"Effects Of Broken Homes On Students Academic Performance In Nigeria" Essays and Research Papers

Effects Of Broken Homes On Students Academic Performance In Nigeria

EFFECTS OF HAVING A BROKEN FAMILY ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF THE 4TH YEAR STUDENTS OF OUR LADY OF PEACE SCHOOL FOR THE S.Y. 2012-2013 ____________________ A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of High School Department Our Lady of Peace School Antipolo City ___________________ In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for English Elective ___________________ by MARELLA KATE B. NATIVIDAD IV - St. Catherine of Siena JANUARY 2013 CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM The family is...

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 EFFECT OF BROKEN FAMILY ON THE PERFORMANCE OF A CHILD BY KAYODE OLADIPUPO OLAYEMI Project Analyst DIPSON KAYUS COMPUTER PALACE LTD IBADAN, OYO STATE 08058573347, 07063796484 NOVEMBER, 2014 INTRODUCTION The family is the child's first place of contact with the world. The child as a result, acquires initial education and socialization from parents and other significant persons in the family. Agulana (2009) pointed out that the family lays the psychological, moral, and spiritual...

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Broken Homes on Student's Performance in School

EFFECTS OF A BROKEN FAMILY TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SENIOR STUDENT OF NEGROS MISSION ACADEMY S.Y 2012-2013” NEGROS MISSION ACADEMY _______________________________________________________________ CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION This chapter presents the background of the study, theoretical/conceptual framework, statement of the problem, hypotheses, significance of the study, scope and delimitation of the study, and the definition...

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Learning Enviroment and Its Effects on Student Academic Performance in Integrated Science

BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY In Nigeria, secondary education is the education children receive after primary education and before the tertiary stage. Consequently, the broad goals of secondary education are geared to prepare the individual for useful living within the society and to progress to higher education (Federal Government of Nigeria, 2004). The school at this level is established so that students can learn in order to be able to transmit knowledge from one generation to another for the continuity...

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Home Environment and Academic Performance

Home Environment and Academic Performance INTRODUCTION Background of the Study. Nigerian environment is associated with unclassified problems entangled with impoverish outlook and being devoid of most modern facilities and infrastructure that could sustain an urban area. This is clearly manifested on the standard of living and the contribution of the people towards national development. This circumvented problem in the rural areas has adverse effect on the students’ academic...

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academic performance of tertiary students

in the future. The issue of academic performance is of great interest to administrators, educators, researchers, students, parents and other stakeholders of education (Farooq, Chaudhry, Shafiq & Berhanu (2011). The variables that determine studentsacademic performance can be from the student, home and school. This could be termed as Self/Family/School (Crosnoe, Johnson & Elder (2004). To Ballatine (1993) most of these factors affecting academic performance of students are demographic in nature and...

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Effect of Broken Family to a Child's Academics

on the structure of the family he lives in. Having a broken family is a very intricate situation to be in. This is very hard for the couple but the person who ends up with the greatest amount of problems is their child. “Children incorporate repertoires of angry, impulsive, and violent behavior into their own” (Kelly, 1968). The problems that the child develop are not always noticeable, and do not always come to the surface immediately. Broken Family is a family with children involved where parents...

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High School and Academic Performance

Secondary School Students in Selected Rural Communities of Rivers State in Nigeria : Causes and Effects on Academic Performance Sarumi Abidoye, Ph.D1 & Okoji Olufemi Onweazu2 Department of Adult Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. +23457239075 2. Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, Lead City University, Nigeria +23452610898. E-mail of the corresponding author : * femiokoji2008@yahoo.com ABSTRACT The study examined the causes and effects of indiscipline...

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Effect of Nutrition on Academic Performance

Effect of Nutrition on Academic Performance RGS6035.E2 - Chapter 1 Kurt Cornett Amberton University Effect of Nutrition on Academic Performance Every year millions of tax dollars are spent on school nutrition programs all over the United States. Legislators across the nation lobby for coordinated school health programs and place increasing emphasis on student nutrition. Television commercials remind kids to eat a balanced diet and food products aimed...

