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Education System In Asian Countries

Education System Essay Rough Draft In the past twenty years the United States school system has been accumulating a bit of criticism. Studies have shown that the United States has been lagging exponentially compared to almost all the industrialized countries. This specifically refers to Asian countries that are statistically blowing the U.S. out of the water. In his article “New Math-Science Study Rates U.S. Students Mediorce At Best" William S. Robinson decusses survey results...

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U.S. vs Asian School System

Andre' Umansky Two Systems into One In the past twenty years the United States school system has been accumulating quite a bit of criticism. Evidence shows that the United States has been lagging exponentially compared to almost all the industrialized countries. This specifically refers to Asian countries that are statistically blowing the U.S. out of the water. Recent survey results in the universal subject of math show us that the U.S. eighth graders have fallen behind, while the twelfth...

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Education System

Essay #1: Education REVISION When it comes to education, many people automatically have a negative reaction; especially when discussing the United States’ educational system. Whether it is grade school or a higher education, most people would agree that something needs to be changed. However, finding the specific “what” that should be changed in the education system is hard, because it’s failure is a combination of many things, rather than one direct problem. As citizens, we know that flaws are...

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Compare and contrast the UK Education System to in a country of your choice.

 Academic Writing “Compare and contrast the UK Education System to a country of your choice.” Table of Contents I. Introduction 2 II. Complusory education 2 III. Tertiary Education 3 IV. Investment in education 3 V. Social Economic divide 3 VI. Accountability 3 VII. Conclusion 4 I. Introduction The comparison between the UK’s education system and South Korea’s education system are immediately clear once examination of the OECD league table is complete. The UK is in 6th position whilst...

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The Education System of the 21st Century

The Education System of the 21st Century “Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ~Malcolm X While watching television recently, I came across a commercial for an older episode of the Oprah Winfrey show. This particular show was to address a documentary entitled, “Waiting for Superman.” I sat and watched the 45 second commercial and became so engrossed I wished I could have called my mother. Coming from a family of Native and African...

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essay on education system in india

Education is fundamental to human progress. It plays a prominent role in all-around development of individual as well as society. A large number of books have been written on the importance of education. Education plays a key role in creating patriotic, disciplined and productive manpower. Educated manpower constitutes precious assets as well as agents for advancing the nation. Education means the fostering of personality through the unhampered development of innate qualities of a human being...

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Education Systems in Australia and in the Philippines

EDUCATION SYSTEMS IN AUSTRALIA AND IN THE PHILIPPINES _Submitted By: Angelu Tolentino_ Education is the process by which a person gains knowledge. It is considered as one of the essential needs for human survival, that is why most countries' future depends on educating its people. The financial/economical issues and traditions lead countries to different educational routes. Although Australia and the Philippines may have some similarities, both countries' education systems differ in many ways....

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Education Systems Around the World

L. Walker English 101 MW5pm 10/6/2011 Education Systems Around The World The United States excels in the creative aspect of schooling whereas Chinese students are much better at receiving direct instruction. Japanese students have very high test scores and a very high university attendance, but in Australia more students go into vocational schools or the workforce after high school. (Noel 99,102,103)The differences of education systems in the United States, China, Japan and Australia...

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Education System

Advantages of Education Human Capital – To build upon the previous point, when looked at from a macro perspective, an educated population provides a more valuable human capital base to the economy. A developed economy has maximum concentration of jobs in the tertiary sector which requires a highly skilled work force which has expertise in specific fields. For instance the most developed country in the world, the USA has the most skilled human resources with maximum efficiency. Also, developing countries...

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A Critical Analysis of education system in Pakistan

Analysis of Education System Of  Pakistan Currently the education system of Pakistan is flaw full. Today education of good quality is only accessible to the elite class. It is because of the private sector has overwhelmingly dominated.Public sector education is of low quality due to lack of accountability, small buget and less number of educational institutions. peripheral areas are totally ignored in education. Lack of qualified and trained staff is also a reason for poor education system.A little...

