never been to...

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Essay of India

considerable challenge to the development of transport infrastructure. Nevertheless, the state has made significant progress in road connectivity in the last few decades. Himachal at present has the highest road density among all the hill states of India. Although Himachal also has three airports and two narrow gauge rail tracks, roads remain the main mode of transport in Himachal. [edit]Roads [pic] [pic] Himachal Road Transport Corporationbus outside of Manali Eight national highways (NH)...

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Historical Essay on Beloved

Book on BELOVED by Toni Morrison © 2007 English Department, Millikin University, Decatur, IL http://www.millikin.edu/english/beloved/Baynar-historical-essay1.html Toni Morrison’s Beloved: Institutionalized Trauma, Selfhood, and Familial and Communal Structure by Klay Baynar Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel Beloved is, in fact, a historical novel. It is based on a documented event involving fugitive slave, Margaret Garner, who was arrested for killing one of her children rather than...

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Japan Is My Dream Place to Visit

country I’ve been dreaming of to visit. The things that attract me are there culture is very different and there are lots of things for me experience. What kind of cultural interest is Japan? The Japanese language will be a useful tool for the United States people. What is Japans attitude towards the United States? Why would Japan be important to us in the future? What kind of government is Japan? How is Japan education different from the States? What is Japan place is the History? What kind of Jobs...

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Essay on Cultural Heritage of India

Cultural Heritage of IndiaEssay India has a rich cultural tradition. There is a harmonious blend of art, religion and philosophy in the Indian culture. They are so beautifully interwoven in the fabric of Indian way of life and thought that they are inseparable. Indian culture is actually an outcome of continuous synthesis and has absorbed many external influences in the course of long jurney of history. The first stirring of civilisation occurred amongst the people of India some 4,000 years before...

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Conjugal Visit

com • Essays • Book Notes • Citation Generator • More a Visit To Murree Essays and Term Papers Top of Form • [pic] • Bottom of Form 1 - 20 of 1000 • Visit To Muree Pindi Point Chair Lift Pindi point is one of the prime points to visit in Murree. Chair lifts are installed here which go down 1.5 km. Both way distance is 3 km... Premium • Travel Agency at 1:00pm Pindi Point: Pindi point is one of the prime points to visit in Murree...

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Historical Autobiographical Essay

Historical Autobiographical Essay A new year had just begun which was 1805; my family and I packed up and moved to a different state. The move wasn’t really by choice, but because the plantations had dried out and so had the money. Originally from Alabama, Mississippi, but we had just recently moved to Chesapeake, Virginia. I go by the name of Courtney Rich now, but in my past life I went by Courtney Bennett. It was very hard being a twenty four year old African American woman and married with...

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Historical Perspective Essay

 Historical Perspective Essay Carmelo James NUR/518 February 2, 2015 Jane Cash Historical Perspective Essay According to Florence Nightingale, “the force for healing resides within the human being and that, if the environment is appropriately supportive, humans will seek to heal themselves” (George, 2011, p. 25). In this essay, Nightingale’s theory, contribution to research, and nursing development will be explained, which includes Nightingale’s paradigm. The Historical Development of Nursing...

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Essay on the Constitution of India

Atlee, who was sympathetic towards the Indians, became the Prime Minister of England. He sent the Cabinet Mission to India to solve the political problem (whether to divide the country or to leave it united) and to devise means of granting her independence. It recommended that there should be a Constituent Assembly to frame the Constitution of India. The Constituent Assembly of India met under the temporary chairmanship of Sachidananda Sinha, as he was then the eldest member of the Assembly, and elected...

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Historical Movie Essay

hordes. Jack Weatherford –an author produced a detailed historical study of the Genghis Khan’s era that was published in 2004. The book looks really grounded on the historical facts because the main source that Weatherford used to construct the plot of the book and to take historical facts was “The Secret History of Mongols” – the authentic Mongol text dedicated to the description of their traditions, customs and events that took place during the reign of Genghis Khan. This apart, the approach...