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A study on the effect of broken family in academic performance of 50 student in Golden Valley College

STUDY ON THE EFFECTS Of HAVING BROKEN FAMILY IN ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF 50 STUDENTS IN GOLDEN VALLEY COLLEGE SCHOOL S.Y 2013-2014 A Thesis Presented to the Faculty and Staff of Golden Valley College City of San Jose del Monte Bulacan In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirement in Secondary Education Reyann Naga 4th year diamond S.Y 2013-2014 ABSTRACT Title: A Study on the Effect of having Broken Family on the academic Performance of 50 high school...

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Education and Broken Home

INTRODUCTION The home is the primary institution for children, home as perceived by Abdulganiyu (1997), Nwachil (1984), is the primary social group and smallest social institution. The family can therefore, be looked at as a social group characterized by common resident, economic, cooperation and production. It include adults of both sexes, at least two of whom maintained a socially approved sexual relationship and one or more children own or adopted of the sexually cohabiting adults. When a child...

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Commputer Affects the Academic Performance of Students


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Effects of Stress on Academic Performance

purpose of the primary study was to determine whether student anxiety and depression increases after college entry, the extent to which adverse life experiences contribute to any increases, and the impact of adversity, anxiety and depression on exam performance (Andrews, & Wilding, 2004). The purpose of the secondary study was to investigate the relationship between stress factors, perceived stress and academic performance among students in a public institution of higher learning (Rafidah, et...

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The Effects of Scarcity on Facilities on the Academic performance of the students


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Effects of Long Vacant Hours on the Academic Performance of Maritime Students

EFFECTS OF LONG VACANT HOURS IN THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF MARITIME STUDENTS Background of the study What is a vacant hour? Vacant hour is a time for students to rest in his free time or to study his lessons for the next class but sometimes these vacant hours can lead students not to attend their class which can gradually affect their academic studies. These are the things College students do in their long vacant hours: the first one is smoking. Based on our observation smoking is...

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Academic Performance of Students with Absentee Parents

Academic Performance of Students with Absentee Parents CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION This study is made to understand the performance, specifically the academic performance, of students without the guidance of their parents or having absentee parents. In studying, parents are important to help guide, teach and lead their children because a child need supports from their loved ones and also discipline to be motivated. It is a parent’s responsibility to take care of their children, it is hard for a...

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Effects of Broken Family to Bsed Students of Must

Chapter 1 The Problem Introduction A broken family refers to a family who has been separated or divorced.It is a term that greatly affects the harmony of the family, especially children. Divorce is one of the cruel realities of our society that has become very common in culture. It's basically the state where two people feel that they can't compromise with each other anymore. This split of family really affects the children of all ages. Even adult children also suffer if their parents' divorce...

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effects on having a broken family in education

 BROKEN FAMILY: THERE EFFECTS TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF COMPUTING EDUCATION STUDENTS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF MINDANAO A Research Paper Presented to: Prof. Jennifer Payot In Partial Fulfillment of the Subject Requirements for English 201: Academic Writing By: Jerald V. Curias April Jay Jabinez Arvie Jay P. Briones Iandale E. De Juan Beverly Ramos Victor Dominic Velasco Loueen Dave M. Hermosilla John Stephen Zamora Dwight Ian Rey Cabalud September 23 2014 INTRODUCTION ...

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The Effects of Computer Games to the Academic Performance of the Students

consequence to this effect is the destruction of the view of parents, schools and government to computer games. In response to this problem, the parents are doing some stringent measures to prevent their children. The government also is enforcing some laws and ordinances to limit young people using or playing computer games. Frequent computer gaming among the students is also one of the problems being encountered by our school today. It has been observed that students mainly boys,...

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Effect of Relationship to Academic Performance

EFFECTS OF ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP ON SELF ESTEEM, IDENTITY AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE MUHAMMAD -. LUQMAN DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY BAHAUDDIN ZAKRIYA UNIVERSITY MULTAN Sponsored by: HUMA WASEEM (waseem.huma@yahoo.com) ABSTRACT The present study aims at studying romantic relationship and its effects on academic performance, identity and self esteem. Parent and peer influences on academic achievement are well documented, but little research has examined links to romantic involvement during the adolescent...

