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Elderly In Society

Elderly Driving: A Peril to Society The older you are the wiser you will have become is a classic saying that adorns the elderly with experience and wisdom. One might recall endless stories beginning with “back in my day,” but what about the stories in present-day? Countless senior citizens have provided some interesting news stories for reporters in recent years; major accidents, which many have only seen in movies, have become real life due to elderly driving. In 2003, George Weller, an 89-year...

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Elderly: Gerontology and American Geriatrics Society

The elderly in America have many needs that can range from transportation, a little more money, and even just a little companionship but one of their major needs is advocacy. They need someone to stand up and fight with them for what the need. The elderly of today did so much for this country such things as fight both world wars and the Korean Conflict, they fought for equality, and the escalated this country to the greatness we have today. So what is an advocate? Advocate is a person or group...

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To the Elderly

To the Elderly, It has come to my attention that retirement for the elderly has become more than the aged merely going into a metaphoric hibernation, to rest after the struggles of life, no, retirement has turned into more than just a time of rest. Retirement has become an imprisonment for you our respected and dearly beloved forefathers. Retirement has and is turning you energetic, happy, dandy elderly into sluggish, boring, irksome, golf playing couch potatoes. This is a large concern to our...

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Top Ten Problems the Elderly Face With Transportation Add to my favorites Print Jan 17, 2011 | By Walt Pickut Top Ten Problems the Elderly Face With Transportation Photo Credit Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images You might be called elderly if you are older than 60, by some definitions, and your physical abilities might start limiting your freedom to go where you want to go when you want to go there. For instance, according to a 2011 report by statisticians at Caregivers Library, there...

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for the Homeless 2201 P Street, NW Washington, DC 20037-1033 http://www.nationalhomeless.org Tel. 202-462-4822 Fax. 202-462-4823 Email. info@nationalhomeless.org Homelessness Among Elderly Persons Published by the National Coalition for the Homeless, September 2009. When thinking about homelessness, the elderly people issue doesn’t immediately come to our mind. Homeless elders, although increasing in numbers, continue to be a forgotten population. The poverty rate in 2008 (13.2 percent) was the...

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The Elderly in Netherlands

Elderly in the Netherlands Writing on Topics 5/21/2012 Elderly in the Netherlands Nowadays, the elderly is a serious issue around the world; nearly all industrial countries are facing enormous pressure about the coming of aging society. As one of the most advanced countries in the world, how about the situation of elderly in the Netherlands ? Can Dutch society provide the best care to the Baby Boomer? Aging society, the Netherlands is on the way “For the Netherlands...

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Respect for Elderly

Psychology III-3 Did respect for the elderly stopped? ABSTRACT The experiment focuses on the recent study by Professor Luke Gormally about the dignity and respect for the elderly. This study aims to know about the prudence and care of the teenagers in elderly people. This will determine whether prudence of younger female and male is still manifest in our society. The researcher used field observation. And the result was the male still has the prudence to help elderly people. INTROCUCTION One of the...

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Incarcerating the Elderly

and the unique problems that elderly prisoners face while incarcerated and subsequent to release” (Stojkovic, 2007, pg. 98). Incarceration of elderly criminals is a highly debated topic in criminal justice. The definition of elderly criminal in this case will be a person 60 years or older that commits a criminal offense. This is not a new topic; however, there is not a lot of research conducted on elderly offenders. There are many arguments as to whether these elderly criminals should be treated...

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Elderly Abuse

 Elderly Abuse Name California State University of Sacramento Lifespan stage and counseling-related problems. As part of being a human being, we are born and we grow old as time passes and then we die as life comes to an end. Part of human development is the stage of late adulthood. From the book “Human Behavior in the Social Environment,” by Jose B. Ashford and Craig Winston LeCroy, the years from age sixty until death are considered late adulthood. At this stage of life, there are...

