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Education Is The Most Important Factor In Human Resource Development Essays

Education is the most Important Factor In the Development of a country EDUCATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF A COUNTRY Education is an important situation all over the world, and is maybe one of the most forgotten topics in the underdeveloped countries. This is the main reason why they don’t contribute to the progress of their own countries. Education is a human right, and as a fundamental right it is the responsibility of governments to provide it. The most important...

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Human Resource as Most Important

Human Resource is the most important asset of an organization The importance of human resource (HR) can be explained through the analogy of a motorcycle. A motorcycle can’t run on its own without the function of its many parts. It needs to be serviced regularly, the parts oiled and sometimes, talking to it, helps in running of your motorbike. Trust me (I myself, own a Vespa). Ignorance of its squeaky brake pads, almost thread less rear tyres could hamper the...

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investment in human resource (education)

JUSTIFICATION OF GOVERNMENTS HUGE INVESTMENT IN HUMAN RESOURCE (EDUCATION) BY: AGYARE A REGINALD National development is the key to every nation’s survival. For a nation to develop, there are some critical factors that should be taken into consideration, one of such crucial factors is human resource development. It is against this backdrop that this paper exacts the importance of human resource development and the investment that governments are making in that direction. Economists all over...

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Human Resource Is the Most Important Assets in an Organization

| Human Resource Management: Strategy and Policy (HRM2001S) Assignment 1Human Resource is the most important asset of an organisation | Done By: Soh Wei Sheng Fabian Student Number: 12262455 Submission Date: 6 Jun 13 Statement of Authorship I declare that all material included in this essay/report/project/dissertation is the end result of my own work and that due acknowledgement have been given in the bibliography and reference to ALL sources be they printed, electronic or personal. ...

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Summary of Human Resource Development

SUMMARY OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Presented by : Erik Gunawan Written for : Human Resource Management Assignment Master Shipping and Transportation Master Shipping and Transportation Table of Content Table of Content………………………………………………………………………. 2 A. HRD OVERVIEW AND POSITIONING………………………………………… 3 B. INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES WITHIN ORGANIZATION…………………... 3 C. INTERCULTURAL MANAGEMENT–CULTURAL AWARENESS………….. 4 D. EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT- MOTIVATION & LEARNING...

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“Human Resource* Is the Most Important Asset of an Organization.”

Introduction This essay will provide a definition to Human Resource (HR) and determine whether HR is the most important asset in the organization. The first part of the essay will discuss the importance of human resource and how is it is essential to the success of any organization. The second part will identify the impacts on the performance of an organisation. Human Resource (HR) and Human Resource Management (HRM) Oswin (2011) states that human resource is a term used to describe the...

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Human Resource Development

ANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT ON ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH. 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background to the Study A rapidly changing economic environment, characterized by such phenomena as the globalization and deregulation of markets, changing customer and investor demands, and ever-increasing product-market competition, has become the norm for most organizations. To compete, they must continually improve their performance by reducing costs, innovating products and processes, and improving...

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Management and Human Resource Development

Characteristics of Strategic Human Resource Development 1. Integration with organizational missions and goals According to Garavan (1991), integration into business planning in order to contribute to corporate goals and missions of the organization are very crucial. One of Human Resource Development’s functions is to help in formation of business strategies for the organization and it is seen as a responsive and reactive role for strategic human resource development (McCracken & Wallace, 2000)....

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Human Resource* is the most important asset of an organization.

“Human Resource* is the most important asset of an organization.” *Hint: Human resource refers to all employees in the organization. William R. Tracey, in The Human Resources Glossary defines Human Resources as “The people that staff and operate an organization” as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization. Human Resource is not only about oneself, in this globalisation world, it is more about how to manage the employee’s benefits. The evolution made verbal the...

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Human Resource Is the Most Important Asset of an Organization

equipments, new technology, good marketing strategic, excellent customer services and many other elements can be the factors to build up for the advantages. However, human resource is still the most important element to determining the success or failure of an organization. Without their support, the organization daily business function will not be done well and ready. Human resource is always related to one organization profitability and their ability cannot be replaced by machines. As is discussed...

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Human Resource Is The Most Important Asset Of An Organization

others in the market. The important elements that contribute to this added advantage stem from technology, marketing strategy, excellent customer service and many more. However, human resource is still the most important element/asset in an organization that links back and is the core to those elements mentioned. The success or failure of an organization is largely dependent on the calibre of the people working therein. Bontis et al (1999) suggests that undeniably human resource in the organization is...

