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Emasculated Sissy

have shared understanding each other and shared one house. The Sissy Ducking The stage of fidelity: Identity vs. role confusion by Erikson’s stage of psychosocial development is performed exactly in the story of The Sissy Ducking. This stage focuses on who am I and what can I be? Elmer’s peers don’t play with him. He did all the special things and was just out of his peer society. His father was depressed about him. Elmer is sissy, he is unimportant, his father even doesn’t want to regard him as...

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Movie Brats

American audiences may not have even recognized its release at the time. Why you might wonder? A little movie directed by George Lucas bearing the name Star Wars was released in the same year. The three women the title hints at are Shelley Duvall, Sissy Spacek, and Janice Rule who live in the same apartment complex in the desert of California. Duvall plays Mildred “Millie” Lammoreaux, who works as a physical therapist at a senior care center. She comes off as very confident about her charm and her...

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Carrie 1976 vs 2013

tease and ridicule her. Carrie lives with her deeply religious and somewhat neurotic mother who has raised Carrie to believe that she should be ashamed for simply existing. In the 1976 version directed by Brian DePalma the title character is played by Sissy Spacek and her mother by Piper Laurie. In 2013, director Kimberly Pierce chose Chloe Mortez and Julianne Moore for the parts. Both versions of the film evoke feelings of empathy and pity for the character of Carrie White. Carrie is constantly mocked...

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The Difference Between Sissy and Bitzer

Times. Can anybody really define a horse? Cecilia Jupe, also known as Sissy, was unable to answer this question because she was, well, normal. Bitzer, the boy brought up in Coketown, the city of facts, answered, "Quadruped. Graminivorous. Forty teeth, namely, twenty-four grinders, four eye-teeth, and twelve incisive..." (Pg. 4). Clearly the contrast between Sissy and Bitzer can be seen. The differences between Bitzer and Sissy are shown not only in their definitions of a horse, but also in their...

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Louisa and Sissy: Fact Against Fancy in Hard Times

Louisa and Sissy: Fact against fancy in Hard Times. Two female characters in Hard Times, Louisa Gradgrind and Sissy Jupe could be considered contrastive by fate and there is moral fable in this contrast. It is significant that in last two paragraphs of the novel Dickens applies to motherhood as a sense of woman happiness. Daughter of main educator of Coketown, have got only the bitter questionnaire: “Herself again a wife - a mother - lovingly watchful of her children, ever careful that...

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Discuss the Character of Sissy Jupe and How Her Character Is Based Along the Main Themes of Hard Times

Discuss the character of Sissy Jupe and how her character is based along the main themes of Hard Times In Hard Times the character, Sissy, is first mentioned in Mr. Gradgrind’s classroom. She seems to be the one student who doesn’t get swayed by his ways, ways that only use fact. Knowing this, Dickens wrote the novel making her character play out one of the main themes and issues, the idea of a fact only life with no fancy. Sissy also plays out some of the morals within the storyline. When...

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Prufrock is presented as ‘an awkward and emasculated character’. To what extent do the metaphors in ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ create this view of the character?

Prufrock is presented as ‘an awkward and emasculated character’. To what extent do the metaphors in ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ create this view of the character? TS Eliot’s 20th Century poem ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ is widely seen as a modernist work that Eliot employs to make the reader of the poem actually create their own opinion of what is actually meant by the poem. The modernist movement happened mainly in the late 19th to early 20th Century and started with the French...

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Hard Times By Charles Dickens Book 1 Chapter Summaries

school. Also in this chapter Mr. Mcchoakumchild is introduced who is one of the teachers at the school. Lastly, a boy named Bitzer and a girl named Sissy Jupe enter the story. 3. Through this chapter Thomas Gradgrind hires Mr. Mcchoakumchild as a teacher in his school. He makes it clear to teach the students nothing but facts. Mr. Mccoakumchild asks Sissy Jupe for the definition of horse. She cannot answer but Bitzer gives him a satisfying definition. Chapter 3 1. This chapter takes place mostly...

