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Elizabeth Proctor Monologue

Discuss the importance of the character of Elizabeth and consider how Miller makes us respond to her throughout the play (30 marks) Throughout the Crucible Miller uses Elizabeth, who is a pious character, as a judge of character. Through her eyes we learn who is innately good such as Rebecca Nurse, we learn that John Proctor is a tragic hero whose fatal flaw is that he is “somewhat bewildered” and that Abigail truly is “a whore” with an “endless capacity for dissembling”. The audience trusts her...

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Elizabeth Proctor: Love Versus Honesty

Elizabeth Proctor was probably one of the characters faced with the most stress and problem throughout the duration of "The Crucible" After a long period of illness, she try to live life as normal, despite having found out her husband committed adultery and, later, that she has been accused of witchcraft. Although she proves brave and strong and endures the experience, when the most important decision in the fiasco comes, she makes a controversial choice. Before the play takes place, Abigail Williams...

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Compare the Roles That Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams Play in ‘the Crucible.’

Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail William both heighten the tension of the witch trials in Salem; they are a contrast of each others character, and brawl for the desire for one mans love. Arthur Millers hysterical play, The Crucible, portrays the personalities of 2 exceptionally diverse women. A mother, a wife, a friend: Abigail wanted to share a family with John Proctor. In some aspects she was jealous of Elizabeth, as she had the one thing in the world that Abigail desperately yearned for. “Oh...

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The Crucible – Sample Essay on Playing Elizabeth Proctor

sample essay on playing Elizabeth Proctor I am using the Heinemann edition of the text and I will be discussing how I would play the part of Elizabeth Proctor in the given scene. This scene is taken from Act Four, the final act of the play and the tragic plot is drawing to an end. Both Elizabeth and John Proctor have been imprisoned on false charges of witchcraft. Elizabeth's pregnancy is, at present, sparing her from the possibility of hanging but her husband, John Proctor, in his vain attempts...

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John Proctor

Honorable...Ashamed...Respected...All of these words can be used to describe John Proctor. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible John Proctor, one of the main characters, is faced with a variety of challenges. The most extreme test that he must face is to admit to a crime that ultimately leads to his death. At one time he was looked up to in the town of Salem, however when a situation arises, John Proctor must fight his conscience. He is motivated and tested to tell the truth even though it ruined his...

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How and Why Does the Relationship Between John and Elizabeth Proctor Change over the Course of the Crucible?

How and why does the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor change over the course of The Crucible? In Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, John and Elizabeth Proctor are introduced as a young, married couple whose relationship had a tense undercurrent. Their actions and reactions towards one another prove that they are at odds with each other. John and Elizabeth seem to be trying to smooth out the bumps in their relationship, but they only seem to succeed in driving themselves further...

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Crucible: Salem Witch Trials and Elizabeth

The Crucible: Elizabeth Proctor “Let them that never lied die now to keep their souls” (1353). This quote, spoken by John Proctor, in the Crucible represents what the Salem Witch Trials were about. The Crucible, written by Aurthur Miller, was a playwright based in the 1600’s of the Salem Witch Trials in Province, Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Trials were during the time of McCarthyism; McCarthyism suggested people were guilty without hard proof. Elizabeth Proctor was a character in the Crucible...

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The Crucible and Goody Proctor

about not belonging. 4. What has goody Proctor turned Abigail out of the proctor household? How does this ‘rejection’ figure in the build-up of the witch hysteria? Goody Proctor has turned Abigail away from their household because Proctor had become attracted to her youth and committed lechery with Abby. Goody Proctor took care of the problem by making her leave, and therefore Abigail holds a grudge against Elizabeth, and would like revenge. Once Proctor admits that he has made a mistake and that...

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Crucible John Proctor Tragic Hero

John Proctor “Tragic Hero”? I believe that John Proctor is the tragic hero in the play “The Crucible.” I feel that his tragic flaw is the reason he became the tragic hero. He was trying to win back the trust of his wife and to do this he became the hero. By showing he was a good and decent person, this exemplifies he is a tragic hero. I see to prove his love and dedication to Elizabeth that John would do anything she told him to, in a way...

