• How Insurance Company to Encounter the Economic Downturn in Hong Kong
    1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Since 1997, Hong Kong has been facing the economic downturn that has never been come across in recent decades. The unemployment rate and the number of bankrupts are reaching the new records every month. Pay-cut is just accepted a trend in Hong Kong now. Insu
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  • Survival Tips During Economic Downturn
    In times of economic downturn, there are often factors we can’t control. When the economy becomes uncertain, people tend to focus on keeping their jobs. The challenge for management is to be aggressive and imaginative. You must be able tolookbeyond the present, to see the business from a new persp
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  • Effects of Economic Downturn on China's Economy
    Part 1 - Effects of the economic downturn on China’s economy: 1. Overview: The development of China economy is quite unique if compare with the western countries. Before 1979, although there have been 3 worldwide technology revolutions and 3 major economic crises in the world, the relative impac
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  • Leadership Challenges and Economic Downturn
    LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES IN ECONOMIC DOWNTURN ACHYUT MISHRA, Area Manager-North (NTN SALES) NEI Ltd., Jaipur ANANT MISHRA, Student SMS, MNNIT, Allahabad ABSTRACT Leadership has always been the guiding force for any organization and is much more important especially when the going get
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  • In Light of Stakeholders, Ethics, Sustainability, Globalisation, and the Current Economic Downturn, Examine How the Nature and Purposes of Business Firms Is Changing and Express Your View of What Purposes Business
    In normal times, examining the changing nature and purpose of business firms would be a very challenging assignment, but we are not living in normal times. As well as all the usual topics globalisation, sustainability, ethics and stakeholders, there is a need to assess the impact of the recent globa
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  • Importance of Cost Leadership and Pricing Strategies Amidst an Economic Downturn.
    Importance of cost leadership and pricing strategies amidst an economic downturn. Economic downturn is a significant reduction in nations economic activity. The consequence typically include increased unemployment, decreased consumer spending, business spending and reduced stock prices. Consec
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  • How Is the Economic Downturn Affecting the Airline Industry?
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  Stagflation in US economy threatens outlook for the airline industry profitability. US airlines forecasting Q108 losses citing high fuel costs and a potential economic slowdown.  Other regions of the world will expand such as Asia, Middle East and Latin America. ï
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  • The European Island Nation of Cyprus and Economic Downturn
    A recession is when GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth slows, businesses stop expanding, employment falls, unemployment rises, and housing prices decline. Panic and fear are everywhere in early 2008. An economic recession in the United States is now the topic on everyone's mind. Most of the world'
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  • Egypt Economic and Social Issues
    Bread, Water and Birth Control in Egypt In September 2003, in an interview with Al-Ahram, the Egyptian government newspaper, in response to a question about economic problems with a reference to a current shortage of bread - President Mubarak of Egypt stated, once again, publicly and forcefully t
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  • Offshore Outsourcing and It's Economic Impact on U.S.
    Abstract Economic changes that affect employment usually produce conflicting viewpoints and angry rhetoric. During an election year, the rhetoric is hugely amplified. So it's not surprising that offshore outsourcing is caught in the perfect storm of rhetoric, politics and 24-hour news analysis. T
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  • Influences of Economic Slowdown
    Introduction Economic slowdown, also know as recession, is a common term we come across in the news. This paper discusses the effects of the economic slowdown to the economy in general. The question posted does not indicate the cause of the economic slowdown and hence no assumption is made to t
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  • East Asia Economic Crisis
    The East Asian economic crisis is the most crucial economic event in the region of the past few decades. The differences of views are being debated in academic and policy circles and reflected in the media. As an Asian, I knew that this crisis had a big impact on Asian economy, so as my book review,
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  • Economic Analysis
    Before an analysis of potential stocks for a portfolio can be undertaken, one must first analyze the environment in which the respective companies conduct their business. First, I want to elaborate on the state of the economy as a whole before I will focus specifically on the automobile industry and
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  • Economic and Social Change in Indonesia
    Topic 1: European economic and political expansion in Southeast Asia in the last quarter of the 20th century resulted in the greater integration of the region into the international economy. Six ‘new’ states emerged – Indonesia, Malaya, Burma, the Philippines, Indochina and Thailand. Discus
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  • Economic Terms Paper
    Running Head: Economic Terms Paper Economic Terms Paper (University of Phoenix( Economic Terms Paper Part One Economics Economics is defined as the social science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and with the theo
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  • World Economic Forum Review
    World Economic Forum Review The World Economic Forum was recently held in Davos, Switzerland and there was much to say in the conferences with regards to globalization. The idea of globalization is a vast concept with many different perceptions. Throughout the conferences, countries from al
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  • Business Downturn
    From the last quarter of year 2008 until now, there are plenty of crises in financial market, economic downturn, retrenchment, company downsizing, government intervention to rescue their countries etc throughout the whole wide world. We are living in the decade which is full of fear and anxiety. Man
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  • Africa and the Global Economic Crisis
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  • Working for Economic Recovery and Growth
    Securing faster, more sustainable growth will require increased performance across the economy. Some sectors and firms offer the opportunity to strengthen Scotland’s areas of international comparative advantage, through achieving critical mass and boosting productivity. The Government Economic St
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  • Economic on Air Transport Management
    CONTENT 4.0 Introduction 1 4.1 Aviation as Oligopolies 2 4.1.1 Number of Carriers and Market Share 2 4.1.2 High Barriers to Entry 4 4.1.3 Economic of Scale 6 4.1.4 Growth through Merger 9 4.1.5 Mutual Dependence 10 4
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