• Equity theory
    Equity Theory, also known as Adams' Equity Theory, attempts to explain relational satisfaction in terms of perceptions of fair/unfair distributions of resources within interpersonal relationships. It was first developed in 1963 by John Stacy Adams, a workplace and behavioral psychologist, who assert
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  • Equity theory
    Equity theory From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Equity Theory attempts to explain relational satisfaction in terms of perceptions of fair/unfair distributions of resources within interpersonal relationships. Equity theory is considered as one of the justice theorie
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  • Equity theory motivation in the supermarket workplace
    The problem in my workplace is High Turnover rates due to lack of raises, wages, and benefits in the supermarket. Waldbaums a supermarket chain I work for lacks motivation and needs a solution to this problem. In many cases at my job (supermarket) many employees are not rewarded for there hard w
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  • Equity theory research paper
    Abstract The intent of this paper is to discuss some of the current research and opinion concerning, and to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of, one of the more common theories of motivation, the Equity theory. In addition, this paper will compare and contrast the Equity theory w
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  • Equity theory
    Equity Theory of Motivation The equity theory of motivation is used to describe the relationship between the employees perception of how fairly is he being treated and how hard he is motivated to work Motivation is the activation of an energized goal-oriented behavior. Everyone takes up
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  • The theory of the business - applications in vietnam
    [pic] Assessment 2B BUSM1530 – Leadership and management The theory of the business Student name : Nguyen Phan Phu Student ID : s3246739 The theory of the business The applications in current Vietnam markets Nowadays, when we live in the environme
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  • Equity theory
    Equity Theory by John Stacey Adams Equity Theory attempts to explain relational satisfaction in terms of perceptions of fair/unfair distributions of resources within interpersonal relationships. Equity theory is considered as one of the justice theories; it was first developed in 1962 by John Stac
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  • Equity
    ------------------------------------------------- Background Equity theory proposes that individuals who perceive themselves as either under-rewarded or over-rewarded will experience distress, and that this distress leads to efforts to restore equity within the relationship. It focuses on determi
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  • Theory X and Y
    douglas mcgregor - theory x y Douglas McGregor's XY Theory, managing an X Theory boss, and William Ouchi's Theory Z Douglas McGregor, an American social psychologist, proposed his famous X-Y theory in his 1960 book 'The Human Side Of Enterprise'. Theory x and theory y are still referred to commonl
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  • Retaining Employees in Small Business
    Abstract Retaining employees is a dilemma for small businesses. Large corporations have resources specifically aimed at keeping their employees while smaller ones do not. Using online resources, we examined the issue of employee retention in small business. We found that the problem ste
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  • Motivational Theory/ Management
    Motivational Theories Paper A Discussion used to increase performance at Ely Paper Company Our organization is experiencing a problem in that sales are lower than they have been in ten years and we need to make drastic changes in order to improve the motivation of our employees, said th
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  • Motivational theory and techniques used within organizations
    Literature Review Motivational Theory and Techniques used within organizations. Student: Ronan Manning Course: M.App.Sc. In Operations and Quality Management (Part-time) Subject: Research Reports – Report No. 2 Submitted To: Dr. David O'Sullivan Industrial Engineering Departm
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  • Business and society, corporate strategy,
    1 INTRODUCTION The role of business has been changing over the centuries. Throughout the existence of shareholding organisations there have been different theories (Jones v. H. F. Ahmanson & Co., 1 Cal. 3d 93 (1969) regarding the role of business. Organisations too have been changing their role to
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  • The importance of corporate finance in a business plan
    Introduction The research is done by the request of the potential investors in the "5 Aces" business club on the basis of the business plan provided. Problem faced: The importance of corporate finance in a business plan. The author of the paper is a 3rd year bachelor student in corporate fi
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  • Business law
    What is Law? What, then, is law? It is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense. Each of us has a natural right - from God - to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life, and the preservation of any one of them is c
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  • Process and content theory of motivation and how they apply to the work place
    The term motivation can be described in many different formats and views, but according to Dr Stephen P. Robbins, this is the process that account for an individuals intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal (S. P. Robbins, Organizational Behaviour 9ed, p.155). However,
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  • Organisation theory case study – motivation at the bradley clothing company
    Organisation Theory Case Study – Motivation at the Bradley Clothing Company The personnel manager of the Bradley Clothing Company, Alice Johnson thinks the theories of Maslow and Herzberg are very suitable for the management; therefore, she put the theory into practice. The outcome is not
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  • Business ethics
    MGMT331 – Business Ethics Essay Topic One Fanzi (Megan) Wang 3937181 The market place is full of chances and eliminations, every business organisations have chances to get themselves a place in the market but few can hold their seats till last minute, the saying ‘survival of the strongest
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  • Manna crisps business plan
    Contents I. Executive Summary 3 II. Idea Generation 4 III. Brief Industry / Market Background 8 IV. Industry Structure 10 V. STEP Analysis 11 VI. Porter’s Five Forces of Competitive Position 17 VII. SWOT Analysis 20 VIII. Key Success Factors 28 IX. Competitor Analysis 30 X. Target Market
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  • Goal-setting theory
    Goal-setting Theory and its Effective Application According to the book Organisational Behaviour on the Pacific Rim (2007), motivation is the “forces within a person that affect his or her direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behaviour in the workplace”. This means that compared
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