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Stereotypes and the Elderly

In American society, it seems that we treasure youth and either fear or are disappointed to reach old age. Our culture has a big influence on how the elderly are perceived has stereotyped this population, mostly seen through the media. Even in films, TV, books, and magazines old people are often portrayed as frail, weak, klutzy, or indecisive. We should look treat our elderly with respect for the fact that they are more associated with experience, knowledge, and wisdom than a younger population....

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Elderly Demographics

Elderly Demographics Dana Laymance Due to the many advances in medicine and education over the last century, longevity has increased tremendously therefore increasing the aged community. Eight percent of the population of the world are over the age of 65. A large percent of this demographic group are choosing to live out their...

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Old Age and Elderly Citizens

General Statement There is a perception in society that the elderly are a burden because some of the elderly might not have planned and prepared for their post-retirement years and old age. Interpretation Some of the elderly may also be unhealthy, incapacitated and have a poor quality of life which means that society will now have to bear the burden of supporting them. Stakeholders However, such a stereotype that the elderly will always be a burden to society can be easily debunked. If the individuals...

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Sexuality of Elderly

on Sexuality of elderly sexuality Human sexuality means the ways in which people experience and express themselves as sexual beings (Rathus et al., 2010).Sex is part of human life, it is a common sense that people normally concern sex since adolescence, but there is no absolute answer for, when sex should be terminated in human life. During the Cho Yiu Chuen’s elderly interview, I saw an adult magazine on an old man’s bed; it triggered me to concern about the sexual need of elderly. Literature review ...

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The Neglect Of The Elderly

cases, once the elderly are placed in nursing homes, they are forgotten about by the people who once cared for and loved them. This story is played out on a daily basis throughout the world. Each year, thousands of seniors are neglected or abused by family members and caretakers. This happens to elderly people who cannot meet their own basic needs; and are mostly, or totally dependent on the help of others for the most routine aspects of life. Neglect and abuse of the elderly can take many...

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Parole For The Elderly

 Parole For The Elderly CJHS/430 Evelyn Diaz 12/08/14 Tina Sebring Paroling the elderly and sick could be the best way to deal with the cost and overcrowding of he prisons. There is a large number of inmates who are elderly and have served half their sentence or more. Even though this is a good idea there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. The most important of these factors is community safety. In this paper, we will discuss the arguments for and against keeping...

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Elderly Driving

reports claiming that these thoughts are no longer true and that elderly drivers are considered the most dangerous age group on the road. The Washington Post said that in the age group sixty- five and over have accounted for “sixteen percent of all traffic deaths and eight percent of the injured, but they accounted for thirteen percent of the population.” With statistics so high why is there no questions being asked about the ability the elderly have to drive. Research shows that the older one gets the...

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Elderly Drivers

In today’s society automobile accidents are an everyday occurrence. Mishaps can happen anywhere at any given time. In the past ten years accidents have averaged around ten million occurring for each year (US Census Bureau). That is 100 million automobile accidents in ten years. Most people would automatically point their fingers at young drivers in today’s world. A number of accidents are caused by teens though I believe a worse threat is starting to appear. This threat being elderly drivers over...

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Victimization of the Elderly

enjoy new experiences are the goals many of the elderly have dreamt of much of their lives. Instead of living their dreams, the elderly – those 65 and older – have become a target of crime. The United States Department of Justice reports that “persons 65 or older experienced about 2.1 million criminal victimizations.” Most of these crimes were committed as robberies and thefts so the perpetrator could get money. During these crimes, 33% of the elderly victims were injured with 9% of the injuries...

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Care for the Elderly

Care for the Elderly The greatest challenge for health care is for the Elderly. The elderly population has been rising steadily for the past few decades. The elderly population is usually defined as people aged 65 years or above. However, a longer life span in the elderly population brings along poorer health. This involves an increased demand for health care services for elderly people. About two-thirds of the elderly population has limited or no monthly income and this generation will have...

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Elderly Driving

Dangers of Elderly Citizens Driving Suddenly a sharp pain emerges in the ribs of a young student; but it is not only him that has been injured, but the majority of his class, a broken rib being the most minute injury. Teachers and other pedestrians concerned while a couple gets the license plate of the car that just plowed through a crowd of children. But on the other end; there is the driver of the car, who did not see that the light was ever red, who was on auto-pilot and still has not recognized...

