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Essay Of A House On Fire

the sleeping child beside me, and grabbed a hold of the black metal frame of my bed. My reflexes reacted quickly, and I released my grip. The hot metal had burned my hand. In that short second, I turned my head without taking a breath and saw that a fire was dancing up the side of the wall, trailing black ash behind it. "Cheyenne," I whispered, not knowing whether I should be waking her up or leaving her to sleep. "Cheyenne, wake up! Please wake up!" I grabbed her arms and tossed her body until her...

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A House of Fire

Fire is a good servant, helping us with the cooking and providing warmth during those chilly winter nights, but it can also be a bad master when we underestimate its destructive power. It's for this reason that fire needs to be handled with care. Playing with it can be dangerous, and at times can also prove fatal to those unfortunate enough to find themselves in its path. Our next-door neighbours were lucky in that nobody was injured, but the same thing cannot be said about their beloved house. Although...

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Descriptive Essay House on Fire

descriptive essay house on fire The House on Fire That cold night of December 2004 had left behind a memory which will stay in my mind for a never ending period of time. That night was not the same as the rest of the days in my life. Instead of going to bed, that night I was standing in the middle of the road, in complete terror. My heartbeat was accelerating...

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Fire Essay

There are a lot of different elements of the Strategic Planning process in which there is some strength and weaknesses of the planning process I will list some recommendations that could be applied to the fire department. Strategic planning has a somewhat of a long process that I am going to explain through out this paper in which the fallowing questions will give you a good idea of how that Strategic Planning process works. I’m going to answer this fallowing questions which are “who are we”, “why...

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Essay Luka and Fire of Life

The Essay “Luka and the Fire of Life” is a nove written by Salman Rushdie. The novel is about a twelve year old boy named Luka Khalifa, and his father, Rushid Khalifa. His father had fallen into a very deep coma, hearing nothing and no one. Luka met a holographic version of his father, named Nobodaddy. Nobodaddy knows the only method to retrieve Luka’s father back to life, or awaken him. He has to steal the fire of life from the world of magic. Luka, Nobodaddy, his pet bear and dog set forth...

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The Vanna Venturi House Essay

The Vanna Venturi House Essay Robert Venturi’s early design; the Vanna Venturi House, has been a reference for contemporary architecture. His domestic masterpiece challenged the definition of modern architecture.1 It seems the Vanna Venturi House contradicted many of the rules that modern architects were expected to follow. This essay will discuss the architectural qualities of the Vanna Venturi House and the precedents which influenced its design. Robert Venturi was only thirty-four when he...

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A Doll House Essay

Kevin Tejada Professor Day Intro to Literary Studies 2 April 2013 A Doll House Essay A large deal of controversy has arisen about the play A Doll House, written by Henrik Ibsen. The controversy argues whether Ibsen’s play is feminist or not. In the play, we are introduced to a woman named Nora, who shows nothing but selfless love to her husband, Torvald Helmer, a highly respected banker. Many people argue that the play does not reflect notions of feminism, but on the contrary, many...

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House Md Gender Essay

House M.D. The perception of gender throughout history has been manipulated and changed into something that is totally different than the gender norm: men should act like men, working and paying the bills, and women should act like women, cleaning, cooking, and caring for children. These days it is more the idea of anything goes. The idea that popular conceptions of femininity and masculinity instead revolve around hierarchical appraisals of the natural roles of males and females gives people the...

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Fire Prevention Essay in Hindi & English

What is Fire Prevention? The goal of the Fire Prevention Division is to prevent the loss of life and damage to environment, property and other values in Santa Fe County through the establishment of community partnerships, information dissemination, code development and enforcement, planning, review and active involvement in our communities. Fire Safety Tips X Lauren Romano Lauren Romano became a freelance writer in 2007. Her work appears on various websites and in print. Lauren specializes in...

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House in Fire

A house on fire One day, I was studying at home. Suddenly there was a loud noise. I came out of my house to know what had happened in the neighborhood. What I saw, I could not stop my scream. A house in my neighborhood had caught fire; people from the neighboring areas were rushing towards the house. They were pouring buckets of water to extinguish fire. Many people were throwing sands and dust over the fire. A few people were trying to control fire by throwing blankets on it. But the fire was...

