• The Relationship Between Study Habits and Academic Performance of It Students
    The relationship between study habits and academic performance of IT students A Research Proposal Presented to the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences & Communications Department Far Eastern University – East Asia College In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Subject EN
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  • Gaming Addiction and Its Effect to Their Academic Performance
    ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI COLLEGE Graduate School of Education TITLE A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Saint Francis of Assisi College Admiral Village Talon 1, Las Pinas City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts in Education Major in
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  • Effect of Internet on Student Academic Performance
    Syracuse University SUrface Child and Family Studies - Dissertations David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics 12-1-2011 E Effects of Internet Use on Academic Achievement and Behavioral Adjustment among South Korean Adolescents: Mediating and Moderating Roles of Parental Factors S
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  • Academic Performance of College Students
    Academic performance and advisement of university students: a case study. Ads by Google Online University Online University programs 100% Online, 100% Supported! WaldenUniversity.com Subject: Academic achievement (Analysis) College students (Case studies) Student guidance services (Analysi
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  • Academic Performance and Use of Electronic Gadgets Among Secondary Students
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Background of the Study Development in the world is expanding to new levels. Let it be anything, technology has made things more knowledgeable and convenient. Today, the world has turned into a world of electronic gadgets. The electronic gadgets have adva
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  • Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Selected Working Student
    Leona Florentino (April 19,1849)• National poetess• Father: Don Marcelo Florentino-richest man in the ilokos during those days.• Mother: Dona Isabel Florentino cousin of her father.• Born with a rich and influential family in vigan, ilocos Sur.• Died at the age of 35• She never attend co
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  • Addiction to Computer Online Games That Affect the Academic Performance of Elementary Pupils
    SEANJAMES TITLE The Addiction of Grade Five Pupils to Computer Online Games that Affect the Academic Performance Among Elementary Pupils of Oton Central Elementary School from School year 2012 – 2013 Objectives of the Study The main objective of the study is to ascertain the factors that
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  • The Effectiveness of Parental Involvement for Improving the Academic Performance of Elementary
    1 Cover Sheet Title The Effectiveness of Parental Involvement for Improving the Academic Performance of Elementary School Children Reviewers Chad Nye, PhD Jamie Schwartz, PhD Herb Turner, PhD Contact reviewer Chad Nye UCF Center for Autism & Related Disabilities 12001
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  • Effects of Modern Gadgets in the Study Habits of First Year Bachelor of Science in Office Administration Students
    Chapter 1 The Problem and Its Background Introduction In the year where modern gadgets are not yet invented like computers, mp3 players, iPod and cell phones, students are not yet engage in activities using technologies new gadgets. Students rely on books and visit library facilities to study,
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  • Varsity Scholars Academic Performance
    ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF VARSITY SCHOLARS OF UNIVERSITY OF CEBU- MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTER SCHOOL YEAR 2012-2013 A Research Proposal Presented to the Faculty of University of Cebu- Maritime Education and Training Center Cebu City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
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  • Preferences in Joining Extra Curricular Activities and Its Relationship to the Academic Performance
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  • Affect of Sleeping Habits in the Academic Performance of the Students
    Effects of the Sleeping Habits in the Academic Performance on the Second Grading Period of Second Year Students from the Special Science Curriculum(SSC), S.Y. 2012-2013 Partial Fulfilment in the Requirement For Advance Statistics A Thesis Presented to Engr. Gerson Dumpasan Statistician/Thesis A
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  • Determinants of Academic Performance of B.S. Criminology I-B Students of Lspu,
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction The globalization trend in the 21st century is to effectively and efficiently spawn the delivery of educational services to generate progress in the attainment of quality life for all. More than ever, state leaders strive to invest in qu
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  • How Parental Attitude Affects the Academic Performance of the Students.
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND This chapter aims to acquaint the reader with the rationale behind the study with the intention of defending it. It places the study in a theoretical context and enables the reader to understand and appreciate the paper’s objectives. This
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  • The Impact of Icts on Students Academic Performance at University
    Am Mdulla Allen M. CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction This chapter presents the background of the problem, problem statement, objective of the study, research questions, limitations of the study, and definitions of the key terms as going to be used by the researcher of this work. 1.
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  • Family Problem: Factor Affecting the Student's Academic Performance
    Camarines Norte State College College of Education Writing Within The Discipline Family Problem: Factor Affecting the Student’s Academic Performance A Term Paper Submitted by: John Christian S. Peñero In Partial Fulfillment On The Requirements In English 002
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  • Impacts of Technological Impacts in the Academic Performance of the Students
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study In the years when computers and cell phones are not yet invented, students always rely on books and visit library facilities just to have the information needed for their assignments and lessons that have to be studied. They spend several hours
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  • School Home Involvement Towards Enhancing Pupils Academic Performance
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Home-school relationships are the shared partnerships and initiatives through which the people who care for students in the home and community setting and the people who care for them in the school setting jointly promote the student
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  • Effects of Social Networking Sites on Academic Performanc of Obafemi Awolowo University Sttudents
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1. Background to the study Social networking is a growing field in this contemporary world. Social networking sites make it possible for people to interact with absent others in the society. Social networking sites also allow people or users
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  • Effects of Computer Technology as a Teaching Method in Primary Level
    Effects of Using Instructional Technology in Colleges and Universities: What Controlled Evaluation Studies Say. This report and related issue briefs are available at: http://sri.com/policy/csted/reports/sandt/it/Kulik_IT_in_colleges_and_universities.pdf http://www.sri.com/policy/csted/reports/sa
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