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CHAPTER 1: MEANING AND CHARACTERISTICS OF RESEARCH   Meaning of Research Research is defined as the scientific investigation of phenomena which includes collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation of facts that lines an individual’s speculation with reality.   Characteristics of Research 1.      Empirical. Research is based on direct experience or observation by the researcher. 2.      Logical. Research is based on valid procedures and principles. 3.      Cyclical. Research is...

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Mga Dula

----S.P.R.A.C.I. --- (Employees) NAME ADDRESS BIRTH-DAY POSITION 1. Roberto B Pabunan #193 Osmeña, Magsaysay SPL 09-23-60 Regular Pump Operator 2. Orlando C. Castillo B-78-L-14 Laram SPL 5-15-58 Regular Pump Operator 3. Jan Erick M Lim #196 ARGANA , Laram SPL 02-08-11 Maintenance 4. Juan Carlo Mendoza UBL SPL 10-14-84 Encoder 5. Asuncion Co Cruz B-49L-30 Bagong Silang 8-14-53 Regular Staff accounting clerk 6. Horca Lenaida...

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Mindanao Early Resistances in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao * The Story of Lakan Dula * The Tondo ‘Conspiracy’ * The Revolt of Magalat * Ladia’s Conspiracy * The Revolt of Maniago * The Revolt of Malong * Revolt of Bancao * The Revolt of Sumuroy * More Rebellions in Luzon * Resistance in the Interior and Mountainous Parts * The Moro Wars in the South * The Story of Lakan Dula * The Tondo ‘Conspiracy’ * The Revolt of Magalat * Ladia’s Conspiracy ...

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Revolts in the Philippines

they were later allowed to return. | The revolt was unsuccessful because Chief Dagami was betrayed by Tupas | 2. Lakan Dula Revolt | Lakan Dula | 1574 | Governor Guido de Lavezares , the successor of Governor Leagazpi after his death, removed the exemption of Lakan Dula and his relatives from the tribute and forced labor. This was greatly resented by Lakan Dula. | Lakan Dula was able to return the exemption granted by Legazpi to him and to his relatives. Governor Lavezares pardoned him and gave...

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the legend of maria makiling

Merchants and people from neighboring towns would also go to the market. One day, Gat2 Dula, the ruler of the kingdom of Bay, came to the talipapa to while away the hours. A piece of animal skin with fine hair caught Gat Dula's eye and he reached out to touch the fur. At the same moment, Maria was also reaching towards the same piece of animal skin and their shoulders accidentally touched. Their eyes met and Gat Dula bowed his head as a sign of respect and apology. And Maria responded with a shy smile...

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Robin Hood: a Reaction Paper

Editor, Telon: Mga Dula, published by NCCA where his full-length play Teatro Porvenir is also anthologized. June 2011. He also designed the book Ang mga Kagilagilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ng Dula Tulang “Iskolar ng Bayan.” Scholarly article. In Zafra, G.A. & Chua. A. B. (Eds.). Daluyan: Journal ng Wikang Filipino XV(1-2). Quezon City: Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, University of the Philippines. – Pamantasang Hirang (Sa Dilim Man) one-act play anthologized in Mga Piling Dula ng Virgin Labfest: Ang...

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Mariang Makiling

piece of animal skin with fine hair caught Maria and Gat Dula, ruler of the kingdom of Bay, attention. This was the start of their friendship. Maria’s parents got angry because of loving a mortal and she was forbidden down to earth. Even Gat Dula and Maria could no longer meet physically, their love endured. Unfortunately, Gat Dula’s inability to see Maria caused him to fall ill and die. Maria asked the gods to give her the soul of Gat Dula and her request was granted. (http://crystaltower.freeservers...

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Introduction in Business Plan

gamot si pepe ▪ Kulang sa Dilig ang cactus ▪ Langaw sa Isang drum na Gatas ▪ Dalawang kiloMetro sa Lupang Di-Malipad ng sisiw ▪ Ipinanganak ang Isang daliri sa Sosyaledad ▪ Limang Alas, Tatlong Santo si lord [baguhin]Mga dula Karamihan sa kaniyang mga dula ay batay sa kaniyang karanasan habang nasa bilangguan: ▪ Munting lupa , 1957 ▪ Hagdan sa Bahaghari, 1958 ▪ Ang Mga Kagalang-galang, 1959 ▪ Magkabilang Mukha ng Isang Bagol, 1960 [baguhin]Mga sanaysay ▪ Si Atang at...