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Human Development

Human development is very important in terms of living conditions in different countries. The statement "any society committed to improving the lives of its people must also be committed to full and equal rights for allEis true. The UN considers three factors to calculate human development in a country. These factors cover many aspects of a country, including social development in a country. Income, education, and healthy living are considered to be the most important factors in human development...

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Human Resource is the Most Important Asset of an Organization

Human Resource is the Most Important Asset of an Organization I agree with the statement thatHuman Resource is the most important asset of an organization.” Human resource is “the set of individuals who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector or an economy.” (“Human resource definition”). Human resource is the least mobile of the four factors of production, which are resources required for generation of goods and services. The other factors of production are natural resources...

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“Human Resource (Employees) Is the Most Important Asset of an Organization.

Question: Write a short essay that discusses the following statement, using references and examples to support your answer.Human Resource (employees) is the most important asset of an organization. Throughout the years, the importance of employee have increasingly emphasized in organizations. With today's workforce becoming increasingly diverse and organizations doing more to maximize the benefits of the differences in employees, Human Resource managers are evolving from the old school side-line...

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Human resource is the most important asset for an organisation.

We know that manpower is playing a very important role in the entire organization as well as in economic. Why is the manpower very affecting toward every organization? Human resource can be defined as labor as well as all the employees within the entire organization regardless of rank. Human resource is a resource provided by labor. Peoples whoever working in a company consider employee including of higher management such as general manager and operation manager. For every organization needed labor...

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human resource

Introduction: Humans are the most valuable asset of any organization. In any organization there are many issues pertaining to hiring, management and productivity etc. In order to overcome and resolve such issues organizations use the services of have human resource managers. Human resource management system is an important aspect of any organization. Managers develop their working strategies according to internal and external factors which may have an influence on their business. Internal factors are related...

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Human Resource Development

PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT Assignment one By: Shaun Szabo – W0051439 Task: There is a wide range of definitions applied to Human Resource Development (HRD). To demonstrate your understanding of HRD, use an essay format to critically discuss the following definition: HRD is a combination of structured and unstructured learning and performance based activities which develop individual and organisational competency, capability and capacity to cope with and successfully manage...

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Human Resource Is the Most Important Asset of an Organization

Human Resource Is The Most Important Asset of An Organization Assets, defined as a ‘valuable thing’ by Oxford Dictionaries, are key success determinants of any organization. The perception of value in an organization, brand or product, merits customer adoption while supplementing organizational goals that could, in the long term, determine financial sustainability and success of a company. The idea that human resources, employees across all levels of an organization, as the most important asset...

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Factors That Influence Human Development

In your own words, what role does socioeconomic status, cultural context, and ethnicity play in development (show examples of each)? In our day and time, socioeconomic status, cultural context, and ethnicity play a huge role in human development. Human development begins while in the womb and at birth and continues through life heavily depending on these particular factors. These factors determine how a person communicates, works, looks, and chooses to live their daily lives. People are...

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Essay - Sustainable Development Through Human Resources and Institutions Development: a Thai Perspective

Sustainable development has been a topic of discussions and debates among government officials, business professionals and other members of the society since the beginning of globalization more than two decades ago. Numerous attempts around the world, including Good Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, have been made to ensure sustainable development. In this essay, an alternative approach to sustainable development called the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy is introduced. Although the...

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Human Resource Is the Most Important Assest in an Organization

Human Resource” is the most important asset of an organization. Human resources are the set of individuals who makes up the workforce of an organization, business sector or an economy. This resource resides in the skill, knowledge and motivation of people and under the right condition it improves in age and experience which no other resources can do. It is therefore considered the most productive resources that can create the longest advantages for an organization. For an organization...

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Pestle Impact on Human Resource

e L.S.C. JULY’12 London School Of Commerce MANAGING HUMAN CAPITAL TASMINA ZAMAN Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirement for the Degree of MBA List of Figures Critically evaluate the issues Human Resources Managers need to take into consideration when there are changes in external environmental factors . Analyse what HR practices will help organizations gain sustainable competitive advantage. Critically...

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Human Resource Is The Most Important Asset Of An Organization

Introduction Human resource is the most important asset of an organization. It refers to an employee/worker particular skills and knowledge to contribute to the organization. The success or failure would depend on the caliber of the people working in the organization. In most industry, manpower is needed to operate all area of business units in an organization. Regardless of the operative, administrative or management level, they are the ones who are ensuring the daily operations run smoothly and...

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Human Resource (Employees) Is the Most Important Asset of an Organization.