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The Doll House Essay

Nora’s Transformation People can change from one dramatic life-endorsing experience, it all depends on the impact you partake from the event and how much you’ll let it influence your life. In Henrik Ibsen’s play “The Doll House”, he portrays an existential transformation on the main character Nora Helmer. The traumatic events that led to Nora’s identity crisis illustrates how a person can go from an ignorant girl to a revolutionary woman who takes means in her own hands....

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Triangle: the Fire That Changed America Essay

infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Fire occurred that day, and left one hundred and forty-six people dead in its wake. While many at the time thought the story would soon pass, and with it all the potential bad publicity, the story of the fire spread quickly, and outraged many people. As a result, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire ended up changing many business and political practices of the time. In his book Triangle: The Fire that Changed America, David von Drehle argues that the fire largely impacted the country...

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Analysis essay to "To Build a Fire"

even less to travel alone. Clearly the man thought he had enough experience to go in to this endeavor by himself in such cold, even if he was warned and told not to. His loyal dog was all he had and the last living thing he will ever see. “To Build a Fire” is a very descriptive and realistic story, where the protagonist fails to survive in such cold due to his own arrogance and overconfidence, proving that this weaknesses will only guide him to his own death. As we know Alaska is a land of coldness...

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House of the Scorpion Essay Quotes and Topics

Essay 1 If you didn’t have friends, would you be able to live a valuable and meaningful life? Friendship is a very valuable thing because it can get people through the hardest of times, as shown in Nancy Farmer’s House of the Scorpion, where the reign of El Patron over his country, Opium, is overthrown by his own clone, Matteo Alacran, with the help of his few friends, whom he keeps through loyalty and compassion. “Tomorrow he would begin the task of breaking down the empire of Opium. It was...

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House of the Scorpion Essay

House of the Scorpion essay Everyone in the world is different and some people are discriminated against because of those differences. Imagine being a normal person that doesn’t have any real physical differences but is hated because of a few numbers tattooed to ones foot. It sure would make life frustrating and make it difficult to succeed because of obstacles created by hate from others. In the book, The House of the Scorpion, Matt shows he gets through life’s struggles and grows up when he accepts...

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A Doll s House essay

modern society make life altering decisions on a daily basis. Women today have prestigious and powerful careers unlike in earlier eras. It is more common for women to be full time employees than homemakers. In 1879, when Henrik Ibsen wrote “A Doll's House”, there was great controversy over the outcome of the play. Nora’s walking out on her husband and children was appalling to many audiences centuries ago. Divorce was unspoken, and a very uncommon occurrence. As years go by, society’s opinions on...

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House of Spirits Essay

Histories In the novel, “The House of the Spirits”, the author, Isabel Allende uses the symbolism of the house on the corner and the viewpoints of Esteban and Clara’s notebooks to show the reader that in order to understand the history of the Trueba family, multiple viewpoints must be taken into consideration. Through the use of symbolism, the house on the corner is representative of the Trueba’s history and how the family’s history is told through dichotomy. The house has two structures that must...

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House on mango street essay

In Sandra Cisneros book, The House On Mango Street , the theme is of how fantasizing keeps you going. In the story there are many different quotes and stories explaining how Esperanza and her friends would daydream about life in the future. Explaining how Esperanza’s friends are waiting for the perfect husband to come and marry them and take them off out of Mango street. Almost every story has someone daydreaming about how much better life is going to be when they get older. Explaining ...

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Catching Fire Symbolism Essay

Its True Meaning “The bird, the pin, the song, the berries, the watch, the cracker, the dress that burst into flames. I am the mockingjay,” (Collins 386). Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins explores the physical and emotional aspects of the dystopian society of Panem. The setting took place during the year of the 75th anniversary of the Hunger Games, another year for a Quarter Quell. President Snow has decided that for the 3rd Quarter Quell, tributes will be those who have emerged victorious from...

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Analytical Essay on "The Fire on the Snow"

Douglas Stewart's radio play, The Fire On The Snow, first performed in 1941, presents the story of Captain Falcon Robert Scott's tragic expedition to the South Pole. In the radio play, Stewart skilfully positions the audience to accept the dominant reading of the play by showing the dominant discourse: that heroes' nobility depends on their action and ordinary people can become heroes too. Stewart also positions the audience by using the role of the Announcer as a mask for himself to give comments...

