• Heart & blood vessels
    • L. coronary artery- supplies blood to L. ventricle, L. atrium, interventricular septum o Anterior surface of (, gives rise to circumflex branch & anterior interventricular branch • Circumflex artery- curves to L. around coronary sulcus o meets & fuses w/ small branches
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  • Blood vessels a&p 2
    A&P 2 Cardiovascular system: The Heart Purpose: The purpose is to be able to descirbe the external and internal anatomy of the heart and use of microscoppy dissection. As well as be able to identify the vessels involved in coronry circulation. Safety will include wearing goggles and apron to p
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  • Greek art(sculpture, vessels)
    Greek Art No matter how accomplished they might be, the works of art we have discussed so far seem alien to us. The ancient cultures that produced them were so different from our own that we find few references in those works to our time. Greek architecture, sculpture, and painting, however, are im
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  • Proposals on the acquisition of vessels/ships for oil and gas business
    A tanker is a ship designed to transport liquids in bulk. Tankers for the transport of fluids, such as crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas and chemicals, also vegetable oils, wine and other food - the tanker sector comprises one third of the world tonnage.
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  • You can make a difference in preventing marine engine pollution
    You Can Make a Difference In Preventing Marine Engine Pollution Currently 12 million marine engines are operated in the United States. These marine engines are among the highest contributors of hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions in many areas of the country. HC and NOx produc
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  • How to make it
    Short Research Papers 1998, by Dennis G. Jerz; updated Apr 2003 This document focuses on the kind of short, narrowly-focused research papers you might encounter early in a course, when professors want a quick peek at your abilities. Such papers typically do not require that you build a compl
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  • A day in the life it’s early morning, well before the eyelids of the day have opened. a familiar noise i’ve heard many times before, brings my mind out of its unconsciousness and back into the real world. i assume it
    A Day in the Life It’s early morning, well before the eyelids of the day have opened. A familiar noise I’ve heard many times before, brings my mind out of its unconsciousness and back into the real world. I assume it must be sometime around six in the morning, based on similar experiences. I c
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  • White noise
    Major Themes Fear of death and "white noise" The major theme of the novel is that death lurks everywhere, especially in the "white noise" of the modern world -- specifically in the waves and radiation with which we surround ourselves. The airborne toxic event makes visible this submerged death,
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  • Noise
    White Noise One particularly unfortunate trait of modern society is our futile attempt to use technology to immunize ourselves against the fear of death. The failure of technology in this regard is the general subject of Don Delillo’s book White Noise. Throughout this novel, technology is depic
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  • The empty house
    The Adventure of the Empty House It was in the spring of the year 1894 that all London was interested, and the fashionable world dismayed. by the murder of the Honourable Ronald Adair under most unusual and inexplica-
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  • Noise pollution on students
    CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND I. Introduction The word "noise" is derived from the Latin word "nausea" meaning seasickness. Noise can be defined as an unwanted or undesired sound. Decibel is the standard unit for measurement of sound. Usually 80 db is the level at wh
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  • Effects of noise pollution on mental health of students
    I. Introduction A. Background of the Study Because their wheels clattered on paving stones, chariots in ancient Rome were banned from the streets at night to prevent the noise that disrupted sleep and caused annoyance to the citizens. Centuries later, some cities in Medieval Europe eithe
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  • Noise as an environmental pollution
    NOISE AS AN ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: Noise pollution, usually called Environmental Noise Pollution in technical venues, is unwanted human-created sound that disrupts the environment. The dominant form of noise pollution is from transportation sources, principally motor vehicles. The word noise c
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  • Why we cant make money
    WHY CAN’T WE MAKE MONEY IN AVIATION? Dedicated to my wonderful children Audryn Kay Swigert Daniel Adar Pilarski ‫דניאל אדר‬ David Haggai Pilarski ‫דוד חגי‬ Shira Miriam Antonina Pilarski ‫שירה מרים אנטונינה‬ Gabriella Julie Pilarski ‫גבריאלה
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  • Apd based measurement of noise
    INTRODUCTION This project describes a technique to measure noise emissions from electrical appliances and study their impact towards digital communication systems by using the amplitude probability distribution (APD) methodology. The APD has been proposed within ICE (International Special Committee
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