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Essay On Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Essay : ‘Prevention is better tnan cure” is a wise saying which ha^ comedown to us since ages. It holds true for ever. The wisdom of the saying lies in the fact that a little effort in the early pha^ of a problem helps to solve it before it becomes too difficult to be solved. This principle is always observed by wise people to succeed in life. Those who do not observe this principle usually suffer even if they are intelligent and hard-working. Observance of this principle becomes a part of one’s...

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention Is Better Than Cure Health is valuable present for human life. People can have money, houses, some luxurious things but they cannot buy health. Once geting a serious disease, everything becomes nothing immediately. So I agree with the point that “ Prevention is better than cure”. This proverb advise everybody to care themselves before too late to save their lives. One person just has one life. People all know this definition but not many ones can adjust their lives to live healthier...

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

Prevention is better than cure.” Out of a country’s health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement ? OUTLINE Year after year, human beings have coped with many issues such as disease, keeping us from enjoying a healthy life. Scientists with financial support from government have discovered various medical treatment against them. However, some people hold...

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention is Better than Cure: This proverb is a message for the people who wait for the problem and disaster. The underlying idea of the saying is that it is much better to stop any harm from approaching us than to wait till it comes and ‘then to try to remove it. This waiting can be more injurious for us. It is beyond mauls power to be insulated against sudden dangers and difficulties. But much can be done for the prevention of the dangers and difficulties which can be anticipated. First and...

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Prevention Better Than Cure

Prevention better than cure EVERY dentist I have met says people don’t floss enough. They say we have to floss more often. Floss if you want to keep your teeth. Not flossing regularly leads to tooth decay and other periodontal disease which can also mean tooth loss in adults. When children lose their baby teeth, new ones take their place. However, if baby teeth are lost prematurely, permanent teeth may come out malpositioned, giving rise to uneven teeth. This means a child may need orthodontics...

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Better Than Essay

 English 11 CP Mr. Carr, Period 4 February 14, 2013 Better Than Essay Education is one of the most important factors that determine where we go and succeed in life. While private schools have a limited acceptance rate, public schools by law are to accept all children. Public schools have a larger variety of subjects available than most private schools. There are many reasons why public schools are better than private schools. Even though attending a private school may seem luxurious...

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Corruption: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention is better than cure Last year will be remembered as a year of protests and revolutions all over the world. India played its part well with a long agitation against corruption. Hopefully this year we will find a strong lokpal bill passed and implemented. But a question which is much in debate is whether this will be apt for eliminating the endemic corruption from India like we could (or almost near to) eliminate polio. But as you can see that in eliminating the polio the steps taken...

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Women Are Better Parents Than Men

7/24/12 WOMEN ARE BETTER THAN MEN essays Search over 85,000 Essays and Papers! Like 5k Best Job In The World! Ever Wonder How America's Trains Are Built? Watch And Find Out! Youtube.com JOIN Get instant access to over 85,000 papers. WOMEN ARE BETTER THAN MEN Humans love variety. Be it in simple, everyday matters like food, or more important things like cars or a home, we love to see them in different kinds even though we may not want to have or experience all the different...

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Discursive Essay

Discursive Essay Structure: I. Introduction nowadays in ancient times in analysing it we can draw out positive and negative + thesis (economic, politic, social) II. Body Paragraphs economically, politically, environmentally speaking/connection/on (ecology) in addition, similarly, moreover, therefore however, conversely III. Conclusion in finalizing, we can see considering; taking into consideration Extraordinary Essay should: 1) Content and Structure Be consistently well developed, logical stages...

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Are Women Better Parents Than Men - Essay 2

the needs of children in a changed environment? In fact some would rather believe that they better than the mothers as well. So do men actually make better parents than women? All individuals are different from one another and may respond or perform at different levels as per their individual capabilities. However, if a generalist idea has to be formed it would be so that women generally make the better parents as they have the innate maternal instincts that allow them to take the best care of...