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The Dolls House Essay by Katherine Mansfield

No name Professor No name English 101 03 April 2012 True Power In the short story “The Doll’s House,” written by Katherine Mansfield, there are three little girls that receive a doll house from a family friend that is a “perfect, perfect little house” (Mansfield). The two main characters in the story are the Burnell sisters, Isabel, the eldest daughter, and Kezia who live in a small village. The hierarchy is very apparent in this town, just like in every other little town there are almost...

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Into the Fire

Arlie Russell Hochschild is a Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. Hochschild’s interests of research are in the impact of contemporary capitalism on everyday life. In the essay she wrote, “From the Frying Pan into the Fire”, Hochschild argues the growing emphasis on efficiency is affecting our lives. We have allowed the idea of workplace efficiency to infiltrate within the home life, in significant and negative ways. Hochschild’s study of the influence of efficiency...

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Description Essay on House

As I draw near to the island on which my dream house awaits, I catch a quick glance of it out of the corner of my eye. It is humongous, and is the most noticeable building in the area. My private steel, elegant jet lands on the octagonal air strip next to the house. I get out of the jet the wind was whistling and blowing my hair back as I started my journey through a heavily wooded path leading to my dream house. I walk with anxiety toward the house at which I will spend the rest of my life. All...

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A New House - Essay

A New House-Decision 1 A New House-Decision Angel M. Davis Axia College at University of Phoenix A New House-Decision 2 In this paper I will discuss which principles of economics directly relate to my decision of purchasing a new house. I will discuss the marginal benefits and cost which will help me make a firm decision. I will also explain how the strength of the economy affects...

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Essay - the Fall of the House of Usher

Sunday, 11/11/12 What kind of effect does Edgar Allan Poe aim for in his short story „The Fall of the House of Usher“= What matters does he use to achieve it (incl. Tone, setting, characters, conflict & plot etc.) Edgar Allan Poe was the first writer to put the Gothic authors predilection for old and ancient nobilities and buildings in a direct causal relationship with the people. The 'House' Usher says both the gender of the Ushers as well as its headquarters building. Does one go down, so does...

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A Doll's House Reaction Essay

Reaction Paper on A Doll's House Reaction Paper on A Doll's House There has never been a shortage of literature with gender roles as a main topic, and A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is one of the premier works on the subject. Known for being startlingly ahead of its time, this play holds a firm spot in literary history and has been adapted in live theatre countless times over the past century. The dogma of what is proper and expected of both men and women for no other reason than their gender...

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House Music Essay

WHO GAVE BIRTH TO HOUSE MUSIC, WHAT HAS INFLUENCED ITS CHANGES AND WHAT HAS DERIVED FROM IT? 11th December 2008 Word Count: 1675 INTRODUCTION As it was known for the culture to build music, nowadays different kinds of music build different cultures. Thus we have Pop culture, Rock culture, Electronic music culture etc. As part of Electronic dance music, House music has managed to, over the years, develop its...

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A house to remember (descriptive essay)

Lai Xu Per. 10 2-4-03 A House to Remember I have moved in and out of many houses throughout the years, but none of them were as important to me as the house in which I grew up. I must admit that this house, although enormous, was neither the nicest nor the most comfortable house, yet my nostalgic nature has propelled me to treasure that house above all others. Having parted it for almost ten years, some details of the house are out of my grasp. The memory of the house now stands as a symbol of...

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ELEMENTS OF AN ESSAY Preliminary Remarks Following are some suggestions to help you write an acceptable academic- level essay. This is not the only way to organize and develop an essay. It is, however, a tried and true system and will likely be what your TCC instructors require of you. Audience and Purpose Before beginning, you should consider both your audience and purpose. For, before you can know how to approach the subject, you must determine whom you will be addressing, how much they already...

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Philadelphia Fire

Courtney Williams Dr. Ndeh African American Literature November 13, 2012 Foundation and Hope in Philadelphia Fire Five years after the MOVE incident in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, writer and professor at Brown University John Edgar Wideman wrote Philadelphia Fire. The novel is centered on the 1985 bombing of John Africa’s MOVE organization by the Philadelphia police and fire department, an attack that destroyed over fifty homes and killed eleven people. One of the main themes of this novel...