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The Effects of Student's Living Situation on Academic Performance

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Academic performance is the evidence how well a student meets standards set out by local government and the institution itself.The extent of student’s learning in academics may be determined by the grades a student earns for a period of learning has been done. It is believed that a grade is a primary indicator of such learning. If a learner earns high grades it is concluded that they may also have learned a lot while low grades indicate lesser learning.  Going to college...

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Social Network and Its Effect on Poor Students Academic Performance

SOCIAL NETWORK AND ITS EFFECT ON POOR STUDENTS ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the example famous social network that becomes the best choice among the students, especially university students. Social network can defines as site of grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighbourhood subdivision. Nowadays, the social network is a necessary communication tool that has emerged in the field of information and communication technology...

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Academic Achievement of Pupils in Correlation to Different Factors

The study investigated the relationship between broken homes and academic achievement of students. Three research hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The study was correlational because the study sought to establish the extent of relationship between broken homes and academic achievement. The statistical method used in analyzing the data was the Pearson product moment correlation coefficient (r). Reliable and validated questionnaires which were designed to elicit information on the hypotheses...

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How love relationships affect students' academic performance

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE SUBJECT: TECHNICAL ENGLISH HOW LOVE RELATIONSHIPS AFFECTS STUDENTS ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE SUBMITTED BY; CABANLIT, JOHN PAOLO P. MAPYA, MASSI SUBMITTED TO: PROF. JOSE RIZAL DAPAT CHAPTER 1 HOW LOVE RELATIONSHIPS AFFECTS STUDENTS ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE I. Introduction A. Background of the study Having love relationship with other individual has been part of lifestyle for most students today. Prioritizing their relationship with their love partners makes their time...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance Among College Students

Title: FACTORS AFFECTING THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SELECTED STUDENTS FROM BROKEN FAMILY OF OLIVAREZ COLLEGE, PARANAQUE CITY: A BASIS FOR STRENGHTENING THE GUIDANCE PROGRAM Buagas, Joana Melevo, John Jeckel Nama, Marie Clerizz Nietes, Chinky Barbie Wong, Ivy Russell Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Dr. Milagros Gundran Researchers: Degree: Adviser: This study was conducted to the selected first year college students who belong in a broken family at Olivarez College. The researchers chose...

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Home Background on Academic Performanc

INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The academic performance of any child cannot be separated from the home background in which the child grows up. A healthy home background offers emotional security to a child.  Agholor (2005), This investigation that has adopted refined measure of family, influences have tended to show that they are related more strongly to academic outcome, than global measure of family background. The impact of family background on the academic achievement in school is today receiving...

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Relationship in the Family and Its Effect to the Student's Academic Performance

RELATIONSHIP IN THE FAMILY; ITS EFFECT TO THE ACADEMMIC PERFORMANCE OF PALAWAN STATE UNIVERSITY-LABORATORY HIGH SCHOOL CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM: RATIONALE AND BACKGROUND Background of the Study Family, they are the ones that will always be there for you no matter how screwed up you become, they will always have your back. It has been increasingly recognised in the fields of education and psychology that family has a significant impact to the student’s development and learning. ...

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Effects of Computer Addiction on the Academic Performance of the Students

Effects of computer addiction on the Academic Performance of the students A Research paper Submitted to the Faculty of Education City College of Tagaytay In Partial Requirement for the subject, Educational Research Von Bryan A. Borja BSE – IIA Submitted to: Mrs. Lorena Constante October 17, 2012 Introduction   It is known that we are living in technological era. The computers become irreplaceable tool in everyday life of almost each person...

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Impact of Stress on Academic Performance of Students

race or cultural background” (Garrett, 2001). On typical late November nights on university of Ghana campus, one would find students at various places even in awkward positions cramming obligated to catch up on studies for papers due in December. This is because deadlines and due dates are non-existent for students until the night before their papers. They engage in student activism, sports, partying and overall good times which lack libraries and study sessions which expel more excitement than the...