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John Proctor Cruicible Essay

Honors American Literature Mr. Davies 21 March 2014 John Proctor Character Analysis 1692, a time in which a small town goes into absolute chaos. The hysteria of witchcraft fills the streets of Salem, Massachusetts with rumors and accusations leading to the hanging of nineteen innocent people. Arthur Miller uses this tragedy to resemble the same stupidity of the accusations of the infiltration of communists in the United States throughout the 1950’s. To display the absurdness of the...

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John Proctor - the Crucible

John Proctor Ultimately, John Proctor is a key part of the Crucible. His refusal to open up about Abigail’s lying (which she admits in Betty’s bedroom) allows Abigail to whip the village of Salem into a frenzy – accusing anyone and everyone of witchcraft. He is a proud and powerful man, much respected in the village. The fact he committed adultery with Abigail means she has the power to control him. Adultery is against the laws of Salem’s theocracy (as it is against the Decalogue) so, if Abigail...

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John Proctor Essay

people met their deaths and were hung. The witch trials were started and ended by the actions of one man, John Proctor. This is illustrated in The Crucible, a book written to depict the events of these trials. It would seem that John Proctor would be the tragic hero stopping the witch trials. A tragic hero is someone who is not perfect but yet has reputable standing as did Proctor. To be considered a tragic hero one would also have to have a flaw, leading to one’s own demise, but the tragic...

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The Crucible and John Proctor

Macbeth Vs. John Proctor Macbeth and John Proctor are both main character from different books but both have similarities and differences. Macbeth is from William Shakespeare’s, Macbeth, and John Proctor is from Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible. The similarities between these two main characters are the impact witchcraft makes in their lives, their tragic flaw, and the respect each character has with his society. Witchcraft is a very powerful thing. Some people believe in it and some do not. When...

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John Proctor as a Tragic Hero in "The Crucible"

McAlister 1 Kyle McAlister Ms. Holder Comp Eng Honors 11 11/1/13 The Tragedy of John Proctor In the play by Arthur Miller The Crucible, the town of Salem is in pandemonium under the non-existent threat of witchcraft. Every character is either lying to save their lives or to end others, or dying for not admitting to a lie. One character who stands out among the chaotic conflagration is the tragic hero John Proctor. In Greek drama, a tragic hero is defined as “a great or virtuous character in a dramatic...

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Life or Death, John Proctor

Dilemma of John Proctor Life or death? A simple question that most people would instantly know the answer to, and for most that answer would be life. However, what if the choice of life came with consequences. What if saving your life meant ruining your reputation, harming your friends and your family, and cause you to be a sinner. Now, with consequences involved for you and those you love would your answer change? What would you do? In the Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor faces a great...

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The Crucible Character Analysis (John Proctor)

The Crucible Character Analysis (John Proctor) Imagine living a life of paranoia, in which you cannot even walk out of the front door without having to peer over your shoulder, wondering if or when you will be struck by an inevitable plague. In 1692, this mere situation was a horrendous reality for the people of Salem, Massachusetts in The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller. This plague, created by one’s burning desire to seek vengeance upon a man through the means of witchcraft, resulted in a tragic...

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The Crucible and John Proctor

and one of the most prominent and important characters in The Crucible is John Proctor. John Proctor is a simple yet troubled farmer who plays one of the most pivotal roles in the story. John Proctor is a father of three sons and the husband of Elizabeth Proctor, and has had an immodest relationship with Abigail Williams, who is mostly responsible for the witchcraft hysteria in Salem, Massachusetts. John Proctor is a very interesting character mainly because of his many moral dilemmas regarding...

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What Is the Shred of Goodness John Proctor Finds in Himself in Act Iv?