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Philippine Revolts

revolt. His trusted co conspirator David Dula sustained the quest for freedom with greater vigor but in one of a fierce battles several years later, he was wounded, captured and later executed in Palapag, Northern Samar by the Spaniards together with his seven key lieutenants. The capture of Dula marked the end of the revolt in its operational center in Northern Samar but the sporadic skirmises and hatred with the Spanish authorities started by Sumuroy and Dula in some parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao...

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Causes of Suicide Among College Students

that contribute to suicide among college students. One of the factors that contribute to suicide among college student is alcohol consuming. Several past researches have been found to support this factor. An early study by Lamis, Ellis, Chumney and Dula (2009) claimed that many college students are experiencing heavy alcohol consumption and alcohol use are correlated with suicidal behaviour. This study is to check different levels of risk for alcohol-related problems and their relation to reasons...

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Pakikipaglaban • Himagsikan laban sa Kastila • Himagsikan laban sa Amerikano • Ang mga tao ay nagakaroon ng kaisipang demokratiko • Ang mga akda ay kasisinagan ng pag-ibig sa bayan at pagmimithi ng kalayaan • Nagkaroon ng maraming kuwento at mga dula at iba pang panitikan Panitikan sa Ilalim ng Amerika mula 1990 hanggang 1941 • Panahon ng Paghahangad ng Kalayaan • Panahon ng Romantisismo sa Panitikan • Panahon ng Malasariling Pamahalaan 5. Panitikan sa Ilalim ng Hapon - (1941 –...

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Green Revolution Document-Based Questions

of the Green Revolution. In the time during the Green Revolution, there was much harm that came to the geology of the land, the labor of workers, loss of historical value, and even to the violence that occurred in certain areas of the world. Mrs. Dula, the wife of a Mexican agriculture official, points out that the Green Revolution caused many people to become wealthier and live more comfortable lives than before (document 6). Yet lower class workers have reported a higher low paid labor forces...

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Chapter 19

write third novel October 18,1891 Rizal boarded the steamer Melbourne in Marseillesbound for Hong Kong The unfinished third novel has no title. It consist of 44 pages in Rizals hand writing The hero of the novel was kamandagan, a descendant if Lakan Dula, Last King of Tondo Rizal other unfinished novels Rizal had other unfinished novels. One of them is entitled Makamisa, a novel in Tagalog. It consists of 20 pages Another novel is entitled Dapitan, consists of 8 pages The another is anovel in Spanish...

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The Depiction of Workers in the 1940’s

when industry’s demand for workers attracted them in vast numbers. As the son of Migrants Lawrence had a personal connection to the topic but he researched the subject extensively and wrote the narrative before making the paintings taking seriously a dula role of educator and artist. Lawrence was influenced by the work of the Mexican muralists and earlier artists such as Francisco de Goya (Spanish, 1746-1828) but he drew his stylistic inspiration primarily from the Harlem community in which he lived...

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Dbq Green Revolution

food supply was never scarce, rather, it exceeded the population which was obviously beneficial to many globally (doc 2). Like said previously, the more crops there were due to scientifically breeding crops the bigger the profit the farmers made. Mrs. Dula, a wife of a Mexican agricultural officer, said in 1970, “They have such a lot of money. The ladies of these rich Mexican farmers like to save, so they form a club, and once a month they go to Tucson (to shop). Some saving! (doc 6)” The additional...

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The Green Revolution Had Many Causes and Consequences from 1945 to the Present. One Cause of the Green Revolution Would Be the Growth of Mechanization and Population. Another Cause Would Be Poor Land Conditions and the

consequence of the Green Revolution was the disappearance of caste rigidities and the emergence of the middle and rich peasants as the dominant peasantry in the state. The traditional “extended family” was gradually replaced with the “nuclear family”. Mrs. Dula, the wife of a Mexican agricultural official stated in 1970 that there were never before seen houses with swimming pools in Mexico City. The people had so much money and the wives of these rich Mexican farmers would save up once a month to go shopping...

