• Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom Analysis
    The poem begins with a vivid imagery of sensations. The onomatopoeia of line one „The buzz saw snarled and rattled in the yard“ is redoubled in line seven. „And the saw snarled and rattled, snarled and rattled.” The assonance emphasizes the sound of the sawing machine. The cutting noise
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  • Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom
    Marcia Douglas Electricity Comes To Cocoa Bottom   Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom takes the reader on a journey of light, from the flicker of the firefly in rural Jamaica, through the half-moonlight of the limbo of exile in the USA to the point of arrival and reconnection imaged by the eight
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  • Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom
    ocoa Electricity comes to Cocoa Bottom – Essay There are several literary techniques that are used in this poem such as “lamps…Oil” this is very ironic because they have brought old technology to come and see the new technology being unveiled. Also the fact that they are “waiting for suns
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  • electricity comes to cocoa bottom and an unknown girl
    Electricity comes to cocoa bottom and an unknown girl notes to help on coursework. An unknown girl A traditional indian market scene, set in the evening, it was to hot to have markets in the day, lit up with neon lights She tries to capture the moment, she is getting involved in...
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  • Electricity Come to Cocoa Bottom Essay
    notes on electricity comes to cocoa bottom- the poem captures the reactions of the community to the arrival of electricity in cocoa bottom, a developing village in the caribbean islands. it starts with the childrens perspectives- creates connotations of childish reactions from the village and a s
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