This speech is said by John Proctor near to the end of Act IV a moment before he tears up his confession; it is the moment where he finds the shred of goodness in himself. To understand how he finds it, we first need to understand the moral battle and journey the Proctor goes through. John Proctor is easily identified as The Crucible’s protagonist. Proctor was a stand-up man who spoke his mind. His name was synonymous with honour and integrity within the community. Proctor took pleasure in exposing...

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How did arthur miller portray the relationship between john and elizabeth proctor in "The Crucible" by arthur miller?

with plain back stabbing which caused life in fear. Miller portrayed John Proctors character as kind with strong opinions and principles. He also looked hard working and although he was deeply religious he chose not to go to church regularly because he thought the "Minister was not suitable". John was definitely passionate in anything he believed in regardless of what others said or thought. Miller portrayed that Elizabeth Proctor's character was cold, plain and was bored of life and that her entire...

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The Conflict between Parris and Proctor in the Crucible

the play. Many of these are caused by or, similar to the conflict between Parris and Proctor, are inflated by the many accusations of witchcraft occurring in the village. John Proctor is very rarely involved in village affairs, preferring to spend time on his farm than getting involved in politics. He does however still have conflicts with others in the village, especially Parris, whom he mistrusts greatly. Proctor genuinely dislikes Parris and disagrees with all that he does. Proctor’s hatred of...

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Taylor Swift and John Proctor

alter a person’s reputation. Making a mistake serves as a chance to destroy a reputation, therefore many view their own reputation as a maintenance of public image. In the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor is focused up keeping his proud name from becoming tainted. Proctor has a strong desire to maintain a positive image and is fearful of creating a weak reputation for himself and his family. “The Lucky One,” by Taylor Swift, connects to Proctor’s innate fear of ruining his reputation...

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The Relationship Between John Proctor and His Wife Is Not an Easy One

“The relationship between John proctor and his wife is not an easy one” Through close analysis of three scenes discuss Miller’s dramatic presentation of the relationship and how the audience respond to it. Draft Elizabeth and Johns relationship is certainly not an easy one. Although having been married with two children the intrusion of Abigail could not have come at a worse time. With Elizabeth ill and Abigail’s personality being such a contrast John felt it as an escape from his wife’s absence...

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John Proctor Is a Flawed Man. How, in Spite of This, Does Arthur Miller Develop His Character so That We Admire Him More and More as the Play Progresses?

John Proctor is a flawed man. How, in spite of this, does Arthur Miller develop his character so that we admire him more and more as the play progresses? John Proctor, throughout the play, undergoes a personal dilemma. He earns our respect during the play by making some moral choices. Towards the end of the play he follows the courage of his convictions but ironically has to play the ultimate price. Miller introduces a complex character. John Proctor, in the directors notes, comes across as...

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To What Extent Does John Proctor Conform to the Ideal Tragic Hero in “the Crucible”

To what extent does John Proctor conform to the ideal tragic hero in “The Crucible”? The most well known definition of a tragic hero comes from the philosopher, Aristotle. When explaining a tragic hero, Aristotle states "The change in the hero's fortunes be not from misery to happiness, but on the contrary, from happiness to misery, and the cause of it must not lie in any depravity but in some great error on his part." Also, he explains the four essential qualities that a tragic hero should possess...

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Elizabeth Proctor

innocent women hang on false accusations? Elizabeth Proctor is a virtuous woman who is steadfast and true. These traits also make her a bit of a cold fish. Her husband John Proctor had an affair with their seventeen year old housekeeper Abigail Williams. Elizabeth seems to be struggling to forgive her husband and let go of her anger. Elizabeth’s dislike of Abigail is more justified when Abigail tries to murder Elizabeth by framing her for witchcraft. Elizabeth is innocent of witchcraft because she is...

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Conflict: Salem Witch Trials and John Proctor

in the theocratic town of Salem. Various characters base their actions on the desire to protect their respective reputations. Yet in contrast virtuous qualities are revealed under the strain of conflict. Characters such as Reverend Hale and John Proctor show the best of human nature. They strive and fight for what was right and they were prepared to make sacrifices when they encounter conflict. There is a strong contrast between ones public persona and their true identity which lies beneath....