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Ang aking

SUMMARY OF SA PULA, SA PUTI Pula, Sa Puti (For the Red Rooster, For the White Rooster) is a play in one act, written by Francisco "Soc" Rodrigo. It was. buod ng sa pula sa puti dula - Index.hr aetarlwa.bloger.index.hr/...sa-pula-sa-puti.../24499296...‎Translate this page buod ng sa pula sa puti dula. But we are not so. In the section Blog 123people refers to websites and blogs which mention or quote the name pair Ted Kober. Brewrats Live: Tado earlier in Eat Bulaga's Sa Pula...

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History of Lubao

the present boundaries of the provinces of Bataan, Tarlac and Bulacan. Believed to have been founded by Malays, it was once governed by a native chief named Datu Macabulos assisted by a council of elders. Even the famous Rajah Soliman and Rajah Lakan Dula, descendants of the ancient royalty of Brunei were presumed to have loyal Lubenian warriors who fought with them in many wars to repel foreign invaders. As the Lubenians are known for their bravery and valor in battles, the Spaniards had to skirt Lubao...

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Newton's Law of Motion

Newton’s Law of motion Newton’s first law of motion: Law of inertia Newton’s second law of motion: Law of acceleration Newton’s third law of motion: Law of interaction Submitted to : Lerrie P. Munsod Submitted by : Jan Allen Karl O. Dula IV-St.Paul December 14,2012 Project #2 Law of Inertia A person sitting in a vehicle at rest has his whole body at rest. When the vehicle suddenly starts moving forward, the lower part of in contact with the vehicle moves forward. But...

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Course Notes

motho,petha e tla ba phetha,bophaki e tla ba bopaki,tlaga e tla ba hlaha,itlhagisa e tla ba itlhahisa.Hermone Sesotho Conference 1875 PEMS le baemedi ba Mmuso l e latelwa ke i/u-d hara tse ding ba dumellana ka hore puli e tla e ba pudi,lula e tla e ba dula,lila e tla e ba dila. 1883 Mabile a hlahisa hore g bakeng sa h (bogobe), tl bakeng sa hl (botlale) ,u bakeng sa o (lentsue),y bakeng j (leyoe), k bakeng sa q (kala).Roma Sesotho Conference 1891 PEMS le Makhotholike ba nka qeto ya hore g e tla ba h...

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Essay For SBI Scholarship

different programs, I see this happening. Finally, as a young man who has experience death, poverty, and major mistakes did not get caught up in drugs or crime that occurs in my neighborhood because I am involved in programs like church, SBI, TAPP, and DULA basketball league. The neighborhood programs have taught me that you do not have to be a victim of drugs and crime of your neighborhood because with loving and caring family and friends anything is possible. I cannot describe in words how appreciative...

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Rizal's Life

MERCADO meaning MARKETFRANCISCO MERCADO – Domingo Lam-Co’s son who married CIRILA BERNACNAJUAN MERCADO – Francisco’s son who married CIRILA ALEJANDROFRANCISCO MERCADO (Rizal’s Father) – son of Juan Mercado * 11. RIZAL’S ANCESTRYMATERNAL SIDE LAKAN – DULA – descendantEUGENIO URSUA – great – great grandfather of Rizal He is married to BENIGNA and they have a daughter named REGINAREGINA – married to MANUEL DE QUINTOS and they have a daughter named BRIGIDABRIGIDA – married to LORENZO ALBERTO and they have...

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meaning MARKET FRANCISCO MERCADO – Domingo Lam-Co’s son who married CIRILA BERNACNA JUAN MERCADO – Francisco’s son who married CIRILA ALEJANDRO FRANCISCO MERCADO (Rizal’s Father) – son of Juan Mercado  RIZAL’S ANCESTRY MATERNAL SIDE   LAKAN – DULA – descendant EUGENIO URSUA – great – great grandfather of Rizal He is married to BENIGNA and they have a daughter named REGINA REGINA – married to MANUEL DE QUINTOS and they have a daughter named BRIGIDA BRIGIDA – married to LORENZO ALBERTO and...