Question : “Human Resource (employees) is the most important asset of an organization.” Introduction Traditionally, human resource focused mainly on administrative functions and process personnel management. However, due to technology advancement, administrative tasks have reduced. The role of human resource has shifted and seems to be taking up more responsibility in company strategic planning and development. This theory has been supported in the work of Noe et al (2010, p.719) Durai...

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Human Resource Development and Organisational Perfomance


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Human Resource

Profits is a very important concept for businesses, it is a mission to achieve to reflect the risk that they take. Profit is also an important source of finance for business on going operating. The word ‘profit’ has been talked by every company for hundreds years. However, the profit is not an only mission that every company focuses on. Especially in recession, there are other things that every company should consider, such as human resource. During last thirty years, there are five major global...

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Tesco Human Resource Management

INTRODUCTION: Human resources will be consider as important issue when there is a focus of achieving organizational goal and objectives or revising of company policy, employee issues or whether it’s an issues of delivering products and services to the user. Human resource management ensures that organization hold the desired skills required to perform the operations effectively and efficiently. HRM focus on two main factors which are appropriate approach and activities. It refers to the procedure...

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National Human Resource Development Strategy

National Human Resource Development Strategy Although a definition of human resource development (HRD) is controversial, it has traditionally been defined in the context of the individual, the work team, the organization, or the work process. There is, however, a rapidly emerging emphasis on HRD defined as a national agenda, often in the past labeled as manpower planning or human capital investment. Within the context of national HRD (NHRD), these terms are, however, viewed as limiting and narrow...

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“Education Is the Most Important Factor in the Development of a Country.” Discuss

Education is the most important factor in the development of a country.” Discuss In this era of globalization, competition between countries has become more and more frequent. Malaysia as a country that aiming to achieve a developed nation in year 2020 must realise that educations is one of the important factor that the country need. For example, most of the peoples who living in the developed countries have highly educated. In my opinion, I agree that education is the most important factor in...

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Human Resource

Introduction Human resource management (HRM) is one of the important factors that are critical to organisation success. Without it, there can be no clear vision, and opportunity will be squandered. Without it, resources will be wasted, and a workforce's full potential will remain woefully untapped. Acquiring the right talent is the key to building a company's leadership pool. Therefore, this paper looks at the relevance of Human Resource Department in large organisations. The paper starts by defining...

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Indian Education System

Essay on education system in the country Education is one of the most important factors that lead to the development of a country and society as a whole. In case of a developing nation like ours a proper education system plays a vital role in the growth and prosperity of the people .While we talk about the Indian education system we can easily divide it into three parts namely primary, secondary, and post graduation, where most people pursue the primary and secondary level of education the post...

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Human Resources Management essay

 Human Resources Management Final Essay Conflicts For the human resources professional, it is important to be able to expect conflict to occur in our organizations, identify conflict in the workplace and know how to quickly and effectively resolve the underlying issues in a positive way. Resolving conflict in a positive manner can lead to much-improved professional and personal relationships. Mastering a few fundamental conflict resolution skills can enable you to become a better...

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IS THE ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN THE TOTAL DEVELOPMENT OF FILIPINOS?   People constitute an organization’s most important & vital factor in its success or failure. Through & by man the M’s – money, machines, methods, markets & materials are acquired & utilized. The accomplishment of the goals of an organization depends upon the availability & utilization of all these ingredients the inter-action of which are people-caused. The acquisition, utilization & development of financial, material...

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Human Resource Development

 HRIS Human Resource Information System Executive Summary: Human Resource is the part of the organization dealing with the employees. It starts with selecting the employees, recruiting the employees, training the new joiners and engaging the existing employees in a continuous process of training and knowledge gaining. With the advancement in every sector, the field of Human resource also underwent a technological enhancement. Human resource information system was the tool...

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Human Resources and Organization Development

Human Resource Development is vital to organizations as it helps to improve business performance through the development of workforce, and directing and improving abilities and skills through activities planned to improve organizational learning. There are numerous definitions of Human Resource Development (Swanson & Holton, 2009) however I prefer the definition posited by Swanson (1995) as stated in Swanson & Holton (2009) because among other things (as discussed below) this resonates very well...

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Human Resource Is the Most Important Asset in an Organisation

HUMAN RESOURCE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASSET IN AN ORGANISATION Human resource is defined as the employees in the organisation, and in an article by Harting(2008), he mentioned that “Any organization will go only as far as the people who are driving it”. This statement explains that the employees are the determining factor of how far an organisation can go and as such, it is vital for any organisation to invest in its own people so that they can contribute more in return. In every organisation...