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Industrialization in "Hard Times" by Charles Dickens

that a person needs more than just fact in their life. The novel examines the utilitarian system through various characters such as Tom, who has been brought up in the utilitarian education system. Dickens exposes his own views on this system through Sissy Jupe, the uneducated daughter of a circus master, and the positive influence she has on the Gradgrind family. Thomas Gradgrind has a strong rationalist philosophy and believes that fact, and fact alone is the one thing needful but through the satirical...

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Hard Times Charles Dickens

Ritsie Armington Mrs. Thompson AP English Lit 11/6/12 In the novel, “Hard Times,” Charles Dickens uses Mr. Gradgrind, Louisa Gradgrind and Sissy Jupe to express his view on Utilitarianism. Utilitarians believe “our moral faculty, according to all those of its interpreters who are entitled to the name of thinkers, supplies us only with the general principles of moral judgments; it is a branch of our reason, not of our sensitive faculty; and must be looked to for the abstract doctrines of morality...

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Hard Times - parental responsibility

irresponsibility. This is majorly highlighted through the relationship between Mr Grandgrind and his two children, Tom and Louisa. We also can see an irresponsible parent relationship between sissy Jupe and her father. Mr Grandgrind only thought that teaching facts to his children was the only element that they required; whereas sissy Jupe’s uneducated father Signor Jupe could only provide the imaginative teachings. The brief opposite comparison between both fathers, show that our parents need to have balance...

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Charles Dickens' Life Related to His Book, "Hard Times"

was Hard Times for everyone. Sissy Jupe, who grew up among Sleary's Horse Riding Circus, and was not exposed to the harsh doctrine of the Gradgrind family until later in life, represents the imaginative creativity and generosity that the Gradgrind family misses. The coming together of Sissy and Loo, at the conclusion of the novel at the circus, represents what Dickens believes industrial England needs. "Let me lay this head of mine upon a loving heart," Loo says to Sissy at the end. In his novel...

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Girl Number 20, Essay from Hard Times, Dickens, C.

Gradgrind, Louisa, Tom, Cecilia Jupe (Sissy), Mr. Harthouse, Stephen Blackpool among others. However, the one we identified the most with, was “Girl Number 20” or Cecilia Jupe (Sissy). Through out the whole story, Dickens shows her as an innocent, unprotected an abandoned child, but at the same time she becomes one of the most important and influential characters of the story. In addition, the author redefines, in a way, the role women had at the time, by giving Sissy the power to be herself and the...

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Use of Exaggeration in Hard Times

what it implies not only as the basis of society but also at the personal level. Through this hyperbolic representation of his characters he emphasizes what they each stand for; for example Thomas Gradgrind’s staunch belief in Fact’s as opposed to Sissy Jupe, who is the living embodiment of Fancy. Perhaps the most ostentatiously amplified supporter of utilitarianism would be Joseph Bounderby, the so called self-made man who turns out to be a fraud. Dickens also gives his characters diverting traits...

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Hard Times Essay

by this utilitarian regime. The irony of this statement is that both Gradgrind’s children, who were raised under strict utilitarian regime, end up unhappy in later life. Tom robs a bank and Louisa never re-marries after her first unhappy marriage. Sissy Jupe however, who is adopted into the Gradgrind’s family, but never embraces utilitarianism, ends up with a happy and loving family at the end of the novel. Dickens introduces his anger by using the repetition of the words ‘facts’. “Now, what I...

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How Does Dickens Present the Conflict of Fact and Fancy in 'Hard Times'. - Grade B

when Bounderby realises she is interfering in his private life. Dickens uses Sissy Jupe as a contrast to the philosophy of just fact and just fancy. He uses her to depict that fact and fancy can collaborate in order to create a healthy human being. Sissy Jupe is the daughter of a circus performer, when her father abandons her she comes to live with Gradgrind as a servant. The reader is first introduced to Sissy Jupe in the second chapter “Murdering the Innocents” where she is identified as “girl...

