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Educational System Of Tamil Nadu

tamil Nadu has been ranked No 1 by the Economic Freedom Rankings for the States of India [1] Possessing the fifth largest economy (2004–2005) among states in India, Tamil Nadu is also the second most industrialised state next to Maharastra.[2] It ranks second in per capita income (2004–2005) among large states. It ranks third in foreign direct investment approvals (cumulative 1991-2002) of 225,826 million ($5,000 million), next only to Maharashtra 366,024 million ($8,100 million)) and Delhi...

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Urbanization in Tamil Nadu

Introduction Tamil Nadu ranks first in urbanisation among the fifteen major States in the country. Urbanisation has been on the increase since 19611.According to the 2001 Census, Tamil Nadu has emerged as the State with the highest level of urbanisation (43.86 per cent) in the country. 2.72 out of 6.21 crore of the total population of Tamil Nadu live in urban areas. Objective • To highlight the impact of Urbanisation slowdown in our state. • To emphasize, how the natural habitats are...

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Clearing the Slums in Tamil Nadu

vacated. The tenements so constructed are allotted to the genuine slum families. This programme is being funded with 70% loan assistance from HUDCO with 13% interest per annum repayable over the period of 15 years. The remaining 30% is provided by the Tamil Nadu Government as margin money. The TNSCB makeS sure that the temporary shelter put up earlier to resettle the slum families are cleared soon after the allotment. A sum of Rs.150/- per month is being recovered under Hire Purchase scheme from the allottees...

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Sez Act of Tamil Nadu 2003

Special Economic Zones Policy of Government of Tamil Nadu 2003 Preamble The Government of India have announced the concept of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in the year 2000 through a revision in the EXIM Policy 1997-2002 with a view to provide an internationally competitive and hassle free environment for export production. These SEZs are virtually deemed to be a foreign territory within the country free from all the rules and regulations governing the import and export. The SEZs are specifically...

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Tamil Nadu Trip 2011

Tamil Nadu Trip October 2011 This trip was planned two months before, as it involved many train journeys. Our tickets booked through 62 express always materializes & this one did too. This trip started with Vadodara on 22nd Sat with Appa & Amma. On 23rd, we boarded Karnavati Express to Mumbai at 06-45 am. Train comes from Ahmedabad & stops for 5 minutes at Vadodara. The coolie at Vadodara refused to budge below Rs.150; but we coolly got inside the train. Luckily, ours were the last seats which...

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Gujarat and Tamil Nadu Comparision

to power. His government lasted only two years. The fall of that government was provoked by a split in the BJP led by Shankersinh Vaghela, who has won most of the subsequent polls. Gujarat has 13 universities and four agricultural universities. Tamil Nadu's population grew by 11.19% between 1991 and 2001, the second lowest rate for that period (after Kerala) amongst populous states (states whose population exceeded 20 million in 2001). Its decadal rate of population growth has declined since 1971...

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Today's Educational System

wrong with the education system we follow today in the country? The general education system is focused only on examinations rather than training students for the future and really testing their knowledge. Because of this, students are forced to take tests that show only their retention powers, not their actual capacity or knowledge. So engineers today cannot do actual work in technology and doctors do not go to people who need their services. Is the problem with the system or the approach towards...

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Educational System

"Educational System" High school is a place where you grow up physically and mentally. In high school you begin as freshmen and graduate as a senior. Throughout that span of life a lot happeneds, and you are constantly learning as you grow. But I know many high schools including mine are not perfect and have flaws in their educational system, that can be fixed in order to provide a better environment for learning. Learning is a never ending process that we draw from our personal experiences...

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Educational System

Fundamentals The educational system has always been a topic to discuss. Whether for or against the argument, the educational system seems to be at the bottom of the nations priorities. Mainly the questions asked is where funding can come from, the participation needed, and the choices between educational systems. Since education is how a society must strive and expand in its knowledge and economy, the educational system for such should be at its forefront. Nevertheless, the educational system argument is...

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tamil nadu

TAMIL NADU The Tamil Home Land The Tamil people of the island of Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka) constitute a distinct nation. They form a social entity, with their own history, traditions, culture, language and traditional homeland. The Tamil people call their nation 'Tamil Eelam'.  As a nation, Tamils have the inalienable right to self-determination, a universal principle enshrined in the U.N. Charter that guarantees the right of a people to political independence.  Apart from the right...

