• Early relationship among students
    For many high school students, having a partner is near the top of their priority list, and some individuals may feel left out or even feel like failures if they've not dated someone by the end of high school. While in the short term having a boyfriend or girlfriend can make a high school student ha
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  • The level of negative effects of early parenthood among teenagers in selected communities in bacoor, cavite
    THE LEVEL OF NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF EARLY PARENTHOOD AMONG TEENAGERS IN SELECTED COMMUNITIES IN BACOOR, CAVITE An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to The Faculty of College of Nursing University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – Molino Campus Molino III, Bacoor, Cavite In Partial Fulfillment
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  • The effects of early marriage among young adults
    THE EFFECTS OF EARLY MARRIAGE AMONG YOUNG ADULTS. Young adults may endure misery as a result of early marriage. Until more is known about their situation there can be no reliable estimates of the scale of their predicament, or of the social damage that is carried forward in the upbringing they gi
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  • Causes and effects of internet addiction among students
    International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research 3 (1): 49-74 Internet Addiction among Greek University Students: Demographic Associations with the Phenomenon, using the Greek version of Young’s Internet Addiction Test Christos C. Frangos1, Constantinos C. Frangos2 and Apostolos P.
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  • Proposed study of the effects inclusion and peer acceptance of students with learning disabilities
    Running head: INCLUSION AND PEER ACCEPTANCE Proposed Study of the Effects Inclusion and Peer Acceptance of Students with Learning Disabilities Necole P. Joseph HS5006 Capella University Fall Quarter 2008 Introduction The mainstreaming movement began in 1975 with the passage of Publ
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  • The effects of effects of early marriage
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGBROUND OF THE STUDY. Marriage is found in all cultures. It is a process by which individuals select their life partners. It is an old institution which regulates the term upon which male and female reproduce according to well defined and acceptable social n
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  • The relationship among working memory, math anxiety, and performance mark h. ashcraft and elizabeth p. kirk (a journal critique)
    The Relationship Among Working Memory, Math Anxiety, and Performance Mark H. Ashcraft and Elizabeth P. Kirk Cleveland State University OBJECTIVE: The general focus of this research is to examine performance in standard cognitive frameworks and online tasks. The researchers hope to examine the
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  • Understanding the actual use on online game playing among students
    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction- Overview of Online game Online games are games played over some form of computer network. Online games can range from simple text based games to games incorporating complex graphics and virtual worlds populated by many players simultaneously. Many on
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  • The effects of technology on classrooms and students of saint francis college students, school year 2010-2011
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING INTRODUCTION * Rationale “Technology is the ultimate carrot for students.” - Anonymous In the modern world, technology is all around. Automobiles, computers, cellular phones, spacecraft, and X-ray cameras are all examples of technological advances. T
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  • Examine the online shopping behavior among students
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, Internet is not only a networking media, but it is also used as a means of transaction for consumers at global market. The Internet is becoming popular in Malaysia, as it is a virtual place where people share their ideas, build communities, shape the future demo
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  • Eating disorder among students in college
    Eating Disorder among Students in College In this globalization, there are many things and problems that people need to faced and concern about as the more developed of a country, the more problems are growing. One of the problems that usually happen to the society nowadays is eating disorders. Wha
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  • Effects of online computer gaming among high school students
    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background and Rationale of the Study A lot of people in the society believe that living within a minister’s home is grandiose, where everybody sees and notices them everywhere they go especially inside the church congregation. It is as if they are the apple of eve
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  • Effect of social network among students
    The Affect Of Social Networking Websites on Today's Youth October 21, 2008 by Omar Aly http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1103298/the_affect_of_social_networking_websites.html?cat=47 The popularity of the internet and online communities has grown exponentially (Alexa.com). Is the recent u
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  • Love relationship
    LOVE RELATIONSHIPS AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS. by DAVID KNOX , CAROLINE SCHACHT , MARTY E. ZUSMAN Data from one-hundred-eighty-four undergraduates at a large southeastern university revealed that 94% have experienced a love relationship. Young (age 19 and under) undergraduates were significantly (p
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  • The study of the factors influencing students attitudes towards learning mathematics in the junior secondary school (a case study of bwari area council, fct abuja)
    Do not use this project without my permission! Contact Akogu Abbai David Niger State College of Education, Minna Economics/Mathematics +234-08058455069,08068993106 THE STUDY OF THE FACTORS INFLUENCING STUDENTS ATTITUDES TOWARDS LEARNING MATHEMATICS IN THE JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL
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  • Stress among college students
    Stress Among College Students Leaving home for the first time and going away for school can be very difficult for some people. In many cases for college freshman this is their first time being away from their home and parents. Many times they get home sick and want to isolate themselves. They hav
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  • Sleep deprivation among college students
    Dear Dr. Smith: Enclosed is a copy of “Sleep Deprivation among ASU Students.” This report is a summary of my findings from the work that I completed in which I call upon documented scientific studies, articles, books, and my own findings through survey in order to determine the problem of sleep
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  • The moderating impact of social support among social work students
    Abstract. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between academic stress and perceived resilience among social work students, and to identify social support as a protective factor of resilience on this relationship. A conceptual model of moderation was used to test
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  • “The effects of having boyfriend/girlfriend relationships in the academic performance of selected high school students of theresian school of cavite”
    Theresian School of Cavite Habay, Bacoor, Cavite In Partial Fulfillment Of the requirement in English IV “The Effects of having Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships in the Academic Performance of selected high school students of Theresian School of Cavite” By: Altair Marie Acosta Joh
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  • The effects of socio-economic status on students achievements in biology
    CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Nigeria like any other developing countries has witnessed series of political instability with obvious effect on educational policies at federal, state and local government level. This gradually laid the foundation of fallen standard in
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