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Elderly Abuse

Elderly Abuse Elderly abuse in nursing homes in America is an uprising issue. Elders make up a large portion of our population and they deserve the equality. This issue is very important because eventually this could affect you personally, or a loved one in your family. I stand for better environments in these nursing homes and find it terrible that elders get treated so poorly. The reason the number of reports on elder abuse has gone up so rapidly in the past decade is because the number of...

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Impact of falls in the elderly

Assessment: The Impact of falls in the Elderly Grand Canyon University: NRV433V-1030 Date: November 01, 20013 Falls and its related injuries is alarming problem with the elderly population that needed prompt attention of authorities and society, impact on the elderly population is serious. In the article many aspect of falls and its impact in the elderly population is studied. It is important to reduce the associated risk factors of falls in the elderly. Falls continued to be the major...

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debate in society since the beginning of time. Equality is not given even though certain rights are supposed to be identified at birth. Discrimination is evident though the rules of discrimination currently state you cannot treat a person different or deny them things based upon their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, genetic information, or age. Although human rights are intended to be egalitarian, they are continuously taken away from certain people by society. The documents...

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Neglect of the Elderly

The Neglect of the Elderly With the growing number of senior citizens in our expanding society, abuse and neglect of the elderly is a widespread issue in our society. Neglect can come in many ugly forms and can be quite horrifying when actually investigated. When we as a society fail to meet the needs of our senior community we are only creating a perhaps dreadful prelude to our own inevitable destiny. Elder neglect is the failure to fulfill obligations to a senior citizen. According...

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Attitude Toward Elderly

Old Age Attitudes towards Older People Attitudes and treatment towards elderly people can be said to vary drastically across cultures. From Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the America's, Africa and Australia, the attitudes expressed by the community towards older people are very different when compared to one another. 1. In the 1960s, Robert Butler coined the phrase ageism, which he defined as: “A process of systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because they are old...

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“ It ain’t the things we don’t know that gets us in trouble. It’s the things we know that ain’t so”.-Artemus Ward What is Society? • A group of sentient beings • A group of physically interested individuals (Ell Good) • Society is a state of quality of mind (MackIver) • An association of individuals organized, for given ends (Bushee) • Society is the system of social relationships in and through which we live What is the definition of science? • An objective,...

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Issues of the Elderly

functionalist perspective. In a functionalist perspective the shared rules of behavior and the expectations for a certain behavior in a social situation both come together and shape an individual's behavior. Age stratification theory is a term where society a society provides older people with certain roles to play and with expectations about acitivity in later life. In sum age stratification theory states that norms are an aspect of how, when, and why a person ages as they do. This theory does however, have...

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Elderly in American and Vietnamese Culture

senior citizens are facing some issues as one angry American blogger has stated: “Remember what culture you're in! Our society doesn't value older, wiser, or more experienced people”. That statement may sound a little dramatic but is it true that American elderly is not well treated? In this paper, I aim to discuss about the American and Vietnamese society’s treatment of elderly. Moreover, I also suggest some explanations for the differences between the ways two cultures treat its old people. First...

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substance abuse among the elderly

Gibson Intro- Sociology 110 Ms. Willingham 10-09-2013 Substance Abuse among the Elderly There seem to be a problem growing in our society today that is affecting our Elderly, which is substance abuse. The baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 which are reaching the retirement age seem to be the rising population in treatment centers in the United States. The reason this is an important subject is simple; the elderly people whom I’m talking about are dying from overdose of prescription and non-prescription...

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Elderly as a Vulnerable Population

Elderly as a Vulnerable Population According to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (2002), vulnerability is the ability to “Be easily physically, emotionally, or mentally hurt, influenced or attacked.” At any given time, anyone can become vulnerable. Demographically, the nature of society is changing. The population of older people is dramatically increasing. The U.S Census Bureau states that the population of people greater than 65 is projected to double by the year...