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Are the strategies that he considers good ones? What else might he think about? 2. When King moves from diagnosis to action via his weekend phone calls, focus on some of the vignettes (such as King’s conversations with Chauncey Carver and Betsy Dula) and ask students questions like: 1. 2. What is King doing here—what frame or frames is he using? Is he doing the right thing? Should he do something else? This discussion can be supplemented with role plays. For example, some of King’s conversations...

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Maikling Kuwento

kuwento - binaybay ding maikling kwento - ay isang maigsing salaysay hinggil sa isang mahalagang pangyayaring kinasasangkutan ng isa o ilang tauhan at may iisang kakintalan o impresyon lamang. Isa itong masining na anyo ng panitikan. Tulad ng nobela at dula, isa rin itong paggagad ng realidad, kung ginagagad ang isang momento lamang o iyong isang madulang pangyayaring naganap sa buhay ng pangunahing tauhan. Si Edgar Allan Poe ang tinuturing na "Ama ng Maikling Kuwento." | [baguhin]Paglalarawan Bilang...

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Magazine. Noong 1 Marso 1939, itinatag ng mag-asawang Avellana ang Barangay Theatre Guild (BTG) na binubuo ng 50 katao at kinabibilangan ng mga aktor, arkitekto, eskultor, mananayaw, manunulat, musiko, pintor, at propesor. Nakapagtanghal agad ng tatlong dula ang pangkat, at nang mapanood yaon ni Carlos P. Romulo na pangulo noon ng Filippine Films ay hinikayat nito sa Lamberto na sumubok magdirek ng pelikula. ------------------------------------------------- Mga obra maestra Nabuo ni Avellana ang kaniyang...

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Bad Science – Book Report Elam Dula 212964763 20/11/14 1. THE PLACEBO EFFECT The first break through that caught my attention was the most common one, the application of “ The Placebo Effect” on our society. A placebo is a fake treatment, inactive substance that can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will. As I read Ben Goldacre’s book Bad Science, I was surprised to learn a couple of new things. TThe first one was the fact that alerting...

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Japanese Literatue

Manlilikha, Mga Piling Tula (1961-1967) by Rogelio G. Mangahas  9. Mga Piling Akda ng Kadipan (Kapisanang Aklat ng Diwa at Panitik) 1965 by Efren Abueg 10. Makata (1967) first cooperative effort to publish the poems of 16 poets in Pilipino  11. Pitong Dula (1968) by Dionisio Salazar 12. Manunulat: Mga Piling Akdang Pilipino (1970) by Efren Abueg. In this book, Abueg proved that it is possible to have a national integration of ethnic culture in our country.  13. Mga Aklat ni Rizal: Many books about...

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Assignment I- Case Brief: McCarty v. Pheasant Run , Inc.

Assignment I- Case Brief: McCarty v. Pheasant Run , Inc. Prof Lindsey Appiah Tort Law October 28, 2012 Summary of Case Mrs. Dula McCarty brought suit against Pheasant Run Inc. for negligence. In 1981, Mrs. McCarty was attacked by a man in her hotel room, beaten and threatened of rape. Mrs. McCarty ultimately fought off her attacker and he fled. The attacker was never identified nor brought to justice. Although Mrs. McCarty did not sustain serious physical injuries, she claimed the incident...

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Ap World History Green Revolution

to the uprise of competition and demonstrate the ability to create new technologies. Document 6 is a proven form of the luxurious lifestyles that farmers had in distinct areas in which the Green Revolution made a big impact on such as Mexico. Mrs. Dula is a high-ranked woman in society who shares a very optimistic point of view about the impact the Green Revolution believes that the Green Revolution has had a positive consequence on multiple farming families in Mexico. Documents 1, 4, 8, and...

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illegal immigration: working bibliography

paid so little these people would have to struggle just to get by and may turn to violence or taking multiple jobs away from U.S. citizens. Dula, Giora, Nava Kahana and Tikva Lecker "How to Partly Bounce Back the Struggle against Illegal Immigration to the Source Countries" Journal of Population Economics 19 (2006):315-325 Web 6 April 2014 Gloria Dula has published 20 papers, including 3 corrections and this her first on immigration. The main purpose of the paper was to propose new tactics...