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Five Important Nataraja Shrines of Tamil Nadu

There are lots of temples in Tamil Nadu where Siva is worshipped as Nataraja. Lord Siva, as the god of dance is known as Nataraja. There are lots of temples in India and especially in Tamil Nadu where Siva is worshipped as Nataraja. But, there are mainly five places in Tamil Nadu where the cult of Nataraja is worshipped with gaiety and pomp. The dancing deity Nataraja can be seen in these Pancha sabbas or five halls of Tamil Nadu. The five temples - Chidhambaram, Maduarai, Thiruvilankadu, Tirunelveli...

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An Efficient Tamil Text Compaction System

An Efficient Tamil Text Compaction System N.M..Revathi, G.P.Shanthi, Elanchezhiyan.K, T V Geetha, Ranjani Parthasarathi & Madhan Karky Tamil Computing Lab (TaCoLa), College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. haisweety18@gmail.com, jijutodo@gmail.com, madhankarky@gmail.com Abstract Tamil is slowly becoming the online language and mobile text messaging languages for many Tamils around the world. Social networks and mobile platforms now extensively support Unicode and applications...

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The Philippine Educational System

Two major subsystems – formal and non-formal. The Philippine educational system is composed of two major subsystems: the formal and the non-formal. The formal subsystem consists of sequential academic schooling at three levels. The first two levels are referred to as the basic education level, consisting of six years of primary or elementary education and four years of high school or secondary education. Basic education is intended to provide functional, scientific and social literacy. The Philippine...

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Pakistan's Educational System

Pakistan- Education System The education system of Pakistan is one is the least-developed in the world. Until 1947, the educational system was based on the British colonial educational system. In 1947, Pakistan gained independence resulting from the partition of the Indian subcontinent into the states of India and Pakistan. The colonial system was selective. It was meant to educate a small section of the population to run the government. Regardless of the changes since independence, the Pakistani...

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Mexican Educational System.

Mexican Educational System The Mexican Constitution, established in 1917, outlined the necessity for public education, creating a definitive forum for addressing the educational needs of the country at the beginning of the century (Althaus 1). Though the Constitution addressed the issue of education, it did not provide a directive for promoting educational systems, and Mexico has had to address the difficult problem of providing an educational system for hundreds of different indigenous languages...

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The Egyptian Educational System

 Egyptian System The Egyptian educational system was a very appealing system in the 20th century but through time its education has degraded due to the fact that students simply memorize all information. The knowledge obtained by students has decreased to the extent that the Egyptian educational system has been credited as one of the worst in the world. The essential point however is how this...

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The Shortcoming of Vietnamese Educational System

and Vietnam is not an exception. But after what I had been experienced I thought that Vietnamese educational system is still weak. It's weak because of so many problems that exist on such as bad teaching quality; lecture does not go together with practice and high tuition's fee. Furthermore, the training is not linked with students' majors. And those problems will ruin the Vietnamese educational system if they don't change. Nowadays, so many Vietnamese students complain that what they had learned...

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Canada's Educational System

Canada’s Education System Canada’s education system remains very impressive. Mostly every country possesses a facet unique to them. Various factors compose Canada’s educational system that distinguishes it from others. For example, these factors include their basic K-12 structure, educational statistics, and structure with public versus private schools. Canada’s basic K-12 structure remains an important aspect of their educational system. Canada’s school year generally consists of 190 days from...

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Educational System in France

Topics in French Business and Environment-1 The Reforms in the French Education System DALY Peter Dealing with the topic : "The French education System is elitist and in serious need of reform" Thinking about learning as a repeated task along our lives does not necessarily means that it is an easy one. As well as with any another cultural construction, it is frequent to be imbued with the common sense and to think about education as a static and crystallized method among the passing...

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Modern Educational System

Modern education system I decided to write about education system in Ukraine because I think it is very common problem and because I’m a student as well. Educational system in Ukraine at the present stage is sufficiently complex and hard-to-reach for citizens. Despite the fact that officially education is considered to be free of charges on all levels for children, in reality parents confront series of problems that are not so easy to deal with, unless they have certain savings of money. So...

