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Educational Autobiography

Miguel Huerta Period 1 September 8, 2010 Educational Autobiography A lot of people think education is just something you get in school, but in reality education comes from different places and people not just school and teachers. For example, way before I started school I was already being educated by my parents, they taught me how to eat, behave, use the bathroom, talk, and a lot of other things that help out in life. I started my educational career in John F. Kennedy Elementary. I don’t...

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An Overview of Kamla Das’s Autobiography and Her Poems

An Overview of Kamla Das’s autobiography and her poems Aasthaba Jadeja Indian women poets writing in English from Toru Dutt to Kamala Das reveal the mind boggling variety of themes as well as style that poetry is capable of offering. It needs to be remembered that poetry written by women need not be viewed only as feminist poetry. For the first time in Indian English poetry, the women poets of post- Independence and postmodern period portrayed in a subversive idiom their desires, lust, sexuality...

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Epiphanies - Rousseau vs Wordsworth

influenced the French Revolution as well as the overall development of modern political, sociological, and educational thought”. Wordsworth was an extremely huge English Romantic who was born in Cockermouth, Great Britain. Both Rousseau and Wordsworth tell us their journey through life. They explain to us what happens and how they got to be where they were at the time they wrote their autobiographies. They both have this feel for nature and experiences. Rousseau tends to focus mainly on ‘knowing thyself’...

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Physical Journey

Essay – Lionheart Physical journeys “A journey is more than just a movement from one place to another. It is about learning and growth.” This statement is shown in our focus text Lionheart, an autobiography by Jesse Martin and in two related texts, Cats in the Cradle, song lyrics by Cat Stevens and the song 100 years, composed by the band, Five for Fighting. These three texts portray not only a physical journey but an emotional adventure. Many techniques are used to create the imagery that...

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A House For Mr Biswas My Paper Contribution

himself through a “cathartic moment” attained through his father’s life internally feared a similar fate;and finally,Mr. Biswas’s being colonized under conditions which are specific to his setting and background.This novel appers to be a double autobiography in which Mr. Biswas is modelled on Seepersad Naipaul’s life and career,and Anand,his son, whose life and career run parallel to V.S.Naipaul’s.His sketching of Anand is not much different from his creator as his “fictitious progeny”.In the novel...

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Autobiography Sample

Does the task of memoir writing puzzle you? It’s alright. This autobiography example for students is here to show you that memoir writing can be easy and even exciting. All you need to do is to scroll this page down and enjoy this amazing sample and the related, practical hints. A Lazy Student Autobiography Example An autobiography is a story of your own life. Even if you think you don’t have much to include in your memoir, you can still make it quite interesting. Bill Gates said: “I always choose...

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Origin of a Memoir

Origins of a Memoir/ Autobiography I’ve read a lot of memoirs, autobiographies, personal essays, collected letters, and autobiographical novels in my life, but this is the first time I’ve studied the memoir/ autobiographical form as a genre. An interesting fact I learned right away was that the word “memoir” comes down to us from the Latin “memoria,” meaning memory or reminiscence, through the Anglo-French memorie in the mid-1500s, meaning “a note, memorandum, something written to be kept in...

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i know why the caged bird sings character analysis

Text Analysis: Characterization in Autobiography When describing an important individual they have known, writers of autobiography often make use of the same methods of characterization as fiction writers do. These methods are listed in the following chart. Directions: In the chart, write examples of each method of characterization Angelou used to reveal Mrs. Flowers’s personality traits. Then answer the question that follows. Methods of Characterization Examples Description of a person’s...

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Elements of Nonfiction Notes

writer selects and interprets the information according to his or her purpose and viewpoint. Although the subject matter of nonfiction is not imaginative, the writer’s style may be individualistic and innovative. Types of nonfiction include: autobiographies, biographies, letters, essays, diaries, journals, memoirs, and speeches. Types of Nonfiction 1.   essay- a short work that offers a writer’s opinion on a particular subject. The purpose of an essay may be to express ideas and feelings, to...

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Pinar, W. (2011). “From autobiography to allegory”. In What is curriculum theory? New York A Complicated Conversation with William Pinar: A Reader Response to “From Autobiography to Allegory” Published: November 5, 2011 Posted in: Curriculum Theory Projects William Pinar (2011): “To understand curriculum as complicated conversation, I invoke the concept of ‘allegory.’ It is, in my usage, interrelated with ‘reconstruction,’ as each reactivates the past in order to find the future. To reconstruct...