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The Legacy by Virginia Wolf

THE LEGACY by Virgina Woolf (1882-1941) PART I. Before the meeting 1. At the beginning of the story Gilbert Clandon was waiting for Sissy Miller to arrive. Who was she and what was the purpose of the meeting? Gilbert Clandon was waiting for Sissy Miller, who was the maid. Gilbert Clandon did the meeting to give to her the pearl brooch, because Angela had left a little gift of some sort for every one of her friends 2. Angela had kept a diary ever since she got married. Had her husband ever read...

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Identify Different Characterisations and Comparisons That Dickens Uses in the Novel “Hard Times” to Show Aspects of a Victorian Society During the Industrial Revolution?

what was thought of children during this period of time and how schools were organised on the same lines as factories. In Victorian schools, class sizes were full with children who were just referred to as numbers, as we see when Gradgrind calls Sissy Jupe child number twenty. The contrasting themes of this novel are Fact versus Fancy. These themes are developed early on, the stronghold of Fact being the eminently practical Mr. Gradgrind, and his model school, which teaches nothing but Facts. Any...

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Gender Stereotypes

accumulating a lot of information on the subject. As the information can be very helpful, sometimes it can be destructive. That is the case when it comes to the problem of "tomboys" and "sissies." What are these two terms used for? The term "tomboy" is used when referring to a girl who is masculine, and the term "sissy" is used when referring to a boy who is feminine. We need to state what we consider feminine and what is masculine. According to the established sense in the society, femininity and masculinity...

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Role and Concept of Sleary's Circus in Hard Times

showing their legs as opposed to the prudish compulsions of the women of those times. Their sense of anger against Bounderby, who insensitively states facts to a distressed child, show how there is still some faith in humanity. They openly embrace Sissy and shower her with sympathy and motherly affection when she leaves the company following the abandonment of her father. It is thus, the embodiment of that section of society which is free of the pretentious restrictions that the middle class imposes...

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An Analysis Of Charles Dickens Hard Times

resulted from upper-class societies in the Victorian Era. Louisa first began to understand the value in lower-class life through experiences with Sissy that allowed her to understand the deeper sense of humanity that can often be found in lower-class life. Towards the end of the novel, Dickens reflects on the knowledge that Louisa has gained through Sissy. He writes, “ But, happy Sissy’s happy children loving her… she holding this course as part of no fantastic vow, or bond, or brotherhood, or sisterhood...

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Education in Hard Times by Charles Dickens

expand and challenge a child’s mind, and imagination. Cecilia Jupe, who throughout the novel is called “Sissy”, is a product of a much different way of life. Sissy comes from Sleary’s Circus. A circus that, counterpart to Gradgrind’s school, represents living freely, compassion and filling life with enjoyment. Surrounded by people such as Mr. Sleary, a fun loving though simple-minded man, Sissy understands that there is more to life that knowledge. As Sleary states, “People mutht be amuthed, Thquire...

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Analyse Louisa’s Marriage with Bounderby as an Example of Patriarchal and Utilitarian “Arrangement” in Victorian Society (Hard Times by Charles Dickens)

inexperience and simplicity by criticising her father’s system and praying upon her frustrations. A clever man, he manipulates the situation so well that it leaves no room for any reconciliation between Louisa and her father. But Harthouse is no match for Sissy who has been exposed to the wider world at a tender age, being the daughter of a circus owner. She brings out the dedication and moral values of the working-class and her humiliation of Mr. Harthouse shows that morality and entertainment can’t be dissociated...

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How does Charles Dickens treat the theme of education in his novel Hard Times?

enjoyable? Sissy is another of Gradgrind's pupils, she is different to Bitzer as she is more imaginative than him, and is the one who is seen as a failure in class. When Sissy answers the question about the horse you realise that even though she has been brought up by education in a certain way she still has that emotion and fantasy of a child. Maybe it's the up bringing she has from her so-called family who work in a circus, which allows her to still be creative. Even though deep down, Sissy knows that...

