• The Effects of Cellular Phones on the Study Habits of Students
    THE EFFECTS OF CELLULAR PHONES ON THE STUDY HABITS OF STUDENTS OF DIVINE LIGHT ACADEMY-LAS PINAS AS PERCEIVED BY THE 4th YEAR STUDENTS BATCH 2010-2011 A Thesis Presented to the High School Faculty of the Divine Light Academy In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements for the Subject
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  • Study Habits
    The Study Habits of the Third Year Students of Holy Family High School- Bacolod School Year 2011-2012 in Relation to their Academic Performances The Study Habits of the Third Year Students of Holy Family High School- Bacolod School Year 2011-2012 in Relation to their Academic Performances Pr
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  • Effects of Electronic Gadgets to Students Studying Habits
    Effects of electronic gadgets 1 EFFECTS OF ELECTRONIC GADGETS TO STUDENTS STUDYING HABITS Effects of electronic gadgets to students studying habits Jea Bianca L. Conge Pateros Catholic School Gadgets are destruction 2 Abstract Almost all of the students especially high schoo
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  • Effects of Computer Games on the Study of 3rd Year High School
    CHAPTER 5 SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS This Chapter present the summary of findings derived from the Salient data gathered using a survey questionnaire, conclusions and recommendations. General Summary of Study The study
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  • Texting Effects on Written Communication Skills
    Jake Morris Texting Effects on Written Communication Skills Abstract Text messaging, especially in young people, is setting up the dynamics that will present challenges as they continue to grow and mature. Those challenges will present themselves as an inability
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  • A Study on Enhanced Employee Performance Through Soft Skills
    PROJECT REPORT - A STUDY ON ENHANCED EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE THROUGH SOFT SKILLS AT DZINE-HUB CREATIONS PVT.LTD. TABLE OF CONTENTS S.no TITLE Page No 1. Acknowledgement 10 2. Executive Summary 11-12 3. List of Tables 13-14 4. List of Figures 15-16 Chapters 1. Introduction 17-48
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  • Marketing Exam 1 Study Guide
    MKT 300 Exam 1 Study Guide Modules 1-4 Module 1: * Marketing * An organizational function of collected processes designed to plan for create, communicate, and deliver value to customers and build effective customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakehold
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  • People That May Affect the Study Habit of the Students
    Running  head:  PEOPLE  THAT  MAY  AFFECT  THE  STUDY  HABIT     i     People That May Affect the Study Habit of the Students of Informatics College-Northgate Raymark Montederamos Informatics College Northgate April 2013 PEOPLE  T
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  • Effects of Computer on Students
    EFFECTS OF COMPUTER IN THE STUDENTS Submitted to: BSCS 1-1 February 2013   APPROVAL SHEET As a part of the requirements in the subject English 2, Writing in the Discipline: Leading to Academic Research, this research is entitled, “EFFECTS OF COMPUTER IN THE STUDENTS OFâ
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    Impact of Social Networking Sites Usage on Student’s Academic Performance in Pakistan Abstract Purpose – This research paper examines the impact of the usage of social networking sites (SNS) on the academic performance of the students in universities. The impact has been studied in...
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  • A comparative study on Catholic televangelism and traditional catholic mass
    Chapter I. Introduction Background of the Study “Some of you are sitting here and watching [pause] I know what it's like [pause] drugs, physical abuse, emotional abuse, [pause] sexual abuse [long pause]. But thanks to Jesus Christ! I am a member of the Family of God! [pause] Listen to...
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  • Understanding the Actual Use on Online Game Playing Among Students
    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction- Overview of Online game Online games are games played over some form of computer network. Online games can range from simple text based games to games incorporating complex graphics and virtual worlds populated by many players simultaneously. Many on
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  • The Effect of Texting in Writing Skills of the Students
    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Students with reading difficulties usually have problems in spelling as well and often times have more severe deficits in spelling than in reading, according to Hallahan et. al. in introduction to learning disabilities. In reading, context
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  • Text Messaging: Its Impact on the Spelling Proficiency of the First Year Students
    TEXT MESSAGING: ITS IMPACT ON THE SPELLING PROFICIENCY OF THE FIRST YEAR STUDENTS Published November 28, 2010 | By Rizalyn Researchers:                      Mikel D. Bainto      Rheanel M. Esquejo  Research Adviser: Debora B. Sampaga   Background of the Study  
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  • Students Life
    Chapter 4 Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems LEARNING OBJECTIVESS After reading this chapter, you will be able to answer the following questions: 1. What ethical, social, and political issues are raised by information systems? What specific principles for conduct can be used to g
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