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elizabeth proctor

Elizabeth Proctor Elizabeth Proctor wife of John Proctor has a small but important roll in the book “The Crucible”. Elizabeth does not appear in the book until the beginning of act two when she is harassing and nagging John Proctor for getting home so late. At that point of the book Elizabeth proctor is recognized as cold-hearted uncaring unforgiving wife. Toward the end of the book the way Elizabeth, is seen by the reader changes in a good way she, will be seen as caring and protective...

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The Crucible: John Proctor and John Hale - Good Citizen vs. Good Perso

The Crucible: John Proctor and John Hale - Good Citizen vs. Good Person In The Crucible, Arthur Miller portrays the two main characters, John Proctor and Reverend John Hale as "good men". The term "good men" in this play is ambiguous. Reverend John Hale was a good man in the sense of being the perfect and good citizen of Massachusetts in the 1600's. He was pious, adherent to the laws and beliefs, and a good Puritan Christian. John Proctor, on the contrary would not be considered the greatest...

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The Crucible

Discuss John and Elizabeth Proctor’s Marginalization of Abigail Mia Mo 2013010103 ENG4USJ Mr. Sheridan Columbia International College Tuesday April 8th, 2013 In the contemporary world, it might be common for men to have affairs with other women, but in the 1690s, America, it was unforgivable for men to do it and they would be punished. In The Crucible, John Proctor has an affair with Abigail, which is condemned in that...

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‘Belonging Is Crucial to Self Esteem and a Personal Sense of Development’ to What Extent Is This True of the Texts You Have Studied. in Your Answer, Refer Closely to Your Prescribed Text and Two Related Texts.

authority. John Proctor challenges this theme prior to the play as Proctor has been involved in an adulterous relationship with his maid Abigail. This distincted moment in the play illustrates the self esteem which has been lowered through john proctors emotion of guilt and the personal sense of development which has been portrayed through his acknowledging to Abigail that he will no longer commit and associate in adulterous acts with her as he senses an emotion of pure love for his wife Elizabeth. “I will...

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The Crucible

qualities of a hero, and it also describes the character John Proctor in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Joseph Campbell’s paradigm of a hero is also similar to what Beagle said, in that the classical hero needs some sort of tribulation. This is only one part of the paradigm that describes Proctor though. According to Campbell’s paradigm, John Proctor can be seen as a hero in the classical mode. The first part of the paradigm that shows how Proctor is a hero would be the trials and tribulations that a...

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The Gender Injustice of Arthur Miller

that took place there known as the Salem witch trials. The play centers around John Proctor, a farmer hiding a past affair with a girl several years his junior; Abigail Williams, a seventeen-year-old girl who is both John Proctor’s mistake and the catalyst for the tragic events that unfold in Salem, taking the lives of many women and men falsely accused of being witches; and Elizabeth Proctor, the wife of John Proctor who is the victim of betrayal by her husband and one of the many innocents who are...

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The Crucible Summary

Abigail denies that she or Betty have been involved in witchcraft, but she admits that they were dancing in the forest with Tituba. Abigail lives in the Parris household because her own parents are dead. She used to live at the home of John and Elizabeth Proctor, but they asked her to leave for some mysterious reason. When another couple, Thomas and Ann Putnam, arrives at the Parris household, they admit that they actually consulted Tituba, hoping she could conjure up the spirits of their seven dead...

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Is John Proctor a Good Man? ('the Crucible', Arthur Miller)

one-sided personality. Each person has multiple faces, multiple identities. Such is the case of John Proctor. Proctor is one of the key characters in Arthur Miller’s satirical play “The Crucible”. Set in 1692, the play is based on the true story of the Salem witch-hunt, described by Miller as “one of the strangest and most awful chapters in human history”. Upon his first appearance, John Proctor is presented as a rational, honest man; however, it soon becomes apparent that great guilt lies beneath...