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: Poverty a Key Component

When Katie had her children she only became stronger. Sissy tried as hard as she could to have a child. She when through three husbands and ten still born children. Her husband John didn't want to adopt though. When Sissy asked him if he loved children he replied, "Sure I like children. But they got to be my own and not some other bum's" (p265). Sissy eventually tricked her John into thinking that Lucia's child was her own. Even though Sissy finally had her a child she wanted one of her own. She...

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Homosexuality in Film

portrayal in movies through the "sissy" character. These characters were never revealed to be gay, instead they were hilariously effeminate and just subliminally accepted by the audience to be homosexual. This is currently a controversial representation but to some, such as Harvey Firestein, a modern-day gay screen writer and actor it is okay. "I like the sissy," he says. "Is it used in negative ways? Yeah but… I'd rather have negative than nothing…and I'm a sissy." Despite the general stereotypes...

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Hard Times, Charles Dickens

chapters is Cecilia Jupe, also know as Sissy; a new girl to Gradgrind’s school who was unlike any other pupil. The clear contrast between her and Bitzer are not only shown in their definition of a horse, but also in their physical appearance, personality, background and the philosophies that they each represent. Fact and fancy. From the very beginning of this chapter “Murdering The Innocents”, Dickens makes it clear to the reader that Bitzer represents fact and Sissy, fancy. He uses the two characters...

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The definition of a horse

away. 'Girl number twenty,' said Mr. Gradgrind, squarely pointing with his square forefinger, 'I don't know that girl. Who is that girl?' 'Sissy Jupe, sir,' explained number twenty, blushing, standing up, and curtseying. 'Sissy is not a name,' said Mr. Gradgrind. 'Don't call yourself Sissy. Call yourself Cecilia.' 'My father as calls me Sissy. sir,' returned the young girl in a trembling voice, and with another curtsey. 'Then he has no business to do it,' said Mr. Gradgrind. 'Tell him...

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Dickens Industrial Novel

Bounderby, a manufacturer and banker, who advises him that the children have been corrupted by a schoolmate, Cecilia ("Sissy") Jupe, the daughter of a circus rider. Before he can remove Sissy from his school and from his life, Gradgrind discovers that the girl's father has deserted her; moved by compassion and against the warnings of Bounderby and his own philosophy, he decides to raise Sissy in his own home and to allow her to continue attending his school. Years pass, the children grow up, and Bounderby...

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Dickens and His Structure of Ha

to have imperial gallons of facts poured into them until they are filled to the brim" (Dickens 12). Gradgrind's methods of education are employed to show Dickens' view on the evil of the educational system. Among the "vessels" are Bitzter and Sissy Jupe. They exemplify two entirely different ideas, serving Dickens for allegorical purposes. Bitzer, the model student of Gradgrind's school of "facts, facts, facts" becomes the very symbol of evil in the educational system that Dickens is trying...

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Is Chivalry Dead?

Knights would write poetry, letters and songs, anything to serenade and get into the good graces of the lady of his heart and would then build up enough ego to ask his lady to dance, when appropriate. It was all rather innocent and sweet and the more sissy in modern thoughts, the better it was in those days. Chivalry in the early to mid 1900s, I like to refer to as the age of gentlemen. People see movies with people like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley in them and men would follow their stereotypes to...

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Emasculation Essay

where an emasculating experience occurs, which could have happened because he has been rejected or mocked by many for breaking down at war and has been sent to a hospital to recover. It was seen that men who broke down, cried or admitted fear were sissies, weaklings, failures and not men, therefore for this was an explanation for his dream. Anderson was being chased by his father in law in his dream whilst in his uniform, so this could suggest Anderson is going to be looked down at for being ill by...

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guy code

Being a man starts very early in a boys life, there is also a boys code that all little boys need to follow so their guy friends can accept them. The pressure of being a boy/man comes at a very early age. Boys are told not to cry and to not be a sissy. Boys are taught to not cry and not show any type of emotions. The boy code tells boys to act tough but their mothers show them the complete opposite. That is why many boys disconnect themselves from their mothers because they do not want to learn...