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Night Memoir Paper

about the person’s life more before and after the event. I was fairly familiar with this genre before reading this book. I actually read this book about 4 years ago and really enjoyed it so I decided to read it again. I have also read a couple autobiographies and didn’t enjoy them as much. As a reader I would describe myself as impatient. I need constant action or conflict and memoirs provide more of that for me. Memoirs are perfect for relating personal experiences. I stated earlier that it really...

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Away and Lionheart Area of Study: Journey

Lionheart’ is an autobiography about a seventeen year old Australian boy, Jesse Martin, who circumnavigated the world solo on his yacht, ‘Lionheart’. It describes the physical obstacles of his journey such as the weather conditions and the state of the boat itself. Jesse experiences much personal growth during this journey and this is clearly represented through several key techniques. In the auto-biography, descriptive language is used to illustrate the exotic nature and scenery that Jesse is...

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Persepolis Essay

purely to rebel against her mother and teach her who’s boss. Her loss of innocence very closely coincides with her loss of connection to God. Satrapi wrote an extremely effective memoir in Persepolis. Her choice to turn her story into a graphic autobiography made all the difference. It turned her story from a poignant, yet somewhat bland tale into a book not to be forgotten. Every panel conveys so much emotion and detail that readers will sometimes find themselves swept away by the memories. This autobiographical...

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The End of Autobiography, the Opening of Self-Representation

Tom Smith Dept. of English Penn State Abington, USA 215 576-1102 trs8@psu.edu The End of Autobiography, The Opening of Self-Representation Autobiography, as we have know it, is finished, closed, over, dead, expired, deceased, gone to its reward, kaput. Apart from the fun of imitating the Monty Python skit on the dead parrot, why do I say so? I would not be standing here now had I not read with surprise the following extraordinary announcement in the Call for Papers for this conference:...

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Black Elk Speaks and Autobiography

AUTOBIOGRAPHY Over the 10 weeks I have been learning about what an autobiography is and other things as well. (In my opinion, an autobiography entails someone’s life story from the time they can remember up until present day, and is written and edited by that person). During this course I was assigned to read several passages, and I was trying to determine whether or not they were autobiographies. One passage that comes to mind is by author V. S. Pritchett, Writing an Autobiography. After...

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sociological autobiography essay example 2

Read and Download sociological autobiography essay example. Free access for PDF Ebook Sociological Autobiography Essay Example and also various other store collections. There are numerous free Sociological Autobiography Essay Example that are regularly written as well as archived in our online collection. If you have an interest in Sociological Autobiography Essay Example that will certainly please your research paper needs, then you put on not have to to stress over that to obtain long. This is...

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Benjamin Franklin Autobiography

Franklin’s Autobiography and Biography American Writers to 1865 Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography and Biography Benjamin Franklin starts his autobiography with “Dear Son, I have ever had a Pleasure in obtaining any little antecdotes of my Ancestors. You may remember the Enquires I made among the Remains of my relations when you were with me in England; and the journey I took for that purpose (Franklin, 1771, p. 231).” Franklin was sixty five when he started his autobiography and wanted...

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Ben Franklin Autobiography Summary

has shown him and written upon his heart. As Franklin aged he then considered helping others when he became aware of his mortality. It was in his youth that he spoke of his need of networking was the purpose of Junto; although he said it was for educational purposes. In the same story he wrote that Junto would help expand influence. If you have the desire to help genuinely, you don’t do it for networking sake. Franklin plainly admits his self indulgent desire by his statement on page eighty eight “their...

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Essay on Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

ESSAY ON BEN FRANKLIN’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography is an inspiring tale of his personal, as well as public achievement throughout his life. Franklin’s life embodies the exemplary model of a life composed of discipline, self-reliance and self improvement. From his humble beginnings as an apprentice candle and soap maker in his father’s business to a successful business man, author, philosopher, civil activist, politician scientist, inventor, and diplomat, above all Benjamin...

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Absolute Truth in Autobiography: Does It Exist?

