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Elpidio Quirino Achievements

Elpidio Quirino Philippine President (1948-1953) 6th President of the Republic of the Philippines Vice-President: Fernando H. Lopez Assumed the remaining term & re-elected From The liberal party (LP) Also known as "apo lakay QUIRINO, ELPIDIO [Quirino, Elpidio] , 1890-1956, Filipino statesman, b. Ilocos Sur prov., Luzon. After he was admitted (1915) to the bar he became a law clerk in the Philippine senate. For many years he was Manual Quezon 's political aide. Quirino was elected (1919)...

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E Quirino And Magsaysay

 "Every epoch has its own heroes and every hero has his own epoch." – E. Quirino Elpidio R. Quirino First term: April 17, 1948-December 30, 1949 (succeeded) Second term: December 30,1949-December 30, 1953 (elected) November 16, 1890 – February 29, 1956 Elpidio Rivera Quirino Accomplishments/Achievements: 1. The establishment of the Agricultural Credit Cooperative Financing Administration (ACCFA) to help farmers market their crops and save them from usurers. 2. The establishments...

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Elpidio Quirino Biography, Problems, Achievements

INTRODUCTION Elpidio Rivera Quirino, also known as “Apo Lakay”, born in 1890, was a Filipino politician and was the sixth President of the Philippines. He entered politics when he became a representative of Ilocos Sur from 1919-1925. He was elected senator from 1925-1931. He was part of the independence mission to Washington that freed the Philippines from American control in 1934. After the Japanese invasion in World War II he became a leader of the underground and was captured and imprisoned;...

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Literature Report

Education and Secretary of Public Instructions in 1946. Some of his published works include the Educational Progress in the Philippines and Studies of Great Filipinos. Benitez was the recipient of the "Teacher of Teachers Award" from President Elpidio Quirino in 1948 and the Teacher of the Year Award from the UP College of Education Alumni in 1950.He was born in Pagsanjan, Laguna on June 4, 1887 to Higinio Benitez and Soledad Francia. INTRODUCTION What is an educated Filipino and what qualities...

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Elpidio Quirino

ELPIDIO QUIRINO Quirino, Elpidio (1890-1956), president of the Philippines (1948-1953). He was born in Vignan on Luzon, studied law,After obtaining a law degree from the University of the Philippines, near Manila, in 1915, Quirino practiced law until he was elected a member of the Philippine House of Representatives in 1919-25 and a senator in 1925-31. In 1934 he was a member of the Philippine independence mission to Washington, D.C., headed by Manuel Quezon, which secured the passage in Congress...

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PresidentsY/A | Political Philosophy | Achievements | Strengths | Weaknesses | Evaluation | Threats | Laws | GENERAL EMILIO FAMY AGUINALDOTerm: (1898- 1901) | | Aguinaldo is best remembered for the proclamation of Philippine Independence on June 12, 1898, in Kawit, Cavite. Aguinaldo formally established the first Philippine republic. He also designated diplomats who were assigned in the major world capitals to seek recognition of Philippine independence | | | | | | MANUEL LUIS QUEZONTerm:...

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Social Science 1st year test

property and reduced means of livelihood, poverty was lessened. ____4.The Huks were the most ineffective and unsufficient fighters against the Japanese ____5.Manuel Roxas issued a proclamation declaring as illegal the existence of the Huks. ____6.Elpidio Quirino’s foreign policy was aimed at continuing “unfriendly relations with the counties of the world” ____7.Rural upliftment and development such as “Land for the Landless” was initiated by Ramon Magsaysay. ____8.Ferdinand Marcos’ objective was...

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is considered the patron saint of teachers and educators. He was a general assembly of the brothers. Students had moved over to John Baptist's Christian schools, where studies were free of charge. This saint is the patron of teachers, his great achievement having been to provide a system of education for the common people at a time when the poor were grossly neglected; not mercy by founding charity schools, a cling which had been attempted countless times before only to end in repeated failure, but...