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Educational System in Turkey

Turkish School ŞAKİRE ÖRMECİ Educational system of Turkey is directly controlled by Ministry of National Education (MEB) in terms of constructions curricula and their implementations in school. The Ministry of Education creates common curricula and makes all school in Turkey obligatory to apply these curricula by checking schools’ and teachers’ documentations (Halicioğlu, 2008). In addition these curricula are national based content since Turkish educational system aims to ‘raise all individuals...

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Community Based Group Intervention for Tobacco Cessation in Rural Tamil Nadu

Community based group intervention for tobacco cessation in rural Tamil Nadu, India: a cluster randomized trial Abstract Objective: To determine the efficacy of community based group intervention for tobacco cessation and to identify the barriers for cessation intervention among rural men. Methods: We recruited 400 men (20-40 years) currently using any form of tobacco from 20 villages of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu and randomized them equally into intervention and control groups. A...

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The Broken and Current Educational System

weapon which you can use to change the world.” –Nelson Mandela Our Indian education system rewards ability to memorize rather than ability to think critically and analytically. School education system must encourage learning of concepts, and for that examination system should be re-designed on the pattern of concept-oriented system. One is the setting of objective-type questions, instead of the present system in which the questions require long, essay-type answers. In this way, it becomes possible...

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Tamil Language

Tamil /ˈtæmɪl/[8] (தமிழ், tamiḻ, [t̪ɐmɨɻ] ?) is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Tamil people of South India and North-east Sri Lanka. It has official status in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Tamil is also a national language of Sri Lanka[9] and an official language of Singapore[10] It is legalized as one of the languages of medium of education inMalaysia along with English, Malay and Mandarin.[7][11] It is also chiefly spoken in the states...

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The British Educational System

 THE BRITISH EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. The basic features of the British educational system are the same as they are anywhere else in Europe. There are three recognized stages, with children moving from the first stage (primary) to the second stage (secondary) at around the age of 11. The third (tertiary) stage is ‘further’ education at university or college. British children start compulsory education at the age of five. Very young children, ususally 3 or 4 years old go to nursery school. Nursery...

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Korea Educational System

hard, giving up leisure time that is important for their overall emotional and mental stability. In fact, Korea’s obsession with education is the root of many problems, so Korea should counteract this by adopting some aspects of the American educational system. In the past, countries foreign to Korea held more importance than its own. Instead of focusing on the development of its own industries, Korea constantly waited on its neighbors. As Korea left behind its past of Japanese colonial rule, it...

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Historical Perspective: Philippines Educational System

Philippine Educational System: Historical Perspective | | The present educational system of the Philippines is the result of a long process of educational evolution.  A.     Pre-Spanish Period During the pre-Spanish period, education was informal. It means that there was no overruling agency that governs the educational system.         The child is taught at home by the parents or by some tribal tutor.        The practice of  apprenticeship, whereby a person usually learns some occupational...

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Tamil Nadu

being interactive with any environment enhances the development of a successful brain. As a result, a tremendous amount of childhood involvement with electronic media can limit social interaction and may obstruct the development of a brain’s social systems. Impact on the Brain and Eyes: An episode of the Japanese cartoon “Pocket Monster” which was later renamed “Pokémon” for international distribution drew worldwide attention after multiple cases of children suffering seizures after watching the...

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economy of tamil nadu

Tamil Nadu possesses the second-largest economy (2011–12) among states in India after Maharashtra.[1][2] It is the second most industrialised state next to Maharastra.[3][4] As of 2010–11, Tamil Nadu had a per capita GDP of $1,622, the sixth highest in India. Tamil Nadu's gross state domestic product for 2011–2012 was 4.28 trillion (short scale) or $145,868 million. The state had a growth of 9.4% in 2011–2012. According to the 2011 census, Tamil Nadu is the most urbanised state in India (49%)...

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Problems Existing in the Philippine Educational System

Problems Existing in the Philippine Educational System For many years, the Philippine educational system has been facing many problems. These problems are due to the population explosion and globalization. Another thing is gap existing between the private and the public school systems. In addition, the students in the Philippines cannot be considered competent due to different matters, such as, the errors in the textbooks given to the students in the public school system. Moreover, the bombardment of...