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The Korean Education System: Comparison with the Jewish Education System

The Korean Education System: Comparison with the Jewish Education System 20151685 Park You Sun Introduction : Comparing the South Korean Education and the Jewish Education South Korean system of education is heavily based on methods of memorization and indoctrination. While one cannot conclude that this is a wrong method of teaching, by comparing the South Korean education system with the Jewish education system, which is heavily based on the spirit of Chutzpah, using methods of discussion and debate...

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Dentistry and Southeast Asian Country

***** ***** It is little wonder that my feet were placed on the path to serving others through Dentistry. Growing up in [Southeast Asian country], my father owned a dental clinic, one I would visit every Friday after school. While we emigrated to the US in 19**, my ****** and ******, the Head Dentist, run a dental clinic in [Metropolitan City in Southeast Asian country]. Surrounded by people dedicated to delivering compassionate care, I was taught values and ideals for contributing to others’ lives...

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Racism in Our Education System

especially in schools, which reflect in the student’s grades. There is a problem within our education system and that there is racial profiling that happens in which kids of color or minorities are not given the same preference or acknowledgment from not only their peers but their teachers too. Race has always been a deciding factor for many things. But, do our sociologists and those in charge of our education system stop and think about the effects racial discrimination and group have on the academic...

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poverty and income distribution in asian countries

Poverty and income distribution in Asian countries Almost half of the world, that is, three billion people lives on less than $2.50 a day and at least half of the humanity lives in countries where income disparities are present.[Anup Shah, Poverty facts and stats] If we perceive things in a materialistic manner, then poverty is the lack of basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. However, in economic terms, many social scientists believe that poverty can be measured in terms of income...

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Education and Co-education Schooling Systems

don't agree with some of my friends here, that there are disadvantages with co-education. It totally depends on the "INDIVIDUAL" how he/she takes the things and here "Attitude and Behavior" also plays very crucial role. If they have mutual understanding they can't go with wrong things right. Co-education refers to a mixed schooling system, where boys and girls learn together under one single roof. A co-education school system mitigates any impartation and difference between girls and boys. They play...

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Education System in Pakistan

The Education System in Pakistan At independence, Pakistan had a poorly educated population and few schools or universities. Although the education system has expanded greatly since then, debate continues about the curriculum, and, except in a few elite institutions, quality remained a crucial concern of educators in the early 1990s. Adult literacy is low, but improving. In 1992 more than 36 percent of adults over fifteen were literate, compared with 21 percent in 1970. The rate of improvement...

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Influence of the Foreign Actors on the Values of Central Asian Countries

Influence of the foreign actors on the values of Central Asian countries Introduction Central Asia is neighbor to few countries, which play a strategic role in the world. It is a special region in the sense that it has “European traditions” and it is – unlike many other territories in today’s world – not antagonistic toward the West and it values. In fact, they welcome western ideologies and try to follow them. A considerable part of the population in Central Asia regards the European way of...

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American Education System Versus Asian Education System

American Education System versus Asian Education System Today the American education system is no longer the best in the world. With declining test scores and poor academic achievement, people have questioned whether our current educational system is working for us? On the other side of the Pacific, the situation is totally different. Students of Asian countries achieve higher academic achievements, and they rank at the top on math and science tests. If their educational system is better than...

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Analyse the effects of education on the developing countries

Analyse the effects of education on the developing countries Development is one of the themes of modern society and there are a variety of elements influencing the development. Many countries experience declares that education gradually play a more and more vital role in development. Education policies which depend on the specific national conditions can lead to a different result. Overall, primary education may be a key to promote the influence including population, health and economic growth....

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Indian Education System

Essay on education system in the country Education is one of the most important factors that lead to the development of a country and society as a whole. In case of a developing nation like ours a proper education system plays a vital role in the growth and prosperity of the people .While we talk about the Indian education system we can easily divide it into three parts namely primary, secondary, and post graduation, where most people pursue the primary and secondary level of education the post...