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Fire Safety : A Fire Safety Self-Inspection Checklist Introduction Structural fires can occur at any time. They don’t just happen to the “other guy.” The best way to ensure that NPS facilities are “fire safe” is through prevention and education. This includes inspections and education of employees, partners, and the public. Director’s Order #58: Structural Fire Management (DO #58) and its implementation manual, Reference Manual #58 (RM-58), require your park’s Structural Fire Coordinator to schedule...

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House Keeping essay

In House Keeping by Marilynne Robinson, the author uses feminist criticism to demonstrate the social construction of a family household that goes against the patriarchal structure or norm of a household. In the novel the main character of Ruthie is telling the story of her and her sister Lucille living at her grandma’s house in Finger bone, Idaho after her mom’s suicide. Right at the start it begins with the death of her grandfather due to a train wreck, then her mother happens to kill herself...

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House on Mango Street Essay

Chloe Stromberg Mrs. Reedng English Foundations II May 27th, 2013 The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is a coming of age novel of a young Mexican-American girl developing in a working class Chicago neighborhood. The author is much like the main character Esperanza in many different ways. One being that Cisneros was also a Mexican-American girl growing up in a Chicago working class neighborhood. Esperanza is a foil of Cisneros’ beliefs and...

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A Doll's House Essay

 A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen tells the inspirational tale of a woman named Nora. Nora is living a seemingly perfect life, yet she is not pleased with it, for she has to sacrifice much to continue living it. She has to sacrifice her happiness, as her husband treats her as a possession rather than an equal. The text is beautifully written, and there are numerous symbols that can be found within it. The most prominent symbol in the text is the reference to a doll. Helmer, Nora’s husband, often treats...

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House on Mango Street essay

Growing Up in Poverty In the novel, The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, a young confused girl has trouble finding herself as she grows up in the Latino section of Chicago. Esperanza and her family move to a small, crumbling red house in a poor urban neighborhood. Determined, she decides that someday she will leave and move somewhere else and totally forget everything about Mango Street. Throughout the novel, Esperanza significantly matures sexually and emotionally. The many stories of...

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A doll's House WITT Essay

The play, A Doll’s House, written by Danish playwright Henrik Ibsen was released amongst great controversy in the late 18th century. This play by Ibsen was considered scandalous for its interpretation of gender roles and the societal norms of 18th century Norway. Central to the arguably feminist agenda of this play is the main character Nora and her relationships with her husband Torvald Helmer, Dr. Rank, her and her husband’s friend and antagonist Krogstad. These...

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A Doll's House Essay

Perspective of A Doll’s House Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House uses emotional conversations to depict a family living in false emotional circumstances and having to come to terms with reality. The title A Doll’s House describes the facade of a family living in a nice house. The platitude “All that glitters is not gold” means that not everything that looks good on the outside is not good on the inside, like a doll’s house. In the first part of the play, Nora’s old friend from school, Mrs. Linde...

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Dream House Essay

Abby La Belle My Dream House – As I approach the lot in which my dream house awaits, sitting on an ocean shore. A simple two story home, painted a light blue with white shudders. A balcony, that wraps around the entire second floor of the house. The bedroom’s on the second floor with white French doors that lead to the balcony. I walk up the small, few wooden stairs that lead to the white wooden door. I turn the silver colored door-knob counter clockwise pushing the door open. Walking into the...

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House of Mirth Essay

The Female Body in The House of Mirth The female body plays a very important role in The House of Mirth. Throughout the novel, Lily’s body is objectified by others, and by herself. This objectification of her body leads to various hardships for Lily. Some of these hardships are caused by confusion, indecision, and communication issues. Also, I believe that both men in the novel, and Lily, are responsible for these hardships. Throughout the novel, all Lily really owns that is of value is her...

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House on Mango Street Essay

The Loss of Innocence on Mango Street Often in literature, authors create plot by writing about characters maturing throughout the story. One work that explores childhood to adulthood is The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. In this novella, Esperanza Cordero is a young girl who lives in a poverty stricken area in Chicago. During the story, Esperanza grows up from being an adolescent to a young adult. In the novella, the theme is that losing innocence brings about maturity. Cisneros expresses...