Absolute Truth in Autobiography: Does it Exist? The recent discovery of lies and deception in James Frey's memoir A Million Little Pieces has literary critics and common readers alike looking more closely at nonfiction writers. Some authors, such as Maxine Hong Kingston and Augusten Burroughs have been criticized by those who claim that their so-called memoirs are not completely truthful. Others, such as Jill Ker Conway are so committed to writing the truth down to the last detail that they take...

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Autobiography of Malcolm X Book Review

Book Review – The Autobiography of Malcolm X The Autobiography of Malcolm X is a written collaboration between Malcolm X and author Alex Haley. It is the story of Malcolm X’s life from his perspective, describing life events and realizations from childhood, through multiple phases of reinvention and enlightenment, and concluding with the chapter 1965, which was the same year as his death. This final chapter establishes Malcolm X’s general outlook on his life, where he discusses his understanding...

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin A Book Review History 5 March 2010 2 Introduction "If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing." - Benjamin Franklin Written over a period of nearly 30 years and covering his life only until 1759 (he died in 1790), “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” is actually tells approximately half of his life story as everyone knows of this great man...

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ben franklin autobiography

as well as the print shop. He also signed the constitution and was an anti –slavery activist. Franklin died in1790 and at his funeral were 20,000 people. He had an electric personality that everyone attached to (ushistory.org). In Franklin’s autobiography he first talks about success though failure that he experience because of his strong work ethic that is precisely American. For him to push though life when the going got tough or he wanted to quit is simply the American way. He rose from a lower...

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Franklin´S Autobiography

from The Autobiography Benjamin Franklin Arriving at Moral Perfection  It was about this time I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection. I wished to live without committing any fault at any time; I would conquer all that either natural inclination, custom, or company might lead me into. As I knew, or thought I knew, what was right and wrong, I did not see why I might not always do the one and avoid the other. But I soon found I had undertaken a task of more...

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Educational Trip

INTRODUCTION Going on a Educational trip means more than simply leaving the school grounds. Educational trips should always have a major educational element, but the impact of Educational trips can extend much further. The importance of Educational trips includes giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom When students and teachers are together outside the classroom, new educational environments and experiences...

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Ben Franklin autobiography

Harry Walker 10/14/14 Mrs. Torres English III Honors Period 3 Ben Franklin Autobiography B) Franklin’s goal was to seek moral perfection, this helped him come in contact with success, although he did have many failures. In Franklin’s journey to reach perfection he ended up fixing many problems. “While my care was employed in guarding against one fault, I was often surprised by another.” Every time he fixed a problem a new one would occur. This made him relies human perfection is not possible...

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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology ? Mr. ? Psychology 16 Oct. 1996 The field of psychology that deals with the ability to solve educational problems and to improve educational situations is the field of educational psychology. Educational psychology is sometimes referred to as an applied field, meaning, one in which the objective is to solve immediate practical problems (James 29). The beginnings of educational psychology were initiated by Aristotle in his formulation of the laws of association. ...

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The Life of David Copperfield..or Charles Dickens?

it. He perfectly displays the mind of a boy going through life, being naive and ignorant , up until adulthood and maturity. What is also discovered throughout the reading is that he stopped work on his autobiography and chose to write this novel instead, which turns out to be a fictional autobiography of Dickens' life, not just David's. This of course raises the question of whether he meant for this to truly be another novel or the story of his own life, which is perhaps the reason he developed such...

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Educational Psychology

With the number of educational psychologists rising today, they are finding more and more ways to help out the students in our schools now. Many projects are being done, experiments being made, research being conducted, and tests being run so that educational psychologists can help fix problems that a lot of people are generally tending to have. They deal with many different aspects in their job from cognitive, to social, to behavioral problems or difficulties. Educational Psychology It is...

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Educational Planning

CONCEPTS OF EDUCATIONAL PLANNING * What is the need for educational planning? - Educational planning is important to know because it serve as guides to the planner for elaborating national objectives. It does not mean that he is bound to accept one or the other as basis for his work. He need not accept any of them. What is essential is that the planner should know the scope and limitation of each approach. * As planner/administrator, how do you understand the term “educational development...