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One Country, Two Systems

One country, two systems "One country, two systems" is an idea originally proposed by Deng Xiaoping, then Paramount Leader of the People's Republic of China (PRC), for the reunification of China during the early 1980s. He suggested that there would be only one China, but areas such as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan could have their own capitalist economic and political systems, while the rest of China uses the "socialist" system. However, Deng rejected the proposed use of such a system for territories...

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Education System in World

Education system determine the Country growth Nowadays almost every country is concerned about developing education system as it can lead to economic growth and individual prosperity. However, substantial amounts of money spent on education not always affect country successfully. Therefore the negative side like unemployment is important to consider.   The key problem for many young people is that after graduation they have no possibility to find a job.   Furthermore, if only high cost qualification...

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Uniform education system in Pakistan

idea of a uniform education system for all is an exercise in futility. It can never happen. So resources should not be wasted on attempting to achieve the impossible.” Poverty, terrorism and social and economic insecurity are a few of the numerous problems this country faces, the roots of all of which lie in a more basic issue: illiteracy. To solve the complex, ever-growing problem of illiteracy in Pakistan, numerous measures, including the prospect of a uniform education system, have been suggested...

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Today’s Education System

TODAY’S EDUCATION SYSTEM INTRODUCTION: In today’s world, studies are the biggest competition in the world. Education is not what it is supposed to be. Education is “ Preparing a person to face everyday life ”. Education today… doesn’t prepare one for the normal problems faced by a person in life. Our education system has to change fully, and only teach what is necessary. Today’s education system in India is challenging but needs some changes. IS IT WORTH: Today’s education produces only...

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Uniform education system

Uniform education system Education has always been the foremost factor in leading a civilized life. Without education we are not even able to write or read something. Imagine a life without education, we would be no better than people living in Stone Age. Education has enabled us to change many things in our world as Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most important weapon which you can use to change the world” . Due to the immense significance of education, such education system should be...

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Asian Miracle

Abstract Asian miracle was the most spectacular period that saw the Asian continent turned into a powerhouse. There were similarities in the factors that led to growth in the economies key among them being innovation, entrepreneurship and good policies adopted the governments in place in ensuring the continuity of the upward trend in economic growth. There were differences especially in strategies adopted by different countries in the region especially on matters pertaining to trade and education, which...

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One Country, Two Systems

One Country, Two Systems One Country, Two Systems is a concept proposed in 1981 by Ye Jianying, one of the ten Founding Marshals of China. Then formally put forward by Deng Xiaoping, the former leader of China, in January 1982 in order to reunify the country. However, this concept was aimed to reunify Taiwan, not to reunify Hong Kong or macaw. One country, two systems means there is only one China, but the regions of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan could retain their original economic...

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American and Asian Educational Methods

American and Asian Educational Methods Today the American educational system is getting worse with every year. Teachers in the U.S. schools can not provide children with the appropriate skills wich are needed for their future education. But children in Asian countries are showing high results on their tests, and Asian countries are “beating the pants off us in the educational arena.” Moreover, work perfomance in the U.S. is very poor after graduation, for American students keep failing in Math and...

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Modern Education System-a Burden

Education System – Boon or Bane The education today is becoming a blessing or a curse is an open ended question being raised these days. The whole concept of education today is far apart from what it was initially devised to be. Today, one of our main focus in our lives is to get a good education and have a sound career to lead a happy and content life. And, undoubtedly, today’s education system caters to our needs of education and career very well. But, where is the happiness and satisfaction...

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non-uniform education system

uniform education system for all is an exercise in futility. It can never happen. Resources should not be wasted on attempting to achieve the impossible.” Education can be described as systematic knowledge or skills acquired at different levels of life specifically at some regular, organized educational institute. While uniform education system is actually a system, that needs to provide each and every child with the same quality of education without any kind of discrimination in a country. Inequality...