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A Doll's House: Essay Questions

title of the play? Answer: This is a reasonably straightforward question that could be taken in a number of directions. How far is Nora a doll, an object or toy for others? How does her home represent a doll’s house, from which the doll cannot escape on her own? When Nora leaves the house, she is breaking free of the metaphor, though it is unclear what will happen if she is going to return to her earlier family home, where she was something of a doll to her father. 7.Ibsen once described Mrs...

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Doll's House Essay

Henrik Ibsen’s late 19th century drama, A Doll’s House is a political play that fractures the barriers between the public and private spheres of the suffocating bourgeois lifestyle of the Victorian era. The play's subversive attitude is embedded in an exploration of women that challenges female archetypes whilst emphasising a fine balance between freedom and attachment. Specifically, Ibsen’s exploration of identity emphasises the process of self-authorship and the creation of autonomy as defined...

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A Dolls House Essay

A Dolls House Henrik Ibsen used symbolism throughout the play to Really help the audience grasp the meaning of what he was trying to present.The conflicts, characters, and themes are portrayed within this play successfully with the use of symbolism. Symbolism is used to describe Nora’s actions and how they led her to find her true self. Many things in this story would be very hard to understand without a representation, causing...

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Burning Down the House essay

Joanna Weir 10/23/14 Soc 209: Juvenile Delinquency Dr. Severance Burning Down the House 1. The “birth” of juvenile prisons began at the end of the nineteenth century. The idea of separating the youth and adults was to rehabilitate young offenders not punish. This began with the New York House of Refuge in 1825. At this time most of the youth that were put into the “homes” were generally poor immigrants. Due to the mass amount of immigrants there was a concentration of poverty in cities. Also...

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A Doll's House Essay

In Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, the characters believe they know and control the situations in their lives. The reality is that they have no idea how many lies and secrets they are part of. Each character is hiding their true intentions and feelings, making a fool of themselves and others as they desperately try to conceal the truth. The worse the action or the secret, the more they lie and attempt to act innocent. However, as the truth is revealed, it becomes apparent that nothing is as it appears. ...

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House of Mirth Essay

character study, setting and symbolism to create effect in structuring the novel “The House of Mirth”. Identify and analyse the narrative and language techniques Wharton uses to bring the life of Miss Lily Bart effectively to her readers. Evaluate the effectiveness of the employment of setting and symbols and of narrative and language techniques to provide your judgement of the success of the novel. The novel “The House of Mirth” by Edith Wharton uses characters, setting and symbolism to bring the...

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House of Scorpion Essay

With Power Comes Corruption Political corruption is one of the significant themes in the novel “The House of the Scorpion.” Political corruption is the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain. Everyday political figures and governments who we rely on to protect us betray us. Whether it is by bribery,extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft, embezzlement, criminal enterprise, drug trafficking, money laundering or human trafficking, political officials or governmental...

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Fire technology essay on design buildings

Design with Fire Resistance in Construction of Buildings Though this report is about building design with fire features it is report is not intended to provide step-by-step design procedure. Rather, it provides general aspects of fire-resistant design approach for concrete and steel buildings. Though the word ‘design’ comes up in every paragraph and I may be over using the word in this report it still the best fit word. Other things that are key concepts and examples for identifying performance...

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A House Style for the Formal Presentation of the Extended Essay

 A House Style for the Formal Presentation of the Extended Essay Darryl D. Toerien Smallbone Library, Oakham School Group … Extended Essay: … Candidate Number: … Supervisor: … Word Count: 827 Abstract Given that the extended essay is a substantial piece of scholarly research that needs to be formally written up, the purpose of this essay is to outline the development of a house style for scholarly writing, based on the latest edition of the style guide developed by the American...

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House of Spirits Essay

might even argue that love is a bigger necessity of life than even food, because our capacity for kindness, compassion and affection is what make us human. So can u really be alive if you neither love nor are loved? In Issabel Allende’s Novel “The House of the Spirits” the relationships of Alba, Esteban Trueba and Blanca highlight that love and suffering are inseparable yet love is also the ultimate force of comfort. Alba endures tremendous suffering due to her love of Miguel but ultimately the...

