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Dse212 Tma05

*DSE2121409I3* DSE2121409I3 DSE212/E Module Examination 2014 EXPLORING PSYCHOLOGY Thursday, 18 September 2014 10 am – 1 pm Time allowed: 3 hours This examination is in THREE parts. You should attempt all parts: Part 1 (short answers): 25% of total marks Part 2 (two essays): 50% of total marks Part 3 (one essay): 25% of total marks. Follow carefully the instructions at the beginning of each part. You are strongly advised to spend approximately 45 minutes on all of Part 1 and...

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Revision & Examination technique Advice on final revision • It might to bear in mind what the purpose of the examination is. Examinations test for three main characteristics: o An overall understanding of the syllabus o An ability to recall facts and ideas covered in the syllabus o An ability to marshal these facts and ideas into a coherent argument (which is relevant to the question being asked!) within a limited time • These are the characteristics which you ought to bear in mind during...

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dse212 past exam paper

*DSE2121206* DSE212/B Module Examination 2012 EXPLORING PSYCHOLOGY Monday, 11 June 2012 2:30pm – 5:30pm Time allowed: 3 hours This examination is in THREE parts. You should attempt all parts: Part 1 (short answers): 25% of total marks Part 2 (two essays): 50% of total marks Part 3 (one essay): 25% of total marks. Follow carefully the instructions at the beginning of each part. You are strongly advised to spend approximately 45 minutes on all of Part 1 and 45 minutes on each essay...

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DSE212 Ethics

DSE212 - Ethics 1.   The Ethics Committee does not grant ethical approval for the proposal, citing failure to adequately address the issues involved in consent (as required by the British Psychological Society) as a primary reason. Explain why this might have been the case. (150 words) The main purpose of informed consent is to consider the impact that the research may have on the participant, that he or she fully understands what the purpose of the research is, what will happen during the research...

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Dse212 Tma03

Social justice is a notion that shapes norms, values and practices of individuals and groups within societies, by highlighting social harms, injustices, inequalities and discrimination experienced by individuals and groups a mobilising force is created which challenges and contests pre-existing ideas of what is considered to be just. Through mobilising new ideas of social justice new social welfare and crime control policies are created to regulated and enforced, and resources can be redistributed...

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Tma04 Dse212

People, being naturally inquisitive, have often been referred to as scientists. Even as young children, people are constantly testing and evaluating the boundaries to decipher their own social environment and quickly recognise what is acceptable and what is not. This soon evolves into intuition and whether it is constructed in a logical and rational way depends on a number factors. However, when considering cognitive psychology and the information processing that underpins judgements and risks, people's...

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Dse212 Tma2

DSE212 Part 1 Essay OPTION B: The case study of Phineas Gage,referred as being within the subject of Biological Psychology. As we human beings are a “biological species”, we need to be able to understand our biological make-up, to further study the Physiological field, only once we can fully understand the different part of our bodies, including the brain can we then apply Psychological research methods to study & develop understanding . Science constantly evolves to study and gain understanding...

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DSE212 TMA02

Explain using specific research examples how learning has been studied from the cognitive perspective and the sociocultural perspective. Learning, in its broadest sense, involves a process of change in behaviour, knowledge or any other type of understanding as a result of experience. While both the cognitive and sociocultural perspectives address the means by which the human organism makes sense of its world, the conclusions they reach as to how this is achieved bear little resemblance. Proponents...

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dse212 tma02

Describe the different types of evidence used in evolutionary psychology and explain why evolutionary psychology needs to use a multi-method approach. Evolutionary psychology is a richly diverse and relatively new perspective in psychology. Often encompassing many strands within and outside of psychology in order to piece together a cohesive theory built on not one but many methodologies. To highlight this, this essay will firstly chart the different types of evidence used in evolutionary psychology...

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TMA05 draft 0

How have different research methods contributed to understanding how infants organise the world into classes, categories and concepts? Psychologists regularly conduct research and construct scientific hypothesis while pushing the boundaries of psychology in a concerted effort to understand human nature, while answering complex questions in this important and intriguing area of study. Probably one of the most challenging fields facing psychologists is the study of children, especially in the area...

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DSE212 TMA 06

There has been much debate and research undertaken by scientists and psychologists in order to ascertain whether there are qualitative differences between humans and animals. This essay will discuss some of the communication methods that animals use and whether these are comparable to human traits. In addition, it will be necessary to explore further whether humans are in possession of any distinctive characteristics which result in uniqueness. Furthermore, this essay will also consider the significance...

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Contribution tma05

 TITLE Culture and context factors in the building of internal working model ABTRACT This study examines the influence of culture and context in the lifespan development of relationships. More specifically, the researcher explores the impact of internal working model in adulthood. A qualitative analysis was conducted on a pre-edited filmed interview. Thematic analysis found culture and context to be influential factors and just as equally important as the internal working model. INTRODUCTION ...

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Dse212 Discuss the Claim There Is a Lot to Gain from Studying a Topic in Psychology from More Than One Perspective. Drawing on Our Understanding of Language and Meaning as Well as the Psychology of Sex and Gender.

Discuss the claim there is a lot to gain from studying a topic in psychology from more than one perspective. Drawing on our understanding of language and meaning as well as the psychology of sex and gender. Different psychological perspectives lead to different theories providing diverse insights into the same issue i.e. language and meaning. They focus their enquiry in different ways and consequently have dissimilar objects of knowledge. Each perspective asks different questions, use different...