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The crucible

In millers play the crucible full of themes such as romance, hysteria and tragedy we are drawn into the perplexing relationship between Elizabeth and John Proctor, A relationship that defines the main characters, as well as their inside thoughts and desires. We first get a true depth into the strained relationship of Proctor and his wife, when Proctor encounters Abigail, desperate young women who he once had feelings for and became unfaithful with. “John I am waitin’ for you every night. Abby,...

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The Crucible: Lies and Deceit

Salem Village to its core. The Crucible depicts the extreme behaviors that occur when the difference between truthfulness and treachery is life or death. In The Crucible the most notable characters who conduct in deception are Abigail Williams, John Proctor, and Mary Warren. The Salem Witch Trials could have never reached such infamy, if it were not for the lies and deceit of the people of Salem. Abigail “Abby” Williams goes to the greatest lengths to deceive the townspeople of Salem, in order for...

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Crucible paper

in keeping a good clean name is John Proctor. John Proctor believes so strongly in keeping a good name, that he eventually winds up losing his life over it. John Proctor, just as many as the other main characters in this story is accused of witchcraft. When Danforth is questioning Proctor about committing witchcraft, he wants him to confess to doing it and to sign a document that says he took a part in doing the devils work along with many others. John Proctor being the man that he is, refuses to...

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The Crucible

play, The Crucible, the main protagonists are John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Reverend Hale. They had tolerated and however more struggled with the misunderstood references such as witchcraft that had effected their personal lives with dilemmas. Each character had exhibit a certain sin from the beginning and with their decisions made towards the end of the play it had expressed their true virtues. The play's tragic hero John Proctor was an outspoken and honest man who had been deeply...

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The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is a play about vengeance and greed.

Williams and Elizabeth Proctor are in constant conflict over John Proctor throughout the play. There is evidence of this conflict when Betty Parris says, "You did, you did! You drank a charm to kill John Proctors' wife! You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor!"1 This shows hows there is some inner jealousy involving Abigail's feelings towards Elizabeth and her relationship with John. Abigail and Elizabeth are in this on-going conflict because Abigail's affair with John. Although, John Proctor doesn't...

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Abigail in "The Crucible"

the drama The Crucible written by Arthur Miller. The story The Crucible is about how witchcraft becomes such a problem in Salem. John Proctor, the main character, have an affair with Abigail Williams, while being married to Elizabeth Proctor. Being the mayor´s niece, gives Abigail an advantage and she starts using witchcraft in order to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor. After analyzing the character of Abigail Williams, it is evident that she is dishonest, manipulative, and vengeful. Through out the...

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gvvgvgvgv fed gvvgvgvgv hi by yvtvtvvggv. Gvvgvgvgv gvvgvgvgv gig gvvgvgvgv. Gvvgvgvgv. B vgvgvgvg1692, Salem, Massachusetts. John Proctor is the only member in the town's assembly who resists the attempts of the rich to gain more wealth on the expense of the poor farmers, thus incurring the wrath of deputy governor Danforth. Proctor's sternly puritanical wife, Elizabeth, is sick and has not shared his bed for months, and he was seduced by his maid, Abigail. When he ends his affair with her, Abigail...

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The Crucible: An Analysis

themselves. Mary Warren in The Crucible demonstrates this by not believing in herself and settling for being a “follower”. Mary however, has a sincere sense of loyalty to John Proctor her employer. Mary Warren goes through an inner battle of peer pressure and her loyalty to Proctor. Mary’s yearning to fit in and loyalty to Proctor develops the theme that peer pressure easily overcomes loyalty. In the beginning of The Crucible, Mary Warren struggles with an inner sense of belonging. Mary Warren Clearly...