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Caring for Our Elderly

Caring for Our Elderly Caring for Our Elderly It is estimated that the number of Americans over the age of sixty five years old will multiply times four in the next thirty years. With this being said many of us will be faced with providing care for our loved ones ("Elderly Caregiving," n.d.). The current research studies completed in geriatric studies indicate that currently family members are providing approximately eighty two percent of the care for their elderly family member. Generally...

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 6. Can we know when to trust our emotions in the pursuit of knowledge? Consider history and one other area of knowledge In our society today, knowledge, emotion, and trust is translated in a variety of things. All of those words have a different meaning from one another, which makes each word unique. My interpretation of knowledge is that knowledge is the facts, information, askills acquired by a person through experience or education. Emotion to my understanding is a natural...

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Sociology and Elderly Population

Ageing is a byproduct of physical, psychological and social processes. While contextualizing the process of ageing, the main thrust of the sociology both as a discipline and movement, is to reflect on how and to what extent transformations in the society and of the individual life influence each other, as individuals of different age categories pass through social system – instructions, values and norms. Sociologists specify three interrelated processes of ageing: physical, psychological and social...

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Elderly Abuse

moved to the forefront of health care and social services in the United States. In earlier decades, the family was required to care for the elderly in the family, but due to economic changes and social standards, it is merely impossible for one person alone to stay home and care for their loved ones. Elders are the matriarchs and patriarchs of families and society. However with age and accompanying and cognitive decline, elders become increasingly vulnerable to mistreatment. The passage of Medicare...

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Should the Elderly Be Allowed to Drive?

Should elderly drivers be allowed to drive? I have often wondered what the future holds for elderly drivers. It's difficult to voice my opinion(s) too strongly because it would seem as if I'm stabbing myself in the back. If we all keep living we're all going to get old, so each and every one of us will have to face the scrutinizing pressures of society on whether or not elderly citizens should be allowed to drive. My answer would be one based purely on safety. Even though some elderly drivers...

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Medical Care for the Elderly Population

early medical screening for serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and strokes, and COPD. These diseases can cause severe disabilities and even death. If the risk factors can be identified early, then the elderly person can begin a medication regime or a treatment quickly. Patient populations should be identified and health education about the importance of health care screening should begin. Portable health care centers should be set up at key locations...

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Interaction Design for Elderly

Senior Citizen or in another word is Elderly. The elderly represent a people who can benefit a technology from a health application or even playing games online through mobile phone or desktop. But from the technology these days we can see that most of the applications or even the hardware are most towards young generations which shows that the attention towards the elderly has not been considered at all. In this paper the authors were focusing on how the elderly consume their mobile phone games. This...

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The Unethical Abuse of Today's Elderly

Assignment #1 – Position Paper – THE UNETHICAL ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS ON THE ELDERLY By Mike Poitras Waking up in the middle of the night frightened and shaken up is a terrible time that each one of us can remember feeling. Then having someone close to us who we trusted come in, pick us up, and hold us tight produced a sense of security. We were able to take that security, and build a dignified and confident person that grew wiser with age. It seems though that in some instances,...

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The Homeless and Elderly Population

The Homeless and Elderly Population BSHS 301 February 8, 2010 The Homeless & Elderly Population As we seek pleasure, we often forget our purpose in life. We feed our egos as we like, but there is one thing that humans don’t know is that all of us have access to opportunities like those who think they have everything in life. But unfortunately not all of us are capable of seeing the poverty in our society. Not all homeless people chose to live in the streets or shelters, especially...

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Challenges & Benefits of Elderly

Challenges and Benefits of the Elderly Elderly African Americans have the highest incidence of health related problems. This poses a great challenge to them as they age. They have a 2.5 times greater rate of hypertension than the non-hispanic white population. This, in turn increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Unemployment rates are far higher than those of other groups and may be due to lower levels of education. A small percentage, about 10%, advance higher in education and are...