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Effect of Parental Involvement on Academic Achievement and Performance of Master Level Students

PROPOSAL ON Effect of Parental Involvement on Academic Achievement and Performance of Master Level Students Submitted To: Prof. Asghar Ali Our Esteemed Teacher In: Business Research Methods An Attempt From: Syed Muhammad Razi (L4F11MCOM0187) (0321-4660526) Muhammad Hassnain (L4F11MCOM0202) Nida Sharif (L4F11MCOM0209) Omair Ahmad (L4F11MCOM0198) Section: EA3 Punjab Group of Colleges (M.Com) Effect of Parental Involvement on Academic Achievement...

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Bullying in School and its Effects to the Students' Academic Performance

 Bullying in School and its Effects on the StudentsAcademic Achievements Thesis Statement: Bullying in schools is believed to be a normal part of school life, however, when people begin to have this mentality, they forget that bullying is physically and psychologically harmful to both the bully and the victim. Bullying is one of the biggest problems that many children and teenagers have to face daily at school or university while away from their parents’ view and protection. Basically, bullying...

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Effects of Romantic Relationships on Academic Performance

| EFFECTS OF ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE MATTHEW E. KOPFLER DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY LOYOLA UNIVERSITY Sponsored by: MUKUL BHALLA (bhalla@loyno.edu) [pic] ABSTRACT This study was conducted to discover whether or not there is an association between academic performance and involvement in a romantic relationship amongst undergraduate college students. The variables looked at were dating status (single or involved)...

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The Effects of Social Networking Sites on the Academic Performance of Students in College of Education, CLSU

Republic of the Philippines College of Education CENTRAL LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija The Effects of Social Networking Sites on the Academic Performance of Students in College of Education, CLSU In partial fulfilment of the requirement in English 110: Writing in the Discipline Dilla, Rosalie D. Fernanadez, Jochelle C. Pangan, Regine Mae BSEd2-3 Engl Mrs. Jenalyn Pagay 1st Semester A. Y. 2014-2015 Chapter I Introduction The surge...

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The Effects of Social Factors in the Academic Performance of the Bbte Students College of Education


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Effects of Romantic Relationship on the Academic Performance on College Students

adolescent is surprised by moods and vague organic sensation that he or she is drawn towards the other sex. (Aquino and Miranda, 1991). College life can be stressful, but it is surely one of the most memorable experiences in a person’s life. College students possess characteristics that change as they progress in their years at a University. Discovering emotions, feelings, independence, and achievement are part of a college student’s transition and exploration in establishing identity and developing...

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Gaming Addiction and Its Effect to Their Academic Performance

Introduction  Technology has developed so much that it is almost crucial to have electronic devices particularly the personal computers at home, school, internet café, etc. Teenagers have gotten so used to have technology around them. However, while having these computers that make life easier, comfortable, and handy at most of the times, it could also have negative effects on their lives particularly in their studies when used too much. Electronic games are the medium of the 21st century. They constitute...

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The Effects of Computer Games to the Academic Performance of the Students

all the time at home, switch it off. Guidelines for children suggest allowing no more than one hour per night on the PC or playing video games. Computer addiction is said to be on the increase. More and more people are spending time in cyberspace in a virtual world of their own making. If not treated, this condition can lead to diminished social skills and deterioration in the addict's quality of life. Causes Of Computer Addiction (Cause And Effect Essay) Cause and effect Serious causes...

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Technology: It’s Effect to Filipino Youth and Their Academic Performance

Technology: It’s Effect to Filipino Youth And Their Academic Performance Joy Anne R. Puazo Bataan Peninsula State University Balanga Campus Technology: It’s Effect to Filipino Youth And Their Academic Performance Technology has been subject of reliance for information overload, communication and entertainment. Computers, laptops and cell phones are not only for luxuries and wants nowadays but also considered as needs of everyone that is why even Filipino youth today is being dependent...

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How Parental Attitude Affects the Academic Performance of the Students.

Therefore on cannot overlook the importance which home plays on his development. Both the home and the school play important roles in educating and bringing up the child. Filipino parents have high educational ambitions for their children and yet most of them are unfamiliar with the requisites necessary for school success. In line with this, many children who came to school for the first time where not yet ready for learning experiences because their home backgrounds where not attuned to the demands...