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Argumentative Essay: Women are better politician than men

Women are better politicians than men There is a mindset in the current society that men make better politicians than women. In fact, that statement is not true. Women make good politicians too, some are even better than men in many aspects. Women politicians make better politicians because they compromise better, are more trustworthy and cooperative, plus they are more strong-minded as compared to men. One of the best example is Christine Lagarde the first female Minister...

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 Prevention Nicole Griffin HSM/210 April 5, 2015 Elise Merenda Prevention The targeted population that I chose to write about is the homeless. With over 4,000 people dealing with homelessness in Connecticut, the majority of these people facing this problem have some sort of mental illness, physical disabilities, or dealing with a form of substance abuse problem ("Partnership for Strong Communities", 2015).  A lot of this problem stems from the people being released prematurely from mental hospitals...

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Pc Is Better Than Console

Console Systems are better than PCs. This is a topic of great discussion and disagreement in my gaming community. I have gather background information on the advantages and disadvantages of Console and PC gaming systems. The greatest advantage consoles have over PCs is cost. The Xbox360 currently sells for around $400, often with a couple games in the bundle, while it's easy to spend that much or more on a quality PC video card alone. The second advantage is simplicity. PC gaming is a technical...

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Is Moderation Better Than Excess?

Is Moderation Really Better Than Excess? Is moderation really better than excess? I believe so. How else are we to learn the measure of worth if we have too much of it. Now, there are some things that you can almost never have too much of, and the number one is money. Having money is lovely, but having too much can be unhappy. There is a saying that I grew up hearing, “More Money, equals More Problems!” Could not be truer. It’s always nice to have the moderated version so that you can do the...

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better late than never

“Better Late Than Never” by Yolanda Paul There he was again, peeping through the window with worn, yellow eyes. His coat was moth-eaten and quite shabby. His skin was dirty as though it had not been scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly in quite some time. His shoes had many holes allowing too much ventilation and they appeared to have no soles. The old man shuffled into the coffee shop and ordered his normal cup of coffee without sugar and many times, I would see him looking longingly at the delicious...

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Country Better Than City

Country Life is better than City Life City life and country life are very different to each other. The bustling city is alive with people and activities, whereas the country is relaxed and quiet; but which is better? I strongly think that life in the country beats the city by far because of the better environment and friendlier community. The tranquil setting of the country is definitely superior compared to urban life, and is really appealing to everyone. Firstly, the environment...

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Communism Is Better Than Capitalism

The purpose of this essay is to prove that Communism is a better form of economic organization, compared to capitalism. I will use these following examples equality, employment, health care and society, to show why Communism is a better form of economic organization. First of all in a communist regime, people are all equal to each other no matter how educated that person is, in the eyes of the government. For example a Surgeon how is very well educated is equal in status with a peasant farmer...

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Why Pcs Are Better Than Macs

Admittedly, Macs were in the market first, and initially were much better than PCs. But it’s time to realize the future of home computing: the PC. Although Macs are not completely useless, PCs dominate the world of computers with a better user interface, cheaper price, and better internal workings. These advantages far outweigh any little extra features that a Mac might have. First of all, PCs have a better user interface. While Mac users have always boasted of having a computer with a clean...

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Women Better Than Men

Are women better leaders than men? That was the question posed at Friday's Utah Valley Women's Business Conference and according to research presented at that same conference, the answer is yes. Keynote speaker Bob Sherwin, CEO of Zenger Folkman, presented research his company published in the March edition of the Harvard Business Review. The data comes from thousands of surveys that rate leaders in 16 different traits thought to be important to leadership, including taking initiative, driving...

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Eva Better Than Roi

Why EVA is better than ROI (ROCE, ROIC, RONA, ROA) and earnings, operating profit etc. Equity investors should earn on their capital a return far over risk-free interest rate in order to induce and maintain capital in the company Therefore earnings should always be judged against the capital used to produce these earnings Earnings can be easily increased simultaneously worsening the position of shareholders e.g. if more capital is poured into a company although the return on capital is 5% or less...