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Food Habits of the Elderly

: Food habits of the Elderly Definition of foodways : it “...generally refers to ways in which a distinct group selects, prepares, consumes and otherwise reacts to and uses portions of the available food supply” (Wahlqvist et al., 1991:164) Objectives: * Analysis of the meaning of foodways for social actors in general * Significance of food for the elderly (migrants )focusing on their marginalized social location * Implication of foodways of the elderly * Meaning of the dominant...

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The Elderly, a Vulnerable Population

The Elderly, a vulnerable population Nina Brown BSHS 301 Introduction to Human Services September 20, 2011 University of Phoenix Alberto Reynoso The Elderly, a vulnerable population Many segments of the population can fall prey to the abuses of others, it can be physical, mental, sexual, and even financial; the elderly are a vulnerable group. The elderly can be susceptible to influences that can be devastating to their well- being...

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Annotated Bibliography Elderly Abuse

of nursing homes in Canada. He talks about abuse from the staff and from the seniors. This article specifically refers to two examples in Canada of this abuse and it also states that about seventy percent of nursing homes are a dumping place for elderly who are “mentally unstable”. McKie states that it is difficult to know exactly what is going on in nursing homes because the staff are aware when a safety check is going to happen and can fix whatever is wrong before this time comes. The CBC crew...

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todays society

rehabilitation center for the elderly Helping out at rehabilitation centers for elderly people is important because it shows that the youth is still involved in their older generation’s community, help the youth understand the importance of helping the community , it can make a differnce in the elderly peoples lives, and it may help students academically. Volunteering at rehabilitation centers can paint a big picture to someone about you. Volunteering can make a difference in the elderlies lives in many ways...

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elderly living in institution and community

INTRODUCTION Background of the Study The rapidly increasing population of elderly all over the world has been one of the important concerns of the decision makers and planners on how to provide health care and facilities. Statistics shows that population of elderly accounts for one individual of the ten persons is now at age 60 years old and above. It is projected that in the year 2015, there will be an increasing rate of elderly population such that there will be five out of 10 persons considered...

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Elderly need care, not neglect and indifference

PHYSICALLY, the elderly are not longer as able and agile as the young. To most old people, walking can be an ordeal – and crossing the road is even more difficult without help. While it is already hard for most of the aged to get to the other side of a busy road that has no pedestrian crossing, what is even sadder is that motorists seldom stop for them. Old people whose sense of judgement is impaired through ageing, are frequently run over on the road. They can no longer handle heavy traffic...

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Elderly Nutrition

I decided to write my paper on elderly nutrition. I have chosen this topic because I believe nutrition is important at all ages now, especially in those of the elderly. Fattening foods are around more now than ever, so the problem of obesity is getting out of control. Obesity as we all know causes heart attacks and other such medical problems. People are not noticing the problem anymore until the worst happens. "Everyone thinks that heart disease always happens to someone else, until...

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Elderly Gambling

Gambling Away: The Well-Being of the Elderly over Sixty Dominic J. Williams, Billy McCoy, Georgina Williams, Jessica 5-1-13 Dr. Janet Chang SW 301A Cal State San Bernardino Certificate of Authorship: As students of Cal State San Bernardino, we fully acknowledge that all work written is original set by the standards of the University. We also give due credit to all references used to their original authors, and cited correctly according the APA writing style. Student's signature:...

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Social Inequality in Elderly Americans

Social Inequality in Elderly Americans Elderly people (women and men age sixty-five or older) (Macionis, 2005), Have many obstacles to face as they grow older, many of these obstacles involve social inequality. Not only do the elderly have to learn to deal with many forms of Ageism (the stereotyping and prejudice against individuals or groups because of their age), some also have to deal with the fact that they do not have enough savings or pension benefits to be self supporting, for most people...

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Elderly Driving

 Elderly Driving There has been an increase of accidents caused by elderly drivers over the course of many years. With such a dramatic increase, should elderly drivers have driving restrictions? I believe that after the age of 75, seniors should have to retake their drivers test or have restrictions, regardless of their driving record. There is support for some restrictions on elderly drivers based on evidence that older drivers are more involved in traffic accidents than any age group except...