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The crucible and catcher in the rye

characterization and conflict. John Proctor in The Crucible exemplifies the critical lens statement by Martin Luther King jr. Through the literary element of characterization, (characterization is the act of creating and developing a character), Arthur Miller proves that John Proctor’s dignity is relevant to the quote by Martin Luther King jr, John proctor shows dignity by dying with honor and integrity other than living with a lie, John Proctor is also courageous. John Proctor is a tormented man. He thinks...

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The Crucible

order to restrict dissent or political criticism. In the play “The Crucible” by Author Miller the characters or John Proctor, Abigail Williams, and Reverend Hale are motivated by these ideas of Witchcraft and McCarthyism and in turn effect the plot of the play. John Proctor is the Protagonist in the play, meaning he was the leading character or hero of the drama. He is Elizabeth Proctor’s husband. He is also an honest, upright, blunt, and a good man with a secret that he has committed adultery...

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The Crucible

another quote from the play, page number, and explanation. * Conclusion (was his pride justified?)Paragraph 3 (Body) * Elizabeth Proctor, example of pride. Provide a quote, page number, and explanation. * Result of her pride. Provide another quote from the play, page number, and explanation. * Conclusion (was her pride justified?)Paragraph 4 (Body) * John Proctor, example of pride. Provide a quote, page number, and explanation. * Result of his pride. Provide another quote from the...

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller

John Proctor. He is the man Miller has chosen to struggle with “the dilemma of men, fallible, subject to pride, but forced to choose between the “negative good” of truth and morality, and the “positive good” of human life.” (Internet, Arthur Miller Home Page) In order for this character to develop, Miller had to create Proctors wife, Elizabeth. She would be the catalyst in making John Proctor deal with his inherent identity dilemma. With out her, Proctor would...

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... Comparison of Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor in Miller's The Crucible .... and Abigail Williams, John Proctor?s Mistress are the two main female roles in, .... Three of these conflicts were between Abigail and the village girls, Danforth and ...We are introduced to the character of Abigail Williams in the very first scene. Proctor?s Mistress are the two main female roles...

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English essay- The Crucible - Tension

tension are John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor (husband and wife) as they are both in an awkward position as John’s actions in the past had affected Elizabeth and still did in this moment of the play. Tension between these two confirms that their relationship is nothing but awkward, contrived and distant. In addition they add more tension to the play as the situation there in with Hale and Cheever is a very uptight condition and serious. Starting of act two is Proctor and Elizabeth who both introduce...

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The Crucible and Hale

John Proctor? What is his relationship to Mary Warren? What is his relationship to Abigail? How does he feel about his relationship with Abigail? John Proctor is a landowner and a farmer, who separates himself from the town. Mary Warren is the Proctors’ servant; she replaced Abigail Williams, with whom he had an affair. Who is Elizabeth Proctor? What does Abigail think of her? How might this affect the outcome of the play? Elizabeth Proctor is John’s wife. Abigail despises Elizabeth because...

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Main Characters in the Crucible

criticize the Red Scare, involves a theme which focuses on how the characters change as an effect of the intensity and hysteria of the town’s witch trials. Elizabeth Proctor and Reverend Hale, two major characters in the play, experience internal changes as the play progresses due to the individual pressures of the witch trials. Elizabeth Proctor faces the test of having been accused as a witch, having her husband be accused and condemned as a witch, and trying to move past her husband’s affair with...

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Notes on the Crucible; Arthur Miller

The Crucible- Act Four Plot : The final act opens that fall in the Salem jail. Several hangings are scheduled for that morning, including of John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse. Danforth, Hathorne, and Cheever arrive and ask why Reverend Hale has been allowed in the prison. They discover that Parris has allowed it and so they send for him. They discuss how Parris has seemed rather unstable lately. When he enters, they discover that Hale has been trying to convince Rebecca Nurse to save herself by confessing...

