• IGCSE English Essay on Global Warming
    PO Box 123 xxx xxxx Dr. xxx Professor of Climatology University of xxx PO Box xxx xxx xxxx Dear Dr. xxx, I recently read your essay about global warming stating that humans have not contributed to its existence. I believe that it is important to study both sides of this...
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  • Global Warming: a Problem and Solution Essay
    Global Warming: A Problem and Solution Essay Over the past years the problem that has most scientist and people in the world concerned is global warming. What leads to global warming is called the green house effect, where the atmosphere builds up by gases, like methane and carbon dioxide,
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  • Global Warming Is Happening
    Global Warming is Happening Sometimes, it takes a huge blockbuster movie to affect a large population. On Memorial Day weekend in 2004, The Day After Tomorrow was released. The movie tells the story of a paleoclimatologist who warns the world of a possible abrupt climate change that could occur.
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  • How the ‘Greenhouse’ Effect Promotes Global Warming and Discusses the Impacts of Global Warming
    This essay gives an explanation on how the ‘Greenhouse’ effect promotes global warming and discusses the impacts of global warming. The three main areas to be explored are the relationship between ‘Greenhouse’ effect and global warming, the consequences of global warming with evidence and th
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  • Comparative Commentary of Two Texts Describing the Problem of the Global Warming
    Climatic change has been the most discussed theme during the past 5 years. Actually, it has started a long time before we managed to discover it, and especially now it is a very discussed issue. Sometimes it is terrifying to read what may happen, if the climatic change is going to continue, bu
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  • Global Warming
    Global Warming For many years, global warming has slowly become a pertinent issue. The majority of individuals have begun to take many steps in decreasing the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. Car dealerships are now providing alternative vehicles that use less gas and r
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  • Global Warming
    In the world today, with the rapid development of industry and transportation, there has been a drastic boom of environmental issues such as extreme weather, ice-melting, disasters and even ecosystem-destruction. In general, all of those matters are derived from only one thing. This thing cannot be
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  • Global Warming
    The future of humanity is shrouded in an impenetrable mist of obscurity. But there is one thing that we do know: there exists a barrier that we must overcome to ensure the continuity of human life as we know it, which is Global Warming. Provoked by our thoughtless exploitation of natural resources,
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  • Global Warming
    Global warming has created a big uproar and all of a sudden everyone seems to be talking about it and how to save our planet. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s near-surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation. Quite obviously, if w
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  • Global Warming
    Global Warming Comparison Essay 1 Global Warming Comparison Essay SCI:207 05/17/10 Global Warming Comparison Essay 2 The environmental issue I have chosen to write about is global warming. I will explain what it is all about and I will explain its pros and cons and its effect on our earth
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  • Global Warming
    Landon Korver College Writing Mrs. Wiersma Oct. 25, 2010 Global Warming For many years, global warming has been a debated issue. Which side provides the best evidence? On one side, it is said that our world is slowly increasing in temperature, and will eventually hurt our ecosystem. On the
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  • Global Warming
    Global Warming? “Global warming” The words “partial rising of temperature on Earth” changed into “global warming” after the appearance of the most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).[1] Created in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization and
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  • Global Warming
    Earth, a fragile planet which is the perfect distance from the sun and capable of supporting life. The main reasons for this is the atmosphere, climate, water, light, and the sun. Together these five components provide the perfect living conditions for living creatures. As of the mid 20th century on
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  • Is 20th-21st Century Global Warming Natural or Induced by Human Activity?
    Global warming is one of the greatest problems in which interest from international communities is increasing every year. Consequences of this problem are dramatic and disastrous. They are felt in every part of the planet Earth and it has greater impact on society. That is why it is necessary to com
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  • Global Warming and Maintaining Living Standards
    Undoubtedly the effects of global warming are severe as it can be seen in many places around the world including Australia where extreme weather events happen in some parts of the country. Politically the debate over global warming is domestically and internationally rising to reduce greenhouse emis
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  • Global Warming
    Global warming is an extremely severe problem facing the world today. Its effects and causes have been on the rise and people need to do something about it before the problem gets any worse.Global warming is an increase in the earth's temperature, which can be caused by the use of fossil fuels, an
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  • Global Warming
    A dirty convenience These two words Rush and Comfortable seem to match well with lifestyle of people nowadays. Since,People have to live their life in hurriedly all day since the eyes were opened with the sound of the alarm clock, so that why the people turn to consume the product that easy to c
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  • Global Warming: an Inconvenient Truth?
    Global Warming: An Inconvenient Truth? First, in the 1970’s it was global cooling. Then, it was global warming in the 1990s. Now, it is global climate change. The fact of the matter is the earth’s climate is going through cycles that create these warming and cooling trends. However, through d
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  • Global Warming, Man vs Nature
    Earth’s Incurable Disease “I’m so sorry to tell you; you have cancer.” Those few words can devastate anyone. One’s life is forever changed when they are diagnosed with this deadly disease. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the medical definition for cancer is a “non-healing s
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  • Global Warming
    INTRODUCTION  A panel convened by the U.S National Research Council, in 2007 voiced a "high level of confidence" that Earth is the hottest it has been in at least 400 years, and possibly even the last 2,000 years. Studies indicate that the average global surface temperature has increased by appr
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