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Essay 2 Essaic A Cure For Cancer

Camille Ray Prof. Huggins ENGL 1120 February 24th, 2015 Evaluation of the product Essiac as a cure for cancer(s) Doctors continue to study all types of cancers, so they can find a cure. More and more people are diagnosed with cancer each year. In 1995, “an estimated 450,000 people in the United States were diagnosed, of which 10% to 15% were already locoregionally advanced” (Ames et al, 1996). Cancer has been affecting people for centuries, where it was “treated with such methods as amputation...

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That Beauty Is Better Than Brains

between brainwaves and bimbos; boffins and belladonnas; Buttroses and rosy butts. Is there anything... is there anything to actually argue about today. I think this debate is finished before it even begins. Even a monkey can tell you that beauty is better. However, it comes down to a simple matter of choice. If you were given a choice, which would you choose: a brain the size of a pea and the body of Elle McPherson, or a brain the size of a planet and the body of a bush pig. Of course, we're all...

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Two Mothers Are Better Than One

small business. If I was your son, I believe I’d make you proud (Zack Wahls).” Having two mothers that are in an intimate relationship has no affect on you as Zach Wahls tried to say. In fact it is proven that having homosexual female parents is better than having heterosexual parents Lesbian parents provide a more supportive environment for their children enhancing their understanding of society and performance in school compared to children of heterosexual parents. There are many negative criticisms...

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Socialism is better than Capitalism

you noticed that Scandinavian countries, such as Denmark, Finland and Norway, are always highly-regarded in measures of success such as the Forbes 2013 Prosperity Index. Let's take the example of Norway. The Norwegian tax system is more “progressive” than capitalist systems such as in the USA. Poor people pay much less. Wealthy people (and corporations) pay much more — with fewer tax loop-holes and government subsidies. And what do Norwegians get for their higher taxes?  Extensive cradle-to-grave social...

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Ka Osenobulua Eho nu Nyen Bhi Ighegheghe Osenobulua dia ba aba nonmhon ihoemhonegbe. 1 Peter 5:6, 7 Osenobulua honon man mhan, ole gbelo ghe mhan. Beja aba non wan, non mhon ihoemhonegbe re man imionlen emhin, irio Osenobulua reman ebho rebhe emhin, ejio irehaye emhon uwede non mhen ne nanre nyen. Osenobulua ze emhonata non ghanlen egbere non sio onyenmhen bi urelolo o re. Sade we ka Osenobulua eho, okiha dia e, gbogbagae, bi oki mien kpae reha ro onogho khian Sokpan oseye...

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Oxycyte: Better Than Blood?

Holly Jones Public Speaking 208 Informative Speech Outline Oxycyte: Better than Blood? AGD: Artificial; something false, misleading or unnatural. Though in the world of modern medicine artificial has taken a vastly different definition. One of hope, second chances and recovery. According to information from www.cem.msu.edu, a search for artificial blood began in the 19th century with the use of milk. Thankfully, for us now technology has improved and god forbid we need a...

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books are better than movies

 Books ARE so Much Better than Movies! English H 10A 4 October 2013 Gette 1 English H 10A 4...

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village life is better than city

have to go to the city for supply their needs. Although the life in the city is more comfortable than village, I like village life Living in the city is better than living in the village Today's life has many difficulties and people are the victims, so they plan to make it easy as they can. One of these experiences is migrating from villages to cities. I think that living in the city is better than living in the village for many reasons. Here, I'm going to write about three reasons behind migration...

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Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never We all see those little girls who are connected to their father’s hip, and no one could ever compare to him in her eyes. That was never me. I was never a ‘daddy’s girl’. I wasn’t close with my mom either. They both always talked about their “independent little girl”. For a while I took pride in that, but as I started to grow up it became less special to be so independent. I would hear about girls’ excitement to go shopping with their moms or their anticipation for the Daddy...

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Are Females Better Students Than Males

Are females better students than males? Sajetha: As a whole, females do better than males in school. Am I saying that the individual female will always do better than the individual male? No. There are of course males who perform academically better than girls in school. However, speaking from a male's point of view, female academic performance is higher than male academic performance. A simple Google search will also attest to this fact. Amy: Males are simply smarter. Thousands of years of...

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Better Than Intelligence Quotient?