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Education Difference Between East Asian and American

Education difference between East Asian and American One of the phenomenon I experienced and observed a lot is East Asian students, comparingly, speak less in class than American students. More precisely, the students impacted by western education is more talkative (in a class discussion) than the students learned under East Asian education system. Besides the language issue, I am more interested in the foundation of different that drove behind this phenomenon. And I believe this is a good example...

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Chinese Education System and the American Education System

ENG Chinese education system and the American education system The differences between the Chinese education and the American education are more obvious in people’s mind, not only to the international students, but also to the native students and some people who study on this. As more and more Chinese students come to America to have better education, we should think about why the American education system is better and how could we change our system to have a new education system in China. These...

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The Indian Education System

of organized education. The Gurukul system of education is one of the oldest on earth but before that the guru shishya system was extant, in which students were taught orally and the data would be passed from one generation to the next. Now everything has changed. New method of education has taken the Indians to the next level. Thus it improved the knowledge and innovative ideas has come up in the minds of the Indians. II. Types of Education There are different types of education in India. Every...

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Vn Education System

Education has always had a central role in Vietnam culture and society.  It is seen as the avenue of advancement and families routinely sacrifice much to ensure their offspring get the required education. As a country with over 86 million people and with more than 60% under the age of 35 (Source: General Department of Statistics of Vietnam, 2009), Vietnam’s education needs for this young population are huge. The government also pays a lot of attention to its education system. Currently, education...

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Education System India

Education is a co-current state level subjects and under the Indian Constitution education is made a Fundamental Right and Directive Principles of State Policy further needed free education and other facilities to children. There is no discrimination among the people on the basis of religion, caste or creed/faith etc. However, the minorities are given right to run their own educational institutions with financial aid from Government and they are free to introduce their religion, language in their...

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Lessons of the asian miracle

 Asian Economics The East Asia Miracle: Lessons for the Developing Countries Words: 1546 Content 1. Introduction 3 2. Critical Factors of the East Asian Miracle and it’s lessons 3 2.1 Promotion of the Agricultural Sector 2.2 Promotion of Education 2.3 Structural and Technological Upgrading 2.4 The Role of the Policy System 3. Case study: Lessons for the Philippines 7 Sources 8 1. Introduction East Asia has a remarkable record of high and sustained...

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Third World Countries Education

Children in Trouble The object of education, is to prepare young children to educate themselves throughout their lives, but schools in third world countries do not have this opportunity. The third world education system needs first world help. However, the first world is not fulfilling their global responsibilities to help these countries. Children in third world counties, such as Haiti and Papa New Guinea, deserve a better education and more support. Education in the third world faces challenges...

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k12 education system

Analysis of the Policy: K-12 Education Program Submitted to: PROF. RODRIGO B. GIDUCOS, MPA Instructor Submitted by: HELEN GRACE A. DE JUSTOELMAR JOHN O. DIGAL GLENNE B. LAGURA “academe group” UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEASTERN PHILIPPINES COLLEGE OF GOVERNANCE BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Master of Public Administration March 31, 2012 Genne B. Lagura http://dnsc.academia.edu/ennelgArugal Page | 2 I. Background Enhancing the quality of basic education in the Philippines is urgentand...

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Bangladesh Education System

Bangladesh Education at a Glance ________________________________________ Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with about 140 million people within an area of 147,570 thousand square kilometers. Its vast population is one of the major resources. But the problem lies in transforming the potential people into a productive force and ensuring a dynamic environment for social, economic and political development. Though the literacy rate is officially said to be 66%...

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Education System

children with disabilities in the general education class rooms instead of keeping them all by themselves. This concept brings the things children may need to them instead of isolating them with children with just disabilities. In classrooms with inclusion you have two teachers, one general education teacher and one special education teacher. For some reason this is a controversial topic. On one side you have the parents who worry about how this system will effect their non-disabled children. “James...