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Depression Inventory for the Elderly (Die)

Depression Inventory for the Elderly (DIE) Depression is one of the most recurrently investigated psychological disorders within the area of medical R&D (Montorio & Izal, 1996). A number of exhaustive researches have been carried out to study its symptoms and impacts on different patients belonging to different personal and professional attributes and most of these researchers depicted that depression in the elderly people is very frequent and in spite of number of researches in this context...

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Aging and the Elderly

AGING AND THE ELDERLY PATRICIA BUNTIN DR: GORTNEY LITHONIA CAMPUS SOCIOLOGY 100 08/16/11 STRAYER UNIVERSITY Aging is the length of time during which a being or thing has existed length of life (Webster dictionary). Growing old and becoming an elderly person can be challenging but, yet it can be very rewarding, it can bring a lot of good and bad. Aging has its rewards, but it presents the challenges of all stages of life. Growing old consist of gradual, ongoing changes in the body...

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Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Preventing Falls in the Elderly Natalie StJohn University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville As health care becomes more sophisticated and better, other concerns are starting to surface. Such interests that started as mere nuisances are now becoming the focal point of involvement that aims to correct and improve the welfare of individuals. One such clinical concern is the phenomenon of falls, especially with the older population. Falling in elderly individuals is a significant, yet...

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Care of the Malnourished Elderly Patient

Problem In our society, malnutrition and under-nutrition is a rising problem for the older adult population. Approximately 35%-85% of residents living in a long-term care facility, 60% of hospitalized older adults, and an estimate of 5%-10% of older adults living in community settings are malnourished (Maher and Eliadi, n.d.). These statistics sadly show that hospitalized and long-term care patients are more likely to become under nourished compared to the elderly population in the community...

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Depression in the Elderly

Depression in the Elderly Depression later in life frequently coexists with other medical illnesses and disabilities. In addition, advancing age is often accompanied by loss of key social support systems due to the death of a spouse or siblings, retirement, and/or relocation of residence. Because of their change in circumstances and the fact that they're expected to slow down, doctors and family may miss the diagnosis of depression in elderly people, delaying effective treatment. As a result...

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The Elderly

causing society to view them as a crazy nuisance. Elderly people need some assistance with daily activities and health care from their families. The adult children of this elders often face a difficult challenge in helping their parents make the right choices.The family is one of the most important providers for the elderly.Infact, the majority of caregivers for the elderly are often member of their own family , most often daughter or granddaughter.But sometimes family members of the elderly people...

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Japan's Aging Society

workforce. This paper will examine the economic and social effects of an aging society and offer recommendations to alleviate the issue. II. Identification of Problem The extent and impact of a rapidly aging society (koreika shakai) is of great public concern in Japan. Already 23% of Japanese are age 65 or older, with the expectation that over-65s will grow to 41% by 2055. Caught by the dual impact of an aging society and a plummeting birth rate, Japan’s total population is estimated to decrease...

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Alzheimer's Disease in the elderly population

Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly population Austin Straub 385 - Final Paper 11/28/12 Abstract Unfortunately Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease that impacts the elderly population in different important aspects of life. From personal cognitive issues to financial stresses, this disease not only impacts one generation but two or more due to the growing demands for this disease. Cognitive decline is one of the biggest leading signs to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease which...

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Elderly Abuse

 Elderly Abuse and Neglect When discussing abuse and neglect we often think of children first.  That being said, children are not the only ones who will be abused and/or neglected.  In fact, this happens to some elderly as well.  While some elderly may be productive enough to care for themselves, others are not.  The end result is a complete (or close to complete) dependency on someone else for their needs.  In addition, just like with children, this dependency can lead to abuse and/or neglect...

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Elderly Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes

Elderly Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes Debra K. Showers Kaplan University Elderly Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes Are nursing homes abusing and neglecting the elderly? The elderly are abused and neglected in society today by caregivers in nursing homes. Elder abuse or neglect is a single or repeated action occurring within any relationship where there is an overlook of trust which causes injury or distress to an older...

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