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A Place I Want to Visit Most

blending with the world renowned designs of the 20th century. Rio was home to the Portuguese Imperial family and capital of the country for many years, and was influenced by Portuguese, English, and French architecture. National Constume Famous place to visit Shopping malls can be found all over town, with the cheaper ones like Shopping Tijuca and Shopping Iguatemi and popular upscale shopping malls like Shopping Rio Sul and Shopping Leblon and Sao Conrado Fashion Mall and BarraShopping. Beaches ...

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Essay on Ancient India

religious population, India has seen many arguments, debates, and parliaments questioning originality of the religions, the origins, traditions, similarities and most of all the differences of South Asian people. In his essay, “Three Hundred Ramayanas”, AK Ramanujan explores the vast range of Ramayana tradition in South Asia. He argues that there is not one Ramayana, but a myriad throughout South Asia. Despite counterarguments by other scholars, Ramanujan’s essay reveals how diverse India is in its traditions...

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Essay on Craze of India

Essay on the Craze of Cricket in India by Subha Sarkar Craze, courage, fear, fantasy, win… and the list goes on and on, of words that have found entry in the cricket lexicon. What do these words signify in their association with the world of cricket? Craze to grab the accessories of the favorite cricketers, courage to postpone the important activities when one knows the load of work pending can prove fatal if not done in time, fear of losing the match when six runs are required on the last ball...

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Essay on Cultural Heritage of India

Essay on cultural heritage of India "A nation without a cultural heritage is like an orphan who has nothing to feed upon" said Emerson. The individual being, or race, or nation must necessarily have certain roots somewhere. They are not of much value unless they have certain roots in the past which is after all the accumulation of experience of generations. Countries achieve greatness not because of their material prosperity but because they follow traditions. Every country's culture is peculiar...

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India and Belgium Imperialism Essay

contact with the home country. With any nation allowing to claim any part of Africa, the lack of unity among Africans caused European weapons to be the far greater power than any African power. The British were more justified in their invasion of India, than the Belgians were to their invasion of the Congo, because they eventually took into account the culture of the native people where as the Belgians did not. One of the worst cases of imperialistic invasion was the Belgians invasion in the Congo...

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An Historical Place

Visits are a great source of information. When we go from one place to another, we are sure to learn a lot. Particularly, visits to historical places teach us so many things. Some times such places tell us stories better than the books on history. It is well said, “Architecture is a frozen music” A visit to historical place is always valuable for a student. It enriches his Knowledge and increases his vision. As it is said, “All the history is the biography of great men” Last Sunday, we decided...

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Historical Monument the Great Stupa’ at Sanchi

Research Paper: Historical Monument The Great Stupa’ at Sanchi Ausbee B. Bryant III | The Great Stupa’ at Sanchi is one of the most sophisticated and well known monuments of all time; the marvelous icon is considered to be a cornerstone of Buddhist art, architecture, and religion. It stands tall and holds a powerful presence that is very symptomatic of its historical context. India is home to one the most symbolic and oldest stone structures known to man. This astonishing marvel...

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Technical Essay

How to Write a Research Essay for History STEP 1: Focusing your topic: In writing a research essay for history, you should first formulate an idea (a working thesis) about the focus of your research. This gives you a starting point to find source information. The thesis statement must address your assignment. Use keywords from your assignment to help formulate a working thesis statement. STEP 2: Research: Librarians are trained to assist you with finding appropriate sources, but keep in mind there...

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Essay on India of My Dream

Country INDIA. The “I” in India is ‘Me’. ‘I’ am ‘India’ and ‘India’ is in ‘me’. Thus, if India, my Country, is not doing well in some spheres and is still amongst the Developing Countries of the World is spite of its man power then we need to ask ourselves as to who is responsible for it? Dr. Abdul kalam had once asked a little Girl, what was her dream for India? She replied “I dream of a developed India”.this impressed him and to be honest this is also ‘My Dream’. I dream of an India where every...

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descriptive essay

Fred Cotten Descriptive Essay September 27, 2014 English 1010 - 85 A Mini Vacation to Atlanta, Georgia Traveling is one of my family’s favorite things to do. The family has visited numerous places throughout the United States, however, none are as memorable as Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta, there are many places to go and sights to see such as: Cola-cola factory, Cabbage Patch Kids Factory, Under Ground Mall, the Zoo, Atlanta Braves Stadium, Six Flags Over Georgia, Stone Mountain Park, and...