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Jose Rizal

changed the family name in 1859 to Rizal to suit his farming business.  Rizal is derived from the Spanish “Ricial”, which means green fields.  José Rizal also had Spanish and Japanese ancestors. Rizal’s mother Teodora Alonso came from the clan of Lakan Dula, known as the last Malay king of Tondo. She was also traced to Eugenio Ursua whose ancestors came from Japan. She was the second daughter of Lorenzo Alberto Alonso who was a former representative of Spanish Cortes and Brigida de Quintos whose parents...

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ang pag-init ng mundo

Ang Pamana (Tula ng damdamin ni Jose Corazon de Jesus) Buhay ng lara ne aNg lee bata batuta  nagsulot sa lungga  hinabol ng palaka Dula DULANG KOMEDYA: Sa Pula, Sa Puti Plop! Click Kiti-Riki DULANG TRAHEDYA: Moses, Moses Jaguar Kahapon, Ngayon, Bukas(sarswela) Sinag Ng Karimlan Anghel ni Noel De Leon Ang Trahedya Sa balay ni kadil na isinulat ni Don pagurasa Dulang Melodrama: SarinManok ni Patrick c. Fernandez Dulang Parsa: Karaniwang Tao by: Joey Ayala Mariano...

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DBQ on Green Revolution

Revolution supposedly is. Furthermore, the claim is that the Green Revolution has brought prosperity, however, to whom, to the ones that were rich already? A perfect example of this negative impact of the Green Revolution is the conversation between Mrs. Dula and the United Nations official (DOC 6), which gives a not very realistic perspective of the impact of the green Revolution and is concentrated exclusively in the sector of the very rich. This document is indeed quite revealing, as the speaker is an...

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Mga Tanyag Na Pilipinong Manunulat

naging patnugot ng pahayagang Pakakaisa at Mabuhay. Sumulat din siya ng mga nobela, kuwento, at dula. Kabilang sa kanyang mga popular na tula ang "Isang Dipang Langit," "Bayani," at "Bayang Malay.” Siya ang kauna-unahang manunulat sa wikang pambansa na kinilalang National Artist. 8. Severino Reyes - Isinulat niya ang "Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang" sa magasing Liwayway. Pinakakilala sa kanyang mga dula ang sarsuwelang "Walang Sugat" na pumapaksa sa kagitingan ng mga Katipunero. Kinilala rin siyang...

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Panahon ng mga Hapon Ang panahong ito ay tinuturing Gintong Panahon ng panitikang Pilipino, isa sa mga nagging dahilan ay si Kinichi Isikawa. Ang mga uri ng adka sa panahon ng Hapon, -Maikling kwento Hal: Lupang Tinubuan ni Narciso Reyes -Dula Hal: Pugo at Tago; Sino ba kayo? ni Julian C. Balmaceda; Pitong taon ni Fidel Sicam - Nobela Hal: Tatlong Maria ni Jose Esperanza Cruz; Pamela ni Adriano Laudico; Magandang Silangan at Sa Lundo ng Pangarap ni Gervacio Santiago D. Panahon...

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Tattoos and Culture

BN.1. Retrieved April 5, 2010, from ProQuest Newsstand. (Document ID: 1968255511). DeMichele, B. (2000). Postulated motivations for tattooing. Retrieved from http://iml.jou.ufl.edu/projects/Fall2000/Keith/background.html#motivations Martin, B., & Dula, C.. (2010). MORE THAN SKIN DEEP: PERCEPTIONS OF, AND STIGMA AGAINST, TATTOOS. College Student Journal, 44(1), 200-206. Retrieved April 5, 2010, from ProQuest Education Journals. (Document ID: 1984269241). Paul Carpenter. (2008, June 18). Disfigured...