 Better Than Intelligence Quotient? For many years schools and businesses have held someone’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in very high regard. In many cases this one quotient score has been a deciding factor in hiring, promoting, and recruiting in the corporate world. It has been thought that if someone possessed an above average IQ, then surely their operational output would be above standard. In the last decade it has been proposed that IQ is a definite operational must...

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Nature Cure

Nature Cure Essay Q.) Traditional nature cure recognises the laws of nature as fresh air, sunshine, exercise, fresh food hygiene, and mental wellbeing. Do you consider it possible to be in harmony with these influences in the twenty first century? If so how? Living in the 21st century brings with it many challenges when it comes to maintaining our health and wellbeing. The stressors that now surround us are very different to those of the 19th century, however the outcome remains...

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Five Heads Are Better Than One

ARE FIVE HEADS BETTER THAN ONE? CASE 3 SUMMARY OF ARTICLE The management at Advert has decided on a team of their best producers to take charge of a special project. It doesn’t take a long time to decide as they were all very good in what they do. The creative team was like an ace in the hole, there are similarities in their characters, age, and duration of their time in Advert. They seem to get very well...

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Buying a House Is Better Than Renting an Apartment.

“Buying a house is a better option than renting an apartment.” In this essay I will discuss about the major benefits of buying a house rather than renting an apartments. While it can be costly it is a safer place to live that has long term-investment and tax advantage. Buying a house may be difficult and it can be a confusing process, even for veteran buyers. Here are some tasks that housing experts say before getting into the buying a house. Get financials in order. Buyers should check their credit...

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Poor Are Better Than Rich

the poor so they can achieve success, even if it means destroying others lives. On the other hand, the poor are those who battle to survive among the rich and live their lives to help others. They are open minded and always wanting to give more than what they have. moral character of the rich and the poor and thus they don't help each other mutually in obstacles they each have to face. Poor people are filled with hope and the desire to help others that are in need of help. They are consumed...

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Teenage Pregnancy Prevention

Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Anne Maxa English Composition II American InterContinental University November 20, 2011 Annotated Bibliography ------------------------------------------------- Essay Outline I. Thesis Statement: Teen pregnancy can easily be prevented with better educated teens, better communication between teens and parents, and the knowledge of contraceptives II. Teens will be less likely to become pregnant with better education. A. Classes offered in schools...

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A Better Way to Write an Essay

A Better Way To Write An Essay Writing an essay can be a very challenging process for any college student. This semester in my English writing class I have learned how to use writing guides and step by step strategies to write an efficient essay. Some of the key points to writing that I have refined are producing a strong introduction with a thesis statement. Other areas of writing an essay that I have become more proficient at are constructing the essay with illustration and supporting ideas...

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Are Woman Better Leaders Than Men

  Are Women Better Leaders Than Men?By Mitch McCrimmon  | | An increasingly heard claim is that women are better leaders than men. What this really means is that leaders with stereotypical feminine traits might be better than those with classic masculine traits, whether men or women. The foundation for this claim is that women are more collaborative while men are more competitive. There is no doubt that collaboration is vital for success in business today. In addition, work is much more complex...

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The Cure for Death by Lightning Essay

Gail Anderson-Dargatz’s masterpiece, The Cure for Death by Lightning, recounts the story of Beth Weeks, a fifteen-year-old living on a farm near a reserve. Throughout the story, Beth has to endure different kinds of ill-treatment as well as an invisible predator who seems to be following her. Through her struggle, the author reveals that a character, despite being abused, and having to live in difficult conditions can evolve into a mature and responsible young woman. Beth’s encounters, as well as...

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Gang Prevention

Gang Prevention Gang Prevention Program Jasmine McInnis Strayer University Professor Lillian Ajayi CRJ180010VA016-1122-001 March 9, 2012 Gang Prevention Abstract The Gang Prevention Program that I decided to write on is the A.R.I.S.E program, which was founded in 1986 in Miami Florida by Ed Benson. It’s a non-profit organization that provides assortment of time tested, evidence based life skills curricula for at risk youth. In this essay, I am going to focus on the programs history, mission...