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A Place I Would Like to Visit “Hollywood”

A Place I Would Like to Visit “Hollywood” There are a lot of wonderful places I wish to visit. One of the places where I would like to visit is Hollywood. I always wanted to see how the films are made, meet famous actors and actresses and just have a good time. Hollywood is famous for making films there. I like to watch movies and I spend a great amount of my free time watching new and also old films, especially the Hollywood films. While watching the films I like, I always want to know...

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Best Place to Live In Canada essay

 Exam Essay - CGC 1D0 Boucherville, Quebec Maud van Gellecum June 19, 2014 Boucherville, Quebec I have chosen Boucherville to be the best place to live in Canada. This beautiful city, with a population of 41,928 people, is located in the Montérégie region in Quebec, in Canada. It is a suburb of Montréal and is located on the South shore of the St. Lawrence River. Boucherville was originally founded in 1667 by Pierre Boucher, for whom the city was later named. Over several centuries...

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essay on india of my dreams

want India to become a respectable super power in the world. India ha a rich past. it was because of its riches, that it was invaded innumerable times and its wealth was plundered. The British rulers exploited the country. At the time of independence, the country was in turmoil, its economy had been shuttered and there was unrest all around. In sixty years since independence, the country has made tremendous progress. However, it is still for behind the developed counties of the world. India of my...

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A Passage to India Essay 3

A Passage to India In this excerpt from the novel A Passage to India, the author explores several themes through the use of figurative language, linguistic features, and literary devices. One theme is the triviality and evanescence of mankind’s order and plans when juxtaposed with the splendor and immutability of the universe. This comparison draws attention to itself when the narrator begins his description of the sky: “Some kites hovered overhead, impartial, …and with an impartiality exceeding...

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When Mr Pirzada Came to Dine Essay

When Mr Pirzada Came to Dine – Essay Lilia’s parents are from India, which seem to have come to America to ensure that she receives a good education and life. Even though the characters are in America, they all seem to be affected by the events occurring in their homeland. Lilia’s mum seems genuinely proud over the fact that Lilia was born in America. However, the book gives the impression that her parent’s still misses their home. To ease their homesickness they phone and invite compatriots for...

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religion from Islam to Hinduism. It was just a case of a change of name by an affidavit. And so Feroze Khan became Feroze Gandhi, though it is an inconsistent name like Bismillah Sarma. Both changed their names to fool the public of India. When they returned to India, a mock vedic marriage was instituted for public consumption. Thus, Indira and her descendants got the fancy name Gandhi. Both Nehru and Gandhi are fancy names. As a chameleon changes its colour, this dynasty have been changing its name...

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English Essay

Wai Kaung Professor Fasano EWRT 211 31 October 2012 The Golden Land Burma isn’t just a place where I was born; it is much more that. It’s where my culture sank into my blood, for I can never disinherit this place. Located in the Southeast Asia, Burma is rich in cultures and natural attractions. The tropical climate and the warm feelings of Burma are unforgettable. Burma is known for its magnificent landscapes, mouthwatering multicultural food, and hospitable people. I adore this country because...

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Essay on a Passage to India

A Passage To India portrays the stance of the British people in India, wherein the Englishman is viewed as a racist, self-righteous and rude set who deny to relate to the Indians on an individual level or rather see Indians as a person. A Passage to India is divided into three sections: Mosque, Cave and Temple, each part portraying a symbolic meaning. Chandrapore an unusual city situated beside the river Ganges, though being grime when compared to the structures of the British colonials, Chandrapore’s...

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Bangladesh: Places to Visit

Jainta Bazar. Though the condition of this kings palace is already damaged enormously but a huge number of tourists visit here due to the historical background of Jainta Kingdom. A lots of picnic parties goes to Jaintapur forests and also other areas of Jaflong, Sripur and Tamabil to enjoy a full day in the nature. So if you are planning to visit Jaflong you must cover up all these places at a time and by the evening you come back to Sylhet for your night stay.   Sripur:   Sripur is another beautiful...

