• Unemployment of Pakistan
    [pic] “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.” [pic] [pic] In the name of Almighty Allah who is most merciful, and who give us strength to write this Project Report in a different way. We extend our heart
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  • Economic Effects of Terrorism on Pakistan
    War on Terror and its economic effects on Pakistan Abstract Ever since the catastrophic attacks on the Twin Towers in the United States of America on 11th September, 2001, the lives of millions have changed. The entire world has b
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  • unemployment
     TABLE OF CONTENT What is unemployment? Pg 3 Types of unemployment Pg 3 What is labor market Pg 5 Labor market and unemployment in Pakistan Pg 5 Labor policy in Pakistan Pg 6 Labor Market challenges faced by Pakistan Pg 7 Causes of unemployment in Pakistan Pg 9 Effects...
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  • Unemployment and Youth of Pakistan
    The problem of unemployment has all along been existed in Pakistan since its inception. It has occupied a centre in the country therefore, Pakistan's new generations suffers from this problem a lot. Causes behind the unemployment of youth. 1-there are no vacancies for youth in the market, it is a
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  • Inflation, Unemployment and Poverty: Still Major Problems of Pakistan
    Inflation, Unemployment and Poverty: Still Major Problems of Pakistan Zoha Siddique Forman Christian College University Since Pakistan came into being, it’s going through hard times. From newly born country to getting sixty four year old country, sometimes it has given sacrif
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  • Leather Industry in Pakistan
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  • Unemployment
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are grateful to Ms.Asma Hyder who was a great help in the project. She was always available to help us with the problem areas. She took out time for us at all times, putting her work aside therefore we thank her for the effort she has put into our project. Her encouragement has a
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  • Unemployment
    Definition An economic condition marked by the fact that individuals actively seeking jobs remain unhired. Unemployment is expressed as a percentage of the total available work force. The level of unemployment varies with economic conditions and other circumstances. Unemployment describes the st
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  • Unemployment
    79 Pakistan Economic and Social Review Volume 47, No. 1 (Summer 2009), pp. 79-98 UNEMPLOYMENT, POVERTY, INFLATION AND CRIME NEXUS: COINTEGRATION AND CAUSALITY ANALYSIS OF PAKISTAN SYED YASIR MAHMOOD GILLANI HAFEEZ UR REHMAN and ABID RASHEED GILL* Abstract. This study is designed to investigate
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  • Study Plan Pakistan Studies
    Prepared by: Altaf Ahmed Sheikh - CSS - 2011 Altafsheikh1988@gmail.com Composed by: Redmax! PAKISTAN AFFAIRS STUDY PLAN Study Area – I: Evolution of Muslim Society in the Sub-Continent 2007 – Critically evaluate the contribution made by missionaries in the growth of Muslim society in the
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  • Taxes in Pakistan
    Tax Definition: 1. A fee charged ("levied") by a government on a product, income, or activity 2. A financial charge or other levy upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a state such that failure to pay is punishable by law Types of Tax: If tax is levied directly on personal
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  • Proposed Budget of Pakistan for 2011-12
    Chapter 1 Budget 2010-11 summary The budget 2010-11 had the following main salient features: a) The total outlay of budget 2010-11 was Rs 2764 billion. This size was 12.3% higher than the size of budget estimates 2009-10. b) The resource availability during 2010-11 had been estimated at
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  • Poverty in Pakistan
    POVERTY | | Submitted to:Sir ShahidHameedSubmitted By:Sadia Ali (0911244)ShafiaWasim (0911246)BBA 5-D | DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS 11/17/2011 Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Measurement of Poverty 5 Determinants of poverty 9 Regional characteristics: 9 Community C
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  • Unemployment
    ©The Pakistan Development Review 46 : 4 Part II (Winter 2007) pp. 611–621 Causes of Youth Unemployment in Pakistan WAQQAS QAYYUM* 1. INTRODUCTION Over the years, many less developed nations and the developing nations have tried to wipe-out the intensity of unemployment, which seems quite prev
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  • Health Issues in Pakistan
                    Assignment   No. 1       FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH   TOPIC: unemployment   Submitted to: Â
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  • Economic Ression of Pakistan
    ACKNOWLEGMENT: All glory and Honor is for Allah, the Supreme Being, who bestowed profound perseverance and ability on me to accomplish this task. Firstly, I express cordial gratitude to offer thanks to Mr. Nadeem Baig Principal of Oxford Computer College Multan fo
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  • Sme Development in Pakistan
    1 SME DEVELOPMENT IN PAKISTAN: ISSUES AND REMEDIES [I] BACKGROUND TO SMEs AND ITS IMPORTANCE Introduction ⎯ Today SMEs are widely regarded by experts as the panacea for many economic problems confronting the LDCs. In particular, vibrant small-scale sector—incorporating the informa
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  • Steel Industry of Pakistan
    OPINION POLLING IN PAKISTAN, Summary 2011 [ 3 ] TABLE OF Contents Introduction 5 Basic Summary of OPINION POLLS by Gallup Pakistan Highlights 11 Section I: Subject Wise Press Release 1.1 Social Attitudes and Lifestyle 23 1.2 Media: Usage and Attitudes 109 1.3 Religion 123 1.4 Miscellaneous
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  • Unemployment
      Statement of the Problem According to research, unemployment is one of the main problems in Jamaica.This study intends to discover the effects of unemployment on family lives in Brown’sTown, and the factors contributing to the increase in the number of unemployed persons.The study also s
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  • Causes and Effect of Unemployment
    Causes & Effects of Unemployment: A Statistical Study of District Peshawar (K.P.K) By Naqeeb Ullah Khan Supervised By Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Khan Submitted to Department of Statistics, Islamia College University, Peshawar in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of M
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