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Red Ang Luha Ni Michael

personnel department ng isang ad agency sa Vito Cruz. Wala | |akong trabaho. Hindi, nawlan ako ng trabaho. Huwag na anting pag-usapan ang nangyari sa CCP. Di raw nila kailangan ang "nahihibang" na | |production designer. Masisira raw ang mga dula at musikal nila. Gago raw ang mga kulay at konsepto ko. Kapag ganitong wla akong trabaho, | |solo ko siyempre ang mga gawaing bahay. Linis, luto, laba, plantsa. Isang makulit at mainit na Lunes ng umaga, sa harap ng pinagbuhusan ko | |ng atnsiyon...

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Rizal Family Summary

were much richer than the relatives of her husband; there were numerous lawyers and priests among them—the old-time proof of social standing—and they were influential in the country. There was also a speculation that they were descendants of Lakan Dula II. Rizal-Mercado Family A Good Middle Class Family * Rizal family belong to the PRINCIPALIA, a town aristocracy in Spanish Philippines * Rented farm from Dominican Order; harvested rice, corn and sugar cane; raised pigs, chickens...

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Synopsis of El Filibusterismo

inadequate no title; consists of 44 pages(33cmx21cm) in Rizal’s handwriting preserved in the Bureau of Public Libraries begins with solemn burial of Prince Tagulima, son of Sultan Zaide to Ternate hero of the novel is Kamandagan, a descendant of Lakan-Dula, last king of Tondo wound probably caused greater scandal and more Spanish vengeance RIZAL’S OTHER UNIFINISHED NOVELS Makamisa in Tagalog; writeen in light sarcastic style only two chapters are finished consists of 20 pages, (34.2cm x 22cm) ...

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Study Habits

difficulty in choosing college course Undergraduate Thesis Proposal Submitted to the Faculty of English Department Lakan Dula High School Juan Luna St,Gagalangin.Tondo,Manila. In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for High School Undergraduate ...

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Jose Rizal

JOSE RIZAL’S BIOLOGICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL FOUNDATION BIOLOGICAL FOUNDATION | SOCIOLOGICAL FOUNDATION | * Malayan Ancestors(maternal side: Lakan-Dula, last Malayan King of Tondo) * Rizal evidently inherited his being patriot or his passionate love for freedom and his tranquility of life’s outlook. * Chinese Ancestors(paternal great-great-grandfather: Domingo Lam-co, native of Chinchew) * Rizal derived from him his serious nature, frugality, patience and love for children. * Spanish...

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Japanese Period

Manlilikha, Mga Piling Tula (1961-1967) by Rogelio G. Mangahas9. Mga Piling Akda ng Kadipan (Kapisanang Aklat ng Diwa at Panitik) 1965 by Efren Abueg10. Makata (1967) first cooperative effort to publish the poems of 16 poets in Pilipino11. Pitong Dula (1968) by Dionisio Salazar12. Manunulat: Mga Piling Akdang Pilipino (1970) by Efren Abueg. In this book, A   bueg proved that it is possible to have a national integration of ethnic culturein our country.13. Mga Aklat ni Rizal: Many books about Rizal...

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Japanese Period

Manlilikha, Mga Piling Tula (1961-1967) by Rogelio G. Mangahas 9. Mga Piling Akda ng Kadipan (Kapisanang Aklat ng Diwa at Panitik) 1965 by Efren Abueg 10. Makata (1967) first cooperative effort to publish the poems of 16 poets in Pilipino 11. Pitong Dula (1968) by Dionisio Salazar 12. Manunulat: Mga Piling Akdang Pilipino (1970) by Efren Abueg. In this book, Abueg proved that it is possible to have a national integration of ethnic culture in our country. 13. Mga Aklat ni Rizal: Many books about Rizal...

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puwedeng mabansot lamang tayo sa ating kinalalagyan. Kung tutuusin, wala naman talagang makasusukat ng oras ng tao, at kung gayon, masasabi nating mahalaga ang oras ng tao at dahil dito, walang oras na dapat sayangin ang tao sa mundo. Sa aking pagbasa ng dula naisip ko na kung si Godot ang kamatayan na ating hinihintay, kailangan natin itong paghandaan at kailangan nating ipagpatuloy sa ating buhay kahit na nasa-isip natin na darating siya. Ganoon din ang masasabi sa kahit anong bagay, tao o pagkakataon...