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System of Government in the Philippines During..

those who had worked together with the Japanese while at the same time the Huks were declared illegal. His administration ended prematurely when he died of heart attack April 15, 1948 while at the US Air Force Base in Pampanga. Vice President Elpidio Quirino (Liberal Party, henceforth referred to as LP) was sworn in as President after the death of Roxas in April 1948. He ran for election in November 1949 against Jose P. Laurel (Nacionalista Party, henceforth referred to as NP) and won his own four-year...

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University Vmgo and Company Profile

Pres. Manuel A. Roxas proposed a bill seeking to establish a social security system for wage earners and low-salaried employees. This was recommended to Congress in his State of the Nation Address. After the death of President Roxas, Pres. Elpidio Quirino created the Social Security Study Commission on July 7, 1948. The creation of the Commission was his first official act upon his assumption to office. Based on the report of the Study Commission, a draft of the Social Security Act was submitted...

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Sona 2013

the First Congress on 27 January 1947, pursuant to CA 244. Beginning in 1949, SONAs were delivered at the newly-reconstructed Legislative Building. Only once did a President not appear personally before Congress: on 23 January 1950, President Elpidio Quirino, who was recuperating at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, delivered his SONA to a joint session of Congress. His address was beamed through RCS in the United States and picked up by a local radio network at 10 o’clock in the morning in time for the...

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Reaction paper

With the establishment of the independent Republic of the Philippines in 1946, he rejoined government service when President Manuel Roxas appointed him to the Department of Foreign Affairs as the head of its legal division.[4] In 1948, President Elpidio Quirino appointed Macapagal as chief negotiator in the successful transfer of the Turtle Islands in the Sulu Sea from the United Kingdom to the Philippines.[5] That same year, he was assigned as second secretary to the Philippine Embassy in Washington...

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Thesis Ojt

in Congress, seeking the establishment of a social security system for wage earners and low-salaried employees. This he said on January 26, 1948, during his State of the Nation Address. On July 7, 1948, after the death of Pres. Roxas, Pres. Elpidio Quirino created a Social Security Commission, his first official act as president. This commission drafted the Social Security Act that was submitted to Congress. This draft was introduced by Rep. Floro Crisologo, SenatorsCipriano Primicias and Manuel...

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Term 1 Manuel L. Quezon November 15, 1935 August 1, 19441 Nacionalista Sergio Osmeña 1 2 2 Sergio Osmeña August 1, 1944 May 28, 1946 Nacionalista vacant 3 Manuel Roxas May 28, 1946 July 4, 1946² Liberal Elpidio Quirino 3 1 Died due to tuberculosis at Saranac Lake, New York. ² End of Commonwealth government, independent Republic inaugurated. Quezon Administration (1935–1944)[edit] Manuel L. Quezon, president from 1935–44 In 1935 Quezon won the Philippine's first...

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Phil Hist

national security, President Roxas granted the U. S. control of the military and naval bases at Clark Air Base and Subic Bay Naval Base, in exchange for military base The Hukbalahap Problem The Roxas administration and that of his successor, Elpidio Quirino, were faced with the Hukbalahap problem The Hukbalahap (short for Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon) was founded early in 1942 as an anti-Japanese organization of peasants in Central Luzon The Hukbalahap was led by intellectuals like Pedro Abad...

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Historical Biographical Analysis on “Another Invitation to the Pope to Visit Tondo”

Ateneo de Manila and curator of its art museum who was born on April 29, 1932 in Manila. He was born on the Third Republic of the Philippines when the country was already considered independent. He witnessed the administration of Manuel Roxas, Elpidio Quirino, Ramon Magsaysay, Carlos P. Garcia and Diosdado Macapagal. Macapagal ran for the re-election but he was defeated by Ferdinand Marcos. How was the Philippines during the Marcos regime and early before? Since 1940, it has been very hard...

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El Presidente

Philippine Trade Act laws were accepted by the congress * he is in the 100 peso bill * was inaugurated as the new and first president of the new Republic because the Philippines was finally free after the WW II | Elpidio Quirino | April 17, 1948- December 30 1953 | * The Quirino administration (1948 - 1953) focused on two objectives: 1) to regain faith and confidence in the government. * And 2) to restore peace and order. He was more successful in the second objective – breaking the back of...