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Breaking the Norm

the norms of society and at the same time caught my friends stereotyping. Other people said I looked ridiculous and others called me a "sissy." After hearing the comments, I felt it was time to dive into this question more deeply and find why pink is not normal for men. When my friend told me I looked like a sissy, I thought more about it. The terms "sissy" is sometimes used when referring to a boy who is feminine. According to our notes, femininity and masculinity are tightly bound to our...

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Introduction to Hard Times

the novel is curiously skeletal. There are four separate plots, or at least four separate centres of interest: the re-education through suffering of Mr. Gradgrind, the exposure of Bounderby, the life and death of Stephen Blackpool, and the story of Sissy Jupe. There are present, in other words, all the potentialities of an expansive, discursive novel in the full Dickens manner. But they are not and could not be realised because of the limitation of length Dickens imposed upon himself. The novel...

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“‘Boyz in the Hood’: Masculinities in Native Son”

black men do not have any actual power in society, so to make up for their downfall; they must show their physical power to each other. However, the case is much different when Bigger is around the Daltons. Bigger as many other black men, are emasculated, since they conform to the whites power and dominance. He must be a timid, quiet man, so the whites would not label him as what they deemed a black man is or how a black man acted. There are many different forms of masculinities in the novel....

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Gender Roles and Marriage

around the axles, and he has to send for a tow truck. The mechanic who arrives is described as “young” and “grinning.” The description implies that the man, younger and more virile, is laughing at Walter’s ignorance of cars and makes Walter feel emasculated, or less of a man. Walter resolves that the next time that he takes the car to the shop to have the chains removed that he will cover his shame by wearing his right arm in a sling. Walter compensates for his failure to fulfill conventional expectations...

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The Problem of Identity in Fight Club

indecision morphs into action after Bob’s death becomes just one more hymn for the zombie-like Project Mayhemers to chant: “His name was Robert Paulson.” Emasculation becomes a central theme in Fight Club as it is portrayed by the narrator Jack. Emasculated by the consumer culture, Jack finds solace in a support group for men with testicular cancer: The castration metaphor is obvious. There he meets Bob, a former body builder; who has developed feminine features resulting from his cancer treatment...

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The Corner and Good Job Opportunities

my group of friends, its amazing that I developed any religious feeling at all. Another reason for not going to church was my father. When he was around the house he told my mother, "Mike's not going to church. No boy of mine is a sissy." My mother and sister went to church, I sat with my father and read the Sunday paper or watching television. I did not start going to church until years later. bnWhen I no longer hung around with the guys on the corner or let my father...

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Antony and Cleopatra

status power has become emasculated by his infatuation for Cleopatra. It is clear that Antony’s infatuation with Queen of Egypt is negatively affecting his power and prestige of being a member of the Triumvirate. The nature of love and passion overrides Antony’s sense of responsibility, as Antony allows Cleopatra’s decision to override his responsibilities. The phallic symbolism, ‘she has robbed me of my sword,’ metaphorically suggest that Cleopatra has weakened and emasculated Antony of his power as...

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Inside the World of Boys

needs of boys. Many of the boys today live behind a mask of masculine bravado that hides the genuine self to conform to our society’s expectations (Pollack 5). Boys are taught at a very young age to be more independent or their peers will call the sissies and make fun of them (Pollack 21). We restrict how much affection boys show one another and that boys are less in need of friends, close personal bonds, or connections. One can say being a guy is hard because society expects guys not talk about...

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Bullying Report

satisfaction in harming and making other people suffer emotionally. Bullies find rewards for his or her behavior with material objects or psychological satisfaction. Gender and Sexual Influences Listening to jokes using the words faggot, dyke, sissies, lesbians, or queers are in the halls of schools across the country. These words are often ignored by authority figures and viewed as being ok because the word was used in a joke (Lugg, 2003). These words are also used by bullies attempting to steal...

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

to middle school, his mom bought him a "Diary" witch has the word "Diary" right in the middle and is in big letters. he is scared to bring it to school because he does not want some 8th grader to come see him with his book\diary and think he is a sissy cause he has a diary in 6th grade and does not want to get punched and then get made fun of. gregs big dream and what he thinks he is going to be like in middle school is this guy who so popular and EVERY-ONE knows him, and then when he gets out of...