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Essay on India Corruption

------------------------------------------------- BSP2005 Research Essay- Stage 5 ------------------------------------------------- Corruption in India- Causes, Impact and the Fight Against Corruption Despite the cohabitation of corruption and exceptional economic growth in India, researchers argue that that there is potential for further growth that is held back by the institutions of administration and linked corruption (Heston & Kumar, 2008). The roots of corruption can be...

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Essay on Higher Education in India

overall structure of myriad controls with a rigid bureaucracy has stifled its development. However, on the science and technology side, India has built up the largest stock of scientists, engineers and technicians. Since 1950-51, when there were only 2,63,000 students in all disciplines in 750 colleges affiliated to 30 universities, the growth of higher education in India has been phenomenal. Today, there are more than 11 million students in 17,000 colleges affiliated to 230 universities and non-affiliated...

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Interesting Places to Visit

Interesting places to visit All world have many interesting and fascinating places to visit. Some of them can be made by nature, some by people, some can be frightful, some amazing. Word have a lot of different people, cultures, nations and all of them have something interesting to show you. It can be wonderful water fall made by nature, amazing temple made by human. And I want to tell you about some of the world most famous architecture and nature creations. First, I want to tell you about...

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Essay on India—an Emerging Power in the World

Essay on India—an Emerging Power in the World Rare are the moments in history when a nation suddenly captures the imagination of the world. For India, those rare moments have arrived. The country is achieving a high economic growth of over 8 per cent of its GDP annually, on a consistent basis. In fact, India’s economic growth rate is second highest in the world-next only to China. The developed world has been left behind. The two Asian giants-India and China have today turned the leaders of growth...

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Countrys I Will Visit

different perspectives of people around the world. I made my bucket list and the three countries I would love to visit the most would be Mexico, The Bahamas, and Brazil. Let’s move on to why México is my one of my chose in visiting. Mexico was the place where I was born and I only got to live there for three years. I have always wanted to go back but just to go visit. I want to visit it because most of my family lives there and I would like to meet them. I’ve heard and done some research on some...

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Historical Empathy Essay

 Historical Empathy Essay My Lai Massacre – As an American Soldier [Type the author name] Word Count: 1,099 The My Lai Massacre occurred on the 16th of March, 19681. Lieutenant William Calley led the 1st Platoon of the Charlie Company. Captain Ernest L. Medina gave Lt. Calley orders and in turn Lt. Calley gave the ground troopers ours. A lot of us did not entirely agree with our orders however we could not argue. I did not know it at the time; however, Lieutenant Calley was under...

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HUMN405 Historical Essay Confederation and Constitution

 HUMN-405 Historical Essay #1: Confederation and Constitution Confederation and Constitution After declaring independence the 13 American colonies needed a new government. Due to their experiences under the oppression of the British crown, the government the colonies created under the Articles of Confederation gave the individual states the majority of the power. The weaknesses inherent in the national government they created eventually lead to their replacement with the Constitution. ...

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Written by: - SHAHZAD IFTIKHAR Contact # 0313-7891989, 0333-5319544 e-mail: shahzad2sunny@hotmail.com website: www.onlineislamabad.com ENGLISH FOR CLASS 6TH TO 8TH CLASS (ESSAYS) ============================================================ QUAID-E-AZAM Date of Birth: Quaid-e-Azam was born on 25th December 1876 at Karachi Fathers Name: His father name was Jinnah Poonja. He was a rich merchant of Karachi. Early Education: He received his early education from Karachi. He passed his Matriculation...

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learning and ethical training for citizenship, rather than mere knowledge acquisition and abstract speculation. In response, many teachers of American history have experimented widely with service learning, although those of us who specialize in other historical fields have generally not embraced this trend. Instead, we have responded to the call for engaged learning with the old claim that our discipline uniquely prepares students to gain citizenship skills by cultivating critical thinking skills, objectivity...

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Historical Essay - Alexander the Great a Villain

l Historical Essay; Alexander the Great Alexander is a figure of controversy. Depending on your point of view, he can be seen as a hero or a villain. Discuss. Is Alexander the Great a villain or a hero? My point of view: Villain. Alexander had done many “great” things throughout his lifetime. But behind all of that, he was a vicious, cruel, soulless and murderous villain. He was a greedy, horrible leader. Alexander the Great was not great at all; he was a voracious and hardhearted less than...

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