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Educational Theories

Applying Leadership Theories Essay Juan Castillo Grand Canyon University EDA: 575 May 22,2013 What is the best educational theory that can be implemented and provide success for school administrators in a learning environment? That is the million-dollar question that remains to be answered. Since the commence of education, school administrators have implemented numerous leadership behavior styles to maximize teacher performance, improve the quality of education for every child, while enhancing...

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Analysis of "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"

"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" is an utmost bona fide, descriptive memoir. This piece has a vast amount of stylistic devices that draw attention to the theme of Angelou's autobiography. When summoned together, these devices add up and make up beautiful life story. Just as a sweetly sung melody dances through the wind, Maya Angelou's style flows fluently throughout her writing in her autobiographical piece, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings". As the silent listener lets the tune seep into their...

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Autobiography Paper

 Brad C. Fleming Autobiography Review & Personal Assessment April 24, 2015 EDUC 620 Kevin S. Zayed Rockford University For this assignment, I was challenged to pick an autobiography to read and compare and contrast the experiences of the author to my own schooling experiences and life. I will also explore the theory of cognitivism and how it was reflected in the writing of the author and in my own schooling. The book I chose to read is entitled School Hose Diary – Reflections...

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Critical Review My Place

CRITICAL REVIEW: MY PLACE, SALLY MORGAN Sally Morgan's My Place, published in 1987, is an autobiography about finding her Aboriginal roots and her identity with the focus on the lives of three generations of Australian Aborigines. Sally’s family never talked about their past and she was brought up thinking she was Indian. But she always felt different than her friends, their way of living was not the same, so her curiosity led her to realizing that she is Aborigine. And then her quest for knowledge...

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autobiography of a tiger

quickly and have no tolerance. They get angry suddenly on trivial matters. Some want to give vent to their enthusiasm and indulge in lawless activities. Students alone are not responsible for the rise in indiscipline. Educationists and authorities of educational institutions are also to blame, to some extent. It is often found that the authorities tamper with student unions, and try to make the leaders of the union unacceptable to students. Besides, sometimes, first rate lecture are transferred or dismissed...

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Confessions has the entire life of its author’s experiences, virtues, and detailed imperfections. Rousseau’s Confessions is one of the first notable autobiographies and has influenced many forms. Rousseau wrote this autobiography in order to tell the world about himself and express the nature of man. Rousseau begins Confessions with by stating, “this is the only portrait of a man, painted exactly according to nature and in all of its truth, that exists and will probably...

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Educational Research

Educational research is a structured scientific inquiry into an educational question that provides an answer contributing toward increasing the body of generalizable knowledge about educational concerns” (Hopkins C. A., 1990, pp. 23-24) So when asked, why us educational research the answer is clear. We need and do educational research to provide answers and to contribute more knowledge about our educational concerns. Our text book for this class suggests six reasons for the importance of educational...

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overview on ralph ellison novels

A Portrait of the Artist as an Invisible Man Ralph Ellison and the Authentication of Fiction Through Autobiography Rob van der Mei (3143724) BA Thesis, English Language and Culture Utrecht University April 15, 2010 Dr. Derek Rubin (supervisor) Table of Contents Introduction 1 1. Genuine Forgeries: Fictional Autobiographies and Autobiographical Fictions 5 2. Dominating Reality: Invisible Man and the Rise of the Nonfiction Novel 11 3. American Realism, Modernism and...

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educational philosophy

Educational philosophy I believe that education is an individual, unique experience for every student who enters a classroom. In order for children to benefit from what schools offer, I think that teachers must fully understand the importance of their job. First, I believe that teachers must consider teaching to be a lifestyle, not a mere forty-hour-a-week job, because a teacher's goals for his/her students encompass much more than relaying out-of-context facts to passive students. As professionals...

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Self Representation of Erich Honecker

these! works.! This! dissertation! will! look! at! the! motivations! behind! the! publication! of! the! two! Honecker! texts,! the! structure! of! the! autobiographical! texts! and! then! briefly! address! the! issue!of!language!with!the!autobiographies.! ! In! the! introduction! to! his! book! Political) Memoir,! George! Egerton! explains! how! literary! theorists!have!formed!the!approach!that!scholars!should!take!with!autobiographical!writing,! in! stating! that! it! should! be! viewed...

