• A True Muslim
    To be a good Muslim is. indeed, a great blessing of Allah. The follower of Islam is called a Muslim. A true Muslim has a firm belief in Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). He believes that Allah is the light of heaven and earth. It is his faith that Allah is the Creator...
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  • Essay Question: Assess the Extent That Malcolm X Achieved His Goals in "The Civil Rights Movement' in America. (Consider the Legacy Malcolm X Left Behind)
    Essay Question: Assess the extent that Malcolm X achieved his goals in "The Civil Rights Movement' in America. (Consider the legacy Malcolm X left behind) Malcolm X aspired for justice and liberalisation for all African-American people during the late 1950's and early 1960's. He was a dynamic sp
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  • Kabul Beauty School: Essay
    Kabul Beauty School Essay: Topic # 2 With a strict and unforgiving hand the Taliban ruled over Afghanistan from the 90's until 2001. The Taliban hold an extremist interpretation of teachings from the Koran, the Islamic holy book. According to them, the Taliban, the Koran states that God has d
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  • Essay
    Write an essay on the person I like most (My father, my favourite teacher, my neighbor etc.) Outline: 1. Introduction 2. External appearance 3. General habits 4. A balanced personaliy 5. His views about religion 6. His views about politics 7. Flaws in
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  • Essay on "My Son the Fanatic"
    My son the fanatic essay After several terrorist attacks, society have focused and learned a lot about Islamic extremist, Jihad and countries of the Middle East in general. Almost every day the news contains stories about how orthodox Muslims and al-Qaeda recruits young promising students to fight
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  • White Teeth Essay
    White Teeth Essay Gina Pardue HIST-H 109 PERSPECTIVES: WORLD 1800-PRESENT Instructor Dr. Daron Olson 3/10/2012   White Teeth is a novel by Zadie Smith. In this novel, Smith writes about the Jones and Iqbal families and their struggles to fit in with...
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  • Personal College Essay
    Kante,Hawa EWS22QGC-01 16 March 2014 Mrs. Jefferson Personal College Essay There is this bright determined girl who is very motivated, ambitious and has the key to success. This girl is pure African, a true Muslim who was raised in a highly respectable way. She has bright eyes to...
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  • Midnight's Children Essay
    Midnight's Children essay Salman Rushdie's creation, Saleem Sinai, has a self-proclaimed "overpowering desire for form" (363). In writing his own autobiography Saleem seems to be after what Frank Kermode says every writer is a after: concordance. Concordance would allow Saleem to bring meaning to
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  • A Brief Essay on Who Is Muhammad?
    A Brief Essay on Who Is Muhammad? Throughout my life I have come to believe that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. I have put my trust, my soul, and myself in Islam; it has not guided me astray nor has it guided me to beliefs that are illogic to the social norm's ability of understanding
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  • Identity Formation and Oppression of Muslim Culture
    Identity formation is an intricate notion. It usually is affected in 4 different ways in our society. The micro, meso, macro, and global levels of social interaction all play a key role in identity formation. These levels are always present, however, we may think we define ourselves by our own v
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  • The Essay
    The Kashmir Problem Essay 1 It was decided during the campaign of Pakistan, that the Provinces having Muslim majority should be included in Pakistan. The people of Kashmir were willing to join Pakistan but the Hindu Maharaja Gulab Sigh did against the wishes of the people. The entire valley of
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  • Islam Muslim Religion: Women of the Religion
    The word Islam means “submission”, in the religion itself it is the total surrender to God. Islam and Muslim are of the same religion, practicing the same and worshipping the same. At times many think that they are different religions. The word Muslim means “ one who submits to God”. There
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  • Muhammad: a True Prophet?
    To have one single man claim that he is the messenger of God centuries ago and still have his word believed in present day is quite powerful. There are approximately 1.3 billion Muslims in the world today which means that one out of every five people believes Muhammad was, indeed, the messenger of G
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  • Human Nature Essay
    The Evil Nature of Man: An Essay on Human Nature People today enjoy the many pleasures life provides, including entertainment and technology, all the while living longer than ever before. This would not be possible, if it were not for a government that protects it’s citizens from danger and prom
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  • Tok Essay
    THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE ESSAY “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness, weakness.” * Henry David Thoreau The quote by Henri David Thoreau clarifies the usefulness of simplification which le
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  • Malcolm X Quotation Essay
    Professor Chris Reider English 101 3 September 2010 Education's True Importance With an unemployment rate of 9.6% (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) this is one of America’s darkest days, people are falling deeper into debt month after month with no hope left with obtaining a job and with only
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  • Essay Writing
    Essay Writing Copyright ©1995-2008 by The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue Overview The essay is a commonly assigned form of writing that every student will encounter while in academia. Therefore, it is wise for the student to become capable and comfortable with this type of writing early on in
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  • Essay
    |FRANCE // ALGERIA | |In which measure Algeria represents a business opportunity for French wine producer? | |
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  • Diversity Management Essay
    Diversity management essay I) The article untitled “Managing Diversity: Afghan-Americans and the Aftermath of the Twin Towers Tragedy” deals with the discrimination issue in America towards Muslims since the events of September 11. In fact, it illustrates the impact of this terrorist
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  • Koran Essay
    Zach Kulzer Mr. Dawsey His 101H October 28, 2010 The Koran Essay The holy book of Islam is the Koran. It has been around for centuries and some believe that not a single word has changed since it was first written down in any of the 114 chapters. It was directly quoted from God through t
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