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In the Fire

Tyler Freas Mr. Fiorentino Academic English January 7, 2013 Into the Fire Everywhere you go there are restaurants, bars and diners and everyone that goes there all have one thing in mind, food. There is a team of people in the kitchen who help prepare and cook your food to order but the person who runs the entire kitchen is the head chef. In ten years I will be a head chef at a restaurant. To be a head chef you have to be responsible and be able to work in high pressure situations...

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Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay - My Grandparent’s House           My most favorite place has always been my grandparent’s house.  This is the place I would have to go to before and after school.  I have always loved my grandparent’s house because it made me feel safe and warm.  There was a smell of coffee in the air at all times.  It seemed like all my grandmother did was make coffee.  If I smell coffee, I instantly think of my grandparent’s house.  My grandparent’s house was always filled...

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Doll's House and Pygmalion Comparative Essay

Comparative Essay on the Extreme Transition of Two Powerful Women Several years ago, men had little respect for women because of their gender. Females were not given the rights they deserve. They were controlled by their fathers, then handed straight over to their husbands. Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion have occurrences that show similarities between the two female protagonists, Nora Helmer and Eliza Doolittle. Nora and Eliza are comparable in several different ways...

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A Doll s House Essay Requirements

Performance Task    We have read ​ A Doll’s House​  by Henrik Ibsen and focused on gender roles and relationships.  You have highlighted key quotes and details and analyzed them. Remember that Feminism  deals with power and trying to make men and women equal. Now you will turn your evidence  and analysis into a 2 ­ 3 page essay about this topic ­ showing how the person you choose  grows or changes over the course of the play.       Essay Topic: Who has the power in A Doll’s House?    To complete this task successfully you must: ...

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Essay“Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost

Robert Frost’s poem “Fire and Ice” is meant to express. Although the poem is short, it holds a very interesting question to think about. What way would you prefer the world to end? There are two choices. In his poem “Fire and Ice”, Robert Frost compares and contrasts the two destructive forces: fire and ice. In the first two lines of the poem he presents two options for the end of the world, “Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice”. I feel that he uses the term fire, not to hold the direct...

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Todd Willingham: Trial by Fire

Character On December 23rd of 1991, a horrible tragedy occurred. A small house in Corsicana, Texas caught fire and three young children perished inside while the father, Todd Willingham who was asleep when the fire began, made it out alive. Willingham was convicted for murder by arson and later executed in February of 2004. Those are the facts but the question remains, did Texas execute an innocent man? I believe so. In this essay I will state my reasons for believing Todd Willingham was innocent at...

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The Symbolism of Fire in Fahrenheit 451

The Symbolism of fire in Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury describes a dystopian society where firemen instead of putting out fires, light them in pursuit of vanishing all books. The protagonist of the novel, Guy Montag, is a fireman that started questioning his beliefs about love, society and mainly questioning his job as an enemy of books, and the use of fire. This essay will discuss how does Montag understands fire through the novel and how fire is presented in the book. ...

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forest fires research paper

Lucy and her family, leaving their house like that. When she comes back, she finds the smoldering remains of her house, and a lot of destroyed memories and feelings. Lucy didn’t do anything wrong, but sometimes, wildfires show no mercy. Every year, wildfires burn down thousands of acres of precious forest. They also burn down houses and cities, creating money problems for everyone. Recently, 19 firefighters lost their lives fighting the famous Arizona Wildfire (“Fire”). We can avoid all of these catastrophes...

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Fire Essay

Fire is a major factor in our ecosystem, both good and bad, that is influenced by climate. It can cause carbon dioxide to have a direct effect on vegetation, and land use, and in turn, affect landscape pattern processes. Fire in the Earth’s ecosystems is a natural occurrence that is vital in keeping the flow of natural cycles healthy and efficient. Natural causes of bush fires has played significant role in shaping the ecosystems, such as certain plant life being more susceptible to harsh, scorching...

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Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is a term being heard more and more today in America. It is starting to become a standard in today’s fire departments. Fire has the ability to keep us warm and also has the ability to make us homeless. As we grow as community and the technology changes, Fire Prevention needs to be made more of a necessity in our homes today. More homes are being built out of lighter material along with being built closer and closer together. Each can lead to extreme destruction, homes being lost...

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