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Asian Tigers

The global economy has moved on from he Asian Tigers; the present and the future of the global economy lie elsewhere. What extent do you agree with this statement? The Asian Tigers are a group of four countries – Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. They were a group of newly industrialized countries that emerged around the 1960’s - 1970’s, where they experienced huge economic growth. The source of their growth was due to there export based economy allowing large amounts of exports to...

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Education System in India

Understanding the Indian Education System India today is the second largest higher education network in the world. Universities in India are set up by the Central or State Governments by means of legislation, while colleges are established by either the State Governments or private bodies / trusts. All colleges are affiliated to some university. The different types of universities are: Central or State Universities -- while the former are funded directly by the Ministry of Human Resource Development...

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Analyze the Effect of Education on the Development of Countries

Effect of Education on the Development of Countries Education can teach us how to be a real man, how to get along with others in the society and also can make talents to let countries’ power stronger. Education can have significant effects on the development of a country. It is mainly reflected in three aspects. The first is the economic growth, the second is the population and employment in society and the third is stability and fair in politic. In addition, this essay will also show education of different...

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India Education System

Indian Education System- An Advantage or Disadvantage India is a promised land of scholars and saints. There has been no dearth of knowledge in India since time immemorial. Indian civilization has been blessed with priceless knowledge of Vedas and Puranas. Coming all along with these Holy Scriptures, till the modern age of science and technology, India can be found nowhere legging behind. Nevertheless we need not deny the fact that, India still possesses some quarters where a bud of education is still...

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Reforms of the German Education System

Reforms of the German education system: The abolition of the divided secondary school system and a prolonged integrated primary school In Germany at present six- to ten-year-old pupils visit primary school from first to fourth form. At the age of ten an allocation takes place: the pupils are divided into four groups depending on intelligence and achievements at school. The ‘Gymnasium', which is roughly equivalent to grammar school, is visited by the best ones, and their final examination after...

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Indian Education System

Essay on Indian Education System To strengthen the Indian Education System, an educational policy was adopted by the Indian Parliament in 1968. Education was made an important and integral part of the national development efforts. After independence there has been an effort to spread education to all levels of Indian society. Statistics point to the fact that 99 per cent of children in age group 6-11 years have been enrolled in school. However, to bring the remaining into the ambit of universal...

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Education system of thailand

College Quiapo, Manila School of Advanced Studies Master of Arts in Education Topic: Education System of Thailand Discussant: Oliver A. Lahorra Professor: Dr. Philip Baldera Subject: Comparative Models of Education _____________________________________________________________________________________ Education System of Thailand The Kingdom of Thailand Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country located at the center of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia....

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Changes in the Irish Education System.

The Irish education system has experienced dramatic changes in the last few decades. Education plays a major role in Ireland today, with the growing importance of good education credentials to obtain high skills and competitive jobs. We have seen change in the areas of technology, increased marketisation of education, different types of education, Ethnicities, religions role, women's equality, class and so forth. These changes have brought many benefits and enhanced education standards in this country...

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Argumentative Essay - A Change in Education System

Argumentative Essay: A Change in Education System Outline I.                   Introduction A.    Background Information on K-12 education system B.     Thesis Statement II.                Arguments regarding the K-12 system A.    Parents are not financially stabled 1.      Paying for good quality education 2.      Preparedness of the parents to pay for the two years B.     Improve the quality education we have in our country 1.      Poor education system will improve 2.      Longer time...

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2007 in Singapore to serve as a coherent master plan guiding the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community 2015. ASEAN or Association of Southeast Asian Nations was founded in 1967, currently consisting of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. Since its establishment, ASEAN countries have gradually and continually strengthened their economic integration, from the ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangement (PTA) in 1977 to the ASEAN Free...