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Human Resource Development (Hrd)

HRD: Concept and Meaning Khan Sarfaraz Ali[1] The term human resources development (HRD) refers to the integrated use of training and development, organization development, and career development to improve individual, group, and organizational effectiveness (The American Society for Training and Development).[i] HRD aims to improve individual, group and organizational effectiveness and covers the development of people through education and training in a national context as well as within enterprises...

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Definition essay : Education and personal development

how to stand, walk, talk,… Getting older, we learn about the world, why the leaves are green, why human can talk, why we need to communicate with others and how to make an effective conversation,… We can’t know anything if we don’t learn. But where and how we learn? The following essay can answer that question to some extents by defining two terms “education” and “personal development”. Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of...

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Human Resource Managment

Human resources management main role in information technology Project management Hamed Tohidi Reference Tohidi, H. (2011). Human Resources Management main role in Information Technology project management. Procedia Computer Science, 3, 925-929. Purpose The purpose of this article is to emphasize the role of human resource management in information technology projects as one of the effective factors that leads to successful projects. The author includes information about project manager responsibilities...

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Human Resources Management and Sustainable Development

Nowadays, sustainable development is a movement that is increasing in our society. Companies are progressively realizing the stakes of such policies, and are willing to have a try at it. The triple bottom line definition of sustainable development (source: United Nations) stresses an equal importance of the social and economic dimensions with regard to the ecological dimension. The sustainable development director of a company being usually inside of its human resources department, this department...

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The Framework of Human Resource Management

Introduction The essay will introduce the reader to the framework of Human Resource Management (HRM) practices that can help companies deal with sustainability, globalization and technology challenges. The essay is divided into 4 broad sections which are the four dimensions that form the framework of HRM practices. In each of the sections, there will be examples of HRM practices within each area. Managing the Human Resource Environment Noe et al (2010) mention that managing internal and external...

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Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development (HRD) is often seen to be a central feature of SHRM. Discuss the role and importance of HRD in achieving SHRM organizational outcomes. Introduction Learning and development in the context of organizational development is having an essential role in achieving strategic human resourcing outcome. From attraction and retention, to development and utilisation of human capital, Human Resource Development (HRD) is the centre of strategic focus in HRM. This essay aims to present...

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The Sub-Systems of Human Resource Development

appraisal provides necessary data which helps in preparing career plans for individuals. It aims at development of latent abilities of individuals. The HRD function has a long way to go in introducing a streamlined potential appraisal system which ensures a good match between the employees and the job. Feedback Counseling: Feedback of performance data can be used to monitor individual development and for identifying training needs. Career counseling and verbal rewards are integral parts of review...

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Is the Life-Span Approach Essential to Human Development

Human development has been a subject of interest among modern researchers. The most prominent theory in human development is the life-span approach which is made up of various concepts. This essay aims to show the importance of the life-span approach by analysing some of the concepts that make up this approach, such as multi-directionality historical location and contexualism among others. This essay will critically analyse some of the assumptions of the life-span approach. It will also examine arguments...

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Human Resource Accounting and the Importance of Human Capital Assets

Human Resource Accounting Essay The success and failure of an entity will depend on how effectively it utilizes its available resources. Managers must attempt to optimize the acquisition, allocation and development of the assets of the firm. Managers always equate assets to the physical and financial assets of the firm and often ignore the most important and the key element to the success of the organization – its employees. In service related businesses tangible assets contribute far less to the...

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Education and Development

Greek philosopher Aristotle said,” the natural purpose of education is for the attainment of good life or the enrichment of the quality of life and that the state was there for the promotion of good life for its citizens”. It means that states should promote the good life that education is aimed at, therefore states should have the responsibility of providing education for its citizens. That is, Aristotle says that states should promote education, which will result in the promotion of the quality of...

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Human Resource Management Essay

choosing the best school leader is one of the most important decisions the selection committee can make. To this end, as chairperson of the personnel selection committee for the Basser High School the following stages of the selection process will be proposed: the screening interview, selection tests, employment interview, reference and background analysis and job offer. Utilizing the proposed stages will ensure that the right person is selected in the most cost effective and timely and professional...

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Human Resources Manager

Human resources management is a series of corporate human resource policy and management activities. These activities consist primarily of corporate human resources strategy development, staff recruitment and selection performance management, ,training and development, compensation management, employee turnover management, employee relations management, employee safety and health management. : The use of modern management methods, (optional), development (education), keep (to keep people) and utilization...