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The Effects of Studying Away from Home in the Academic Performance of Political Science Students of Wmsu

are the effects of studying in an institution away from home on the academic performance of Political Science students? 2. How do these AB Political Science students manage their studies? 3. What are some of the difficulties these students encounter in their studies? Significance of the Study As is always the case, knowledge is the basis for action and/or reaction. Hence, the study will not be without merit. This study is an attempt to present first-hand information on the effects of studying...

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Academic Performance for Student Assistant

Title: CORRELATION OF WORK ATTITUDE AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF OLIVARIAN STUDENT ASSISTANT : BASIS FOR HOLISTIC APPROACH Dionisia A. Banta Dean Mark B. Berdida Rocky T. Horfilla Arnold Villanueva Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Marketing and Business Management Dr. Pastor Judith Valcorza Researchers: Degree: Adviser: Generally, this research was done to determine the relationship of work attitude and academic performance of the student assistants of Olivarez College for the school...

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Sleep Deprivation And Effects On Academic Performance

 Sleep Deprivation and Effects on Academic Performance Emily M. Gonsalves Butte College Abstract This experiment was conducted in order to determine the effects sleep deprivation has on academic performance among college students. I chose 1,580 students from Chico State along with 1,387 students from San Diego State aged 17-22 and GPAs ranging from 2.0-4.0. The students were tested on various information during 24 hours of wakefulness in order to determine how lack of sleep...

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Factors of Poor Academic Performances by Students

Reasons may vary on why most students have poor academic performance. Is it because of biceps such as smoking, drinking alcohol or even taking unnecessary drugs or is it because of peers? Peers which forces or influences you on how you are going to react and participate on class discussions or participations. Other reason could be: that particular student is a working student that instead of focusing only on his/her studies he/she would also make time and effort on his/her job duty. With this...

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Effects of Academic Performance of Students

Related Literature The controversy over whether technology actually improves student learning is one that stirs debate and motivates research. The articles reported in the economics literature have been limited both in quantity and scope with methods and results varying across studies. The literature has focused primarily on the use of technology in general on student learning; few studies have examined the direct link between educational outcomes such Internet use. For obvious reasons, it...

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Broken Famileeee

THE EFFECTS OF HAVING A BROKEN FAMILY TO STUDENTSPERFORMANCE AND BEHAVIOR A Research Proposal Presented to the Faculty of Wellspring High School Capas, Tarlac In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements in English IV By: Danise Angiely B. Agero Eivor Sheen H. Johansson Rainielle O. Rone August 2014 Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Family is the smallest unit of the society, yet it has the biggest part of life. It is the second thing that the humans...

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Effects of Learning Styles to the Academic Performance

Learning styles to Academic performance September 28, 2012 Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM A. Introduction Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan is one of the University that aims for a higher learning towards the students. It is also concerned on how students learn by means of their different learning styles, this only means that they learn differently and uniquely especially when they know what’s best for them. Students in Xavier University are being observed, guided and tested...

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An Evaluation on the effects of League of Legends on Academic performance of selected Grade 8 students of St Mary

Project In English Researcher: Franz Millan P De Vera Section: 8-modesty Teacher: Mr. Gavino Garcia An Evaluation on the effects of League of Legends (Lol) and Defence of the ancients 2 (Dota) on Academic performance of selected Grade 8 students of St Mary’s Academy of Sto Nino (SMASN).Towards Academic Development for S.Y 2015-2016 Chapter 1: The Problem and Its Background Introduction Computer is a product of technology that world is using. Today computer is a big help for companies...

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Effects of Wifi Usage on Academic Performance in a University

in this template and send it to educonf@cemapre.iseg.utl.pt with the word “submission” in the subject of the email. The deadline for the submissions is the 15th of October |1. |Title of Paper |Effects of Internet Usage on Academic Performance in a University Setting: Evidence | | | |from Portugal | | | ...