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Finlands Education System

“The Finland Phenomenon” a name given to Finland’s admired education system. It is listed as the most surprising school system in the world. Its success is intently watched by other countries. The assigned video “Finland’s Education Success” was documented by Tom Burridge of BBC World News America on April 6, 2010. Week four Reading Journal for English 101 was a writing assignment asking students if the system could be implemented in the United States. “Finland’s schools score consistently at the...

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Corruption in Asian countries

CORRUPTION IN ASIAN COUNTRIES The most obvious question to ask is: what accounts for the varying levels of corruption in different countries? In other words, why is corruption a more serious problem in some countries and not in other countries? This article contends that the extent of corruption in Asian (and other) countries depends on two factors: (1) The nature of the causes of corruption in these countries; and (2) The degree of effective-ness of the various measures initiated by the...

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Education System in America

The Education System in America: Giant Success or Catastrophic Failure? Introduction: If education is vitally important to success why are we, as Americans, so lethargic, and apathetic in our attitudes towards obtaining a good education? Why do we discount the value of an education? Education yields knowledge, which in and of itself is a type of power. Power is coveted and sought after by many people, and sometimes is seen mistakenly as success. The education system in America can be perceived...

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Research on Indian Education System

BUSINESS BUSINESS RESEARCH BY AKSHATHA K S JULIE RAJ STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM STATEMENT PROBLEM IN INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE ● ● TEACHING FACULTY: We are exporting our best minds and leaving the task of teaching to those who are least qualified for that. We hardly find some good teachers as its based on the salary . Only and only marks In India right from the day a child is born he is forced to be excellant . A student is not accepted if it is nothing...

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Our Declining Education System

Our Declining Education System According to "A Nation at Risk", the American education system has declined due to a " rising tide of mediocrity" in our schools. States such as New York have responded to the findings and recommendations of the report by implementing such strategies as the "Regents Action Plan" and the "New Compact for Learning". In the early 1980's, President Regan ordered a national commission to study our education system. The findings of this commission were that, compared...

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hong Kong education system

In the past, Hong Kong education was closely modeled on the system that was found in the UK. This is hardly surprising since Hong Kong was administered by Britain from 1841 to 1997, when the former UK colony was handed back to China. However, since 1997, the education system taught in local schools has undergone a series of changes. While some of these changes have reflected different language of instruction policies, there have also been changes to the senior secondary curriculum. The new model...

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American Education vs. Japanese Education

10:30am 1 October 2012 The American Education Dilemma The American Education System is placed under scrutiny for low test scores and failing to instill basic skills and knowledge needed to succeed in secondary education and the working world. Matters look even worse when studies are done showing a blatant disparity between the educations that Americans receive versus the education of children in Asian cultures. Some people think adopting the model of Asian education in our schools is the solution to...

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Effects of Child Labor in Asian Countries

dangerous and cause hazardous to their physical, mental or emotional health. Three Asian countries were cited as leading the world in the number of products made by child workers, a study by the US Department of Labour showed. These countries are India, Bangladesh and Philippines (La Putt, 2011). Moreover, it was estimated that at least 250 million children between the age of 5 and 14, work for a living in developing countries, nearly half of them are full time. Many millions more are uncounted and uncountable...

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Education System in India

Education in India is seen as one of the ways to upward social mobility. Good education is seen as a stepping stone to a high flying career. Education System in India currently represents a great paradox. On the one hand we have IIMs & IITs that rank among the best institutes in the world and on the other hand there are number of schools in the country that don't even have the basic infrastructure. Even after more than 50 years after independence we are far away from the goal of universal literacy...

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Lack of Education in Developing Countries

be destroyed and families to flee the country. Lack of education is a growing crisis due to many factors in developing countries but it has the power pull a country out of poverty and make them economically stable and attract other countries to trade, therefore it should be seen as a priority. Developed countries are involved to help countries increase their education because every child should have the right to education and be able to have access to education to learn so they can lead and help the...

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