• Emergency Room Nursing
     Emergency Care Nursing Emergency rooms are known for their long waits and lack of competent staff. Over the past years emergency care departments have revamped their systems in order to correct these flaws. A leading factor in this change is the...
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  • Emergency Room Violence Related to Nursing
    Introduction- Workplace violence is one of the most complex and dangerous occupational hazards facing nurses working in today’s health care environment. The complexities arise, in part; from a health care culture resistant to the notion that health care providers are at risk for patient-related
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  • Nursing Ethnographic Essay
    Nurses What exactly is a nurse? Nurses are no longer considered the doctor’s handmaid, but an important part of the medical team. Nurses tend to make up a culture within the medical field establishing a group of considerate, motivated, and intellectual people who take pleasure in helping others in
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  • Emergency Room
    For our first trip to the hospital I will be going to the emergency room otherwise known as the E.R. The emergency room is a hospital or primary care department that provides initial treatment to patients with a broad span of illnesses and injuries. In the ER there is a vast array of people caring
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  • Management of Ischemic Stroke: Part 1. Emergency Room Management
    REVIEW-NARRATIVE Management of Ischemic Stroke: Part 1. Emergency Room Management Christine Lu-Emerson, MD 1 David Likosky, MD 2,3 Alpesh Amin, MD, MBA, FACP 4 David Tirschwell, MD, MSc 1,5 1 Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. 2 St
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  • Emergency Room Criteria , Vivid Description, Concrete Example
    Carmen Marin Dr. S. Shipley English 1A April 3, 2011 Emergency Room In order to evaluate the quality of emergency room care, it is essential to understand and define the standards that define high-quality care. My standards for high-quality Emergency Room care include the following: 1) it ma
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  • Ethical and Legal Concerns for Emergency Room Physicians
    There are unique ethical and legal obligations of the Emergency Room Physician. Commonly faced issues include patient “dumping”, organ donation, and Do-Not Resuscitate orders. These issues have ethical and legal considerations for the Emergency Room Physician in regards to their responsibilitie
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  • Literature Review of Emergency Room Use
    Literature Review of Emergency Room Use When is an Emergency Room an Emergency Room? Are we as a nation using the emergency room for our own personal doctor’s office? Studies show that we are, and it’s costing our healthcare system more money than it would to be seen in a physician office. Dur
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  • Emergency Room Overcrowding and Wait Times: the Direct Impact on Patient Care
    Emergency Room Overcrowding and Wait Times: The Direct Impact on Patient Care Joann Hobbs Spalding University Abstract Background. This study was done to determine if prolonged wait times in the emergency department (ED) effect overall care and treatment of patients. Methods. This pr
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  • Emergency Room Operation
    Service Operations Management BUSS376 Term Project Emergency Room Operations Team Supreme Seo, Jin ho Kim, hyo sik Kim, jeong yeon Yang, hyunwook Park, sungyoun Jung, hong joo Ho Jia Ling Audrey 오드리 Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction -------------------------
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  • Emergency Room Boarding
    Running head: BOARDING PATIENTS IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT 1 Boarding Patients in the Emergency Department Lauren Wiese University of Scranton BOARDING PATIENTS IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT 2 Abstract A patient who is boarded is one who remains in the...
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  • The Emergency Room
    The Emergency Room The emergency department team consists of many trained professionals each with a specific job in treating the patient. Emergency room personnel usually consists of administrative registration clerks, a triage nurse, primary nurses, a charge nurse, the attending physician...
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  • Health Care Marketing Reflection Essay
    Health Care Marketing Reflection Essay "Markets change, tastes change, so the companies and the individuals who choose to compete in those markets must change."( Wang, n.d. as cited by Morrison, p. 113). In modern medicine, disease treatment is more importance than disease prevention, as doctors fo
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  • Ashley - Reflection Essay
    Reflection Essay On the coldest day in December, I woke up with a feeling of complete nausea and a mixture of emotions. After a six-year relationship and a three-month break up, Jason and I were inevitably sharing a bed once again. The stress of school and my full time job, had been building up fo
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  • Emergency Room Used for Non-Urgent Services
    | This essay will discuss the relevance of EMTALA and why the hospital emergency department sometimes used for nonurgent conditions. | The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, better known as EMTALA was developed due to the concern that patients that could not pay would be denie
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  • Legal and Ethical Parameters of Professional Nursing Practice Essay One
    Legal and ethical parameters of professional nursing practice essay one Professional nurses encounter a variety of legal ethical and bioethical issues on a daily basis. For this reason, it is essential that all nurses are aware of current state and national legislation, acts and guidelines and the
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  • Reflection Essay
    Leadership and Organizational Reflection Essay Introduction The first smart goals I chose are to learn to become a leader and to have better time management skills. I chose these because I work on a small unit with no assigned charge nurse. Any day you go in to work it could be your day to be c
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  • Reflection Essay
    Reflection Essay In my lifetime I have come across many different people from all walks of life. Since my childhood I have always interacted with people who did not look like me, but it never bothered me, because I never saw another's race or color; I just saw people. My parents never instilled an
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  • Jesus Reflection Essay
    Christian Worldview 101 July 20, 2013 Eric Hernando Jesus Reflection Essay Where religion is concerned the subject topic can be spoken upon in so many forms that it can take months or even years to cover. I will save time by employing certain knowledge aided with my personal belief...
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  • Emergency Room Reflective
    Observing a rotation in the Emergency Department at Beth Israel Medical Center was a life changing experience. Having the opportunity to take part in this rotation made me certain that nursing the career that I want to peruse. Compared to the usual unit of the hospital this department was higher pac
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