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Committee on the Reform of the Philippine Educational System

Philippines Laguna State Polytechnic University Santa Cruz Main Campus Graduate Studies and Applied Research Subject : Management of Philippine Schools, Colleges and Universities (EM 501) Topic : Committee on the Reform of the Philippine Educational System Reporter : Vivien Carrillo-Buag ------------------------------------------------- Professor : Mario C. Pasion, Ed.D. 1. Schurman Commission * also known as the First Philippine Commission * established by the US President William...

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A Comparison on Philippine and Indonesian Educational Systems

and the society at large. However, in two ASEAN nations, there still seems to be some shortcomings in the education sector. There are three issues in the education system of both Indonesia and Philippines that will be discussed and compared: quality, affordability of education, and budget. Philippines has revised its educational system only recently, making the compulsory years of education twelve instead of ten. With this change is the adjustment of the curriculum. All subjects under all the general...

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Targeted Public Distribution System

TARGETED PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) is operated under the joint responsibility of the Central Government and the States/UTs. Computerization of PDS is a must for strengthening and revamping the Public Distribution System and for addressing the challenges faced by PDS i.e. inclusion/exclusion errors, leakages/diversion of foodgrains, lack of transparency, weak grievance redressal and social audit mechanism and lack of viability of Fair Price Shops. MoCAFPD...

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Gender Inequality in the Educational System

disparity within the country, whereas as a community we need to move on and enforce and make use of the skills before us. We no longer live in the 19th Century where societies were male dominated and women highly insignificant in the workforce and in educational opportunity. We are now starting to see as equals, so its time that other sectors were equal as well, to level out the gender gaps and provide equal opportunity for all. It is by these means only that we can move on as a society for an efficient...

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Spanish Educational System

Almost 333 years, colonize the Philippines. They are after 3G’s (God, Glory, Gold). * The Spanish Education played a major role in that transformation. The oldest universities, colleges, vocational schools and the first modern public education system in Asia were created during the colonial period. By the time Spain was replaced by the United States as the colonial power, Filipinos were among the most educated subjects in all of Asia. Main objective/s: * - To educate the natives through...

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Lecture 1 Educational System In India

Educational System in India Presented by Prof. Dr. R. Venkatram Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Ancient Educational System - Monastic Gurukul is a Sanskrit word Guru means Teacher and Kul means Domain The Learners   Fully residential, students-teacher live within the same premises   Sanskrit was the language of teaching   Brahmins, were imparted knowledge philosophy, and other ancillary branches of religion,   The warrior class, the Kshatriya, were trained in the various aspects of...

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tamil nadu power crisis

The Power Crisis in Tamil Nadu The power crisis has come to stay in the state of Tamil Nadu. For many months now, power cuts for over six hours in the towns and villages of the state have been the norm. Chennai, which till recently was spared the rigours of power shedding has now been brought into the ambit. This poses a question on the state trying to attract more and more investment, giving assurances of uninterrupted power supply. Load shedding which was originally meant for an hour or so...

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Prospects and Retrospect of Tourism Industry in Tamil Nadu

Prospects and Retrospect of Tourism Industry in Tamil Nadu M. Kannan Assistant Professor in Commerce, Kaamadhenu Arts and Science, Sathyamangalam. Introduction Tourism is travel for predominantly recreational or leisure purposes with a view to enhancing the knowledge and widening the wisdom of an individual. The World Tourism Organisation defines tourists as “people who travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for more than twenty four hours and not...

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Comparison between American and Iranian educational system

the educational system. In Iran, principals of the schools do not pay much attention to the way lessons are thought to the students; however, one of the places that care most about the educational system is the USA. In the United States, all students have the same opportunity of gaining their goals. By knowing the differences between the educational system between the USA and Iran, principals can develop the educational system better than before. Consequently, by having a better educational system...

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 FACTS ABOUT TAMIL LANGUAGE INTRODUCTION: Tamil  is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Tamil people of South India and North-east Sri Lanka. It has official status in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Tamil is also a national language of Sri Lanka and an official language of Singapore It is legalized as one of the languages of medium of education in Malaysia along with English...