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Pilipinong Pintor

Angel G. de Jesus. Binigyan siya ng mga gantimpala para sa kanyang mga kwentong "Bakya," at “Rice and Bullets.” Sa ilalim ng mga Hapon, sumulat siya ng mga dula at naging pangunahing tagasulat ng dula at katuwang na direktor ng Associated Artists. Dahil sa natatnging kahusayan at popularidad, siya'y itinalaga ng mga Hapon bilang censor ng mga dula at ng pahayagang Taliba. Siya ay naging pangalawang tinyente din ng mga gerilya ni Straughn. Naging editor siya ng Manila Sunday Chronicle Magazine, at prodyuser-direktor...

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Project Study Guide

| |Filipino 1 |Kwaderno sa Filipino |Komiks (Alamat) | |Dula-dulaan | | |(P30.00/student) |(P20.00/student) |Powerpoint |(P20.00/student) | | |Dula(Pabula) | | | | | ...

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Theater dors

refer to plays with children asactors; or plays performed by adults for children Dramatic Monologue- a kind of modern play whichfeatures one actor speaking and acting out his of herinnermost thoughts and emotions as the main character of the play. Dula- Tula- literally “play - poem,” refers to a minimalist form of theater developed in the early 1970s by UP Repertory. Huling Hapunan- actual supper held to commemorate Christ’s last supper.   Flores- refer to the whole flower festivalcelebrated...

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Muling kikidlat at huhugong ang hangin. Mamamayani ang pagbuhos ng ulan na parang basbas na galing sa langit hanggang sa tuluyang balutin ng dilim ang tanghalan. From panitikan.com.ph Moog/J. Dennis C. Teodosio 34/34 Ж MGA TALA NG MANDUDULA Ang dula ay tungkol sa isang pamilya at kung paano sila natutong manindigan. Sa panahong hindi nila alam kung ano ang tama sa mali, nanatiling matatag si BOYONG. Bilang haligi ng tahanan, sinikap niyang maging malinaw at makabuluhan ang lahat. Maaaring walang...

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Philippine Revolt Against Spain

revolt. His trusted co conspirator David Dula sustained the quest for freedom with greater vigor but in one of a fierce battles several years later, he was wounded, captured and later executed in Palapag, Northern Samar by the Spaniards together with his seven key lieutenants. The capture of Dula marked the end of the revolt in its operational center in Northern Samar but the sporadic skirmises and hatred with the Spanish authorities started by Sumuroy and Dula in some parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao...

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System Analysis and Design

CORPORATION This is presented to Instructor Guy V. Arellano in partial fulfilment In our subject System Analysis and Design In our course Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Presented by: Labelia Sosarno Esmailyn Dominguez Lelibeth Dula -ogon Donna Paez Wilma Casuyon Joey Calanao Reymart Jhon Sumbo Chave Melchor Alarba Table of contents Title Page------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Table of contents---------------------------------------------------------...

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Kabanata 2

namang maging hadlang sa pagkilos ng ibang tao. Lagi’t lagi, kilalanin ang kanyang kaugnayan sa buhay ng lipunang kanyang kinabibilangan. Sa ganoong paraan, ang kanyang mga tula, kuwento, dula ay uungkat sa mga nangyayari sa ating lipunan at ’yong kanyang odyens na bumabasa sa kanyang mga tula o nanonood ng kanyang dula ay mabigyan niya ng kamalayan na siya ay bahagi ng lipunang inilalarawan sa akda. Sa ganoong paraan ang manunulat ay hindi magiging kuntento na lamang sa paggamit sa wika ayon sa personal...

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Rizal Report

purposes The unfinished 3rd novel has no title It consists of 44 pages in Rizal’s handwriting THE UNFINISHED 3RD NOVEL  The manuscript is still preserved in the Bureau of Public Libraries  The hero of the novel was Kamandagan, a descendant of Lakan-Dula, last king of Tondo. He plotted to regain the lost freedom of his fathers  It is said that Rizal was fortunate not to finish this novel, because it would have caused greater scandal and more Spanish vengeance on him OTHER UNFINISHED NOVELS  ...