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Kapampangan Writers and Authors

August 2, 1998. Despite of a busy schedule as the breadwinner of the family and patriarch of the Quiboloy clan, Delfin was a prolific husband and a very productive poet laureate, playwright, educator and a leader among his peers. His literary achievements included several awards, medals and trophies. His crowning glory was on March 1, 1969 when he was honored by the president of United Poet Laureates International, Dr. Amado Yuzon in recognition of Delfin's contribution to World Poetry in general...

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Commonwealth of the Philippines

Philippines, the Commonwealth was restored, and a one-year transitional period in preparation for independence began. Elections followed in April 1946 with Manuel Roxas winning as the first president of the independent Republic of the Philippines and Elpidio Quirino winning as vice-president. In spite of the years of Japanese occupation, the Philippines became independent exactly as scheduled a decade before, on July 4, 1946. Independence Main articles: Philippine independence and Republic Day (Philippines) ...

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Malacañang over View

President Osmeña’s term ended in the year 1946. Manuel A. Roxas become the first president of the third Philippine Republic in the year 1946. On the same year he granted the independence by the United States. He died in a heart attack year 1948. Elpidio R. Quirino as the vice president of Roxas took over the seat of being a Philippine president. There is a room inside the Malacañang where the former president’s memorabilia was placed. The said room was named after the president. Ramon F. Magsaysay is...

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Philippine History Matrix

its president was Laurel. | PRESIDENTS AND THEIR STRENGTHS : Manuel Roxas - In 1948, Roxas declared amnesty for those arrested for collaborating with the Japanese during World War II, except for those who had committed violent crimes. Elpidio Quirino - His six years as president were marked by notable postwar reconstruction, general economic gains, and increased economic aid from the United States. Basic social problems, however, particularly in the rural areas, remained unsolved, and his...

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Campaign for Philippine Independence

the Nacionalista leaders with occasional Democrata participation to give a sense of national unity. Those who were prominently involved were: Manuel L. Quezon, Sergio Osmeña, Manue A. Roxas, Jose Abad Santos, Benigno Aquino Sr., Camilo Osias, Elpidio Quirino, All Nacionalistas, and Claro M. Recto, Emilio Tria Tirona, Juan Sumulong, Pedro Gil, Ruperto Montinola and all Democratas. The first Independence Mission was sent to the United States in 1919, which was the only one during the Democratic Administration...

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Transition to Independence: the Commonwealth

majority party DEMOCRATA -the opposition minority party, participation to give the campaign as semblance of national party 7 Nacionalista’s 1.Manuel L. Quezon 5.Benigno Aquino Sr 2.Sergio Osmena 6.Camilo Osias 3.Manuel A. Roxas 7. Elpedio Quirino  4. Jose Abad Santos FIVE DECRATA’S Claro M. Recto  Emilio Tria Torina Juan Sumulong Pedro Gil Ruperto Montinola THE INDEPENDENCE MISSION  1919- first parliamentary mission was sent to U.S during the administration of Woodrow Wilson...

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Philippine President - History

governments were established by the Commonwealth to take over from the military authorities.[5] Rehabilitation of the Philippine National Bank Following the restoration of the Commonwealth Government, the Congress was reorganized. Manuel Roxas and Elpidio Quirino were electedSenate President and Senate President pro tempore respectively. At the House of Representatives, Jose Zulueta of Iloilo was electedSpeaker and Prospero Sanidad as Speaker pro tempore. The opening session of the Congress was personally...

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Sample Sona

Official Gazette PH Elpidio Quirino, Third State of the Nation Address, January 22, 1951 Published: January 22, 1951. Latest update: June 1, 2012. “The State of the Nation” Message to Congress of His Excellency Elpidio Quirino President of the Philippines [January 22, 1951] MR. PRESIDENT, MR. SPEAKER, MEMBERS OF THE CONGRESS: I join you today in opening your greatest opportunity yet to make history for our people. This is a year exceptionally heavy with decision and destiny; and your...