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Animals Are Happy and Better in Jungle.

Animals are happy and better in jungle. "The Jungle" portrays the lower ranks of the industrial world as the scene of a naked struggle for survival. Where workers not only are forced to compete with each other but, if they falter, are hard pressed to keep starvation from their door and a roof over their heads. With unions weak and cheap labor plentiful, a social Darwinist state of "the survival of the fittest" exists. The real story revolves around the integration and eventual disintegration of...

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An Ounce of Cure - Essay

There comes a time in every person’s life when they reach the point where they are no longer a child, but an adult. “coming of age” is not something that usually happens in one exact moment but a gradual experience. In Alice Munro’s “An Ounce of Cure”, the narrator recalls her past as a teenager. During these years, she experiences heart-wrenching situations that no one her age should ever have to experience. Though, this leads to her “crossing the bridge of innocence”. Although “coming of age” is...

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opinion Essay

Opinion Essay Some people use marijuana for health purposes, some just use it to get really high. Smoking marijuana isn’t as bad as it seems to others. Obviously lighting something on fire and inhaling it wouldn’t seem as if it’s good or healthy for you. That’s why people get the wrong impression. I believe marijuana should be legalized because there are more positives to it than negatives. Marijuana can help people medically and help the economy. Ironically other substances that are...

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urban life is better than life

Is urban living better than rural living? Related Topics: Home Add a New Topic Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic Report This Topic 22% Say Yes 78% Say No Culture and opportunities abound I understand the other side, but as a younger person, I find living near an urban center to be invaluable. Crime is rarely anything to worry about. The main reason is that in the search to find oneself, there are a plethora of opportunities in cities. You can walk down one block and experience...

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Ebola and AIDS: Problems and Prevention

across the world in the last few decades. The most common and the most talked about killer virus is AIDS, a virus that starts out as HIV and then proceeds to develop into a immune breaker that ultimately kills its human host. So far, there is no cure for AIDS, and most unfortunately the numbers of deaths from AIDS only continues to grow. However, another virus has gained much public and national attention. That virus is called Ebola. It is thought that Ebola's effect on humans is restricted...

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Are Mother Better Parents Than Men

English IV-3 2 November 2012 “Parenting: Are Women better parents than Men” A mother is the definition of someone who feeds, cares and nurtures and protects. A mother will go to extreme measures to make sure her young are safe were as fathers they are looked as a role model and are the bread makers of the family. In my opinion mothers are better at parenting then men because the woman carries the child for 9 months and during those months the mother and her child create a strong bond were...

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Are Women Better Leaders Than Men

ruthless all over again. Now women are nearly as ubiquitous as men in the middle management ranks, and there are enough women making an impact at the “C” level that no one can label them token representatives anymore. But while things may look slightly better in terms of numbers, something is still not quite right below the surface. Male or female, gender isn’t supposed to matter in the corporate setting anymore. So how come the bulk of the research out there points to the same ugly problems concerning...

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the Countryside is better than the City. There are around seven billion people all over the world reside in our mother Earth. People in this modern era, especially young generation would prefer to live in the large metropolises rather than living in a countryside or small town. Because of urbanization, people still continuous pelting along into the already herded city that is normal in this 21st century. Most of the society thinks it is better to live in the urban areas than living in the countryside...

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Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats I think dogs are better than cats for many reasons. I’m sure it is not without reason that dogs are called “man’s best friend.” They are loyal, obedient, and also protective. Even if their attempts at protection are sometimes unnecessary, at least they try. On one occasion while our family was setting off various fireworks on the Fourth of July, we set off a ground bloom. A ground bloom is basically a firework that spins around on the ground spewing fire...

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Women Are Better Parents Than Men

Women make better parents than men and this is the reason why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting. Introduction A quality relationship between parents and their children is the most important thing in a family and in children’s development. For parents, the most precious asset of their life will always be their children. As a result, their priorities will be to raise their children’s to become better people...