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Effect of Broken Home

Academic Perfomance of Students Coming from Broken Homes CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study: Broken homes are experience by some of the students not only with those in poverty line families but same goes to middle and higher class families. Parents chose to live separately regardless how their children feel and its impact to their lives, however, there are still parents in spite of the situation still supports and care of their children in their studies, and others. It is...

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Effects of Playing Computer Games on the Academic Performance and Behavior of Every Student

Effects of Playing Computer games on the academic performance and behavior of every student By: Toshihiro Joshua F. Polo Introduction: I. Background of the study There was a time when the endless summer for a child referred to hours spent Basketball and badminton courts or even romping with neighborhood kids. Kids still do all these things but today’s kids have more ways of having fun including hours and hours in front of...

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Factors That Affect the Academic Performance of the Student Using Computer

Christian Science Monitor | | From a sample of 175,000 15-year-old students in 31 countries, researchers at the University of Munich announced in November that performance in math and reading had suffered significantly among students who have more than one computer at home. And while students seemed to benefit from limited use of computers at school, those who used them several times per week at school saw their academic performance decline significantly as well. "It seems if you overuse computers...

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Children of Broken Homes

RELATED LITERATURE This chapter presents the review of related literature and studies about broken homes and their effects to children’s character. The review focuses on a number of different instruments used to prove that belonging to a broken family is the main cause for these children to possess strong character. The chapter begins with the definition of broken home, and then followed by its effects on the children. The struggles faced by these children, and their perspective in life are discussed...

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Effects of Romantic Relationships on Academic Performance of High School Students

study was conducted to discover whether or not there is an association between academic performance and involvement in a romantic relationship amongst high school students. The variables looked at were dating status (single or involved), level of involvement in the relationship, and grade point average. Variables were calculated on a survey measuring relationship and school satisfaction. Seventy-five high school students studying in St. Joseph College were surveyed. Approximately fifty-one percent...

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Impacts of Technology Dependency on the Academic Performance of Usls Students

for the students to grasp it. As the young generations live with this advancement in technology, different aspects of life had changed. This include the negative impacts of this technology. Students spend a large amount of time engaging in technologies for entertainment, such as playing Gameboy, watching DVDs, or listening to music players. They tend to be less involved in academic life. Positive impacts will be an important part of this study, for which technology used for academic engagement...

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The Effects of Social Networking Sites on the Academic Performance of Grade 7 Students

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Based on the studies today , social media has influenced students to rely on the accessibility of information that is available on the internet .The students are reduced on focusing on their learning as well as on retaining the information. In the Philippines the quality of education is getting low because of the short period of education ,so that’s why the K to12 became was born. The K to 12 Program covers Kindergarten...

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effects of study habits in relation to the academic performance

vital role into every student, especially in our current situation where those who finish with degree are the only ones who has a chance of getting hired. Before even getting hired, people must first finish their studies. Students must survive through college but it is not as easy as it seems to be. They must accomplish all the tasks given in a limited amount of time that is why a study habit is needed. Study habits are the ways a student study. These are the habits that students develop while studying...

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Effects of Internet to the Academic Performance of Students

Life nowadays is impossible without technology. Modern inventions make life easier. Most of the people, especially professionals and students are using every single piece of modern technology. One of these modern technologies is what they called “Internet”. Internet is known as the ocean of information. It is very useful, especially to business and academic purposes of a person. It consists of many privates, public, government networks, of local and global scope, that are linked by a broad...

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Effects of Computer Games to the Academic Performance of the Students

games are common in our life, they have not only good effects, but also bad effects, especially to teenagers. Moreover, even though parents know that teenagers plat computer games too much they do not know that why teenagers are widely excited at computer games, and what the bad effects of computer games are. There are two main causes that teenagers play computer games too much. In addition, playing computer games too much has two main effects. The first reason that teenagers play computer games too...

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Broken Family

INTRODUCTION Family is the basic components of the society. And the parents are the most important source of youth’s behavior, which effect to their outlook in life.   A home is where a family lives. It may be alternated  to the word ‘house’ but a house is more appropriately  referring to the material structure, whereas ‘home’ refers to the intangible things that bind together the family members. So if the parents are separated, how does it affect the youth and...

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Academic Performance of Ted Working Students


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