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Ramon Magsaysay

office 30 December 1953 – 17 March 1957 | Vice President | Carlos P. García | Preceded by | Elpidio Quirino | Succeeded by | Carlos P. García | Secretary of National Defense | In office 1 January 1954 – 14 May 1954 | President | Himself | Preceded by | Oscar Castelo | Succeeded by | Sotero B. Cabahug | In office 1 September 1950 – 28 February 1953 | President | Elpidio Quirino | Preceded by | Ruperto Kangleon | Succeeded by | Oscar Castelo | Member of the Philippine House...

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Philippine History

meaning rattan palms, which used to grow abundantly along the shore of the river. " Palasans" later became paclasan and the setllement became the site of the first government of Roxas. Through Executive Order No. 181. President Elpidio Quirino, in a proclamation dated October 15, 1948 declared Paclasan as seperate town from Mansalay. The order, however, took effect on November 15,1948. The name paclasan was changed to Roxas and Roxas was born as a town. Andres Torrefiel, Sr. had been...

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Presidents of the Philippines and Their Achievments

In 1950, he was appointed member of the Council of State. Attended the Independence Day Celebration on June 12, 1962 after it was changed from July 4. Died February 6, 1964 of coronary thrombosis at the age of 95. Achievements The achievements of general General Emilio F. Aguinaldo is that he declared the independence of Philippine. He was alive between March 22, 1869 and February 6, 1964. This is a common Philippine homework question. Manuel L. Quezon Manuel Luis...

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Caloocan City and National Service Training

 QCPU POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY NATIONAL SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM CIVIC WELFARE TRAINING SERVIC-GREEN LEAF PROGRAM #673 Quirino Highway San Bartolome, Novaliches Quezon City Green Leaf Program A Narrative Report Experience of Civic Welfare Training Service Program In Quezon City Polytechnic University In Partial Fulfilments of the Requirements On National Service Training Program Submitted to: Russel Lopez Sursigis Submitted by: SBGE-108 Group 1 SEMESTER 2013-2014 Martin,...

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Transition Period in Commonwealth

government was restored. Congress convened in its first regular session on July 9, 1945. It was the first time the people’s representatives have assembled since their election on November 11, 1941. Manuel Roxas was elected Senate President, and Elpidio Quirino was chosen President Pro Tempore. Jose Zulueta was speaker of the house, while Prospero Sanidad became speaker pro Tempore. The first law of this congress, enacted as commonwealth act 672, organized the central bank of the Philippines. The commonwealth...

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Diosdado Macapagal

examination, Macapagal was invited to join an American law firm as a practicing attorney, a particular honor for a Filipino at the time. He was assigned as a legal assistant to President Manuel L. Quezon in Malacañan Palace. In 1948, President Elpidio Quirino appointed Macapagal as chief negotiator in the successful transfer of the Turtle Islands in the Sulu Sea from the United Kingdom to the Philippines.That same year, he was assigned as second secretary to the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D...

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21847859 The Japanese Occupation In The Philippines

Europe Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and 9, 1945) Japan finally surrendered on August 15, 1945- Emperor Hito Restoration of the Commonwealth Nacionalista Party – Sergio Osmeña, Eulogio Rodriguez Liberal Party – Manuel Roxas, Elpidio Quirino Last President of the Commonwealth – Manuel Roxas July 4, 1946 Proclamation of the Philippine Independence The End of the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines What were the events in the Philippines during the liberation of the Philippines...

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Mga Presidente Ng Pilipinas

governments were established by the Commonwealth to take over from the military authorities. Rehabilitation of the Philippine National Bank Following the restoration of the Commonwealth Government, the Congress was reorganized. Manuel Roxas and Elpidio Quirino were elected Senate President and Senate President pro tempore respectively. At the House of Representatives, Jose Zulueta of Iloilo was elected Speaker and Prospero Sanidad as Speaker pro tempore. The opening session of the Congress was personally...