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Systems Thinking

an organisational mess you are/have been associated with. (If this is the same mess as TMA05, briefly summarise the key points which have led you to selecting the metaphors you use in Part 2. Also please attach your TMA05 PART1 Mess Description as an APPENDIX). (max: 400 words for PART 1) My chosen mess is: It fits the following mess criteria, because: a) b) c) etc) Following on from TMA05, the organisational mess I described was the 5yr Transformation Programme embarked upon...

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Skin Cancer and Expert Knowledge

TMA05 Write a report on the disputed role of expert knowledge in understanding and managing risk Contents 1. Introduction – Page 3 2. What is risk? – Page 4 3. Risk Society – Page 5 4. Evidence of risk in contemporary society – Page 6 1. Allotment example – Page 6 2. Sun tanning example – Page 7 5. Conclusion – Page 8 6. References – Page 9 ...

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How the official status of the English language shapes the debates over education around the world.

 TMA05 U214 How the official status of the English language shapes the debates over education around the world. Kachru’s model splits the global use of the English language into three circles; inner, outer and expanding. This essay will evaluate how the official status of English, in a country from each of these circles, shapes the debate over education. Firstly America, how do the policies for monolinguistic teaching...

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The effect of retirement upon the mental and/or physical health of an individual

and also generate some interest beyond the research. Recording the outcomes enables the researcher to think and reflect at the same time keeping track of progress in learning at various stages of the research. 1401 Task 3: (Research outline for TMA05). Research focus: The issue of retirement generated a lot of interest in me especially after the interview with John. I had taken many aspects of retirement for granted. The interviews opened up an area I feel need researching. The involvement of...

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Experiment and De100 Module Team

Tma05, Introduction to a de100 project on the likeness of a logo A fictitious educational experiment was created and conducted by a team on the DE100 module and therefore they had to maintain plan and undertake a project to pinpoint their potential findings; this therefore meant launching a logo for internet TV channel in order to address whether or not evaluative conditioning works in either experimental or control conditions. The logo was used to question if it would attract an audience and...

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TMA01 Final

publish the film, only the transcript without including any specific information that would identify that individual to others. Finally the researchers would need to state the participants would need to be over the age of 18. 198 words References: DSE212. (2002) Introduction to research methods, From Exploring Psychological Research Methods (1st edition), pp. 1-42, The Open University, Milton Keynes. Phoenix, A. (2002) Identities and Diversities, From mapping Psychology, Book 1 (2nd edition), pp...

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Is diversity an obstacle to understanding in psychology?

research as an afterthought to hard statistical findings) many diverse and biased perspectives, offering incomplete theories; does act as an obstacle to understanding. Reference List Course Team, Cooper. T & Roth. I (Eds) The Open University (2007) DSE212 Challenging Psychological Issues, Chapter 1 ‘Lifespan Development’ & Chapter 3 ‘The Psychology of Sex and Gender’ Milton Keynes, The Open University. Gross. R (2005) ‘PSYCHOLOGY: The science of mind and behaviour’ Fifth Edition, Chapter 2 ‘Theoretical...

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TMA05 Discuss how views about the Benin plaques have changed, and how this has been reflected in their representation in museums. You must include close analysis of at least one reading from Book 3 and one plate from the illustration Book in your answer. Africa was a much sought after prize during the late 19th and early 20th century, the reasons behind the scramble that ensued was purely to spread Christianity, Capitalism and Colonialism. By 1914 there was only 10% of Africa that wasn’t under the...

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Social Categorisation and Social Construction Theories and Their Understanding of Identity.

DSE212 – TMA 01 Part 1 Social categorisation and Social Construction theories and their understanding of identity. It is through social interactions that have put people to act and react implication to others. Due to the social interactions we learn what is acceptable and what is not. Over time these rules become internalised within us and eventually become an unconscious part of our lives and our identity. Social identity theory asserts that group membership creates in group self-categorisation...

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DSE212 Exploring Psychology DVD Programme 4: Interviewing and Thematic Analysis Section 4: Interview: Chloe COMMENTARY: Chloe is a white British woman. She is fifty years old and has had a career as an academic but is currently retraining to be a therapist. She was married and divorced in her twenties. She and her current partner plan to marry later this year. She has no children. Interview with Chloe HELEN LUCEY: So we’ve already spoken on the telephone...

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Qualitative study using thematic analysis exhibiting how significant others in person’s life affected his or her own development.

and diversities. In D. Miell, A. Phoenix,&K. Thomas (Eds.), Mapping Psychology, Milton Keynes: The Open University Banister et al.(2007) Chapters 9, 10,11 (Eds.), Exploring Psychological Research Methods, Milton Keynes: The Open University DSE212, Exploring psychology, 2007, Programme 4: Interviewing and thematic analysis, Milton Keynes, Open University ...

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Attachment Theory and Chloe S Life

and Human Development, 28(1), 33 – 43. DSE212 Course team. (2007). DVD Programme 4: Interviewing and Thematic Analysis - Section 4, Interview with Chloe (with line numbers). Milton Keynes: The Open University. DSE212 Course Team, 2007. The Qualitative Project: From Research Design To Analysis.. Pike, G., Miell, D., (2007). Exploring Psychological Research Methods (pp. 335 – 356). Milton Keynes: The Open University. The Open University (2007) DSE212 Exploring Psychology, DVD 4: Interviewing...

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study to take further in the future of two-process theories studies. (500 words) References Perception and attention, Graham Edgar, Mapping Psychology, pp. 1-56, Miell, Phoenix and Thomas 2007, DSE212, The Open University, Milton Keynes Exploring Psychological Research Methods, pp189-239, DSE212 course team, 2007, The Open University, Milton Keynes Appendices Appendix 1 – consent form Appendix 2 – participant instructions Appendix 3 – words lists Appendix 4 – data sheet Appendix 5 –...

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