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A Comparative Study: Shakespeare's Macbeth and Sam Raimi's A Simple Plan

or the murder of a monarchical figure. Although he begins as an honourable man, killing Scottish rebels who threatened to take over the land, he ends up being no greater than the rebels themselves, by killing Duncan. Prior to doing this he is emasculated by Lady Macbeth's says: "the raven himself is hoarse that croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan under my battlements", in act I, scene vii, and he is then able to convince himself that regicide is the best option that he has to advance his life. It...

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Hard Times Women's Plight

and geography. However, education is still limiting, especially for Sissy. “Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them” (Dickens 1, 1). The minds of children in Britain are expanded through education, but this progression still limits creativity, effectively limiting girls such as Sissy from nurturing their creativity and abstract thought. This is a major...

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Piaget Reserch

child her age to assume that since she couldn’t see me, that I wouldn't be able to see her, which would have been an example of egocentrism. Question: Do you have a brother or sister? Answer: Yup, my sissy. Her name […] Nora Question: Does Nora have a sister?\ Answer: Yea momma says i'm a sissy too Noelle in these sets of questions relied more on her schema, or preexisting knowledge that was supplied by her mother rather than child like egocentrism thinking. Question: Noelle, where do you...

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Charles Dickens and Mark Twain's Lessons

that is not factual is considered as imagination. The wisdom of the heart is embodied in Sissy Jupe. Simple, considered uneducable, Sissy brings goodness and purity to bear on many of the characters, including Gradgrind. As he sees the products of his philosophy shattered around him, particularly Louisa and Tom, he begins to wonder if the wisdom of the heart that others have talked about really exists. Sissy proves to him that it does, and she salvages a great deal that might have been lost. In The...

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Victorian Literature- Experience of Childhood

encapsulates the objection at the low standards. This unjust treatment at schools is an expanded theme in ‘Jane Eyre’ and also ‘Hard Times’, where Bronte and Dickens both, explore the objectifying and literal labelling of children. In ‘Hard Times’, we see Sissy Jupe repetitively referred to as ‘girl number twenty one’ by her teacher, who seems to make no effort to learn her name. In ‘Jane Eyre’ one is prohibited to ‘wear her hair as one mass of curls’, the ridiculous nature of this is then highlighted when...

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Failure of Thomas Gradgrind (Hard Times by Charles Dickens)

theory to the orphan child Sissy, who is the estranged child of the circus man Jupe, whom Gradgrind, overcome by pity at realizing her prospects as an un-apprenticed orphan, invites to live in his own house, which he relishes in presenting as an example to Louisa as to what becomes of someone who engages in things which do no appeal to the rational side of man. He provides Sissy with the same logical education he had been fashioning his children and his pupils on, but Sissy is not able to be as practical...

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Exam 3 Sociology of Gender Winter Mini 2014

“self-made man” transformed the nation. I believe the major crises in masculinity were those after the war, adjusting to industrialization, how they became obsessed with the gym being viewed as masculinity by their appearance and the avoiding being a “sissy.” Different social conditions brought each other these about. After the war, there were not jobs and there were even some veterans being frowned upon with their metals of honor. They had trouble adjusting back because before they left their families...

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A World Lit Only by Fire Vocabulary

exception. 19. HERESIARCH: An originator or chief advocate of a heresy. 20. APOTHEOSIS: The perfect model of excellence or perfection 21. INNOMINATE: Having no name 22.EVISCERATE: To surgically remove an appendage or organ 23.EMASCULATED: Having the testicles removed on a male 24.MISOGYNY: Hatred of women 25.LUBRICITY: Behavior that is crude (rape) 26.INVESTED: To surround with military troops 27.CUPIDITY: Extreme greed for money or wealth 28SATYRICAL: Sarcastically...