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Moreno , Ting Jocson , Baby Delgado , Joseph Estrada , Claire ... Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa! | Manuel "Fyke" Cinco | Rudy Fernandez, Jackie ... 11 KB (1,198 words) - 16:27, 2 February 2014 Tomas Cabili of the Philippines | president3 Manuel Roxas Elpidio Quirino | term ... He also won the first prize Jocson Medal in an annual debate in the ... 7 KB (920 words) - 01:41, 17 March 2013 Greggy Liwag School Scandal | Gina Alajar , Sandy Andolong , Ting Jocson | Gil Portes | ... Tommy Abuel , Edgar Mande...

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Summary of Manuel Roxas Legacy

police contributed to the rise of the left-wing Hukbalahap (Huk) movement in the countryside. His heavy-handed attempts to crush the Huks led to widespread peasant disaffection. Roxas died in office in 1948 and was succeeded by his vice president, Elpidio Quirino. (see also Index: Hukbalahap Rebellion)...

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presidents of the phil

November 6, 1959 due to heart attack and stroke became president on October 14, 1943 thru election ended his term on August 17, 1945 because he issued an Executive proclamation which declared the dissolution of his regime. *greatest contribution/achievements founded Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila Controversies/Issues during Term -cooperated with the Japanese in contrast to the decision of Filipino Chief Justice Abad Santos -Food shortage - declared the country under martial law ...

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1)What Micro Environmental Factors Affected the Introduction and Re-Launch of the Toyota Prius? How Well Has Toyota Dealt with These Factors?

industries to all the regions of the Philippines according to the natural resources thereof. III. FOREIGN AFFAIRS * Anti-Huk Policy – This policy is for nationalism, peace and order in foreign affairs especially with Japan. Elpidio R. Quirino I. POLITICAL * Fireside Chats Program – The weekly report about President Quirino’s activities to the public through radio programs from the Malacañang Palace. II. ECONOMIC * Rural Bank Act – Rural banks were opened...

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following laws:   Republic Act No. 34 -- Established the 70-30 sharing arrangements and regulating share-tenancy contracts. Republic Act No. 55 -- Provided for a more effective safeguard against arbitrary ejectment of tenants.   President Elpidio Quirino (1948-1953) enacted the following law:   Executive Order No. 355 issued on October 23, 1950 -- Replaced the National Land Settlement Administration with Land Settlement Development Corporation (LASEDECO) which takes over the responsibilities...

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History of Alicia Bohol Philippines

President Elpidio Quirino, then seeking reelection, lobbying to create Batuanan into a municipality with a pledge that the people thereat will deliver a solid vote for the liberal Party candidates in the 1949 national elections. Thus, President Elpidio Quirino, during his stopover in Dumaguete from Tagbilaran, Bohol on September 16, 1949 issued Executive Order No. 265 creating Batuanan into an independent municipality to be known as Alicia, in honor of his wife, Doña Alicia Syquia Quirino. On January...

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Ramon Magsaysay

the life of Ramon Magsaysay. It contains his life story before becoming becoming the nation’s leader and political life as the third president of the 3rd Republic of the Philippines. It also talks about the laws he passed, projects he executed, achievements he accomplished, as well as his weaknesses and problems encountered during his short term. BODY EARLY YEARS Ramon Magsaysay was born August 31, 1907, in the town of Iba, Zambales. His father, Don Exequiel Magsaysay, was, in his younger years...

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ignite the flames of nationalism, started the mission for Philippine Independence. Politics and Governance The Third Philippine Republic was proclaimed on July 4, 1946. Nine presidents have governed the Republic: Manuel Roxas (1946-1948), Elpidio Quirino (1948-1954), Ramon Magsaysay (1954-1957), Carlos Garcia (1957-1962), Diosdado Macapagal (1962-1966), Ferdinand Marcos (1966-1986), Corazon Aquino (1986-1992), Fidel Ramos (1992-1998), and Joseph E. Estrada (1998-present). The Third Philippine...

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Job Resume

Youthful yet very mature; willing to learn and grow; fast learner Excellent computer skills – applications related to MS Office or the Internet Can do projects inside and outside the field, acquainted with office tasks ACHIEVEMENTS: Best Production House in TriniTV Awards (Trinity University of Asia) Best Story, Best Concept and Ideas (Dean’s Citation Award), Best Film in Spectacle Film Festival 2013 Best Production Team in Speech and Performance (Burlesque Stage play) ...