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Compare and Contrast between John proctor, Abigail Williams, Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, Of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter and Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

John Proctor of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, is a highly respected man in Salem. "In Proctor's presence a fool felt his foolisheness instantly....Proctor respected and even feared in Salem", the narrator adds (Miller 20). He was a powerful man who disliked hipocrites and the presence of sin. Before the play begins,John Proctor has an affair with Abigail Williams, a previous house servant of his, these actions contradicted his very own beliefs. The narrator comments, "He is a sinner..against his...

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Dramatic Irony in the Crucible

irony to create anxiety, frustration and to demonstrate the tension between the people about the lies of witchcraft in Salem. I. The author creates tension in the story by using Abigail who accuses innocent people of witchery. 1.) Abigail wants Elizabeth to get hanged so she can be back with John again. 2.) Abigail turns herself against Mary Warren after she confessed in court. II. The author creates anxiety in the story by making the court so powerful. 1.) If the court thinks you are a witch...

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Look at this

The Crucible - John Proctor, a man with pride In the dramatic piece of literature, The Crucible, By Arthur Miller, John Proctor demonstrates pride because he wants to keep his reputation. John Proctor fought bravely for his wife’s freedom, his own freedom, as well as for the freedom of many others. In the end, however, Proctor let the want of what was left of his good name to be kept clean to be his downfall. Even in the face of death though, John Proctor showed courage and confessed to witchcraft...

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The Story Of Roxanne

she was dismissed by the Proctors? Because Mrs.Proctor hates her 5. What does Betty Parris reveal about what happened in the woods? Abby drank blood 6. What threat does Abigail make to the other girls? She’ll smash their heads or stab them 7. What happened in the past between John Proctor and Abigail? How do each of them feel about it now? They had a fling, Proctor wants no part, Abby still wants him. 8. How does John Proctor feel about Reverend Parris? John Proctor feels about reverend Parris...

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The Truth Will Set You Free

when John Proctor hides his affair with Abigail and it continues to haunt him. In Arthur Miller’s the Crucible, he uses John Proctor’s character to illustrate that the truth will put one’s mind at ease and he/she will be set free. With witch trials going on, lies are eminent and they overshadow the truth. People are getting accused of witchcraft for the wrong reasons. The good names of all the respected citizens and being ruined and there’s little to nothing they can do about it. Proctor finds out...

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Salem Witch Trials and Vengeance

shows that she does not favor Elizabeth Proctor when Parris asks her why she was no longer a servant for the Proctor household. Abigail replied to him, “She hates me, uncle, she must, for I would not be her slave. It's a bitter woman, a lying, cold, sniveling woman, and I will not work for such a woman!” (Miller 1240). This statement foreshadows that there was an incident between the Proctor's and Abigail while she was working for them. Then once Abigail and John Proctor are alone in Betty's room, she...

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The Crucible Essay

Cindy Lee The Crucible; John Proctor One of humanity’s greatest challenges is to stand up and defend what he or she knows is right in the face of opposition. In the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller there is one character that is true to himself and stands out above all the rest. Throughout the play, John Proctor shows some ideal qualities that are not found in other characters. The play takes place in Salem, Massachusetts where religion and corruption are rampant, and soon two girls fall ill...

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the parishioners reveal the petty grievances and jealousies hidden beneath the veneer of piety of the Puritan community. Parris feels that the community failed to meet its financial obligations to him. He suspects John Proctor, a respected farmer, of undermining his authority. Proctor resents Parris for preaching of nothing but hellfire and the money owed to the parish. Thomas Putnam, a grasping landholder, disputes the boundaries of his neighbors’ farms. Ann Putnam lost seven babies at childbirth...

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The Crucible Summary Notes

suspicion as she has been dismissed from the service of Goody Proctor and has not been hired since. With the arrival of Goody Putnam, it is further revealed that her daughter Ruth is in a similar condition and that she was dancing in an attempt to communicate with her dead sisters. Parris leaves to lead the recital of a psalm. Abigail reveals to Mercy, the Putnams' servant, that Mercy was seen naked. When Mary Warren, the Proctors' servant arrives, she suggests that they tell the truth and just...

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