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Educational System

Fundamentals The educational system has always been a topic to discuss. Whether for or against the argument, the educational system seems to be at the bottom of the nations priorities. Mainly the questions asked is where funding can come from, the participation needed, and the choices between educational systems. Since education is how a society must strive and expand in its knowledge and economy, the educational system for such should be at its forefront. Nevertheless, the educational system argument...

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Reading Autobiography

and it was something that I always looked forward to. As an adult I began to pick up old habits especially after I came into college. I can’t say I read a lot but I do find time to fit in a book every once in a while. I am still a big fan of autobiographies and I have recently developed a liking for books in Spanish. I usually read on the weekends when I am well rested and have slept in. I also like to go to parks and sit in the shade and enjoy a good book or story or even an interesting article...

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Writing and Personal Accounts

If a work of non-fiction, such as a memoir or an autobiography, has been exaggerated or embellished, it is no longer a work of non-fiction. - False An essay is a type of non-fiction writing that typically puts forth an argument about an issue. - True Both fiction and non-fiction stories ___________________. - Contain conflict Non-fiction writing is always written from an objective, unbiased point of view - False Skills Lesson: Expository: Nonfiction Creative nonfiction refers to a type of...

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Lpez de Crdoba, a Spanish noblewoman, wrote herMemorias, which may be the first autobiography in HYPERLINK http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_language o Spanish language Castillian. Another autobiography of the period isDe vita propria, by the Italian mathematician, physician and astrologer HYPERLINK http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerolamo_Cardano o Gerolamo Cardano Gerolamo Cardano(1574). The earliest known autobiography in English is the early 15th-century HYPERLINK http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Book_of_Margery_Kempe...

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How to Write an Auto Biography

your autobiography will only be read by family members and friends or whether you want to get it published and read by total strangers. Assess whether your memoirs could do more damage than good. Catharsis may be lovely for the soul but not necessarily well received by others. 3. Read the autobiographies of other people in order to gain an appreciation of how they organized their thoughts and kept their stories moving smoothly from beginning to end. 4. Identify whether your autobiography is going...

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The Educational Paradox

a paradox. Reasonably, any person of formal, or informal, education is expected to examine the society in which he is being educated for reasons having much to do with social realization, personal growth, and ultimately a desire to further his educational repertoire. The formal definition of a paradox is “a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth”, which, in this context, is not an appropriate description of education in the least...

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Element Of Nonfiction

place of fictional characters, and setting and plots are not imagined but are actual places and true events. The following are some types of nonfiction literary: 1. Autobiography: An autobiography is the true story of a person's life, told by that person. It is almost always written using first-person point of view. A autobiography is usually book length because it covers a long period of writer's life. However, there are shorter types of autobiographical writing such as journals, diaries, and memoirs...

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About Me Essay 3

writers so that you can get an overview of how to write an essay on me. Generally, autobiographies are very lengthy and are written accompanied by the minute details of one’s life but an essay about myself will be quite a shorter version of a full-fledged autobiography. An autobiography contains chapters while an about me essay contains only paragraphs, it can be considered as a summarized version of an autobiography. The writer of an about me essay should have to do concise writing and should have...

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Educational Equity

truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…" (Declaration of Independence,1776) This quote is symbolic of the expressed opinions and ideology of the founding fathers of America. History, especially the history of the American educational system, paints a contradictory portrait. Idealistic visions of equity and cultural integration are constantly bantered about; however, they are rarely implemented and materialized. All men are indeed created equal, but not all men are treated equally...

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Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography: the Role of Keimer

In Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography, Samuel Keimer is a character who represents the antithesis of Franklin. The development of Keimer not only improves the reader's understanding of the minor character, but also of Franklin, the major character. Franklin makes a point of showing the reader each of Keimer's faults and contrasting them with his own merits.<br><br>When Keimer is first introduced to the reader, he is in very much the same circumstances as Franklin; they are two young men trying to...

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Autobiographical Analysis of Falling Leaves

Autobiographical Analysis Adeline Yeh Mah's autobiography, "Falling Leaves," began with her horrible childhood in China during the 1900s, a time where foreign political and cultural influences were uprooting the very nature of Chinese customs. Adeline Mah, whose mother died promptly after her birth, was tormented by her siblings and shunned by her father. Adeline Mah's step-mother, Jeanne Prosperi Yen, a manipulative and controlling Eurasian woman, verbally and physically abused Adeline throughout...