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President of the Philippines

of treason but was never brought to trial; he shared in the general amnesty in April 1948. As the Nationalist Party's nominee for the presidency of the Republic of the Philippines in 1949, he was narrowly defeated by the incumbent president, Elpidio Quirino, nominee of the Liberal Party. Elected to the Senate in 1951, Laurel helped to persuade Ramón Magsaysay, then secretary of defense, to desert the Liberals and join the Nationalists. When Magsaysay became president, Laurel headed an economic mission...

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year. The last president of the Philippine Commonwealth and the first president of the republic (1946 - 1948). Elpidio Rivera Quirino (Term: April 17, 1948-December 30, 1953) Elpidio Quirino was a native of Caoayan, Ilocos Sur although born in Vigan, Ilocos Sur to Don Mariano Quirino of Caoayan, Ilocos Sur and Doña Gregoria Mendoza Rivera of Agoo, La Union. Quirino spent his early years in Aringay, La Union. He studied and graduated his elementary education to his native Caoayan, where...

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The Commonwealth and the Japanese Period

government was restored. Congress convened in its first regular session on July 9, 1945. It was the first time the people’s representatives have assembled since their election on November 11, 1941. Manuel Roxas was elected Senate President, and Elpidio Quirino was chosen President Pro Tempore. Jose Zulueta was speaker of the house, while Prospero Sanidad became speaker pro Tempore. The first law of this congress, enacted as commonwealth act 672, organized the central bank of the Philippines. The commonwealth...

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Welcome Vigan

Opinion and La Revisita. To top that, he was also the founder of the country’s first newspaper in the local dialect, El Ilocano.  His life also included a foray in politics, winning a seat in the senate in 1922 and actually beating his town mate Elpidio Quirino, who later on became the country’s President.  His next endeavor after leaving politics was as significant as all the others he undertook. He turned his attention to the spiritual formation of the country founding the Aglipay Church or the...

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Ramon Magsaysay

1953 the government attempted unsuccessfully to end the Huk rebellion by a peace parley with the rebel leaders. In the presidential elections, held on November 10, former Defence Minister Ramón Magsaysay won a decisive victory over the incumbent Quirino, and because of his vigorous conduct of the campaign against the Huks, the back of the rebellion was broken, although it was not entirely suppressed. Congress approved, on August 11, 1955, legislation empowering President Magsaysay to break up large...

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Factors Affecting the Reading Interest of Fourth Year Students of Ramon Magsaysay(Cubao) High School

the respondents' attitudes and problems towards reading? EFFECTS OF BILINGUALISM APPROACH TO THE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN ENGLISH III Statement of the Problem/ Objectives of the Study The researchers would like to know the effects of the Bilingual Approach in teaching to the academic achievement in English of the third year students in Juan Sumulong High School. Specifically, the study aimed to answer the following: What is the Profile of...

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Agrarian Reform

Republic Act No. 1946 likewise known as the Tenant Act which provided for a 70–30 sharing arrangements and regulated share-tenancy contracts. It was passed to resolve the ongoing peasant unrest in Central Luzon. Elpido Quirino As part of his Agrarian Reform agenda, President Quirino issued on October 23, 1950 Executive Order No. 355 which replaced the National Land Settlement Administration with Land Settlement Development Corporation (LASEDECO) which takes over the responsibilities of the Agricultural...

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COmmonwealth of the philippines

Capital Manilaa Languages Spanish[2] English[2] Filipino[3][4] Government Republic President  -  1935–44 Manuel L. Quezon  -  1944–46 Sergio Osmeña  -  1946 Manuel Roxas Vice President  -  1935–44 Sergio Osmeña  -  1946 Elpidio Quirino Legislature National Assembly (1935–41) Congress (1945–46) Historical era Interwar period · World War II  -  Tydings–McDuffie Act 15 November[5][6][7][8] 1935  -  Independence 4 July 1946  -  Treaty of Manila 22 October 1946 Area ...

