• Critical View on How to Overcome Unemployment in Kenya
    Abstract The Youth, who form a critical mass of the Kenyan population, are unemployed. Efforts have been made to alleviate the problem of youth unemployment in Kenya. However, these strategies and efforts have come under intense scrutiny in the recent years with the ever rising unemployment rates.
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  • Casualization and Its Effects in Kenya
    Impact of Labor Laws in Mitigating Effects of casualisation in Kenya Humphrey Mwangi              HD333-BOI-1413/2009 Franklin Mutwiri              HD333-BOI-1604/2009 Patrick Mutai              HD333-BOI-0087/2009 John Warihe              HD3
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  • Discussing Why Unemployment Is Such an Important Issue
    Discussing why unemployment is such an important issue for governments and how it can be tackled in urban areas. AUTHORED BY Simon D. Ojera CONTENTS PAGE 1.0 Introduction…………....…………………………………….……â€
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  • Unemployment
      Statement of the Problem According to research, unemployment is one of the main problems in Jamaica.This study intends to discover the effects of unemployment on family lives in Brown’sTown, and the factors contributing to the increase in the number of unemployed persons.The study also s
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  • Unemployment
    Unemployment is a growing problem in Kenya especially among the youth and has been the election agenda for almost every politician in the last few election and still continues to be. It might not be able to look at the solution available to the issue of unemployment without looking at the causes of
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  • Hiv Land Rights in Kenya
    7 Research findings – Bondo District 7.1 Background on Bondo District Population and economy Bondo District is one of the 11 districts in Nyanza Province. It is a relatively new district, having been created from the southern part of Siaya District as recently as 1998. It has a population of
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  • The Current Problems Facing Trade Unions in Kenya and the Way Forward to These Problems
    Trade unions are associations of employees (there are also associations of employers - F.K.E) and their main objective is to represent the employees' interests to the employers. The right to form and join a trade union is a fundamental human right. A well functioning and respected trade union moveme
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  • Child Labour in Kenya
    A freedom Song Atieno washes dishes, Atieno plucks the chicken, Atieno gets up early, Beds her sacks down in the kitchen, Atieno eight years old, Atieno Yo. Since she is my sister’s child Atieno needs no pay, While she works my wife can sit Sewing every sunny day: With her earnings
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  • Globalization's Effects on People
    GLOBALISATION’S EFFECTS ON PEOPLE ‘’Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology’’.(www.globalisation101.org).
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  • Comprehensive Country Evaluation: Kenya
    Comprehensive Country Evaluation: Kenya Kendra Housman ECO310-01 November 23, 2009 From the Western Thinkers first impression, the thought of doing business in any African nation is almost unheard of. Most African countries are war-torn, politically unstable, or in economic turmoil implying
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  • Inflation Cause, Effects and Remedies
    Inflation It’s causes, effect and remedies. By: Subrat Choudhury Inflation and Deflation I INTRODUCTION Inflation and Deflation, in economics, terms used to describe, respectively, a decline or an increase in the value of money, in relation to the goods and services it will buy. Inflation
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  • Kenya Statistical Data Tells Us
    Variables | Independence - 1963 | 1980 | Current - 2009 | Population | 8,189,000 | 16,466,000 | 39,002,772 | Birth Rate | 84.1 births/1000 | 80.2 births/1000 | 39.64 births/1000 | Death Rate | 19.94 deaths/1000 | 11.43 deaths/1000 | 9.72 deaths/1000 | Growth Rate | 3%
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  • The Effects of Global Financial Crisis on Nigerian Economy
    THE EFFECTS OF GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS ON NIGERIAN ECONOMY Abdul Adamu B. Sc. Business Administration (ABU), M. Sc. Management in view (BUK) Graduate Assistant, Department of Business Administration, Nasarawa State University, Keffi – Nasarawa State. Adamuabdulmumeen@yahoo.com uooba1009@g
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  • Kenya Crisis
    1.0 Causes of Ethnic Clashes Ethnic clashes, wherever they have taken place in Kenya, have generally been instigated by the fear of loss of political power and the consequences that might accompany such an eventuality such as loss of privilege and the patronage that goes with it. In this regard i
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  • Youths Unemployment
    Meeting youth unemployment head on A t 21 per cent, youth unemployment in Africa is much higher than the world average of 14.4 per cent and second only to the Middle East and North Africa’s 25.6 per cent. The high share of young people (ages 15–24) in Africa’s population contributes to t
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  • Business Etiquette in Kenya
    Business Etiquette in Kenya X Tamiya King Tamiya King has been writing for over a decade, particularly in the areas of poetry and short stories. She also has extensive experience writing SEO and alternative health articles, and has written published interviews and other pieces for the "Atlanta
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  • Economic Survey Comparison of Pakistan, Australia and Kenya
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  • Market-Oriented Development Strategy for Kenya
    A Participatory Market-Oriented Strategy for Development in Kenya Kennesaw State University 19 Annual Economics Convention Mumbai, India December 16-17, 2011 Chris Blackburn, James Chapman, Kendrick Pulver, Shamir Virani, Jarret Yingling Advisors: Professor Murat Doral and Professor Michael Patrono
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  • Kenya Tsumani Project
    Tsunami Students Project (A) Tsunami Concept Questions i) What was the Kyoto Protocol concept? Provide a short description of positive green vegetation, atmospheric carbon and climate change. ii) Enlist three factors implicated in Greenhouse Gas. iii) Provide five actions again
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  • Effects of Structural Adjustment Programs on Urban Housing Delivery - a Case of Zambia
    E f f e c t s o f S A P s o n U r b a n H o u s i n g D e l i v e r y i n Z a m b i a | 1 Table of Contents CHAPTER ONE ......................................................................................................................................... 6 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY .............
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