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ichard Wright's 1945 autobiography Black Boy covers his life from four years of age to the moment of his departure from the South (Memphis, Tennessee, where he had earlier migrated from Mississippi) to the North (Chicago) at nineteen. Its subject and title place it in the tradition of African American autobiography, beginning with the nineteenth-century slave narrative, a genre in which the autobiographer describes the particularities of his own life in order to speak of the situation and condition...

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Educational Technology

Components of Educational Technology Components of Educational Technology Elements of a concept map (Spencer 1991, based on Hawkridge 1981) Methods of learning: cognitive psychology, learning styles, interaction analysis, gaming/simulation, communication theory, linguistics, textual communications, artificial intelligence, information processing. Objectives for learners: systems theory, epistemology, politics, philosophy, sociology. Evaluation of teaching and learning: cost-benefit/effectiveness...

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Gwen Harwood Notes: the Violets

English Notes Textual Integrity * Textual Integrity is consistency in form, language, and structure. * Form: is the text dedicated to being a historical text, or is it a mish-mash of historical and autobiographical? If it's an autobiography, does it have family photos, family tree? * Language: relates to form. Is it objective all the way? Is it in 3rd person narration all the way? Or does it jump between objectivity and subjectivity? * Structure: is there a sense of progression?...

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Examples of Charles Dickens Chthonic Journeys

Question- In Charles Dickens autobiographical memoir Fragments of an Autobiography what are three chthonic journeys that he faces? In Charles Dickens autobiographical memoir Fragments of an Autobiography he has many chthonic journeys that he never fully recovered from. The essay starts off with Charles Dickens having to work at a blacking warehouse with a pay of six pints at the age of ten or twelve, even though he wants to go to school. His father is in jail due to money problems, which leaves...

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Educational Psychology

students to make it their primary motivator. References McKinney, Kathleen. Encouraging Students' Intrinsic Motivation. Illinois State University. http://www.cat.ilstu.edu/conf/handouts/intrinsicmot.shtml. Perry N., Winne P., Woolfolk A., Educational Psychology. Pearson Education Canada Incorporated: Toronto, Ontario 2003. Specific Classroom Management Methods. http://seamonkey.ed.asu.edu/~jimbo/RIBARY_Folder/specific.htm...

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Educational Philosophy

students' study, and students can, in turn, inform teachers about subjects in which they may not be as educated. This mutual admiration for individual skills cultivates a qualified academic relationship, leading to a give-and-take educational cooperation. This liaison allows pupils to feel that they are on equal knowledgeable ground with their teachers, therefore creating a strong academic atmosphere.    In electing to become a teacher, I have made the promise to myself and my future...

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United states

Triology. EPOQUE: Originally published on The New York Times 25 December 1990. TITTLE: The Witchs Husband AUTHOR: Judith Ortíz CoferBIOGRAPHY: Is a Puerto Rican author. Her work spans a range of literary genres including poetry, short stories, autobiography, essays, and young-adult fiction. EPOQUE: 1952 CANADA TITTLE: Bushed AUTHOR: Earle Birney BIOGRAPHY: Was a distinguished Canadian poet and novelist, who twice won the Governor General's Award, Canada's top literary honor, for his poetry. ...

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My Autobiography

Chane’l Leverette English 109 04 Ocotber 2010 My Autobiography I was born Chane’l Dominique Leverette on Friday September 4, 1992 in Pontiac, MI at 6:03 in the morning. My parents are Angela Evangelista, a Caucasian female, and Gregory Leverette, an African American male. I guess that I was already predicted to be a difficult baby since my mom was in labor with me for seventy-two hours! I came out so precious and loving weighing seven pounds and four ounces and nineteen inches long. Between...

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The History of Biography

the media transformed the biographies — from books to movies — form the genre known as biography.* An authorized biography is written with the permission, cooperation, and, occasionally, participation of a subject or a subject's children. An autobiography is written by the person themselves, sometimes with the assistance of a collaborator or ghost-writer. A Ghost writer is effectively, someone who follows you almost everywhere you go, and writes it down. Then, with the conformation of the person...

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