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Philippine History

expelled the 9 congressmen in order to pass parity amendment Agreement -they were granted amnesty Quirino Administrition -Hukbalahap problem at climax Judge Antonio Quirino -negotiator between gov’t and hukbalahap -Taruc ended the rebellion by signing an agreement with Quirino but Quirino denied the said agreement Ramon Magsaysay: broke the Backbone of Huk; secretary of Quirino Benigno Aquino Jr: a young reporter, emissary Taruc was imprisoned Magsaysay granted the members...

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One year later, the school acquired its P.E. Grounds, adjacent to its campus. It continued its operations there until 1971. 1952 - 1978 By virtue of Republic Act 778, passed by the houses of Congress on May 20, 1952 and signed by President Elpidio Quirino on June 21, 1952, PSC became the Philippine College of Commerce (PCC), with Luis F. Reyes as its first president. The PCC broadened its program offerings with the inclusion of undergraduate courses in commerce and related fields. The school celebrated...

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Nikki Slesin Ms. Marshall-Fleenor History 9-1 November 17, 2007 Islamic Achievements made by the Muslims during the Golden Age In less than a century after Muhammad created the Islamic faith and state, Muslims and the new cultural power of Islam controlled half of the civilized world. Expansion that started with the rule of the Rightly Guided Caliphs continued under the Umayyad Dynasty, which ruled from A.D 661 to 750. Islam gained political control and influence from Spain to the borders...

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Jacky Hou Period 6 Cause and Effect: Achievement Grade Attempting: A Word Count: 1045 With the advancements made in modern society, the desire to make an impact grows tremendously as historical figures rise and fall. What causes the passion to pursue achievement is the constant pressure for wanting to rise out and above the seven billion. We can choose to live the gloomy mediocre life or we choose to push ourselves to be the best of the best and live the “American dream.” When life gives...

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The Achievement Gap

The Achievement Gap in the United States Schools December 15, 2010 Since the mid sixties we as a nation have been studying the achievement gap between minority students, low-income, and middle income students. I plan to present data regarding this issue that has plagued our country for decades. Being an employee in the education system and working with students from these subgroups, I have had firsthand experience with this issue. With the achievement gap growing rapidly, our country has...

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Academic Achievement

Size and Academic Achievement Name: DABHI KRISHNA KANAKSINH ID: 16241196 ENGLISH LANGUAGE BRIDGING COURSE The question of “class size and academic performance” has generated a strong debate among academics stakeholders, teachers, administrators, parents and as well as researchers. The issues create strong arguments because of the powerful common sense that small classes model appeals. We can understand that class size influences on students’ academic achievements whereas some well...

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Achievements of Venice

Chapter 3: The Achievements of Venice (written by BS) Venice had many achievements by the 15th Century, mainly, building a maritime empire, social transformation and also economic prosperity. The most significant achievement, would be building a maritime empire, followed by social transformation and economic prosperity. Firstly, the most significant achievement would be building a maritime empire. As a maritime empire, Venice possessed territories along important trade routes, especially around...

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Academic Achievements

their goal of being part of the honor roll. Balancing these two is one of the problems honor students of today are facing. This process is intended to know how important co-curricular involvement is and what its effects to the students’ academic achievements are. Since 1985, Colegio San Agustin (CSA)- Biñan has been providing its students quality Catholic education that enriches their knowledge academically. Besides, CSA- Biñan has been offering several co- curricular programs like authorized student...

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Achievement Motivation

Highly competent children often do not display patterns of achievement motivation (Phillips, 1987). Research has shown that a child's perception of his or her competence is a better indicator of achievement motivation than the reality of his or her ability. (Bandura, 1977; Covington, 1984; Nicholls, 1982, Weiner, 1979). Not only does the child influence his achievement motivation but teachers and parents have a significant impact and influence on how the child views his or her abilities. Research...

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Achievement Gaps

Achievement Gaps Reading, writing and the ability to solve simple mathematical problems are a part of the necessary tools needed to survive in America. Consequently, such learning tools are used numerous times throughout the day without recognition. However, reading, writing and basic knowledge of mathematical problems are not equally achieved by all social groups. It is clear that education plays a major role in the future of an individual, yet there are achievement gaps between Black, White...

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