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Tamil Sangams

------------------------------------------------- Tamil Sangams The Tamil Sangams were assemblies of Tamil scholars and poets that, according to traditional Tamil accounts, occurred in the remote past. Some scholars believe that these assemblies were originally known as kooṭal or gathering.[1][2][3] Three assemblies are described. The legend has it that the first two of which were held in cities since "taken by the sea", and the third of which was held during the 5th century...

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Educational Systems Differences Betwen Us and Taiwan

MDFL 290 The Differences of Educational Systems between the US and Taiwan The educational system in the US and Taiwan is not totally equal. It might attributes to different concepts and customs, means that each country has each way to educate the students. There are three topics that are worth discussing: Educational Philosophies, K-12 education and Higher Education. It is also seen that good educational system leads to a higher education. Educational philosophies in the US and Taiwan...

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Migration in Tamil Nadu Coastel Areas

RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS Modelling for pollutant migration in the tannery belt, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India N. C. Mondal* and V. S. Singh National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad 500 007, India Groundwater in and around Dindigul town in Tamil Nadu, India, is polluted due to discharge of untreated effluents from 80 functional tanneries. Total dissolved solids (TDS) in about 100 km2 area are observed ranging from 2000 to 30,573 mg/l in open dug wells. A mass transport model...

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K12 Educational System in the Philippines - a Policy Paper

HomeLog InSign Up K12 Educational System in the Philippines - A Policy Papermore by Glenne Lagura 46,281 Download (.pdf) Policy_Paper(K12)updated-signed.pdf 596 KB Page | 10 In view of Sarah Katrina Maramag’s idea, “ the crisis of the Philippine education system, in all levels, is stemmed not on the superficial, in this case the number of schooling years, but rather on the conditions and foundation on which it subsists. Unless the government addresses in earnest poor public spending...

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Natural Disasters in India with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu

J. Acad. Indus. Res. Vol. 1(2) July 2012 59 ISSN: 2278-5213 REVIEW Natural disasters in India with special reference to Tamil Nadu A. Stephen Dept. of Ecology, French Institute of Pondicherry, Puducherry-605001, India stephanos.crown@gmail.com; +91 9841890069 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Abstract Natural disasters in India, many of them related to the climate of India, cause massive losses of Indian life and property....

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A1-R4: IT TOOLS AND BUSINESS SYSTEMS NOTE: 1. There are TWO PARTS in this Module/Paper. PART ONE contains FOUR questions and PART TWO contains FIVE questions. 2. PART ONE is to be answered in the TEAR-OFF ANSWER SHEET only, attached to the question paper, as per the instructions contained therein. PART ONE is NOT to be answered in the answer book. 3. Maximum time allotted for PART ONE is ONE HOUR. Answer book for PART TWO will be supplied at the table when the answer sheet for PART ONE is returned...

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| IntroductionNowadays, various systems expand in different areas of specialization. Most of them created by the demand and to give solutions on common problems encountered by the society. Being organized on everything makes our work fast and efficient. Subject Scheduling is considered an Integral part of an educational institution. Students and lecturers within one school term needed their schedules fixed accordingly for them to establish a good studying experience with each other. Also, subject...

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Bourdieu and social class within the educational system

within the educational system seems to be the elephant in the room. Issues of race, gender, discrimination and making safe places are addressed constantly within the pedagogy yet we ignore the realities of social stratification, especially when it comes to the classroom and the curriculum we are expected to teach. According to Bourdieu, the education systems of western societies function in such a way as to legitimatize class inequalities (Bourdieu, 1977). Success in the education system is enhanced...

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The Downsides of the Unified Chinese Educational System in China

then they walk into the society to achieve their goals or contribute to their country. Hence, the educational system is the guarantee of both humanistic quality and national advancement. As the matter of fact, our generation will be the backbone of China in the next thirty years, and because of that, students are supposed to be taught in a proper way. Unfortunately, the unified Chinese educational system causes serious negative results on Chinese students including the lack on creation, confidence,...

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Major Educational Challenges Assessment for Kenya Education System

Major educational challenges assessment for Kenya education system Preview With a total population of over 43 million, Kenya is the biggest and most advanced economy in the east and central Africa. It is well-known for its natural resource and the vast variety of wildlife, which contribute a large proportion to Kenya’s GDP in agricultural and service sectors. It’s prosperous capital Nairobi is also given the name “East African Paris”. But behind the misleading impression of affluence left by a...

