• Election Procedure of President of India
    ELECTION OF THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA Article 52 states that there shall be a President of India. The executive powers of the Union shall be vested in the President. He, as the head of a state, symbolises the nation. In some democratic systems, the head of the state is also the head of the governmen
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  • Election Commission of India
    Election FAQ's: Election Machinery Q 1. Which authority conducts elections to the offices of the President and Vice-President of India? Ans. Election Commission of India (ECI) Under Article 324(1) of the Constitution of India the Election Commission of India, interalia, is vested with the
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  • Election Commission in India
    A good electoral system is, therefore, the bed rock of genuine representative government. The architects of the Indian constitution attached the highest significance to arzon-dependent electoral machinery for the conduct of elections. For this it was necessary that an independent election commissio
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  • Election commidion of India
    Election commission of India The Election Commission of India is an autonomous, constitutionally established federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes in the Republic of India. Under the supervision of the commission, free and fair elections have been held...
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  • Fair Election Process in India
    India has an asymmetric federal government, with elected officials at the federal, state and local levels. At the national level, the head of government, Prime Minister, is elected by the members of Lok Sabha, lower house of the parliament of India.[1] All members of Lok Sabha except two, who can be
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  • Election Commission Procedure
    A guide for the Voters Control unit and Balloting Unit of Electronic Voting Machine 1. Why should you vote? India is the largest democracy in the world. The right to vote and more importantly the exercise of franchise by the eligible citizens is at the heart of every democracy. We, the
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    TOPIC :Lok Sabha Main Elections 2014 Indian general election, 2014 ________________________________________ 2009 ← members Before May 31, 2014 ________________________________________ All 543 seats in the Lok Sabha 272 seats needed for a majority Party Congress BJP...
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  • Political Parties in India
    The Indian National Congress (Hindi: भारतीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस) (also known as the Congress, and abbreviated INC) is a major political party in India. It is the largest and oldest democratic political party in the world.[1][2][3] Founded in 18
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  • Police Accountability in India
    5Police Accountability in India By G.P.JOSHI Introduction India is a union of 28 states and 7 union territories.1 Under the Constitution of India, the ‘Police’ are a State subject.2 This means that they are the responsibility of State governments. The organisation and working of the police fo
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  • India and China : Economics
    38339 DANCING WITH CHINA, INDIA, AND THE GLOBAL ECONOMY GIANTS EDITED BY L. Alan Winters and Shahid Yusuf Dancing with Giants China, India, and the Global Economy Edited by L. Alan Winters and Shahid Yusuf A copublication of the World Bank and the Institute of Policy
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  • Election Reforms
    Name of the Topic Election, Election Laws And Reform Choice of the topic Election is the word having great value in the any democratic country. An election is a formal decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office. El
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  • The Automated Election System 2010 of Comelec: Challenges and Uncertainties
    THE AUTOMATED ELECTION SYSTEM 2010 OF COMELEC: CHALLENGES AND UNCERTAINTIES A Preliminary Study of the AES (May – August, 2009) By the Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG) Project Study Team In cooperation with The Office of Dean Marvic MVF Leonen, College of Law, University of t
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  • Constution of India
    PREFACE This is the second pocket edition of the Constitution of India in the diglot form. In this edition, the text of the Constitution of India has been brought up-to-date by incorporating therein all the amendments up to and including the Constitution (Ninetysecond Amendment) Act, 2003. 2. The Co
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  • All Amendments in the Constitution of India
    LIST OF ALL AMENDMENTS 1st amendment June 18, 1951 To fully secure the constitutional validity of zamindari abolition laws. To place reasonable restriction on freedom of speech. A new constitutional device, called Schedule 9 introduced to protect laws that are contrary to the Constitutiona
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  • India and Democracy : Promotion and Electoral Participation of the Low Castes and of the Untouchables
    Globalization and democratic governance | India and democracy : promotion and electoral participation of the low castes and of the Untouchables. | | | | Semester one – 2012 | | Table of contents Introduction: India and the system of castes. 2 I) The promotion of the low
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  • Understanding Energy Challenges in India
    PARTNER COUNTRY SERIES Understanding Energy Challenges in India Policies, Players and Issues PARTNER COUNTRY SERIES Understanding Energy Challenges in India Policies, Players and Issues Sun-Joo Ahn and Dagmar Graczyk INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY The International Energy Agency (I
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  • Election Reform
    ------------------------------------------------- Election Reforms in India and Challenges before the Election Commission March 23rd, 2012 → 12:35 pm @ Sia Shruti    8 | | | Introduction India is often referred as a vibrant and vigorous democracy. But just because we have elections reg
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  • constitution of india
    THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA (As modified up to the 1st December, 2007) GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF LAW AND JUSTICE PREFACE Constitution is a living document, an instrument which makes the government system work. Its flexibility lies in its...
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  • CSMOP office procedure
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  • India Risk Analysis
    Global investors, markets, and foreign governments are often held responsible by their citizens or shareholders to ensure the potential is measured against the risks when investing. In recent years the strength of India on the global market has continued to show signs of political and economical gro
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