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bjang E –khomese (khomese bjalo ka ge e hlagišwa inthaneteng) Tsebo ka tšweletšo ya maikutlo Popego ya tsebo ya kgwebo Molao wa maitshwaro Dithuši tša letlole Nepišo Mahlajana a tiragatšo ya maano Kgoketšo ye fiwago badiredi ka tshepo ya gore ba tla dula khamphaning Moputsotebogo wo fiwago mophethišimogolo wa khamphani ge e ka tšewa ke ba bangwe gomme yena a felelwa ke modiro Dithuši tša botho /Lekala la khamphani le lebeletšego go kalatša, thapiša le katlego ya badirišani Mekgwa ya go tswakanya maano...

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Beautiful Places

enclosure of the city/fortress. During the Spanish colonial period, Intramuros was considered Manila itself. The site of Intramuros was originally a large Malayan-Islamic settlement named “Maynilad”, ruled by three chieftains, namely, Rajah Sulayman, Lakan Dula, and Rajah Matanda. The strategic location of Maynilad, being on the Pasig River and the Manila Bay, made it an ideal location for indigenous Tagalog tribes to trade with other Asian civilizations, including Chinese and Islamic merchants who had...

Great Pyramid of Giza, José Rizal, Makati City 2629  Words | 10  Pages

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Notes on History: From 1757 Leading up to World War I

to commit suicide twice. Desperately unhappy and wanted to do something with his life. Siraj Ud- Dula was beginning to resist the East Indian Company. Clive said I know how to defeat this man the Indians had more people than the East Indian Company. He went around and begins to buy loyalty of generals to rebel against the prince. The Battle of Plessey 1757- Between East Indian Company and Siraj ud- Dula. Siraj even brought elephants to fight and the general refused to fight or fled the field. The East...

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From Indio to Filipino

of Butuan and Cebu and the sultanates of Maguindanao and Sulu existed alongside the highland societies of the Ifugao and Mangyan. Some of these regions were part of the Malayan empires of Srivijaya, Majapahit and Brunei. THE KINGDOM OF TONDO Flag of Lakan Dula Since at least the year 900, the thalassocracy centered in Manila Bay flourished via an active trade with Chinese, Japanese, Malays, and various other peoples in East Asia. Tondo thrived as the capital and the seat of power of this ancient kingdom...

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Term Paper Literature

Manlilikha, Mga Piling Tula (1961-1967) by Rogelio G. Mangahas9. Mga Piling Akda ng Kadipan (Kapisanang Aklat ng Diwa at Panitik) 1965 by Efren Abueg10. Makata (1967) first cooperative effort to publish the poems of 16 poets in Pilipino11. Pitong Dula (1968) by Dionisio Salazar12. Manunulat: Mga Piling Akdang Pilipino (1970) by Efren Abueg. In this book, Abueg proved that it is possible to have a national integration of ethnic culturein our country.13. Mga Aklat ni Rizal: Many books about Rizal...

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direktor na nakagawa ng pelikula sa panahon ng Digmaan noong 1943 ang Tia Juana na halos hindi maipalabas noon. m. Severino Montano - nagtapos sa Yale Drama Workshop. Nag-aral siya ng pagganap at pagdidirek ng mga dula. Natapos niya ang kanyang Masters in Arts sa sining ng dula sa Yale din. Siya ang nagtatag ng Arena Theater sa Philippine Normal College (Philippine Normal University) na tinulungan ng pamahalaan at ng Rockefeller Foundation. n. Rolando Santos Tinio - isang Pilipinong makata...

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Judicial Administration of British India Uptill 1790

facilitation of trade and commerce. In 1717, the Company had secured the right to collect revenue over 38 villages near Calcutta. In 1756, Nawab Siraj-ud-Dula captured Calcutta. However, the British took it back in the famous battle of Plassey but it did not annex the territory and installed Mir Jafar as Nawab. In 1765, he was succeeded by his minor son Najm-ud-Dula. Mir Jaffar had ceded the Zamindari of the 24 Parganas to the Company, which now controlled an area of more than 800 square miles16 thus expanding...

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