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Sleary's Circus

a great pole.’’ Sleary’s circus which is a counterpoint to coketown , The individuals of the circus society come together and behave like a loyal family. The whole group interacts as an extended family, which is stressed when Sleary explains to Sissy the advantages of staying with the troupe As Richard Fabrizio puts it right in his essay “Wonderful No-Meaning : Language and Psychopathology Of Family in Hard Times”, Only the circus family is uninhibited by the mores that blind and distort reality...

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Murdering of Innocents

spends his time in constant cogitation. He is the Speaker, previously unnamed and he now takes it as his duty to educate the children ("little pitchers before him"). He identifies a student, called Girl number twenty, who replies that her name is Sissy Jupe. Gradgrind corrects her that her name is Cecilia regardless of what her father calls her. Jupe's father is involved in a horse-riding circus and this is not respectable‹in Gradgrind's opinion. He advises Cecilia to refer to her father as a "farrier"...

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Essay on 'Hard Times' by Charles Dickens

because she doesn’t know how to. Dickens is showing here that extreme use of Fact does not allow for the proper development of the human soul and mind. He shows the final consequence of this near the end of the book when Louisa confesses herself to Sissy: “I am so proud and so hardened, so confused and troubled, so resentful and unjust to every one and myself, that everything is stormy, dark, and wicked to me.”. Louisa herself knows what damage this education has done to her; the reader feels extreme...

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Are Nba Players Overpaid?

getting signed, there are those college stars that never make it and the players that make the league minimum. That statement shows the author’s sympathy for the affected athletes. A different side to high NBA salaries is (NBA players are overpaid sissies). This opinion editorial was written by a Joe Alicata, a student from the Albany Student Press. Alicata believes that NBA players are overpaid for the kind of service they provide. At the time, the NBA lockout had just ended in 2011 so he starts with...

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Major themes in the novel Hard Times

living. Hard Times Hard Times is the title of the book and a theme. Every character in the novel faces hard times at some point. We can examine some of the major characters in the story. Gradgrind faces hardship when his philosophy falls apart; Sissy Jupe loses her father, but never gives up on him; James Harthouse is restless, and bored, and when he finally falls for Louisa and expresses his love to her, she runs from him. Mr. Bounderby loses his wife and is exposed as an outright liar etc etc...

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Levis Business Report

enthusiastic designers who could possible introduce a new brand of denim jeans into the market. This could also tie in with the threat of substitutes as there are literally hundreds of lines that offer jeans as one of their products such as Guess, Sissy Boy, Free 2 b U, and RT to name but a few. In order to overcome this challenge we would need to ensure that our product has a high level of differentiation, meaning that it would need to stand out against the other brands of denim jeans. We could do...

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Fight Club: Emasculation

unnamed man with a severe insomnia whose alter ego, Tyler Durden, creates a destructive cult based around a fight club. Throughout the book, there are many hidden themes, one which is emasculation. In Fight Club, the men of that generation are being emasculated. Castration is the biggest sense of emasculation to exist due to the lack of testosterone. The protagonist goes to a testicular cancer support group to relieve his stress from everyday life. The idea alone of a testicular cancer support group shouts...

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Romanticism Vs. Utilitarianism

of value. His system of education has no room for poetry or expression. He thinks that creativity and "Fancy" are a waste of time and distractions from productivity. His main concerns are profit and loss and his only motivation is self-interest. Sissy Jupe, "Girl #20", is not accepted in his classroom because she is the direct opposition to what he believes is important in life. She represents the Romantic principles of creativity, imagination, and a strong sense of self. Mr. Gradgrind views her...

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It is difficult for the reader to feel much affection for the protagonist in Wolff’s memoir. Do you agree?

himself and the reader that he is not the person Dwight defines him as. Jack is not hurt by Dwight’s accusations that he is a thief and liar because “I did not see myself that way”. However, when Dwight calls Jack a sissy, Jack thinks of Arthur, who is his best friend and the biggest “sissy” in school, and remembers how the word sparked the fight between him and Arthur. Dwight treated Jack differently for a few days; with certain deference - “Dwight took the calls and explained that the papers had been...

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