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Human Resource Development & Job Satisfaction

Human Resource Development & Job Satisfaction Human Resource Development and Job Satisfaction Opportunities for training and development are paramount in decisions regarding employee career choices. It is important that those in the human resource development (HRD) look at how their work affects those who they provide service. HRD is a field that focuses on training, career development and organizational development with the goal of improving processes and enhancing the learning and performance...

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Bus303: Human Resources Management Final Paper

Final Reflection Paper: Human Resources and its Functions Joshua Barrows BUS303: Human Resources Management Samantha Duhn Monday April 22, 2013 The primary function of human resources management is to increase the effectiveness and the contribution of employees, which are in alignment with the organizations goals and objectives. With in human resources management, there are many components or pieces of the puzzle that allow human resources management to exist. Such pieces of the puzzle include...

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Hrm - Employee Is the Most Important Asset

INTRODUCTION “Human Resource is the most important asset of an organization”. In Singapore, where there are no natural resources, human capital is one of the valuable resources that the country depends on to attract foreign investors. The skills, knowledge and experience of each individual contribute to the growth of organizations, communities and the development of the nation. With today's workforce becoming more diverse, the importance of employee has also been increasingly highlighted in the...

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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Overview Fundamentals of Human Resource Management HRM/300 Jennifer C. Brito, MS HRM, PHR Human Resource Management (HRM) function within an organization...

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Caribbean Human Capital Development

Caribbean Human Capital Development Caribbean political leaders such as Sir Grantley Adams (Barbados), Sir Norman Manley (Jamaica) and Dr. Eric Williams (Trinidad) believed in the principle of enhancing Human Capital. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the Human Capital Theory in its application to Caribbean societies. As the world industrializes, the desire to optimize efficiency and maximize profits is paramount to societal development. Many have written on this, proposing numerous...

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The Development of Human Resource Management in China

Introduction HRM is short for Human Resource Management and identified as a new managerial science. HRM is originally invented by western academicians. Its history is not long and it has become more and more popular in the recent years. In Australia, HRM is replacing the old IR system as positive managerial action replaces “ground rules”. (Alexander, Lewer & Gahan, 2008) In China, the business society has been significantly affected by “guanxi”. A mount of “ground rules” were created gradually in...

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Human Resource Planning Assignment

Module: Human Resources Assignment: Discuss how Human Resource Planning contributes to effective Human Resource Management Date: 21st December 2011 Student: Laura Doyle Lecturer: Michelle Flannery Introduction In the following text, the process of Human Resource Planning will be defined and described in detail. We will see the importance of Human Resource Planning and the essential role it plays in ensuring successful Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management...

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Human Resource Development

organisations. While they have been many important theories through out history, this paper will focus on the work of three important scholars including Yrjo Engestrom (2011), Jean Lave (1991) and Barry Zimmerman (2000) who focus on “expansive learning theory”, “situational learning theory” and theory of “self efficacy beliefs” respectively. This paper will compare the theories proposed by the three scholars and then link the findings to the needs of modern day human resource management. Body Engestrom (2001)...

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Why Human Resources Important

Why Human Resources Is Important HR is typically thought of as a cost center that does not contribute to the bottom line even though they are responsible for hiring and protecting your company’s most important asset-people. Without strong, satisfied and motivated people in place your business will not grow to its potential. The Management Team often view HR as a team of paper pushers who take care of benefits and policies, or are a necessary evil-here to protect the company and limit issues...

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Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management Lo 1: Understand how the strategic management of human resources contributes to the achievement of organization objectives. Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management Strategic human resource management is the process of integrating human resources function with the strategic objectives of the organization. In, order to achieve organization goal. The next section explores how human resource management has been modified to reflect the step changes...

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Civic Education Essay

urban areas. This has had implications on the provision of social services and employment. It is for this reason that this essay critically analyses the implications of rapid urban population growth since 1964 in Zambia and will show how economic development can help reduce Zambia’s population. The essay first defines the key terms which are population and economic development. Population is defined by William and Ann (2006; 59) that “a population consists of all the members of a single species living...

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Human Resource Development

disagree that practice plays an important role in learning and retention. Using your knowledge of the conditions of practice, what sort of practice do you think would be most effective for training mechanics in a new installation procedure for automobile air-conditioners? How about for training new managers to comply with a new Employee Assistant Programme Act. Jon M. Werner and Randy L. DeSimone in their book Human Resource Management defined Human Resource Development as a set of systematic and...

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