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Fire Prevention Essay in Hindi & English

What is Fire Prevention? The goal of the Fire Prevention Division is to prevent the loss of life and damage to environment, property and other values in Santa Fe County through the establishment of community partnerships, information dissemination, code development and enforcement, planning, review and active involvement in our communities. Fire Safety Tips X Lauren Romano Lauren Romano became a freelance writer in 2007. Her work appears on various websites and in print. Lauren specializes in...

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Failure Is a Better Teacher Than Success

Cheng,'1' Annie Cheng Mrs. Milne ENG4U1 2012 09 27 Failure is a Better Teacher than Success Henry Ford once said: “Failure is the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” It is hard to imagine that this famous historical figure ever failed in his lifetime. In fact, many of Ford’s innovative ideas were rejected many times – others, like the assembly line, are still used today. However, we do not hear of these failures, as newspapers often emphasize in big bold lettered...

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Primary Prevention of Breast Cancer

Choose a health topic related to primary prevention, secondary prevention, or tertiary care. Explain why this is an important topic of discussion based on your personal belief, and based on valid research. Paper should be 1.5 – 2 pages. APA format must be followed. Detailed assignment information will be provided. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women and the 2nd most leading cause of their death. It is estimated that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their...

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Women Are Better Employees Than Men.

women in management, the number of women in top management positions has increased by nearly 60 percent in the past decade but those who hold executive positions is still quite small at about 4.8 percent. A research revealed that women still hold less than a quarter, about 24 percent, of the senior management positions in privately held businesses globally. This figure, 24 percent, is identical to 2007, an improvement from 2004 when only 19 percent of senior level positions were held by women. However...

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An Infectious Cure

Microbes and Society Case Study: An Infectious Cure Part 1 Questions 1. The Europeans poured have poured something into the water which sterilized the water and killed the toxins that become disruptive in the digestive system when they are consumed. They Europeans may have poured what are called oral rehydration salts into the well, which quickly works are combatting the cholera, and will prevent further outbreaks from occurring. 2. Ethical issues that are raised by pouring the treatment into...

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Marries Is Better Than Being Single

ed is MARRIED IS BETTER THAN BEING SINGLE There are lots of discussion and arguments about to being single or getting married nowadays. The new generation might not willing to bound into marriage life and they wish to remain in single life so they can have more privacy, freedom and the commitment of  responsibilities. However, marriage is union ordained by God and it is also a wonderful union of two people in love. It is unique, opposite-sex union with legal, social, economic and spiritual dimensions...

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Expository Essay

Expository Essay Final Project: Expository Essay Victoria Dupuy Com 150 May 18, 2010 Leslie Phillips Academic, social and athletic pressures can push teens to the brink of disaster and even lead them to commit suicide. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “suicide is the third leading cause of death between 10 and 24 year olds” (Suicide Prevention, para. 1). Pressure and depression is the most common factor leading to teen suicide. The pressures teenagers...

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Working Hard Today for a Better Tomorrow

Working Hard Today for a Better Tomorrow It is the beginning of October and everywhere you turn, there are little pink ribbons. You continuously ask yourself, “What’s the meaning of this?” Do not feel discouraged because all around the world, there are thousands of people that do not know the true meaning to these little pink ribbons. Some think that it is a new fashion statement; many think it’s the person’s favorite color. In reality, these ribbons are more than a fashion statement and have a...

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Drug Addiction: to Cure or Not to Cure

Drug Addiction: To Cure or Not To Cure University of Phoenix Abstract Drug addiction is a huge social problem, and to some individuals; feel there is no end. People either try to fight this disease or just put their hands down preferring to think that nothing could be done. This paper investigates what drug addiction really is and why some people believe it is incurable. Primarily the main focus of the work is dedicated to the issue of...

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Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

Jonathan Elliott Professor Supinski ENGL101C-13 15 November 2012 Why Linux is better than Windows Linux holds the highest, most used operating system when it comes to supercomputers. Although, Windows holds that title when it comes to the average desktop computer. “Now, not 20 years later, well over 90% of the world top 500 supercomputers are running Linux.” (Vaughan-Nichols) All operating systems from UNIX to Mac OSX have their pros and cons. Mac OSX is known more for making multi-media such...

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