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Educational Planning

CONCEPTS OF EDUCATIONAL PLANNING * What is the need for educational planning? - Educational planning is important to know because it serve as guides to the planner for elaborating national objectives. It does not mean that he is bound to accept one or the other as basis for his work. He need not accept any of them. What is essential is that the planner should know the scope and limitation of each approach. * As planner/administrator, how do you understand the term “educational development...

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Electronic Clearing System Case Study

ELECTRONIC CLEARING SYSTEM (E.C.S) / DIRECT DEBIT APPLICATION FORM Section A Instructions for Premium Payment through ECS Direct Debit (In case no option is selected, the default option will be ECS) To, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd., ICICI PruLife Towers, 1089, AppaSaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 025. Dear Sir, Re : Authorisation to pay Insurance Premium amount through Electronic / Debit Clearing System. I, the undersigned hold a valid Policy bearing No. Or Application...

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Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

The Tamils are an ethic group and lives in southern India and on Sri Lanka (mainly in the state of Tamil Nadu); it is an island of 21 million people odd the southern tip of India. According to a 2001 government census, most Tamils live in the eastern and the northern Sri Lanka, and they comprise approximately 10 percent of the island’s population. From their religion most of them are Hindu but Tamil language set them apart from the four fifths of Sri Lankans who are Sinhalese; the members of a largely...

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Research Paper on Fixing Today's Educational System

Fixing today’s public Educational system Introduction : Today’s educational system is one of the most looked upon subject in many different ways. In our world, education is priority, and some students have a better opportunity than others so some subject are being more focused on like High School emancipation act, Removal of the “D” grades for credit, and the Student Evaluations of Teachers. All of these are to be looked at differently because the technology we have, we can practically...

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Tamil Population in Sri Lanka

the military, political and theocratic elites that rule Sri Lanka maintain Western domination of the economy that still follows the colonial export-oriented model (FRONTLINE). The Tamils of South India frequently invaded Sri Lanka. They wished to control the island's wealth and people. However, at the times Tamil involvement in the island was equally the result of rivalries within the sinhalese leadership. The strife between political or military leaders became chronic and caused permanent damage...

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Educational Systems

| USA | Great Britain | Argentina | Educational Laws | Twelve years of primary and secondary education prior to attending university. | * All children in the UK of compulsory school age must receive a full time education. * Classes from September to July * Long vacation from 1 July to 30 September * Languages of instruction. | * Academic year runs from March to December. * Primary: 4 or 6 hours * Holydays: two weeks in July | Organization of education at all levels | * Pre-...

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Educational Leadership My concept of educational leadership Educational leadership in a school system refers to the promoting of the success of all students by the school administrator by establishing learning goals of the institution. The leadership should entail development and implementation of a vision of learning that the school community supports and shares. This vision will serve as guidance and monitoring the governance of the school...

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Educational Evaluation

What Is Educational Evaluation? By Shane Hall, eHow Contributor I want to do this! What's This? [pic]Educational evaluation involves the systematic assessment of educational activities. Objects of evaluation include instructional programs, school initiatives and education goals. The growth in federal funding for education and policy-makers' increased calls for school accountability have contributed to the growth of educational evaluation. Many large school districts have personnel responsible...

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Development Along the East Coast Road, Tamil Nadu, India

University of Amsterdam | Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Urban Studies | Bachelor Thesis | 2009- 2010 Opportunities divided Development along the East Coast Road in Tamil Nadu, India Kaj Beetstra Opportunities divided Development along the East Coast Road in Tamil Nadu, India University of Amsterdam | Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Urban Studies (In Dutch: ‘Planologie) | Bachelor Thesis Date: 11 May 2010 Student: Kaj Beetstra Student number: 0515337 Address:...

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Educational Inequality

reforms in the education system. It aims in maintaining high standards and strategies in order to improve education system and eliminate the educational inequality. Education dates many eras back in history and quite surprisingly so do education inequality. Educational inequality refers to the nonexistence of equal chances that individuals have as a result of differences in quality education among other factors. Generally in America and the entire world a variety of educational inequalities exist....

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