• America's Involvement in the Edsa Revolution
    The 1986 EDSA Revolution taught the world democracy. An event proudly included in history textbooks, as the Filipinos victorious non-violent attempt to overthrow the violent Marcos government. But the EDSA Revolution outcome would have not been in the Filipinos favor without the intervention of the
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  • Edsa Revolution One Play
    I-Witness (Documentary)/ Play Mica: Magandang Gabi Pilipinas at andito po kayo ngayon sa I-Witness! Nalalapit na naman po ang paggunita ng buong bansa sa Edsa Revolution noong 1896 o people power 1 ngunit alam nga ba natin kung bakit sumiklab ang rebolusyon noong panahon ni Pangulong Marcos at kung
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  • A Short Summary of Edsa
    How shameful a Filipino would be, not knowing his nations own history. The history that brought his parents and his own freedom. Who would even forget the sacrifices that former President Corazon “Cory” Cojuangco Aquino had given not only for her own good but also for the improvement of the n
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  • Remembering Edsa
    Jim Lemuel V. Wilson 2JRN2 EDSA Revolution The 1986 EDSA Revolution was the first non-violence revolution in history. Instead of holding armors ad guns, the people with the members of the Catholic Church used rosaries, flowers and their own bodies to prevent the tanks and firearms of the
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  • Edsa
    The People Power Revolution (also known as the EDSA Revolution and the Philippine Revolution of 1986) was a series of popular nonviolent revolutions and prayerful mass street demonstrations in the Philippines that occurred in 1986, which marked the restoration of the country's democracy. It became a
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  • Edsa
    The EDSA revolution is a part of history no one will ever forget (I guess). It’s taught in Philippine History from grade school up until college. Our teachers have provided us the facts we need thru what is written in the books (biased or not). The common knowledge that the EDSA revolt came to lif
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  • The Computer Revolution
    The Computer Revolution If I were to make a history book of the years from 1981 to 1996, I would put computers on the cover. Computers, you may ask?, Yes computers, because if there were suddenly no computers on the world, there would be total chaos. People could not; communicate, commute, ma
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  • Marijuana: a Horticultural Revolution, a Medical and Legal Battle
    Marijuana: A Horticultural Revolution, A Medical and Legal Battle For years there has been a wonder drug which has befriended countless sick patients in a number of countries. A relatively inexpensive drug that is not covered by health care plans which has aided the ill both mentally and phy
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  • Corporate Development During the Industrial Revolution
    Corporate Development During the Industrial Revolution The Standard Oil Company founded by John D. Rockefeller and the U.S. Steel Company founded by Andrew Carnegie. The Standard Oil Company and U.S. Steel Company were made successful in different ways due to the actions of their different owner
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  • French Revolution
    French Revolution There were many factors that contributed to the French Revolution. First of all was the greatest percent of the population, the commoners, had the least amount of power and land. This laid the foundation for social unrest which is necessary for a revolution. Second, the French
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  • Quebec's Quiet Revolution: What Is It? How Has It Changed Quebec's so
    Quebec's Quiet Revolution: What Is It? How Has It Changed Quebec's Society? How Has It Affected Confederation? The English-French relations have not always been easy. Each is always arguing and accusing the other of wrong doings. All this hatred and differences started in the past, and this Qu
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  • The Economic Underpinnings of the First Industrial Revolution in Engla
    The Economic Underpinnings of the First Industrial Revolution in England The manufacture of military munitions and the development of a home market were critical underpinnings of the first industrial revolution in Britain. Military manufacturing supported by the British Government contrib
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  • Tale of Two Cities: Roots of Revolution
    Tale of Two Cities: Roots of Revolution The roots of the revolution, according to Dickens, are rapacious license and oppression by the nobility. "Crush humanity out of shape once more, under similar manners, and it will twist itself into the same tortured forms. Sow the same seed of rapacious li
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  • The French Revolution
    The French Revolution The years before the French Revolution (which started in 1789 AD.) were ones of vast, unexpected change and confusion. One of the changes was the decline of the power of the nobles, which had a severe impact on the loyalty of some of the nobles to King Louis XVI. Anoth
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  • The Cuban Revolution
    The Cuban Revolution Mr. Barron Jason Rosenzweig January 9, 1997 After the Cuban Revolution many change occurred in Cuba. Cuba was once a corrupt dictatorship, now and for the past 36 years Castro has led a communist government. Before Castro took over Batista, Batista ran a biossed econ
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  • Reasons for the American Revolution
    Reasons for the American Revolution The King of England and Parliament were the direct causes of the American Revolution, because of their demands on colonists and harsh reactions after the colonists failure to meet their ridiculous expectations. These demands were far greater than any loy
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  • Revolution Girl-Style Now!
    Revolution Girl-Style Now! Riot Grrrls were originally born out of the "Punk" scene where rebellion was expressed in attitude, appearance, style, and music. Defining Riot Grrrl is much like defining Punk. There is no central organization, no authoritive definition, just an attitude concerned
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  • American Revolution 3
    History research have shown and proved that the leading cause of the American Revolution was originated from economic and political problems. During the late seventeen hundreds, many tumultuous events resulted in Colonial opposition to Great Britain. The conditions of rights of the colonists will s
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  • American Revolution vs. Americ
    As we study American history we see that the saying, “History repeats itself” reveals much truth. As we look closer to the American Revolution and the American Civil War, we can find many similarities between the two. Another saying that is made known is that “We learn from our m
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  • A Very American Revolution
    The American Revolution The American Revolution, the conflict by which the American colonists won their independence from Great Britain and created the United States of America, was an upheaval of profound significance in world history. It occurred in the second half of the 18th century, in a
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