• First Step Into College
    Andrew Terhall Mrs.Duym English 1100 January 31st 2013 My First Step Into College: My First Writing Experience As I have started my college career I noticed that the writing is a lot harder than it ever has been before. More in depth, more to do and of course the deadlines and due dates are
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  • Ethnographic Essay: a Study of the College Party Scene
    Let’s Get Fucked Up and Die I am only now beginning to enter my sophomore year at college but there has always one part of it that has been especially exciting, the parties. Yes, those glorious nights where you can escape from the nagging of your parents, procrastinate on some of that homewor
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  • Personal College Essay
    My Personal College Essay By Dina Elyamany My heart froze and my stomach churned as I imagined the red-colored blood gushing out of him like a waterfall. I grabbed my doctor equipment and, with shaking hands, started stitching the wound in his chest with fear that something might go wrong. Afte
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  • College Essay
    At this moment there is a total of 488 different institutions that use The Common Application to review potential students for enrollment. This group of institutions includes the full spectrums of prestigiousness, reputation and size. Interestingly, there are even schools in Europe that use The Comm
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  • College Essay
    College Essay Rough Draft A motto that I’ve truly lived by through various obstacles thrown at me is, “it isn’t failure that defines you it is how you get back up that does.” I honestly do not even remember where I first heard this but as a dedicated athlete, I’ve been through my fair
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  • College Essay for Georgia Tech
    College Essay Lost in a world flooded with giant decisions that would affect the near future, an adolescent me siting confounded in my high school sophomore English class. Attempting to simply pass my classes with no clear plan for the approaching future I disregarded any statements made from my t
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  • College Essay
    John Roy College Essay I realize that it is necessary to risk failure in order to gain success. Over the years, playing sports has taught me what it takes to succeed. From months of tough practices, I have gained a great work ethic. From my coaches and fellow teammates, I have learned to work
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  • College Essay
    Mark Broadbent 10/3/2012 College Essay There is one significant moment in my life that will always stand out. It was a freezing cold Saturday morning on December 17th, 2011. It was the week before Christmas, everyone had been getting anxious about the upcoming events, the gift giving, a
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  • Writing College Essay
    Sitting down attempting to write a first draft of my college essay, I started brainstorming what I could possibly write about. Do I go with something deep or something lighthearted? Do I use a prompt, or do I pick a topic of my own? Making these decisions proved to be challenging. My friends and fa
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  • First Week in College
    “Wake up, today is your first day at college, do not be late,” yelled my mom. I did not really want to go, because my heart has lingering memories of high school. Every single moment when I think about college, learning in a new environment, I am scared and nervous. However, the school is not ha
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  • College Essay
     College Essay I have always wondered what I was going to be in life. At one time I wanted to be a veterinarian, and then an astrologist. Since I’ve been in high school that has changed...
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  • College essay
    Chris Roman AP Lang/Comp Mr. Krause 22 May 2013 Prompt A: Indicate an individual who has a significant influence on you and your personal growth. Describe that influence and how it affects your character. College Entrance Essay In life you have countless people who influence you....
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  • College Admission Essay Basic
    This is Not the Perfect College Admissions Essay Choose the day, Choose the sign of the day. The day’s divinity, the first thing I see, a crazy world that beckons me. As I stand forth today in my infancy, I wish to seek— seek the knowledge which I must find for I must be in...
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  • sample college essay
    Sample College Essay #1 The sun sleeps as the desolate city streets await the morning rush hour. Driven by an inexplicable compulsion, I enter the building along with ten other swimmers, inching my way toward the cold, dark locker room of the Esplanada Park Pool. One by one, we slip into...
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  • College essay
    Do you want to know more about me? Do you want to see what I’ve been through? Then you should read my autobiography. If you were to read this book that I have yet to write you probably have super powers, and if you do let me know who you are because we have work to do. When you read...
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  • My First Semester in College
    My First Semester in College High school students just like me preparing for their visit to the campus of their choice anticipating on their transition from a high school education to a college education: leading them to the next phase of their life for success. Like me, probably was...
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  • College Essay
    Kianna's College Essay All my life I've always thought I had the perfect parents. As a child I honestly did not think my parents could do any wrong. Through many experiences I learned parents aren't perfect. They are going to make mistakes because they're human just like everybody else. My...
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  • college essay
    Lisa Hidalgo Essay Question: Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn? It’s never easy admitting you’ve made mistakes, but it is a crucial step in learning, growing, and improving yourself. You have a million...
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  • college essay
    Aayush Amin Mrs.Gordienko College Essay January 9 2014 Time I Experienced Failure When i was in 9th grade I almost failed my history class and I was concerned about my gpa as well. Coming into 9th grade I thought it was going to be really easy in 9th grade but I think the real...
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  • college essay
    College Essay “A horrified feeling came up from underneath me…” it was the summer of ’01 I was brushing my teeth that morning and noticed something was wrong. I washed out my mouth and looked in the mirror when my front tooth was wiggling. I ran to tell my mom, in tears I said, “There’s...
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